bunny onesie

Have you seen this gorgeous bunny jumper via Oeuf, yet? There is probably nothing that can top an Alpaca knit jumper but we knew we had to give it a DIY whirl. Here’s how you can make one at home in time for all things Spring and Easter, but really who needs an excuse to have a baby bunny onesie?NCC_5784 copy

Ideally we’d use this Kickee Pants Basic Layette Gown + Hat, but in a pinch you can use these supplies:

Plain white Long Sleeve onesie, acrylic paint and a fine paintbrush:

Bunny Onesie DIY

Following Oeuf’s lead, we put the eyes near the midsection and the nose a few inches below that.Bunny Onesie DIYLet it dry completely and then put it on your favorite chubby bunny. Hi, Amelia!NCC_5821 copyMore Easter DIYs: Easter Bingo & Party Printable // Bunny Sneakers // Miffy Inspired Egg Hunt Tote

shamrock potato stamp DIY

By Nicole.

How’s that for an Irish sounding post title? Here’s how you can make everything a little luckier with a simple potato. Ready?Shamrock Potato StampJust grab a standard potato, the larger the better so you have plenty of room, and a sharp paring knife. shamrock4Cut the potato in half and decide your shape size. You will want to cut down around the general area of the stamp so that there’s a raised image for the paint to grab onto. For this one I did a four leaf clover by etching out four heart shapes and then a stem.shamrock3Using acrylic paint cover the raised stamp design and get stamping! I covered this sweet onesie but it would be so cool on a boys T, girls skirt, or even just one single stamp on a pocket. You don’t need any luck for this one, it’s super easy and the possibilities are endless with one potato!Shamrock Potato StampRainbow blocks by Clifford and Sons MFG. 

Best of SF Baby

When we mentioned some of our older DIY’s for babies last week we were shocked at how many of you hadn’t seen them before! We wanted to do a quick repost of some of our favorite ideas for recycling and upcycling for your new baby. These make awesome shower and hospital gifts and are all under a few bucks each.

First off, The Five Minute legging!

Baby leggings made of a Body Con skirt!


1. Take a body-con skirt (these are on sale and come in a bunch of colors!) and turn it inside out.

2. Using a fabric pencil or chalk draw up the leg making an inverted “U” for the crotch area.

3.Then take your sewing machine and sew over the white line you just drew. Cut the excess off and flip it right side out. Seriously, you’re done.body con baby leggings

Another favorite baby DIY is this beanie made from a t-shirt or sleeve:T-Shirt Beanie for Baby


Find more wardrobe hacks for babies and kiddos right here!

DIY baby headband

You all know how we love an easy repurposed DIY for our kids, so now that we have a little Small Fry lady on board we’re excited to add DIYs for her, too! This one is a super easy headband you can make from an old t-shirt!DIY headband


Grab a t-shirt:



DIY headband


Cut a 14″x3″ strip, straight as can be lines, and raw edges are great!DIY-headband-3


Tie the knot, if you don’t have a baby on hand you can use a ball or bowl as a measurement.


DIY headband

This one is such a great quick project, makes a great gift and we love being able to choose the fabric’s pattern and feel.

DIY Baby Headband


Find more repurposed DIYs: Leggings & Knotted Beanies!

3D Monster Clothes

This DIY was a direct request from one of our boys, and so fun and easy to make together! This is a great project for teenagers, even adults who need something festive to wear to work this Halloween, but aren’t the costume type. And of course, for tiny monster-loving boys, too!

Monster Shirts!

You’ll need a bright t-shirt, felt sheets, fabric glue and maybe even a sewing machine depending on your plans!

Monster Shirts!


Then time to get creative! Cut out facial features, eyes, brows, noses, teeth, and get gluing or sewing! We love leaving some of the features loose, like the tongue or teeth so it becomes more 3D and playful.


Monster Shirts! Need more? Monster Paper Doll MagnetsMonster Clothespin and Paper Sack Puppets, too!

DIY distressed jeans

By Emily.

My journey through distressing my own jeans is long and treacherous. If you can, imagine a pre-teen Emily hunched over a treadmill. Her hands inside two pant legs holding the knee areas down on the treadmill belt at 10 MPH speed. Hands on fire from friction, but determined to get that all-natural distressed look. Long story short is I’ve tried everything. And this is what works, so for those of you who’ve inquired, here’s what you’re gonna do! DIY Destroyed Jeans

1. Grab a pair of denim (either yours or your kiddos!) that has minimal stretch. Jeggings are not going to work for this. The spandex doesn’t distress all that great, so I’ve found using a denim that is mostly cotton is your best bet.

