dressing the…bumps.

By Jenna.

If you’re anything like me than those first few weeks (okay let’s be honest more like months) after a baby are terribly difficult to get dressed. Nothing fits from your pre-pregnant life or if it does it’s in that cased sausage sort of way. Additionally, you couldn’t pay me a million dollars to wear the five maternity things that fit towards the end and suddenly my chest (okay, jugs) are so enormous you can see them from Jupiter. I also need something that covers my new shape and yet gives easiest access to aforementioned chest. [insert deer in head light emoji’s here.] Basically I’m looking to dream the impossible dream in ways of wardrobe. But all is not lost! I’ve rounded up for you my favorites that I’ve got on rotation that achieve all my wildest aspirations! But don’t stop listening if you’re neither postpartum or nursing, these selections are good for one and all! Meet my friends the tunic and the shirt dress.


I’m not a fashion blogger so these low quality selfies will have to do!

1. This shirt funny enough is neither a tunic or shirt dress but does fit the bill. It hangs in all the right places, is SO SOFT, can be pulled down easily for nursing & covers my new healthy sized…let’s call it backside. It comes in a bunch of different colors of which I now have purchased 4. It’s the absolute best, if you’re nursing or not.

2. This dresssssss. Guys it’s incredible. This picture nor me do it justice. It’s SO pretty and feels so flattering.

3.  This tunic I’ve been in love with for lots of reasons but the most important being is it still allows me to wear my beloved leggings. YOU CAN’T TELL ME THEY AREN’T PANTS BECAUSE I WON’T LISTEN.

4. I promise you I was the first to buy this dress. It’s now circled the blogsphere but for good reason. It is absolutely perfect in EVERY way. It is truly made for any size and it’s like the sisterhood of the magical dress, it looks good on everyone.

That’s just a sampling of the kind of thing I’ve been looking for and maybe you have too! So I saved  you the time, energy and in my case fitting room disgrace and have rounded up the best of the best below! Enjoy.


valentine’s gifts

Two more gift guides for your man, and for your man to give to you! We tried to source most things from Amazon (Prime! Still plenty of time) so if you’re looking for a last minute gift, look no further!


Love Day for DadThe Rail Splitter Henley is incredibly attractive on every guy we’ve seen it on. The description alone of the shirt has us sold! Via Rhone. Get 20% off their line with “SMALLFRY” at check out all month long! // We have all recently fallen in love with our BlueTooth capable speakers, so much so that we don’t really care to share. This waterproof, shock proof 360 degree sound Turtle Shell speaker will do the trick and then some! // This Patagonia Micro Puffer is a huge hit over here, great for transitioning back into the warmer months and as tough and durable as they come. Patagonia for the whole family here. // It might be a sort of cop-out gift on its own but when you purchase a few movies you know he loves, albums he’s been raving about, books on tape or podcasts he’s interested in, load them on his phone — that’s a good lady love right there! // We’ve already stressed the importance of this Saffron Jo Malone Cologne, but one more time with feeling: buy this for him and thank us later. // We’re always a little bit surprised when we saw ALL of guys’ gear out at once. With the lap tops, phones, iPads, and other devices this Calamari 3-in-1 cord keeps them all in working order on a trip, at his bedside and on the go. // Kiehl’s is long trusted and the branding is perfectly manly. This starter kit is a steal and all your man needs to take care of that moneymaker of his. // A new pair of sneakers is always in order! The Sk8-HI is a favorite for sure, definitely comes in lots of other colors if red isn’t your thing.// We know Go-Pro is the industry favorite but this tiny Polaroid Cube looks incredible! Put it virtually anywhere an d capture film footage of all his favorite adventures. // If they are already on the Go-Pro train this Selfie Monopod will extend his reach (for selfies on his phone too, although he’d NEVER admit to doing that.)

For our Valentine’s Day gift guide for HER after getting a influx of questions and requests from our male supporters (maybe acknowledgers is a more fitting term) we decided this year we wouldn’t tell you what items to buy but how to give them. So, here’s 5 ways to win this Valentine’s Day!5 Ways to Win on Valentine's Day

1. Every girl agrees that if they were to come home to a big box with a pretty dress in it and instructions to put it on and the rest is taken care of (it doesn’t matter if you go Wendy’s) the excitement will never be forgotten. Plan a special night that represents favorite moments in your relationship and watch her eyes light up. Dress 1, Dress 2, Dress 3.

2. There is not one thing wrong with flowers, but put it over the top by putting the flowers in a face, basket, laid on a tray that suits her style and will use forever after. Every time she uses it again she’ll think of you. Bud VaseCopper BasketGold Tray.

