spring 2020 shoes

Shopping this far into pregnancy is futile, but shoes always get me excited no matter what stage partum I am! Browsing through Spring New Arrivals and a few caught my eye! This dress is old ASOS but I linked a few options below!

Spring 2020 Shoes

Balenciaga Dupes – $43 real leather!  These are excellent Spring transitional boots with the cut-outs they feel warm weather appropriate but good for year round! Toughen up the most feminine outfits or just add interest to a classic tee + jeans.

Spring 2020 ShoesGo with everything mule that looks + wears like real leather but only $26 / $16. These are SO soft and such an amazing price.

Pegasus Shield – like walking on marshmallows. I’ve been true to Pegasus Zooms for years now since the High Fitness teachers all swear by them! If you do high impact exercise these are amazing! I have two other pairs that are so worn out it was time for a new one! Urban Outfitters has a couple colorway options that are way cooler and $50 less! ASOS pink + black or plain gray is rad, too!

Spring 2020 Shoes

And some more options on my radar!!

TKEES Serena – my favorite sandal I’ve seen this season. $85 but gorgeous all the color options are perfect!

Neutral Slides with Detailing add just a little bit more to your standard sandal.

Always love an ankle wrap sandal and this one is ticking all the boxes. Squared toe which is a huge trend right now and the inverse flip flop (covering the four toes instead of just the first one) is rad!

No-brainer snakeskin mule. Madewell has some for $100 more or you can get the same effect for $18.

Spotted Sneaker or Zebra Sneaker – love a modern print on a sneaker. Both come in low top, too!

I suggest an all white lace-up oxford like these every single year because I have a pair and they get worn SO much. With ankle length jeans, with dresses, gaucho fit crops, whatever!! You could do the Spring-ish job with white mules like these $20 ones, too.


This brand is new to me and one of Amazon’s in-house lines! They sent me some pieces to try out and so many of them gave me major Madewell vibes, but for a fraction of the cost! Great basics that you can dress up or down however you like and wear for years!

This duster is a cold weather must. $30 and comes in 7 neutral options! So good for layering without getting too hot, lounging around the house, or covering up a too-tight dress. 😉

#founditonamazon maternity outfit

DUSTER | DRESS (old F21 but similar here) | BOOTS |HAT | EARRINGS

While I love Madewell pieces I rarely shop, because the cost just doesn’t add up for such basic pieces and how they wear/wash (maybe with the exception of their jeans.) This is way more my speed and everything I’ve tried is really amazing quality! Check out the prices, too!

Winter White Maternity Outfit

Shaker Turtleneck under $40 (several colors!) // Or the mock neck version $40 // Boucle Turtleneck under $40 (several colors!) // Or the mock neck version $40 // This viscose button down $30  // And a cotton version in 10+ colors and patterns under $25! (giving me Madewell Courier vibes!)

goodthreads #founditamazon

maternity pants that aren’t awful

First things first – find out which type of panel you can tolerate. For me there isn’t a demi panel on this earth that I like, so I stick to Full Panels. I know lots of you hate the full panel, but hear me out!5 maternity jeans that aren't awful

(Sweater // Jacket // Pants // Shoes)

  1. Without a full panel there isn’t enough grip for my body and all pants end up sagging, sliding, being ill-fitting and making me rage.
  2. I love the coverage of a full panel also because it extends my options for tops. The more material covering my stomach/butt that my top doesn’t have to. No tank tops or extra layering. I am super active at work and home and don’t want to be worrying about readjusting everything after I bend over. 5 Maternity Jeans You Can Tolerate

(Jacket – old target// Tee // Pants // Boots //

Some side panels work for me because the actual pants material on the waist and back areas has a little more grip, but they’re also typically digging into my belly (have actual metal non-working buttons — the worst!), so not as comfortable.