DIY Destroyed Jeans

2. Next time you’re at the grocery store grab yourself a Pumie. Yes, the hard water toilet bowl scouring tool. That’s why you’re getting it at the grocery store, brand new in packaging. 😉

3. Try on your jeans, bending at the knee, and mark with a small pen/marker where your knee caps protrude. Also mark any other points you want to distress.

4. Take the jeans off and put a piece of cardboard or thick plastic under the points you’re going to distress.

5. Take the Pumie and start pulling at the fibers of the jeans. It will start to pull up cotton and after a few minutes you’ll have your perfectly natural looking holes!

DIY Destroyed Jeans

I love this method because you can’t tell that it was done by hand. I don’t like the obvious scissor cut marks, hand ripping or tearing. Just a natural distressing is what I’m going for! I love being able to do my own distressing because I can choose where the holes will go and how wide and long. Lastly, I love that I don’t have to wash and dry them to get the fraying started. These are ready to wear as soon as you’re done distressing!

DIY Destroyed Jeans

On Quincey:

1% Spandex Jeans via Target // Nico Nico Sweatshirt

BFF tee

What would we do without our besties? (Is that word still cool? We’re rolling with it.) We are so beyond grateful for the good kids that our boys get to spend time with everyday. Whether it’s in our neighborhoods, at school, or a playdate, good friendship is such a key factor in a happy upbringing. When we were littler going into Claire’s a picking the perfect best friend necklace was basically a rite of passage for all best friends everywhere, so how about something for boys and girls? Here’s how you’ll do it:

BFF t-shirt

First, grab Freezer paper! Fold it in half sheen-side in. Draw your cracked heart shape, and then cut the middle out of both sides.

BFF t-shirt


Then cut the freezer paper up the middle fold so you have two sides. Now, fire up your iron and shiny side down, iron your stencil in place! The freezer paper holds just enough and peels right off! Now that your stencil is in place, take your fabric or acrylic paint and start painting your hearts!

BFF t-shirt


Peel off the stencil and let it dry completely!


BFF t-shirt


Then gift to your kiddo’s best friends and take a million pictures because they’re so cute.

BFF t-shirt


Easy enough, right?

While you’ve got your acrylics and freezer paper out here are a BUNCH more ideas we’ve shared in the past:

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bunny sneakers DIY

Got an Easter hunt to get to this week? Here’s a super fast (removable!) DIY to bunn-ify a simple pair of sneakers. Here’s how you’ll do it:
Bunny Shoes DIY

Grab a scrap of white fabric. The duck cloth we used for the Miffy Tote works great and stands up all on it’s own! Cut it out into two tear drop shapes for the ears (we did 4 inch long and 2 inch wide). Then cut out a piece of gray felt about half the size, and the same shape, leaving a 1/2 inch white outline around the ear.

Then with a hot glue gun, glue the gray piece of felt to the white piece on both ears. Let it dry and then put a dot of glue on the bottom of both ears, inserting them into the shaft of the high-top – we used Chuck Taylor High Tops by Converse!

Then grab two gray felt balls (we used Maypole here), dab them with glue and stick onto the back strip of boning towards the bottom. Let it dry and you’re good to go!

Bunny Shoes DIY

Then it’s time to rock your bunny sneaks! Dash is wearing his sneakers with the “Keep it Rad” tee and “Slick & Slide” pants via Geo Fox Apparel.

Bunny Shoes DIY

Want more shoe upgrades? We have a patriotic pair, some glitz and glamour for your boring ballet flats, and a graphic edge to some simple slip-ons. Find all our fashion DIYs right here.

miffy inspired easter tote

Photos by Dear Lizzy.

First things first, for those of you who have already seen the awesome blog, Everything Emily’s Miffy Treat bag, we are aware and we have been in contact with her about our twin posts. When we spotted her project online, our own Emily about died. Having been working on this post pretty much simultaneously, and completely unbeknownst to one another, we can now say whole-heartedly: blogging inception is real! Now for the post:

Miffy Easter Tote DIY

One thing we’ve noticed the last couple years watching the boys hunt for Easter eggs is that they run around like maniacs collecting eggs, and each time they bend over, they lose an egg or two, or all! It’s so funny, until they get frustrated and start to panic. So, this year, to make it easier on them, here’s a tote bag that is Dropped Egg Proof!

Have you seen the amazing Miffy night lamp made from the popular books Miffy & Friends? It’s just amazing and catches your eye with it’s clean and minimal look. So with both of these two thoughts floating around, the Miffy Easter Tote was born!

