holiday pjs 2017

If you haven’t already snagged your Holiday PJs it seems this weekend is a good one to go for it! So many great deals. 40% off Hanna Andersson, 50% off Old Navy (pug life, ha!), 40% off Gap etc. etc.

holiday pjs 2017

Fair Isle is a huge trend this holiday season and there are loads of PJ options to suit! Teddy Bear Fair Isle – comes in this one piece too if you prefer! //Burt’s Bees KILLED it this year with their PJs. Such perfect classic prints and even some less obvious but still festive. This plaid and the gray plaid and the black cuff one at the bottom, too! // This Yoda Gingerbread Fair Isle might be my favorite PJ of the whole round up. Too funny. // Also love this tiny gnome pattern! // Mini Boden has a set of PJs, perfect for a holiday weekend away! // Gray with Strung Lights – darling // I love this sweat suit set, wear it out and about, it feels a little less PJ and more loungey which I love. Rock and Roll Santa! // Academy of Cool for your too cool for crazy Holiday PJs kid. // Holiday Rags to Raches (did you see they make stockings, too!) // Classic Plaid set! // Darth Vader Fair isle // This isn’t Christmassy but still such an cool idea. Color on your PJs with their special markers and you’ve got something fun to do after you open them, too! // Aden and Anais makes the softest jams and they come up to size 4 now, too! This resembles a snowflake but actually isn’t so it works all year round! // Books to Bed is a line at Nordstrom that would make the most darling gift any time of year but especially their Holiday line. Go check it out to see what I mean – its so perfectly retro! Hard to see in this tiny collage, but worth a look for sure! And each set comes with a book!


wreath wall 3 ways

If you have a Trader Joe’s nearby you’ve seen their crazy cheap boxwood wreaths this time of year. They’re so classic and always festive – so if you want to rethink a classic try this easy installation out! I used 3M strips and 7 wreaths (or less!) in a few different ways. Let’s check them out:

Giant Wreath. In my dreams I had a 12 inch wide red ribbon tied in a huge bow in the corner. Why does no one make 12 inch wide ribbon where I live? Envision it with me.

Wreath Wall 3 WaysNext, giant Christmas Tree of wreaths. I am digging this for small spaces. It’s impactful, you can decorate it the very same way, put presents underneath, and in some cases, cheaper!Wreath Wall 3 WaysGrid of wreaths. Triangle of wreaths, heart. Peace sign. Endless possibilities!Wreath Wall 3 WaysAny that I missed? Thanks to Emu Australia for sending these darling reindeer boots!

holiday prep with @theprimeparty

Happy to have @theprimeparty girls here today sharing the first of Small Fry’s Gift Guides! The Prime Party is actually made up of one my friends from childhood – hi Taylor! So fun to reconnect today and Taylor and her crew are giving away $100 to Amazon on Small Fry’s instagram, too!

So, for today’s guide: this one is all about getting you prepped for a smooth Holiday Season. It’s not easy being “in charge” time of year, so much to do and so many people to think about. I love all their awesome ideas!


You are invited to The Prime Party! 
We are 3 stay at home moms and we are passionate about Prime.
There is something magical about checking items off your errand list while you sit on the couch in your PJ’s. Christmas time does NOT have to mean long lines and crowded parking lots!! Let’s take back December! Let’s do it in our PJs!
If you don’t have Amazon Prime already, get it! Best $99 you’ll ever spend. We aren’t paid to say that. But like, we WOULD say it for money … if you know someone looking to pay us… Either way, you need prime. Get it here! Holiday Prep with @theprimeparty
Let us help you check off your Christmas to-do list right now! Are you in your PJs?
Have you ever volunteered to bring the paper goods for the class party…. and then you remember the morning of… and you run around town with kids in your car trying to find an open store just to learn that every store is closed or sold out of what you need!? We have. WE HAVE. Lesson learned. This year we are stocked up and ready for all the partying. From class parties to dinner parties. Bring it.