So! If you’re like me with maternity fit, here are my (and the top votes from YOU!) actual tried and true favorites for this pregnancy. When I polled Instagram SO many people said the Madewell jean is the best there is. So, take that for what it’s worth! If I was on pregnancy #1 I would have for sure bought them and saved/passed them around to other pregnant loved ones, but now it feel like an investment I won’t see a return on.5 maternity jeans that aren't awful

(sweater // pants // shoes)

  1. Madewell Full Panel (other panel options and washes!) // 2. My all time favorite and most worn: Full Panel Pixie (other panel options and prints!) // 3. Coated Pants – these have that leather-effect, a full panel, and a totally separate free-moving waistband with adjustable sides. So you can truly wear it, comfortably, ALL pregnancy long. A lot of ASOS maternity has this format and it’s my favorite! //  4. Another ASOS option with the aforementioned waist + panel in a trendy seasonal appropriate cord flare crop. // 5. Full Panel work out leggings. The material slides slightly, but I think that would be nearly impossible to avoid! // 6. Side panel option that doesn’t slide really, but does have the button that digs. Just an option if you really want a trendy straight leg pair to rotate through.

Outside of ASOS Maternity (20% off today!), Madewell Maternity, Old Navy Maternity — Other big votes were for Gap Maternity, Blanqi leggings, H&M Maternity, or going into maternity specific stores like Motherhood where the brands just focus on fitting pregnant bodies. Another tip I’d share is to go to thrift stores. There are SO many maternity options there that you could re-work. Add holes to knees, cut off hems, turn into shorts etc, etc.

Solidarity sisters, it’s a rough world out there for the jean wearing pregnant person. I hope this helps!

fall things

Fall is really doing it for me currently. The comforting food and soups and desserts are hitting the spot, the option for some baggy knits and layering on this not quite pregnant looking but still growing body, and the let-up on the scorching heat that never mixed well with the nausea. WELCOME FALL, I LOVE YOU.

Updating my life to fit accordingly and wanted to share some finds!

fall maternity look


One Fall Trend I have my laser focus on is lace-up boots! I love them all, whether it’s a Victorian-esque heeled boot, or a chunkier soled combat style. I bought these in black which were a great price and super comfortable, no lie, even though they’ve got a substantial heel. They have several colors and options for patent leather or suede. They are in between mid-calf and ankle which is perfect for what I have them planned for.lace-up boot outfit

I love the Straight leg jean styled with these boots! So cute and I love that there’s no leg showing, with the hem of the jean over the boot’s shaft. These boots look identical and I’d bet money the jeans are The Wedgie.

Via this pin.straight leg jean + lace up boot

Combat Style I LOVE the platform style of these, but found them in a burgundy red for a deal and went for this style instead!


You all know my answer to on-trend dressing is to update accessories. I keep my wardrobe pretty classic and use shoes, accessories, jewelry and make-up to do the talking. A deep red nail polish and a berry or burgundy lip instantly transport you to a new season even if you’re wearing a t-shirt and jeans!

A couple trends I’ve spotted and dig are the paperclip chain necklace, and a new shopping spot (for me) for designer sunnies at a discount! I won’t wear nice sunglasses in the Summer, I’m harder on them at the pool, park, on-the-go, so I save them for the colder months when I don’t have as many chances to ruin them. I got these Dior pair as an edgy option and love them for Fall!

smart buy sunglasses

JEANS – If you’re in the maternity market like me I picked up these two pairs of maternity pants and have been so impressed! This coated denim looking pair is super stretchy but holds shape and has a full panel. It also has an adjustable waist (like kids pants with the elastic belt-loops + buttons! Perfect for a growing belly!

I also got this straight leg pair to help me execute some of Fall looks I’m inspired by. Still TBD if that shape is flattering on me or not. HA. Linked everything I’m sharing below!

Is this nesting mode coming around early? Loving updating a few things around the house, too! Bedding for my room (so overdue, ours is on its last leg) a few new pillows, comfy-fying our basement which I’ll be sure to share once things arrive.

crz yoga | prime day 2019

CRZ Yoga has taken over my work out classes and I love it! Everybody is rocking CRZ and having comparable quality and fit to the best in the industry, but at a fraction of the price makes me so happy. We should all be able to feel and look our best while we take care of our bodies!! CRZ Yoga brought me on as an ambassador and we shot these photos for them. They’re doing a Prime Day deal (15% off everything!) so it’s a great time to stock up, or try some new-to-you pieces! Here’s a few I love!CRZ Yoga

Their classic 7/8 running legging with the reflective detailing, pockets and superb fit is a must have and $28. And this is a perfect low impact built-in bra top! It’s compression, $24, comes in 4 colors (love this blue!) and super long in the length, so great for you tall babes!