3. We have a few items we’ve come to love and use daily and finding her next favorite thing could be as easy as the Flip 2 BlueTooth Speaker (awesome sound and so easy to carry around), the Shuttr Remote for her phone so she can get that perfect shot every time. Or the Instax Smartphone Printer which will turn her favorite phone pictures into Instax! S’cute.

4. Buying presents with good causes always feels good to give and receive. Let her know that those soft pajamas are helping create pathways to freedom from sex slavery in India. [INTERNATIONAL PRINCESS PROJECT] or this Heart Snapshot Mix donates 2% of proceeds to ending preventable deaths in pregnancy and childbirth in 3rd World Countries. [EVERY MOM COUNTS]

5. Lastly, give her the gift that keeps on giving, the last month we’ve tried out two local services that have made our lives so much easier and they’d make the best gifts! Washed: a delivery service for your laundry and dry-cleaning, or Your Life Revamped is a company who will come into your home and organize it for you! We’re certain these services are available all around, but for you Utahans our stamp of approval goes to both of these!

Ladies, what gifts or experiences have you been given that you won’t soon forget? Let’s help our brothers out.

Best of Bows + Headbands

By Jenna.

I’ll admit that when the Ultrasound Tech told us we were having a girl I text Nicole and Emily and said “does this mean I have to start buying bows?!” Hair accessories were sort of the last thing I was excited about as I’d been turned off by the huge sunflower sitting atop of my neighbor’s babies head (you know the one I’m talking about.) As it turns out though I’ve found some beautiful (subtle) and well hand crafted bows and headbands that I’m obsessed with. Best of all these are ALL made moms themselves and I love supporting their small businesses. bows1. Baby Bling Bows // These super soft bows are gorgeous on a little peanut head. I LOVE their color choices, different knots and styles. I’m especially a fan of the ‘sailor knot.’

2. Happiness Lives Here // I can’t say enough good things about these mini felt bows! They are the PERFECT tiny size for a newborn and have a thin adjustable strap that makes it the best I’ve seen for a little bitty head! The colors are perfect too–I want every one.

3. Laurlelu // My good friend gifted me these and I love their unique shape. They’re made with super soft leather too which is fun!

4.  A Little Lady Shop // I LOVE these little felt bows on clips for longer hair! The bow shape is super classic but with clean modern lines. I especially love their neon color choices!

5. Little Hip Squeaks // LHS makes the softest & well made baby clothes in the business &  their headbands are no exception. They’re thick, soft, durable & best of all the patterns are always rad.

6. ZoZuBaby // Can NOT get enough of these mini newborn felt bows. So scrumptious on a tiny head & comfortable to boot! Also $10 for three bows is such a great price you won’t feel AS depressed when your girl manages to lose one every where she goes 😉

We’re obviously still new at this, so what bows and headbands would you add to this list? Excited to hear!

love day picks

You knew it was coming, so here it is! Our favorite picks for festive decorating, dressing, and gifting, all for your little ones! Valentine’s day is such a fun holiday to go all out for, and so much of our favorites are easily used year round – because who doesn’t love love?

FOR GIRLS:valentine's clothing for girls

A crochet sweater that can be worn no matter what the season! // Sweet pajamas that can be mixed and matched. // Gold foil smooch shirt! // Blush sneakers that balance femininity with function. Also, no laces to slow her down! // These sewing cards are such a fun project for the kids and then you can double them up as Valentine’s cards for classmates or loved ones. // A twirl dress that she will love. // Mini hearts bleached into our favorite style of jeans. // A festive sock collection is of the utmost importance.// Another Valentine’s card kit that is calling her (our) name. // These rad wellies!


valentines clothes for boys

The perfect hat (in 3 colors and cheap, too!) // Natives new line of 80’s Babies style shoes are so amazing. These are perfect for Valentine’s! // Our friend Alison of the Alison Show loves love like we do, so her new collection with & Apparel is of course, amazing! (Guapo Tee) // Freshly Picked’s floral print is a fun direction for Valentine’s when you need a break from red + hearts. // These Secret Message kit is right up our boys’ alley! // This famous Commes De Garcon heart knock off shirt is now in tiny sizes! // Bandaids for your little bruiser/heartbreaker. // Sometimes a standard striped tee is harder to find then you’d think. Old Navy has a whole trundle! // This Magna board is a fun quiet time activity. // Cutest, festive PJs.