Happy Holidays plates & napkins // Merry Christmas Botanical Plates // White and Gold Holiday Set

Teacher gifts: 
No need to be fancy. The truth is, we’ve asked many teachers… gifts cards are king! An Amazon gift card is ALWAYS a good gift. // Prime also offers gift cards to Nordstrom Sephora, Movie theaters, and more!
Add a hand-written note from your child and there is not a better teacher gift.
Hostess Gifts: 
How many times have you been late to a party because you had to run by the store on your way there to get a hostess gift!? This year, we will be on time!
Capri Blue Volcano candle–  we haven’t met anyone who doesn’t love this candle  // Stance Christmas socks – festive and cozy! // Fun decor items are always a win!
Girlfriend gifts: 
Have you ever had a friend bring over a thoughtful gift and you were just standing there… wishing you had a gift to give her in return… ? Awkward.
These are a few of our most favorite things that could be given to ANY woman in your life (mom, sister, girlfriend, teacher…) Winning best girlfriend award!
Stanley 40 Oz Quencher — This cup is the best of the best. We’ve tried them ALL. Give it to anyone, with their favorite beverage, and they will love you. // Clarins lip oil. Everyone who has tried our lip oils, has purchased their own ASAP. Luxury on the lips. // Cool Firming Eye Gels–  For the girlfriend you really wish you could send to the spa for a day… this is the next best thing.
While you are at it, stock up on some wrapping supplies. You will surely need some.
Custom Return Address Stamp (Can you believe you can get these on Prime!? )
You’ve done good, friends. Real good. Don’t forget to take care of yourself as well!
We put this Lip Mask on every night before bed.  And this is our favorite hand lotion 
Be sure to join us on Instagram for more awesome ideas from Amazon. We always share the best of prime, from our carts to yours. Let’s Party!


new traditions

In partnership with the Elf on the Shelf.

I read somewhere, that in families, tradition gives children a sense of belonging. It made me cry. It is truly all one of my greatest hopes as a parent, to always create a place that my kids belong. I know so many of you are in the same boat, when you come from a split family it can feel like you don’t know where that is. Or maybe everyone in your family is spread far and wide and there’s not really a “home base.” Or maybe there is tension between a parent and sibling, or you and a parent or sibling, or multiple family members.

Somehow between Russ and I, we have all of these things. And all in the last handful of years. So there has been a lot of discomfort in trying to figure things out, but we have found so much peace in focusing on our little immediate family. On making it special within the walls of our home and creating traditions at home and away that create that special feeling we were looking for. It is still sad! It doesn’t change that pain, but it gave us a sense of purpose and drive. We will always belong to this Frame family of five.

This Christmas more than ever we are sort of in limbo, the house isn’t quite done, we’re in a new place, away from the home and neighborhood we spent ten years in. The aforementioned family discomforts. On top of that Hayes, my seven year old, is questioning the magic of Christmas. He is skeptical but hopeful, I can see that much just hearing him talk and ask questions. I remember very vividly the difference between my believing years for Christmas and my unbelieving. How much better are those believing years?! So I am putting all my efforts into tradition this Christmas and making every day feel special and hopeful for him. I am doing it for me, too!

Jenna and Nicole adopted their elves many years ago and I wasn’t sure. Those posts were always so fun to do together even if we didn’t adopt our own elf (check them out here!) But, this year is all about new traditions and excitement and belonging and I am excited to spend our first Christmas season doing this for myself and my kids. We started with the An Elf’s Story DVD to teach them about the ways of the Scout Elves, our Elf is coming November 24th and they are so excited they will talk of little else! I snapped these photos while they watched and I just love the wonder in their eyes!Traditions When Your Don't Know Where You Belong  We also introduced the Elf Pets’s Saint Bernard who collects the Christmas cheer in the form of acts of kindness! He fills up the barrel on his neck and brings it back to Santa so he has enough to make sure Christmas comes! I love the service-oriented angle and the boys have set up a bed for Bowser Junior and tote him everywhere. We’ve heard our Scout Elf is Our Scout Elf is the service-oriented type too, so it will be fun to see what he comes up with. 😉Traditions When Your Don't Know Where You BelongThey love that they can cuddle him and he won’t lose his magic! They also love the games you can play and fun coloring pages, and his new Christmas outfit which they both audibly gasped at. Ha!TraditionsSo, if you’re feeling the same way as me I suggest making a list of your existing traditions. It might feel like you don’t have many, but the more you think the longer that list will be. Picking a tree out, seeing the lights in your town, shopping for a family in need. Sledding, Christmas movie marathon, scouting for the best hot cocoa in your town. Make that list and look at the things you would want to do with friends and family you feel comfortable with and plan ahead, send your invites out and make it a priority. Then save the special things for just your family. And put all the love and excitement you have into it! Letter to Santa Writing PartyThis year we are having a Letters to Santa writing party. Inviting friends over where we can all write our official letters together. I am so obsessed with this kit because they write their letter and then bake it – and it shrinks down nice and small so their Elf can deliver it back to Santa and brings it back to you once he’s read it so you can keep it forever or hang it on the tree! My kids can’t wait and it was an easy way to add excitement and meaning to something that we typically don’t put a lot of intention into.

