fairy princess kit

We’re always thrilled to be crafting with Scotch® Duct Tape and we’re back with them today using their new designs for Summer! We really stretched the limits today and created a DIY for the dress-up loving princesses in your life. And even better for you moms, you can wear them around all day Mother’s Day to assume your rightful position as Queen for the day!

Here’s what you’ll need:

Duct Tape Princess Kit

  • Cardboard scraps
  • A 1/2 inch diamater wooden dowel rod
  • Scotch® Duct Tape rolls in Purple Paisley, Metallic Cheetah and Neon Green.

First up, the crown:

Cut out two pieces of rectangular cardboard, taking zig zag notches out of the tops of both. Lay side by side, notches pointing in the same direction. Then cover both sides with the Metallic Cheetah tape, using tape to connect the two pieces. Once it’s covered and combined, go through each rib of the cardboard and bend to create the rounded shape.

Duct Tape Crown DIY

Now for the wings! Cut out two identical tear drop shaped wings and cover with tape. Connect the two wings with two pieces of duct tape stuck together. The best part about this duct tape is it’s strong as can be so you can tape down rubber bands, or ribbons to tie around their arms to keep the wings in place.

Duct Tape Fairy Wings DIY



For the wand all you need to do is tape the dowel up and down with the Purple paisley. Then attach the dowel to the a star shaped piece of cardboard. Tape the star with the neon yellow simultaneously attaching the dowel to the star.

Duct Tape Fairy Princess Kit

Now you’re all set!

Duct Tape Fairy Princess Kit

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blue bird costume DIY

We’re so excited to share our second post using Scotch® Color & Pattern Duct Tape! They challenged us to make a Halloween costume and we decided on a Bluebird, here’s how we did it:
kids costume: duct tape

For supplies you’ll need:

✔ Cardboard

✔ A plain plastic mask, you can buy at most craft stores or Amazon has one for cheap here.

✔ Ribbon

✔ Hot Glue gun


Scotch® Color & Pattern Duct Tape – we used Aqua and Royal blue for the wings and face, and then orange for the beak and talons.

kids costume: duct tape

WINGS // First, start by making the wings. Emily started with two pieces of cardboard cut out at 18 x 6 inches each. Then round the edges, cutting diagonally. Once you have the shape of the cardboard, you’ll cover both sides with thetape. Using a contrasting color of tape we cut out “feathers” and placed them randomly over the fronts of the wings.

kids costume: duct tape

To keep the wings from falling off we hot glued ribbon on the underside the wings connecting the shoulders together so the wings don’t slide down, and then three six inch pieces at the top, and bottom of each wing.

MASK // The mask is a cinch. Start by covering the mask in the royal blue tape. Then glue a triangular scrap of cardboard over the bridge of the mask’s nose. The will create the “beak.” Once that is dry, you can cover the beak piece with the orange tape.

kids costume: duct tape

TALONS // To create the look of the claw feet, we took more scraps of cardboard: 4 pieces that are 4 inches long and 1 inch wide, and then 2 more that are 5 inches long and one inch wide. Cover those pieces in the orange tape with a little overhang. We cut that overhang into a point to really give it that claw look. Then we simply hot glued the talon pieces to strips of ribbon for an easy tie on.

kids costume: duct tape

To help add to the costume we put Hayes in a blue t-shirt and yellow leggings, all items we had lying around. So when it’s all added up this costume would cost less than $20 and you will have extra tape for months! We made this costume back in April and it has gotten A LOT of wear. The best part about Scotch® Color & Pattern Duct Tape is that it’s so incredibly durable. Even after hours of flapping and squawking it looks as good as new. Since the tape is weather-proof you can wear with confidence no matter what weather Halloween brings you!

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Small Fry Films: Pencil Pouch DIY

One thing we absolutely love about Scotch Colors and Patterns Duct Tape is the fun bold colors they offer. We are filled with inspiration just looking at them, and mix that with the unbeatable durability and the possibilities are endless! Today we teamed up with them for an easy project for making your own pencil pouch for school. Check out this little film (we’re dorks!) we made with our main man Jenner Brown of Lumineux Films and of course, step by step instructions below!

pencil pouch made with duct tape

1. We created a “fabric” of duct tape by layering strips of Scotch Colors and Patterns Duct Tape on top of each other. This is easiest if you lay the strips over one another while they are suspended between two stationary points (like the table or chair legs!) We created the striped side by laying alternating colors on top of each other the same distance apart each time.


2. Once you have a front and back you can lay them together to create a fabric. So, put one of the sheets sticky side up on the table, take the other sheet sticky side down and lay it on top. We found the easiest way is to start lay it in the center and then use your hands to smooth it outwards.


3. Now that you have a rough sheet, you can trim the edges so it makes a uniform piece.

4. To create the pouch, take the sheet and fold the bottom up to the center, leaving an inch or two at the top for the flap. Make slight creases in the sheet for a marking point and then you’re ready to sew!


5. Using your crease marks as a guide, fold up your pouch and then sew it together on the sides, leaving the flap free. If you don’t have a sewing machine, a glue gun works, too!

6. We used pieces of velcro to close the flap, again sewing or glueing it down.


Fill your pouch with pencils, pens, lunch money, a sweet note or treat and it’s ready to go!

pencil pouch diy with duct tape

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cereal box jet packs

Our boys are really into super heroes lately. (Do they ever grow out of this? Summer Blockbuster movie themes would suggest no.) Needless to say this super fast five minute project upped our cool points.

cereal box, duct tape, diy, boys, jet pack

Here’s what you need:

cereal box, duct tape, diy, boys, jet pack
We are really loving Scotch Duct Tape’s new colorful line and have found loads of uses for it so far! We used some colorful rolls, some empty cereal boxes, tissue paper and ribbon and a couple empty toilet paper rolls!

cereal box, duct tape, diy, boys, jet pack

All you need to do is cover the box in tape, affix some ribbon arm straps, tape on the halved toilet rolls, stuff with tissue paper, and you’ve got yourself a real deal super hero!

ocean sounds stick

This post is brought to you by Lazoo.

We are such big fans of Lazoo, a site devoted to self-expression, fostering the creative process and empowering the imagination in children. What started as a site to house their award winning coloring books has now launched into an extensive library of crafts to do together!

Their newly launched Lazooniverse shares a new craft and project every single day! With Musical Mondays, Puzzling Tuesdays, Green Wednesdays, Foodie Thursdays, Friday Galleries, Seasonal Saturdays and Stationery Sundays there is no reason to ever hear the “I’m bored!” complaint this Summer.

One thing we love about Lazoo is that so many of the crafts can be done just with items around the house. No special trips needed. This Ocean Sounds stick is one of those crafts, and the boys were simply fascinated by the whole process.

crafts, kids, diy

Supplies needed:

  • Two empty paper towel cardboard rolls.
  • A bag of un-popped popcorn, rice, or beans.
  • Two 4-inch diameter circles of parchment paper.
  • Heavy duty tape (we used 3M colored Duct Tape)

First, start by cutting a 1/2 inch slit into one of the paper towel rolls. Insert the second roll into the first and tape in place.

On one end of the now combined rolls, cover it with a piece of the parchment paper and tape in place.

Now, empty the bag of corn, beans or rice into the tubes, and cover the open end with parchment paper, taping it all in place.


To make it extra sturdy, we covered the tube in duct tape, and now you’re ready to let it rain. We’re excited to have Lazoo as a craft resource, and our boys have already picked out their next projects! A rocket, an egg crate critter,


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