family canvas art

I am sorry we haven’t had a house update in awhile! By the end of this month we should have LOTS to show and I can’t wait! Russ has been busting hard on the inner workings of the house – the electrical, the plumbing, installing the windows. Doing the piping for the central vac, pouring the garage cement, and getting everything ready for the 4-Way inspection. So not much looks different even though he’s wired 196 can lights. OOF! Russ’ dad joked you’ll be able to see the house from space.
Once we pass the inspection then it’s onto sheet rock and the house really starts to change. Russ hired a guy who will start doing the stucco and stone work on the outside while Russ does the timber cladding. It’s been so amazing to watch unfold but as a pretty Type-A person the times when I don’t have anything to do are the worst! DIY time! We created a canvas like this when Hayes and Cal were tiny, and since Raleigh’s entrance we knew it was time to do another!Family Canvas DIYMy taste in art is almost always abstract so this type of work will fit right in with the vibe, and since so much of the house’s bones are neutral the pops of color are a welcome addition. And this costs less than $20 so that puts my mind at ease considering our current cash flow situaion. Hint: low.Family Canvas DIYI don’t know yet where it will go but it will always remind me of this truly sweet time in our lives. The excitement is palpable and we’re on the edge of something we could only dream of even this time last year. And the kids are itching to be involved just like I am, so I am glad they can be a part of this and have that sense of belonging. So here’s how we did it!

I use non-toxic washable paint so they can rub it all over their belly (Raleigh) and we can clean up after with no problems. Each member of the family gets their own color and their are no rules except for staying on the canvas. It’s so fun to watch them at work and see how the art piece unfolds!

RALEIGH was first. As you can see you have to embrace the mess. Good thing it all washes off!Family Canvas DIYThen CALLUM! He got his hands and feet covered and bear crawled all over it. Ha. Very spot on for him, he didn’t even look twice at the paint brushes.Family Canvas DIYRUSS and HAYES did theirs together with brushes. Hayes picked hot pink and could’ve gone for hours. Most of the canvas was pink so we had to arrange it on the frame so it felt a little more even color-wise. Ha!Family Canvas DIYMy turn!Family Canvas DIYAnd the finished product! If your family is older and less hands on(in) with the paint your color palette options explode – acrylic is my favorite type to use in these instances. You can also just buy the pre-stretched canvas so it’s all ready to hang! We just love the experience of getting in and on top of it. Also great if you want a super oversized pieces as this canvas is an 8 foot square! A super inexpensive option to cover some serious wall space! This project costs $8 for the canvas, $6 for the paint (you can buy 4 ounce bottles in sets of 6!) and the wood to stretch it over is less than $4. Not bad for $20!Family Canvas Art


DIY Personalized Notebook

You guys know how I feel about a good monogram or personalized piece. Naturally forcing that onto my kids with today’s SUPER easy DIY. DIY NotebookYou just need these stickers and your favorite notebook. I love these ones because they have no branding or writing on them anywhere and they wipe off which is cool! Notebooks get so grubby but I think these will hold up a bit better.DIY NotebookAlso for the record I brainstormed a short song lyric for this DIY for hours.  I could NOT think of one that was short enough and not cheesy. Sit Down Be Humble (Kendrick Lamar, stuck in my head of months and more swears than non-swears) was one of the first ideas I had, but just know I would never let my kids listen to it.;) Also these Yoobi Notebooks are killing me and ALL their Back-to-school goods are 20% off right now with BTS2017. On top of which they donate to schools in need in the U.S. BLACK + WHITE STAR // GALAXYDIY Notebook Let’s just take the meaning of this phrase literally for a classroom. Stay in your seat and don’t talk back, kids! DIY Notebook


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xoxo art

We’re so sad this is pretty much the last of our Valentine’s Day content this year! We always love this time of year on the blog. Nicole whipped up this oversized art for her home as a way to decorate. We loved this idea so much!XOXO ArtJust grab your most Valentine-y paint a brush and butcher paper.XOXO ArtAlternate X and O with your paints and let it dry.XOXO ArtTape it up on the wall and you’ve got yourself a nice little backdrop for more decor or a great little piece of art!XOXO Art Love never goes out of style, rightXOXO ArtAnd Lolly’s out. XOXO Art Happy Valentine’s Day weekend, everyone!