Letter to Santa Writing PartyThanks to the Elf on the Shelf for making all of these new traditions possible! Check back to see our Letter Writing Party in action!





rock the vote: christmas card

In partnership with Artifact Uprising. Use “SFB20” for 20% off your holiday card order! This lasts until November 27th, 2017.

As much as I live for the element of surprise for our Christmas cards each year, I think this will be lots more fun! Today I am teaming up with Artifact Uprising to share my top 6 choices for Christmas Cards this year. Yep, I couldn’t even narrow it down to 2. I’ll show you all of them and then I’d love to hear which is your favorite! If you like the Poll option on Insta Stories I am putting them up there, too! All our photos were from a shoot in San Clemente with Brooke Palmer. I will share more of those soon so you can see what an amazing job she did.

Artifact Uprising is a company Small Fry has loved since the beginning, you can see all our collaborations like a photo wall Father’s Day, a DIY photo headboard, and repurposing Ikea materials for a photo display! They do simple and meaningful better than any other company I can think of and their designs are so spot on! Each card has another full size photo printed on the back and comes with white, gray or kraft paper brown. It’s times like these I wish I had better skills as a photographer, because my photos just don’t do these cards or Brooke’s photos justice! But hopefully you will get the idea and I’ll link to their site page too so you can see all the details.Pick My Christmas Card!Pick 1 –  I love this sentiment. If it is beautiful, if it is meaningful may it be yours. Artifact Uprising

Pick 2 – Confetti foil with three photo options! Perfect of my three dudes! The back as a full color photo of the family, too. My boys love to write on the cards so you can use the messages they provide or leave blank for personalization.Artifact UprisingYou can see the foil pretty good in this one:Artifact UprisingPick 3 – A gold foil MERRY right down the middle! The foil comes in Silver and Copper as well! Artifact UprisingAnd a better look at the foil:Artifact UprisingPick 5 – Each corner has a letter spelling a bordered “JOY!” with love, The Frames.Artifact UprisingPick 6 – I created these way too late at night and would have to switch the photo out for something darker so you can see the “C” in this Peace card. But I still love it! Artifact Uprising

Pick 6 – Another multi-image option that says JOY! With Love, The Frames. And a  full photo on the back. All the messages are customizable as well!Artifact Uprising

Okay what do you think? They have probably 100 more options and every time I look I rethink my choices, they are all so beautiful! Excited for your help to narrow it down!! Don’t for get SFB20 at checkout for your own orders. xo!



DIY Internet Safety with Amazon Fire

Sponsored by Amazon.

Last year I wrote about something super important to me – internet safety for kids. It’s still one of Small Fry’s most visited posts and I hope it continues to be as the whole topic keeps me up at night! 😉 The internet is such a wonderful tool, but as we all know it can get dark, fast. Today I wanted to revisit that post and also add another awesome resource I have been testing out! You all know Amazon makes their own tablet starting at $99 for kids called Fire HD 8 Kids Edition tablet, right? Well what I didn’t know is about their Amazon FreeTime Unlimited service, which we’ve been using with their tablet as a part of today’s sponsorship. It is incredible! The Fire HD 8 Kids Edition tablet actually comes with a free year of Amazon FreeTime Unlimited service and is 30% off right now, so it’s a perfect time if you’re in the market! (They also do $20/month payments right in time for Christmas!)Fire Kids Edition + FreetimePart of my volunteer work at my church a while back was to help interested families get all their computers and devices protected and one thing I felt like was loud and clear across all the families I worked with was that it felt daunting which is why no one had attempted it on their own. So anytime I see a product come around that makes it easy I am all about it!Fire Kids Edition + FreetimeOkay so here’s what you need to know and why I think it’s excellent!

