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bunny onesie

Bunny Onesie DIY

Have you seen this gorgeous bunny jumper via Oeuf, yet? There is probably nothing that can top an Alpaca knit jumper but we knew we had to give it a DIY whirl. Here’s how you can make one at home in time for all things Spring and Easter, but really who needs an excuse to have a baby bunny onesie? Ideally we’d use this Kickee Pants Basic Layette Gown + Hat, but in a pinch you can use these supplies: Plain white Long Sleeve onesie, acrylic paint and a fine paintbrush: Following Oeuf’s lead, we put the eyes near the midsection and the nose … Read more

shamrock potato stamp DIY

By Nicole. How’s that for an Irish sounding post title? Here’s how you can make everything a little luckier with a simple potato. Ready?Just grab a standard potato, the larger the better so you have plenty of room, and a sharp paring knife. Cut the potato in half and decide your shape size. You will want to cut down around the general area of the stamp so that there’s a raised image for the paint to grab onto. For this one I did a four leaf clover by etching out four heart shapes and then a stem.Using acrylic paint cover … Read more

Best of SF Baby

body con baby leggings

When we mentioned some of our older DIY’s for babies last week we were shocked at how many of you hadn’t seen them before! We wanted to do a quick repost of some of our favorite ideas for recycling and upcycling for your new baby. These make awesome shower and hospital gifts and are all under a few bucks each. First off, The Five Minute legging!   1. Take a body-con skirt (these are on sale and come in a bunch of colors!) and turn it inside out. 2. Using a fabric pencil or chalk draw up the leg making … Read more

DIY baby headband

DIY headband

You all know how we love an easy repurposed DIY for our kids, so now that we have a little Small Fry lady on board we’re excited to add DIYs for her, too! This one is a super easy headband you can make from an old t-shirt!   Grab a t-shirt:       Cut a 14″x3″ strip, straight as can be lines, and raw edges are great!   Tie the knot, if you don’t have a baby on hand you can use a ball or bowl as a measurement.   This one is such a great quick project, makes … Read more