Giant Pantone Wall Swatch

We’re back with our favorite babes from across the four corners of the Internet for our quarterly color challenge! We’ve already done orchid, gold, and hot pink, but today it’s all about that sunshine yellow! We love the iconic and graphic look of those Pantone Color swatches. Why not have some giant ones hanging on the wall? This little project is so easy it’s silly, but we love how it packs a big punch of color you’d get from painting a wall, while still having that modern and graphic element. Here’s how you’ll do it:
Make your own giant Pantone Color Swatch


White Poster board (or foam core if you don’t intend on framing it!)

Color poster board – we showed yellow and red in this post!
Chartpak 2 Inch Black Vinyl Letters if you want to add the color name below the Pantone logo Chartpak makes 1/2 inch letters that would be perfect, too!

Glue stick or double sided tape

Make your own giant Pantone Color SwatchSteps:

1. Trim. Start by trimming your board for the frame. Then trim the color poster board to fit over the white leaving about 8 inches of white space for your letters.

2. Stick. Glue the colored poster board onto the foam core. Then, on the white board right underneath where the colored board meets the white, use the letters to spell out Pantone. They are vinyl and came off nice and easy if we misplaced so don’t be afraid!

3. Hang. It’s easy as 1,2,3. Hang it up and enjoy your easy masterpiece!

Make your own giant Pantone Color Swatch

And now for our friends!

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DIY tea party set

Today marks our third color challenge with our favorite Vintage Revivals and crew! You can find our hot pink post here, and the gold challenge here, but today is all about purple! From the Orchid color of the year pick by Pantone, to the hot Spring hue of lilac, purple is having its moment for sure! How about a sweet dotted tea party set DIY? And a steal at less than $10! Here’s how we did it:

DIY Ikea Tea Set

First, grab a set of espresso cups from Ikea. They’re the perfect size for tiny hands, and $1.50 for a cup and plate. Grab a tea pot and saucer while you’re at it for $5 and you’ve got yourself a nice little tea set. Then we grabbed Martha Stewart Opaque Glass Paint, which comes with the perfect tip already installed for small flourishes. They come in pretty much every color so you can get really creative using your girl’s favorite color, a multi-colored mural, this is just the type of thing that could turn into a treasured family heirloom, but today – purple it is!

DIY Ikea Tea Set

We had a few patterns in mind, but ultimately had to go with this sweet little polka-dot pattern. Squeeze the bottle gently and the tip creates the perfect little raised dot, no problem. Best part is, if you over-do it, you can wipe it off and try again without any streaking! Just use a clean paper towel.

DIY Ikea Tea Set

When you’re done, you’ll have a pretty impressive set like this! After reading reviews of the paint we followed one tip to let the paint cure (air-dry) for an hour, and then bake as directed. Another great tip to keep the color virbant was to put the set in a cold oven, then turn it on and let it pre-heat with the set inside. Once the oven reaches the instructed temperature then you’ll set the timer for 30 minutes.

DIY Ikea Tea Set

DIY Ikea (Espresso) Tea SetIf we’re being honest, our boys had the best time playing tea party, but we figured they might not want those photos on the internet ;), so here’s our sweet little lady-friend Stella taking it for a whirl.

DIY Ikea Tea Set

We love they way these projects add a little personalization to simple pieces. Check out our other projects with ceramic paint here and here!

DIY Ikea Tea SetNow let’s check out what our other link-up geniuses have created for this challenge today! We have fallen in love with each blog since starting this challenge and know you’ll all love them too, click right on the image to be taken to the corresponding post!

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a gilded link-up

Remember our color themed link-up a few months ago? We joined up with several other awesome bloggers and created DIYs all based on hot pink! Today we’re back together and this time, all that glitters is gold.

Here’s what we came up with, an all-gold snow globe! A gold-out, if you will.Small Fry | Gold Challenge

There is something especially magic about a snow globe, and we’ve seen our fair share around town, but wanted to make our own special version. So we sprayed everything gold, naturally. Here’s what you’ll need:

All Gold Link-up | Small Fry

 We found everything we needed at our local craft store, and most DIYs will suggest you buy glycerin, we tried it both ways, and water works just fine!

1. Take your gold spray paint and spray your sisal miniature tree, and minature plastic animals. Let them dry completely.

2. Using super glue or a hot glue gun, glue the objects to the lid of the jar. Make sure you test it before gluing so everything fits inside and still screws in. Otherwise you might need to lose a moose leg, not pretty.

3. Most globes are filled with the snow globe snow, but we swapped it out for glitter! It’s the prettiest little thing.

Here’s what our fellow link-up buddies put together, don’t miss them! If you want to play along with our color challenges post your pics with the #colorchallenge hash so we can check it out!

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hot pink studded sneakers

Today is the online equivalent of a really good girl’s night out. A get together with your favorite people where you walk away feeling uplifted and inspired, and you didn’t even have to curl your hair! We’re linking up with six other fashion, beauty, baking, organization, parties, and home DIY wizards with only one stipulation: the result must involve hot pink! Keep reading to check out everyone’s projects! But, first here’s what we came up with:
hot pink!

Hot Pink Studded Sneakers!

hot pink girls studded sneakers

We used the classic white Chuck Taylor high-top picked out a standard gold stud from Studs and Spikes (super cheap and super fast shipping!) and then painted each one with nail polish. Why nail polish you ask? If you’re like us you have loads of it in every shade of the rainbow, and in this instance it works a whole lot better than spray paint. With such a small surface area you’d be wasting a lot of spray trying to get enough coats to get the desired color and consistency, so give those studs a manicure!girl's studded sneakers

Now here’s where you can choose your own adventure. None of us are quite done having kids yet, so hand-me-downs are a clear and present necessity. Here’s hoping there’s a girl in there somewhere for one of us, so keeping things wearable for the next round, no matter what gender, is usually on our minds. So, with that caveat, we didn’t actually stud these shoes…We super glued them! That way if the next kid doesn’t dig hot pink studded sneakers, you can just take them off!

To super glue them in place, fold the prongs down tightly and then cover the folded prongs with the super glue. If you’re feeling precise you can also glue around the edges of the stud’s border for extra coverage.


And that’s it! We always say this, but really the possibilities are endless with this one. Endless nail polish colors to try, multiple colors, ombre, and designs.

girls studded sneakers

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