I know there is a lot of talk about what is good for kids and screen time, and even eliminating it, but I feel really strongly that they need to learn to manage their time (with my help) and employ healthy habits from the start, as it will always be a part of their lives. For better or for worse. Just wanted to get that out of the way! Fire Kids Edition + FreetimeFirst off with the Fire HD 8 Kids Edition tablet, I can create “Learn First” goals so they have to do educational things before they can start the other stuff. I can set a “Bedtime” where the it stays off no matter what until I choose (BEST!) and the settings can change on weekends and weekdays.Fire Kids Edition + FreetimeWe are strict one hour a day for screen time and so I can set timers to make sure we stick to that (let’s be honest, I forget all the time and they end up playing longer). Then, I love the Parent Dashboard so I can review exactly what was done during that hour. And that the Fire HD 8 Kids Edition tablet notifies me of every game they download in my email. Most importantly, the Amazon FreeTime Unlimited service profiles are set up to filter out anything that isn’t age appropriate. You won’t even see games or videos or options that don’t fit your specifications. I truly don’t even have to worry about what they’re taking in. Fire + FreetimeAs a lifelong Apple user, I was shocked to admit I preferred this tablet for my kids. Besides the fact that it is SO much less expensive. But ultimately it is the Amazon FreeTime Unlimited that swayed me. It is SO awesome.

It’s so important to find devices that have these features built right in, instead of something on your router, because as soon as you leave the house and access someone else’s Wifi, you no longer have those protections.

And I am glad we got in the swing of these good habits before school started and all I had to do was alter the time frames and and bedtimes a bit! If you pick one up, let me know how you like it!!


End of Year: Emily

This year FLEW by! We went around the table the other night at dinner and did our typical “best and hardest” where we all tell each other the best thing and the hardest thing that happened to us that day, except this time we did the entire year. Every single one of us said Raleigh for the best thing of 2016. He has been such a blessing to us all, and has brought so much joy and happiness. My friend Alison of the Alison Show said it best when she said her baby was proof that some people bless your life just by existing. That is Raleigh for me, too! ncc_3058Definitely worth the wait and it makes me sad how fast he is growing! He’s 6 months now, rolling, sitting up, eating anything I put in front of him, clicks his tongue and cocks his head to the side when he gives you the flirtiest smile.dsc_1449

Callum is 5 and has grown so much this year with Pre-K! I could’ve put him in Kindy but opted out. He has taken all the tinier kids under his wing, helps them with their letters, and is really shining with the chance to be the bigger kid and leader in his class. Callum is our entertainment for better or for worse, and we’ve had lots of parenting opportunities arise with Callum around, he stretches me to be a better parent everyday.12ncc_3204

Hayes has loved first grade! He is the best big brother and helps me so much. He is whip smart and loves math and vocabulary. He’s reading at the top of his class but hates doing it, ha! He loves making lists and planning and really hard on himself when he makes mistakes — he is a lot like me in that way. He loves his friends and being social and is always thinking of others. I learn so much from both my boys each day!8ncc_3186


We had Nicole shoot a few quick photos for our card this year and both Russ and I laughed when we both loved this one the most. His head was just out of the frame, but he still loved it the most because of our boys. He sacrifices so much for our family especially this year and this picture symbolizes that all too well! His construction company has grown like crazy this year and his team continues to expand so he’s working crazy hours, but still manages to be home and make my life easier whenever he can. I always nag him about taking time for himself, and one night when he finally had some time to go do whatever he wanted he decided to go cash in on some killer coupons at our local grocery store (his words.) His dedication to our family is the biggest blessing in all our lives.