CRZ Yoga

They have naked feeling leggings and also leggings that suck you in and keep things tight — these leggings are the latter! So smoothing and slimming. This is the capri in olive green!

CRZ Yoga

This bra is $18 and comes in several colors! It has surprisingly good support too! Perfect for weights lifting days, yoga, walking or palling around in the yard. Also might be time for me to tan my front side, ha! // Pants

CRZ Yoga

They have a huge line-up of low and high impact offerings and they’re growing everyday — super exciting to be on team CRZ Yoga! Catch their pretty storefront on Amazon and get that 15% off on July 15th! CRZ Yoga

alt summit 2019

Alt Summit was such a good time. So eye opening for me personally + in business and I hadn’t seen so many of my favorite people in the industry for SO long, catching up was amazing!! Just wanted to put a few thoughts down and share my links in one place!

Alt Summit Looks

My packing strategy was zero this year — I have been working on styling other people for Alt for the last couple months and didn’t have the time to even really think about mine. I knew it was going to be hot so I just stuck to dresses. And put one order in to Uniqlo because they do classic pieces so well. I bought all my favorite sandals – some bold lips, earrings and sunglasses and prayed they’d all go together. Ha! Also wore this sweet necklace everyday and it has gone with everything ever since, love it!Alt Summit Looks

UNIQLO – I bought all these dresses in a medium and could’ve handled a small. I never say that ever so that’s how big I think they run. Especially in yellow and mauve. White was fine but oversized still!

Yellow dress $30- pockets so comfy and its a full wrap so you’ll need a slip. Comes in a few colors! // Jean Jacket is Kayti’s @thebeyoutybureau // Sandals are old Zara and they were hot stuff a couple Summers ago so its not as easy to find but they’re all over Poshmark and Ebay! Heres a cute current pair! // Lip is Amalfi by Stila // Bag is also old Zara but have always loved this one!! — ALSO! Doing a sleek and messy top-knot tutorial on stories so catch that today if you’re interested!Alt Summit LooksWhite dress $20 – perfect easy shift dress. Its my favorite silhouette and I’d wear it in every color. A few colors on this too! // Old Stella dupes – mine were from a different store and I can tell these are different but they’re also the only ones I could find so check them out if you love!! // Amalfi by Stila lip // Similar wood bag //Alt Summit LooksBrown/Mauve Dress – This dress is gorg on and has pockets as well. // Criss cross sandals from Madewell just so happened to be the exact color. // Star Sunnies also the same color, deal with it. 😉Alt Summit Looks

My friends always tease me that I have a false sense of sizing. I ALWAYS go too big. But usually its how I prefer it. This sweater dress is for sure too big, but oh well!! Its old Ann Taylor and I got it at a FLEA! A clothing swap we do a few times a year at the venue! (Follow @bijoumarket because that’s where we announce new dates!) // Sunnies are Celine Lola dupes and from here!

Alt Summit Looks

Swimmer is Kortni Jeane!! I love the swing top and the ribbed dusty rose material is so modern and fresh! Bottoms are here. You can also find a lot of KJ options on Amazon ! // Sunnies! Alt Summit LooksMani! Orange and black on a ballet pink – almond shape!Alt Summit Looks

I think that’s it!! For the record Angelview Thrift was garbage. We laughed so hard at how bad it was, I took a rec from a very chic, enthusiastic local but I think she was punking me.


We ate out a ton and here are my highlight meals!

Cheeky’s – breakfast was better than lunch IMO but the chilaquiles were super good!

Bonita’s – get the double decker taco with carne aside. HOLY smokes.

Norma’s – best meal of the trip and we tried a million things. Everything was delicious, banana pancakes especially and I don’t even typically go for that.

Trio – pretty standard fare but all the dishes I tried were solid!