FOR BABY:love day for baby

This soft knit blush suit is incredible! // A cozy friend is always a great gift, and so many options! // This soft coral zip up is a great unisex piece. // Socks in all her favorite colors, blush and bashful. // Another great unisex collection in this great coral pinwheel print. // One more heart print tee for the road. // A cozy twirl skirt for any day of the week! // Perfect little striped tee. // For sweet kicks, Zuzii is our top pick. // What babe wouldn’t like to pound out a love song to you on this piano? // We tend to turn away from graphic tees with cheese messages, but on socks? We’ll take ’em all.

FOR THE HOME:valentines decor

As we said above we love decking our homes out for this sweet holiday. Here are a few picks that caught our eyes:

A plush heart garland. // Cookie cutters and stamps to make your cookie session extra special. // Two festive trays: Love letter and Watercolor. // A blush + gold side table that has us swooning. 20% off too! // Brush stroke pillow cases. // Books of course. // A gold tiny heart mug. // Heart shaped molds for ice, yellow, and whatever else you can think of. // This Toymail raccoon is really a Wi-Fi hub where you can send voice message to and from devices. A great way for kids to keep in touch with grandparents, cousins and far away loved ones.

Nothing gets us out of our Monday slump like a little shopping, enjoy!

best newborn gowns

Gowns and sleep sacks instantly transport us to the newborn stage. It’s our favorite clothing item during the day for the first several weeks and night for even a few months! Being able to easily access diapers or make a quick outfit change without having to deal with snaps or buttons is the best! Especially when you’re tired beyond reason and you end up snapping them out of order four times in a row. Been there! Here are our favorites:
Favorite Newborn Gowns

Best Bargain: Carter’s is carried at big box stores all over, and for good reason! These are great for stocking up.

Longest Lasting: For a gown that will last forever, look great through multiple siblings Kate Quinn Organics is the way to go.

Softest: Carter’s might be the best deal, but it definitely isn’t the softest option. If you want silky smooth, warm and cozy, Kickee Pants is hands down the best. We hoard these like crazy!

Heart Eyes: Electrik Kidz has an awesome line up of graphic gowns. How darling is this ruler set? We love that you can tie up the bottom as well for extra warmth.

Chicest: Or is it most chic? Either way, this classic look will put all eyes where they belong, on your beautiful baby!

Warmest: HALO SleepSack Swaddles are amazing and we love that you can swaddle with arms out or in, to avoid those startle wakings (uncontrollable limbs is sort of the most hilarious part of having a newborn.) We’ve heard of babies that like one arm swaddled and one out. Some who need their arms free, and some who change their minds everyday. HALO is all about options.
Did we leave any out that you love? Let us know below!


We have the  awesome Canadian brand, luvmother for a Threads review today! They are new-to-us and we are totally smitten. All their pieces are sourced in earnest and you all know how we love our basics. We knew we had to try them out for the kids!



These pieces work so well together and pieced with other items in your kiddos’ wardrobe. They layer well, wash well, and of course breathe and play well, too! We haven’t seen any fabrics like these anywhere else, they are smooth and soft, silky, but warm. Certainly the most luxe we’ve seen! We hear their Merino, but truly, softer than any sweater we’ve ever owned!Luvmother

Dash has on the Everywhere sweater, 100% Merino and so soft. We love the hidden pockets and contrast stitching! Hayes is layering up the Coral shirt under the Aha Hoody. You can see how seamlessly they pieces layer! This is a huge selling point for us, where we live the weather changes multiple times a day and layering is an absolute must!



We love how so many pieces are unisex, mix and match within collections, but still have so much interest and details that our kids love to latch onto. Like pockets, below:luvmother




Here are some of our favorite pieces. So great for mixing and matching, and in timeless color palettes and silhouettes.



We love luvmother’s transparency and openness about sourcing, materials, and manufacturing, we always have a soft spot for those brands who go the extra mile to be as ethical as possible, even if it means less profit. You can read all about their practices here! And check out their entire line here. Thanks to the luvmother team for sending us these beautiful pieces that have quickly become the boys’ favorites!

P.O.P Friends and Family

We love Polarn O. Pyret year round for it’s classic prints, graphics, styles, and durable multi-sibling wear. We can’t help but love it a little bit extra during the holidays for their cold weather line and that classic red and white stripe! So festive! They’re offering 30% off right now, free shipping for purchases over $80 AND free gift wrap.

Polarn O. Pyret 30% Off + Gift Wrap

1. Red + white leggings for us! // 2. Sweet onesies for the littlest ones. // 3. Soft velour pull-on pants. // 4. Reversible leggings // 5. Insulated stroller muff // 6. Winter hats galore! // 7. Pile-lined (aka softest ever) jacket. // 8. Eco-striped top that goes with everything! // 9. Skateboard print leggings for sleep or play // 10. Bright oven mitts to perk up the kitchen. //  11. Classic rainboots that every kid should own! 12 // A print tunic that serves as a top or dress.