Miffy Easter Tote DIYHere’s how you’ll do it:

Miffy Inspired Bunny Tote bag

For this project we used white duck cloth (3/4ths a yard is plenty!) for this tote for a couple reasons: It’s super thick and durable. And it hardly frays. So you don’t HAVE to hem it.

Fold your fabric in half and pin the sides down so it doesn’t move. Then Emily free-handed the Miffy shape with a fabric pencil right onto the duck cloth. Here are her steps and tips:

CUT out the shape, and repin inside the Miffy shape. Now for the sewing part. At first attempt, I sewed the tote and then turned it inside out, but the seam allowance changes the shape of the thick fabric so much, it almost didn’t look like Miffy anymore. So, sewing on the outside allows you to maintain the shape that you free-hand a lot better!

Now to PAINT Miffy’s face. I say paint before sewing because if you have a mess-up it’s a lot less annoying to start over only one step into it then ten. Miffy’s signature look is long bean-shaped eyes spread pretty far apart and then a wide X for a mouth. I used acrylic paint and let it dry completely before the next step!

Now for the wheres and hows of the thread: And, like my blogging inception buddy, I used BLACK THREAD for all except when sewing the very tip-top of the ears which are the tote’s handles. Use white for that small part, you hardly notice it and it doesn’t mess-up the clean black outline you’re going for.

easter miffy tote how to

To make this a functional tote bag, you only need to SEW the two identical pieces of duck cloth together on the bottom, and then up the sides stopping before Miffy’s head turns to Miffy’s ears. Then, the rest of the sewing is just for looks and to create continuity of the black outline. At this point you’ll have the start of a tote but the ears will still be separate from one another. This is what you want! From here, you will take only the top (the one you painted Miffy’s face on) piece’s ears, and you’ll sew up the sides, around the ears and back down, creating the black thread outline. Your ears will still be separate from one another but, they will have the black outline now.

Miffy Easter Tote DIY

Almost done! Now, change your sewing machine to WHITE THREAD. To create the tote’s handles, simply pin the front piece’s ears to the back piece’s ears and sew straight lines across the very top of the ears creating the tote’s handles! It sounds complicated when I am explaining it now, but it honestly took 5 minutes.

Miffy Easter Tote DIY

Lola’s “Balini” top via Wunway, thank you to Dear Lizzy for these photos and use of her darling daughter Lola!

no sew leather upgrades

With leather being such a huge trend this Fall, we have been excited to incorporate it into our kids’ wardrobes! Our local leather supply store has two huge scrap bins and they sell  any of the hides, finishes, and weights at $10 per pound. With small details like these, you’re only going to spend about $5 total! We tried out four easy no-sew leather upgrades to add a little something extra to our favorite Fall staples:

leather upgrades

LEATHER EPAULETTES // Adding a simple strip of brown leather to the shoulder seam of your favorite denim, plaid, or flannel top makes it feel cozy and rustic! Go black for an edgier rock and roll feel.

MOTO KNEE PATCHES // Moto jeans are a favorite trend for us, so why not translate it for the littles? For this one you’ll want a super thin, supple leather that will bend and move with the knee. Going too thick with an upholstery grade leather isn’t going to fly. This is a smart upgrade for any jeans that have unwanted holes or stains and need a cover.
leather bow upgrade

LEATHER BOW // A simple sweater has so much potential when you add a little extra leather detailing. Draw the desired pattern on the back-side of the leather and then cut out with some sharp scissors!

leather elbow patch

ELBOW PATCH // This is an old favorite, but such a classic! Be sure and mark the center point of the elbow when the cardigan or sweater is actually on the wearer before you adhere the leather.

Now, let’s talk how to affix the leather. We tested two options. An industrial sewing machine would be awesome for any of these projects, but since we don’t have one on hand, we tried out this leather-safe Barge All-Purpose Cement. It is awesome and will last forever. The second tested option is a craft spray adhesive. Here’s our pitch for that: it works awesome, but isn’t permanent.

leather knee patch

  This is a great option if you want to try out the leather detailing but don’t want to commit to it. We totally get it, we’re all about extending the life and versatility of our kids’ wardrobes, too! The adhesive worked great for these Moto jeans, but when it was time to wash them (note: four to five minutes into the first wear… boys!) with a little tugging they peeled right off and left no trace on the denim.

Any trends you’re loving this season and want to see Small Fry-ified? Let us know in the comments!


Denim Shirt [found cheaper here], Striped Sweater and Cardigan // H&M

Denim Jeans // Old Navy [Similar]

Undershirts and Cozy pants // Skylar Luna

Leather Scraps and Barge Glue // Tandy’s (local!)

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