Cantala at the Riviera – everything was so bomb!

I wrote this post on IG about my experience with Alt this time around and was glad it resonated with so many of you. We really don’t give ourselves enough credit, validation or space to ebb and flow. It can’t be go go go all the time. I know this because I did it for years and I HIT.THE.WALL. I’m glad I still have some excitement here and there to post but am definitely not churning out content like I used to and that’s okay! It may change or it may not, but I’ll be sure to keep it real along the way. I so appreciate all of you for being here and always being so supportive. XOXO

under $100 shopbop sale

This post last year was super popular with you guys so I’m bringing it back! Shopbop does a buy more save more and it’s a great time to get discounts on staple items that rarely see a discount, but also stack the discount on their sale section, too! Here’s my favorites all under $100

But first, I found this outfit all discounted and wanted to share!

My coat is $60 off! // Madewell Turtleneck ($32) is part of the Shopbop sale! // Perfect Madewell beanie is as well $28 (mine is old Zara but this $26 one has a great pom pom!) These boots are super popular lately and found them for $60 (60% off!) The In The Loop Woven boot that everyone has from Free People is 30% off here with a full size run here, too!

Some of the woven options I found on sale are tucked in this round up below so you can click right on them!

Kick Flare is such a fun silhouette if you’re bored of skinny jeans. Here’s a few options depending on where you’d want them to hit slash how tall you are. These are $18 // These are $25 // Super Flare for $30 // And a very slight flare for $60 //


President’s Day Sales

Here’s what Im spotting for President’s Day deals! I linked the best deal or my favorite piece for each sale as well! Scroll all the way down for a shoppable collage of images!! Happy President’s Day and also Russ’ b-day!

Anthropologie – extra 40% off sale! $150 off these outdoor chairs I’ve been eyeing.

Article – 100+ items discounted!

CB2 – Lots of new discounts, this pretty side table is their steepest at 50% off!

Cotton On – 30-50% off everything!

Free People – additional 25% off sale

H&M 30% off everything including sale!

Jcrew – 40% off. Swim anyone? Love this suit!

Gap hasn’t done this deal in ages 40% off EVERYTHING + 10% extra. Use both codes. It’s just been “up to” deals for months, stoked to see this! This striped wrap midi dress is an easy staple! Also perfect range of Spring colors on these sweatshirts. I wear a sweatshirt 3x a week so stocking up on these!

GoJane 50% off sitewide!

Madewell – Extra 30% off sale

Old Navy – 50% off storewide! This classic Anorak is a Springtime must!

Target – BOGO Swim // Spend $40 get $10 for clothing // Up to 25% off Home – eyeing these chairs and this geometric front bedside table!

Urban Outfitters – Flash Markdowns 50% off! 50% off Vans, this snakeskin boot too! // 30% off BDG Jeans which I love.

West Elm – 20% off everything + steeper discounts on things like rugs and lighting! This rug is 50% off and so on-trend.


Valentine’s Duds for Kids



Amazon pulling through with some cool tees!

Queen of Hearts tee in a bunch of cool colors! // Emoji tee in unique colors so you can keep wearing it. // I love a random graphic and this Dino Tee is right up that alley. // PJs

Valentine's Duds for Kids

Winter Whites

I posted this outfit the other day and had lots of Qs on how to recreate it! This dress is a pretty basic shift that Jcrew gets a version of every year so keep your eye there but I’ll link lots of options below! Jacket is old Zara and boots were a Postmark find! Winter Whites is pretty loose in the sense that it’s off white, cream, soft greys, blush pinks, lightest washed out blues, neutral beige, bone, or even stark white, all mixed and matched! I love it on pale skin and in front of a Wintry landscape. Its feminine and seasonal and a way to mix up the drab colors of Fall and Winter that I tend to get sick of around this time of year!

Winter Whites

And here’s an old post I did WHITE SHOE ROUND UP — if you need inspo for shoes!

Here’s how I’d wear these. Either a loose sweater with a jacket on top and some trousers, wide leg lounge pants, or a skirt. A dress + jacket combo, or even pull out some Summer jeans in white or off white.

And a few more dress options!