Got nothing for Easter? Same boat. I rounded up Easter Basket fillers that you can ship Prime-style to your house just in time – but like order it right now. Also if you stick with me, I am showing you how to turn your Easter Basket finds into Spring Break activities for the WHOLE week. Ready?



Block Art is a fun creative gift and it’s quiet so it can come with you on road trips, to church and all ages can have fun with it!

This sticker set would be so fun to divvy out, gift the whole thing your older child to decorate their binders or new skateboard (below.) Stretch out the sticker fiesta and have a fake auction with monopoly money. Let them buy sell and trade their favorites.

Non-drying clay. Get on board, and let’s forget Play Doh ever existed. This doesn’t dry out!

Craft Box. Craft projects galore and who has all this stuff on hand anyway?

These DIY nesting eggs would be such a fun activity to do before Easter and then stuff them for the big day! Use that craft bin to jazz them up, paint, markers, washi tape. Then you also have a fun Easter Heirloom when you’re done!


Sport cones are not only good for making goals and sidelines but also obstacle courses, tracks for your scooters, three legged races, hop on one foot and any other bogus race style you can think of to tire them out.

Penny Boards are $100+ dollars but these knock off small boards are only $30. A great option to see if you kid even likes skateboarding first, ha! But also, my kids luge on theirs, race on their bums, race their toys against each other, make our poor chickens ride on them.

Walkie Talkies provide a little extra fun for all your Spring Break activities. Hide and Seek, Treasure Hunt, Steal the Flag, but get a 4 pack because if you have more than 2 kids it’s a fight every time.

Globber Scooters are almost half the price of Micro and just as good. They will carry your kid from 15 months (Raleigh started then, no lie) to 8 years old and beyond. The best investment you will make for your kid!

No one is more uneasy about including water guns (always too soon) but this will come in handy for a DIY idea I have coming later this week! Trust! Take it as an opportunity to talk about what guns are for and how to be extra safe and conscientious.

That same DIY needs Tempera Paints and this set is stellar. Washable Paint will provide you unlimited fun with your kids. Stock up!

Indoor/Outdoor Option with this Road Tape! Build Cities with your blocks, plastic animals, make your cities rules and laws, have an election. I don’t know man, get through it is what I am saying.

Bubbles. A Springtime essential. Grab a 6 pack for the whole family and then this giant bubble making set! A whole bubble themed day right here!

Another pack idea with  jump ropes, easy sibling gifts that later can be accessories to your race day, a way to get wiggles out indoors, who can jump the longest contest.

Swim Clothes: If you have even a remotely warm day get outside for your Bubble Day, Water Balloons, Lawn Games and set them up with some cute swim shorts (I love Volcom because they look like shorts when they’re dry.) Waterproof shoes (If you don’t know Natives are life and have been since Hayes was 1.) and a freaking cute Swim Suit + Turban Set for your girl with these waterproof Birkenstocks! (cute style here too!) I did a HUGE round up of suits in this post here so check it out if you want more options!


This sleeping bag is great for a fun night out under the stars but also for their daily reading time, sibling or cousin sleepover, watching a movie on a rainy day and more. Set them up with this flashlight to make everything extra exciting.

Ring Toss // Croquet // Giant Jenga // Lawn Bowling — all of which easily transport inside if weather isn’t great!


CodeNames is one of our favorite games to play with friends and this kid version lets them in on the fun, too!

These Letz Talk cards can inspire deep conversations all Spring Break long. Have them practice writing or typing skills and write their answers, get them journals or notebooks for a place to keep their responses. Then write your own responses back to them and BAM you’ve got yourself a mom and son/daughter journal to pass back and forth!

Dress Up Magnet Dolls – This can go two ways. Make everything a conversation and talk about the pros and cons of each vocation. Its always hilarious to see what kids think about jobs and what would make them fur or awful in their brains. Or take it the fashion route and tell them they have to design their own paper doll outfit out of consturction paper, or creating something for their sibling or friend just out of toilet paper. Model your fashions for everyone and watch the magic unfold. I did this as a kid at my birthday party one year and it was a blast.


If you’ve got a smaller toddler these gifts are great for them! Sorting Blocks Box // Balancing Block Game // Fruit Slicing 



easter best: girls

As requested, more Easter from around the web! Let’s start with girls! I’m actually no super impressed this year, I had to widen my search to stores I haven’t shopped maybe ever, to find a good round up. Luckily my friend Sarah’s shop Pepper Kids always pulls through here’s some of her new arrivals from this morning. Lots of her accessories are included a little ways down in today’s post, too. I haven’t thought a lot about if I had a girl and what she would wear but I feel like Sarah gets is so right! It’s all classic and darling but still feels fresh and like the ultimate cool girl. So impressed. We teamed up on a giveaway on my Instagram as well so if you’re into that head over to enter! @smallfryblog

Now for around the web!