 Happy Saturday shopping!

holiday best

Photos by Lindsey Orton.

Holiday Best is perhaps our favorite topic to research for Threads. Seeing our boys all dressed up in their suits and ties, or their cozy sweaters and slacks, nothing is cuter. We’ve found suit shopping for little guys goes two ways: cheap, itchy, piling fabric that wears well once, or expensive high quality dry-clean only fabric that makes it hard to purchase knowing it will be too short and too small in a matter of months. Even still we tend to lean toward the higher-end selection knowing that big brothers have little brothers, and little brothers have cousins and friends, and the circle of life goes on and on.

Our picks for suits this year have to be Appaman. Not only do the suits feel as nice as dad’s, but they are machine washable! Even sized-up as Hayes is wearing below, still fits great, and makes us happy knowing that it will fit great as it becomes more slim, and arms and legs grow.

Appaman Washable Suit Appaman Washable Suit Appaman Washable Suit

They come in a huge variety of fabrics and textures. Burgundy velvet? Got it. Three piece grey pinstriped, yep. See the whole collection of suits and single pieces here!


shine on

We love Crazy 8’s new campaign, Shine On, which is all about celebrating individuality and what makes our kids special. They asked us to share the one word we’d describe our big boys and some outfits that help them be comfortable in their own skin, and here’s what we picked!

QUINN: Maybe the best word to describe this kid is ADVENTUROUS. He loves the thrill of life. Whether it’s finding the best shrimp taco, riding the fastest roller coaster or swimming in the ocean searching for sea creatures, he’s always happily looking for the next fun thing to do! Being 8 months pregnant it’s been tough for me to keep up! I really try every day to ensure his adventurous spirit isn’t squashed by my slow self! Since it’s still warm here in Southern California I love all these great layering pieces for when the mornings an evenings are chillier!#ShineOnCrazy8

Puffer Vest // Skinny Twill Jeans // Camo High Tops

HAYES: Hayes is so many things, but the word that really stands out to me is SWEET. As his mom I feel so privileged to see so many quiet moments when no one is looking where his sweet and kind heart really shines. When I catch him tickling his dad’s back out of the corner of my eye. Coming in from school and saying “I missed you today, mom!” When he tells his brother “Good job Cally!” when he wins a game, even though I know Hayes wishes it was him. Leaving a friend’s house and telling me it was because they weren’t being nice to his brother. (Cal scored in the brother department!) Or holding a new baby on his chest for forty-five minutes while his friends play around him. He’s as sweet as they come!


This plaid top has a fur-lined chest, and nylon lined sleeves! It is as good as a coat but perfect for this guy who thinks that coats really cramp his style.

Puffer Vest // Plaid Fur Lined Shirt // Moto Jeans // Slip-On Sneakers


This boy, he feels more than most. His feelings are tender and his heart is enormous. If someone is hurting, so is he. I’ve seen this demonstrated by Dash daily in the past few years of his life as our family has dealt with some difficult things, Dash has comforted each of us through tears and hard days. He’s tender, yet strong. He can be the rock of the family without us even realizing it. I see him reach out to friends, and notice people in need. I see him cuddle his brother and kiss his momma and do his very best (in his shy little way) to make friends and include everyone. He’s my little feeler. He loves to look sharp (he honestly uses that word when asking how he looks) with a touch of casual (adding a hat an sneakers to his button up is the usual go-to). What’s interesting is he has a very different taste in clothing then me (how is this possible?) and is super adamant on what he wears. From his head to his toes, he chooses, every day.


Puffer Vest // Plaid Shirt // Cap // Skinny Jeans // Lace-Up Sneakers

Crazy 8 is doing a contest that launched this week, and they want to see what one word you use to describe your kids. Post your entries using #ShineOnCrazy8 via Instagram, Twitter, or upload directly to their Facebook page. They’ll be picking winners weekly for gift cards! See more of our guys below! Continue reading shine on

black friday deals

Holiday Party Wear

We debated whether to participate in the craziness of Black Friday deals, but ultimately decided that we were shopping them anyway, so we might as well save our favorite finds and share them with you! Hopefully this makes your gift giving that much easier!

Today we’re sharing holiday party wear. Those special pieces that adds festivity to even the most simple everyday looks. We’ve got 50% off pieces from Gap, Jcrew Factory, Express, Nordstrom and awesome deals from all over the rest of the web.

and for the kiddos too!

The only code you should need for these is Jcrew, enter “HOLIDAY” for 30% off at check-out!