8ncc_3167-copyThree kids has been my challenge and blessing this year. A new baby just forces you to eliminate things that are unnecessary in life. Like when you get cold and you just naturally pull your arms to your chest to keep warm, that has been this year for me. Pulling everything in tighter. I know it won’t be forever, but I am enjoying my simplified life so much!  I shared this quote this a month so ago, but Glennon Doyle Melton said “You can never have enough of what you don’t need” and that rings so true for me. I don’t get any fulfillment out of scrolling Instagram or reading political opinions on Facebook so I cut all that way down. Honestly staying off my phone in general has been so huge for me. Less shopping, less of other people’s voices, more of my own. Quieting all that out has made room for my spirituality to flourish, too. I am more intentional about when I work and try an do that just on my laptop when the time is right instead of doing things here and there on my phone throughout the day.unspecified

This is in no way a sales pitch, but the Amazon Echo made it all happen for me. I tell Alexa to add things to my shopping list, to remind me to do something, to set a timer, play my music, my audio book, ask her a question I would normally google. All things I would pull out my phone for and then find myself opening all my favorite apps “just to see what’s new” and I’m down the rabbit hole. I hope that when my kids need me I am not looking at that dang phone, I am looking in their eyes. I can’t really think of all the times that wasn’t the case, it makes me feel so ashamed!

It’s almost 2017, I am almost 31 and at this point in my life I know how to foster the best in myself, in my relationships, and my focus will be going to doing what I already know is best. (I won’t bore you with the specifics) That has been the best gift of growing older, is that time-earned wisdom. To make it all happen each and every day, to reset and recommit with each stumble is my resolution!

Happy New year everyone, thank you so much for your support and friendship all these years! We are all so blessed to have you all here. Check back later for Nicole and Jenna’s as well!




Card is Candy Cane Stripes by Postable!

EMILY: bell sleeved dress( (its only $60 now!) // sock booties // pom pom earrings // my boys’ birthday bangles! 

RUSS: Baseball tee // Leather boots

BOYS: are wearing sweaters from Zara last year Sorels and Hunters // Raleigh is in a Rags to Raches romper and Freshly Picked moccs!

Scout Elves at Play

How are your elves fairing this Holiday? Have they been active or stayed put for a few days in a row? You’ve seen all our Scout Elves already this season (check out the post here, it has 15 ideas!) but we wanted to show you more of the tool kit! It has made Cringey and Chip’s live so much easier with ready-made materials right at their fingertips! Here’s what comes in the Scout Elves at Play kit (along with a book of 60 ideas!)

Suction cups attachments for their hands and feet! Affix those guys to anything!dsc_1518Chair and twine so they can relax wherever they land:dsc_1540A chair for when they mean business!dsc_1555An anchor for scaling any surface high or low!dsc_1562Plenty of tags to get the message across, these tags have fun games, reminders for brushing teeth and more!dsc_1572 dsc_1582 dsc_1587 dsc_1591Our personal fave – the candy hook!dsc_1596

Grab your kit online or in stores – 9 more days before take off! See our last post with 15 more ideas here!

Luminaria Giveaway!

LOCALS! Hampton Inn Lehi is sharing this giveaway for a sweet little staycation and tickets to the most sought after Holiday event of the season, Luminaria at Thanksgiving Point! Keep reading to enter!photo-dec-03-7-11-19-pmThis Weekender package retails for $260 and includes 4 tickets to the event and a 1 night stay at the Hampton Inn which is basically around the corner from Luminaria in I did this two weekends ago and it was so amazing. We dressed up in our ski clothes and sipped hot cocoa while walking through Luminaria and then drove back to the hotel and got in the hot tub and the boys swam in the They have a killer complimentary breakfast and amazing family friendly amenities. They also have a free Weekender Travel Club program which gets your special rates you won’t find on any travel site from a huge selection of hotels all over the West! photo-dec-03-7-01-06-pmWhat is Luminaria you ask? I almost don’t want to tell you and just let you expereince it, but! It’s like Disneyland, Temple Square, and a scene from your wildest dreams if you were sucked into the board game CandyLand. Ashton Gardens takes you through Winter scenes all enhanced with beautiful lights and smells (the Candy Cane Forest actually smells like Peppermint.) photo-dec-03-7-02-42-pmSee live reindeer, play elf games, roast s’mores, listen to the best music along the way. If you are looking for a spiritual and religious experience you can veer off into the Light of The World garden which is full of beautiful life size bronze statues that depict Christ’s life, death and resurrection.  Luminaria Giveaway

All in all Luminaria is a must-do this Holiday and we’ve heard from many of you that the price was a deterrent, so how about FREE! ENTER HERE:
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