Easter Best for Girls

Jumpsuit // Bow Top Dress // Stripe Bat Wing Dress // Striped Pinafore // Hydrangea Dress // Pink Ruffle Dress // Black Gingham // Floral Overlay Dress // Gingham with Floral Applique // Stripe Lace Bottom


easter accessories

Tulle Headband // Bow Flats // Beret // Freshly Picked Sandals // Oversized Bow Headband // Flower Headband // Mesh + Jeweled Sandals // Knit Bunny Hat // Sunglasses // Tan Bunny Hat





buy or diy: easter

BUY OR DIY? THE EASTER EDITION! Where I scan the web and filter out the nonsensee to give you the best in DIYs and what you should probably just BUY.



Best Easter DIYs

POTTED EGG PLANTS (I can’t link to this site because the ads displaying are freaking sketchy. But it’s called Godfather Style)EASTER DIY IDEASMODERN DECORATED COOKIESBest Easter DIYs SYNCHRONIZED SWIMMERSBest Easter DIYs BUNNY EGGSBest Easter DIYsSCANDI EASTER TREEBest Easter DIYs Best Easter DIYs RICE KRISPY NESTS (swap those eggs out for Cadbury stat!)Best Easter DIYsPOM POM WALL HANGING / WREATH – Spring Wreaths are rough for me. It’s hard to find something youthful but still sophisticated. It’s either great grandma style or too juvenile. Ya feel? Best Easter DIYsBUNNY BUM GARLAND Target sells this banner (in the carousel below) but if you’re color palette picky or want a fun craft to do together this post is awesome!Best Easter DIYs


And now for the BUYS!easter buys

Easter Themed Dessert Sprinkles (on sale today!) // Egg Molds // Easter Color Palette Fans // Speckled Egg Wreath // Olive Leaf Wreath

And a few more options!



Easter Best with H&M

Sponsored by H&M.

Easter Best is so fun to dress the family for. Bright colors, Spring is in the air, everything is fresh and budding. I’ve got lots of outfit ideas for you, your kids (girl’s too), in today’s post with H&M. My #1 favorite place to shop for me and the kids, hands down. Check out their entire Spring Occasion shop here!Easter Best with H&MFirst and foremost, I am FAH-REAKING out about the fit on Hayes’ suit. [Jacket // Pants // Shoes ] It’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. I’m so grateful H&M has their 8-14 year section, I feel like a lot of brands forget about this age!Easter Best with H&MCal’s suit is darling as well. [Jacket // Pants // Sneakers.] It’s cuffed but not tacked so you can get lots of inches out of it when you uncuff! They both have the adjustable waist option too which is so great for these kids who are growing like weeds! (All kids?)Easter Best with H&MI love a romper on a baby boy. They always have great options! I also love these slip on sneakers. I buy them for all the boys each season because they’re so fast in a rush!Easter Best with H&MI never say no to tomato red and this dress is less than $30! With these floral mules. these amazing mod daisy earrings (major Edie Sedgwick vibes!) and this lip matches the dress pretty spot on!Easter Best with H&M So so happy with my H&M Haul! They never fail!Easter Best with H&M

MORE H&M FINDS! All day today they’re offering 20% of $50 Kids so its perfect timing to snag some Easter, Spring, Spring Break finds!

Make-up Sources: Primer, Foundation (I wear 120!), Bronzer, Highlight, Blush, Eyeliner, Palette, Lip, Setting Spray (this one is 40% off!)





best of: easter eggs!

We’re back with our “Best Of” series, highlighting our favorite Holiday ideas from around the web. With Easter falling in March again this year we wanted to get a head start! Here’s some seriously amazing ideas we’ve spotted and pinned. Follow our boards here!8 Modern Easter Egg Ideas

Marbled DIY

NCC_4974-680x1024Brit Co.’s Fruit Series is incredible! Check all these ideas out. They map them out step by step here.Fruit and Veggie Easter Eggs

This series was created after the NYC Subway system, but we just love the graphic typography and pops of bright color! See how they did it here.Initial Easter Eggs

For those who love a good crisp line and can’t see to get it with tradition dyeing methods, this washi tape decorating is so genius!Washi Tape Eggs

Pantone Eggs – You know how much we love Pantone paint chips. (Remember our giant Pantone art here?) Such fresh and modern!Pantone easter eggs

This one is arrogantly from our own archives, but our kids loved it and we loved displaying them! Never run out, re-do a million times, the favorite: Chalkboard Eggs.Chalkboard EggsWe love all these clever sayings for your eggs from Lovely Indeed! So cute!Typography EggsThe Queen of the Emoji, Kelly of Studio DIY slayed this one!Emoji Easter Eggs

This one is so pretty! Gold leaf marbling from She Knows!Gold Marbling Egg

Find more of Small Fry’s Easter Archives here!

DIY ideas: A Miffy Easter Egg Hunt Tote, Sweet Bunny Onesie, and bunnifying your sneakers!

For your parties: Our Annual Brunch Year One, Two, Three and Four. Printable Games, Mask Ideas,

Easter for Boys

And of course we would never forget the boys! Since this is our speciality here’s our trie and true very favorites. And since we’re procrastinators of course these can be shipped Prime or Next Day if you’re a Zappos VIP! (Not one? Sign up for their Rewards Program or don’t quote us, but if you simply ask a rep they have given us VIP status before. No lie!)

Need a SUIT? We have tried lots of options and the suits we can vouch for are Jcrew’s Ludlow, Zara’s separates and our favorite suit sets for sure are from Appaman. Most are washable and the fit is so great!

Looking for great DEALS? $14.99 for a shirt + tie or bowtie // Jersey Blazer $9.99 // Chino Shorts $9.99 // We love Old Navy for button down shirts, and as they often do everything is 40% off right now so you can snag lots of great options for less than $10! We love to stock up on plain white ones especially. // Lots of great casual shoe options like this boat shoe for under $15. Boys Easter

Light blue suit // Striped Short Suit // Tan Suit // Chambray Tie // White Suede Oxford // Double Buckle // Multi Color Neon Lace // White Button Down // Bird Print Button Down // Plaid Button Down // Plaid Tie //

AND EASTER BASKET FILL-INS for all price ranges!

Easter Boys

Darling Chipboard Baskets // Lego Cup // Superhero Joke Book // Penny Board // Emoji Eggs // Shark Kite

Easter For Girls

EASTER is this weekend but you still have time to get a darling Easter outfit for your little girl! Keep scrolling for our favorite basket fill-ins, too!Easter Best for Girls

Striped Jersey Swing Dress + Navy Star Lace-up Flats // Chambray Ruffle Eyelet + Leather Mary Jane Moccs // Floral High Low Hem + Gray Lace-up Flats // Striped Tassel + Fringe Ankle Strap // Floral Ruched Waist + Scalloped Lavender Strap

And our favorite ideas for your chica’s Easter Basket:Girls Easter

Basket // Marble Eggs // Wooden Flowers DIY — we love this little set, it makes for a great DIY paint project or even left plain for a cool installation for their room. // These Puffin in Bloom Set classics are painted by Anna Bond and GORGEOUS. Add these heirlooms to the shelves. // Doll Kind makes these darling dolls and accompanying kindness tokens to encourage kids to pay kindnesses forward! We love this!! You can use SMALLFRY to receive $10 off any order over $59. It expires Easter Sunday (April 16th 12am CST! // Seedling Bunny Kit — Seedling does it again with this awesome activity set!  //  We also included this pre-order for Feminist Baby published by our friends at Disney Books! They’re sponsoring a giveaway for this book on our Instagram! The book is all about a little girl and this excerpt tells you all you need to know:

Feminist Baby likes pink and blue.Sometimes she’ll throw up on you!Feminist Baby chooses what to wear and if you don’t like it she doesn’t care!

Its all about owning your power as a woman no matter how big or small! Super great messages to pass along to our youngest feminists. No matter what your feelings on the F word 😉 I think we can all agree that empowering girls from a young age is so important!

Easter Best for You

We’ll be covering Easter Best for the whole family over the next little while, but first up is for YOU! Because that is a cardinal rule amongst coordinating outfits for families. Start with mom. Once you’re happy and feeling you’re best everything else will fall into place. We tried to cover our bases with basic, modern, feminine, hot and cold climates, show stoppers and dresses you can wear again and again.  Nearly all (maybe besides one or two) are under $75. So happy budget shopping!Easter Dresses for Women (most under $75)1. Striped Button Down Maxi 2. Swim Caftan 3. Belted Split Sleeve Midi (comes in a dusty mint too!) 4. Emrbroidered Overlay 5. Knit Bell Lace Sleeve 6. Red Ruffle Midi 7. Long Halter Dress 8. Red Panel on White Dress 9. Oversized Smock Stripe Dress 10. Teal Tulip Dress 11. Ruffle Sleeve Blue Dress 12. Red Eyelet 13. White Floral Beaded Bib 14. Floral Overall

marbled easter eggs

By Nicole.


We love all things marbled around here so I knew I wanted to give it a shot to make our Easter eggs extra special this year! It is pretty simple really, but packs a big fancy schmancy punch!



Here’s how you’ll do it:

First you swap out your egg dyeing kit for watercolors! Yep! Use a standard kit and get to town playing with different saturations (water + paint ratios) to get the desired look.


Easy right? But so pretty for your hunt, or out on table for your brunch or dinner.




More marbled goods we love from around the web!Marbled Goods around the Web

Party Napkins // Giant sheets for wrapping or framing // Marbled balloons // Plates & Cups (Oh Happy Day’s Party Shop alone will cover you!) // Target Ring Holder // Macbook Case // Earrings

zimmerman shoes

No Friday today, because we realized we hadn’t checked around the web for Easter options for your kiddos! Priorities, people.

First up, we know how you all love a good Spring two-tone from our last Easter post and these beauties from Zimmerman are so sweet! They’re made right here in the USA at a historic factory in Pennsylvania. They have awesome flexible leather soles and are perfect shoes for your kiddos earliest Easters. Here’s our two favorite colors for boys:Zimmerman Shoes

And for girls. How sweet, right? They’re just such a classic and that scalloping detail? Get outta here.

ZIMMERMANZimmerman ShoesAs for clothing, it’s funny how some shops just stand-out during these types of Holidays and this season is no different. See if you can spot the favorites.