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Father’s Day and Russ’ birthday have become huge deals over the years because Russ just doesn’t buy himself things. He very rarely spoils himself, so we take it upon ourselves to spoil him when we have the excuse! We got him a Traeger grill this year and I know it’s not going to be a purchase for everyone but, this is the one we got from them! It’s a smart smoker meaning that you can control most things right from your phone. Check temperature, timers, recipes, all right from the app. SO rad and I couldn’t wait til June to give it to him so we’ve been smoking every week and he’s in heaven. This DIY from years ago still reigns supreme on Pinterest, so a DIY idea that your kids can do for him, too! 

Here are some other gift ideas that he’d be so excited about as well!

Father's Day Ideas


If your man has a team he loves, chances are he has for awhile and takes a lot of pride in being their fan. Vintage sports tees, hats and memorabilia prove he’s no fair weather fan! I always start a search on Etsy and eBay simply typing in the team + vintage!

This store Vintage Sports has a curated collection of vintage, replicas and remakes. Their baseball hat section is huge and would be rad to wear or display in their office. We got him this hat! Love their gym bag collection and their black sports balls, too.

I’ve shared my love of Le Labo colognes before but I’ll say it again. They also have perfume oils, grooming kits, candles and more so you can try out a scent without committing to the price. We love Noir 29 or Santal!

Quip – We love these toothbrushes, not only do they clean better but their brush replacements are automated so it’s one less thing to have to remember at the store (or lets be honest, forget completely and use a less than effective brush head.)

Iniki’s are an Adidas classic and I think one of the most versatile sneakers. We have friends from all walks of life, with different styles, and the Iniki is a common denominator for all of them!

Airpods – If you haven’t yet, do it. This is Russ’ most used gift I’ve ever given him! Its supposedly coming soon in black, so keep your eye out for that.

modern father’s day ideas

10 Rad Ideas for Father’ Day from around the web!

Printable Cards via Damask Love

Modern Father's Day Ideas

A printed picture wall fit for a king. (From the archives!)

Modern Father's Day Ideas

Turn a paper plate into the Best Dad Award with this printable!

Modern Father's Day IdeasPrintable you can color any which way!Modern Father's Day IdeasToolbox Printable Modern Father's Day IdeasDad’s Emergency StashModern Father's Day IdeasTreat label printable with a killer recipe, too!Modern Father's Day IdeasThese papers you have the kids fill out or answer are one of my favorite things to get on Mother’s Day so going to do these for sure for Father’s Day I love that she thought of grandpa too! Find them here.Modern Father's Day Printable

Tiny Me has a printable suite with everything you can think of for Father’s Day! So many awesome options. I love the menu idea and being able to pick what they want to eat!Modern Father's Day Ideas

I loved this idea especially, I am going to recreate it with my kids and I’ll let you know how it ends up!

Modern Father's Day Ideas

Best of luck in your Father’s Day planning!! Two weeks away!







father’s day gift ideas

If you need extra ideas the Christmas gift guide I made with Russ is chock full of ideas, too! Today’s idea is so great for any dad, any age! Keep scrolling for both posts today, but I wanted to focus on an amazing discount Minky Couture offered you guys! 45% off a blanket!! WOOT!Minky Couture Discount

My husband loves a good blanket to sleep or cuddle up with, I wanted to find something super masculine for him and almost un-blanket like. Something chic we could leave out or on a chair. Enter the Premium Plush blanket by Minky Couture — it really is the perfect blanket. Minky Couture 45% off discountIt looks like a fur but feels like a dream and runs so much cooler than fur or a faux. Its beautiful enough to sit out on a chair or bedside but is the coziest thing! Minky Couture 45% off discountMy kids love to get down to their skivvies so they can really get a good wrap up in it, its what Minky Couture is famous for and they have already poached Russ’ blanket hard core.Minky Couture 45% off discountThey’re offering you guys 45% off!! Just use “EMILY45” at checkout! Check out their site for more ideas but in my opinion these are the most amazing. You can also find collegiate teams, patterns, and silk-tipped, too!

My next purchase for sure will be the Gold! It is so fur like and but the color adds that rustic, organic touch. The difference between the premium and regular Sorbet is the double lining. So you’ll get a heavier more substantial blanket or the Sorbet is going to be lighter and also less expensive! I prefer the premium because it looks so luxe!

Here’s some more shots of the blanket so you can get a feel for the texture and quality!!Minky Couture 45% off discount Minky Couture 45% off discount Minky Couture 45% off discount Minky Couture 45% off discount

Happy shopping!

Father’s Day Gift Guide

SO happy to have the guys from Tosan here today sharing what they’d be stoked to get for Father’s Day! They have such great taste and we’re loving all these picks! Catch more of their goodness on their site here. Welcome, Tosan!

Father’s Day is coming up fast. And while we know you appreciate all the dads in your life, you might not have figured out that perfect gift just yet. We’ve put together a guide of carefully selected products that are all US made and personally tried and tested by us here at Tosan, for every budget and every guy.Small Fry x Tosan1. POP + TOT Fleece set ($75) What’s cooler than matching your kid in a non matchy way? Pretty much nothing.

2. Aloha Sunday Waterline Tee ($40) A rad graphic and on the softest tee.

3. Eroix Dawn & Dusk Underneathwear Pack ($64) Just when you thought underwear couldn’t fit better or be more comfortable, along comes Eroix. Bonus, they sent along the code SMALLFRY15 for you guys to save 15% off.

4. Beeteeth Eye See You ($8) A cool, graphic, wearable way to say you’re with him til death do you part.

5. Norden Kaaterskill Hand Wash ($25) This smells so good, he’ll make you buy your own to use.

6. Tosan This Year of Us Notebook (3 for $25) Part journal, part baby book, all easy. We designed this to be a non-intimidating way to document all of the beauty that happens in everyday life.

7. Tracksmith Longfellow Short ($90) Four way stretch, moisture wicking, tailored. For the guy who doesn’t do short shorts but doesn’t want baggy ones either.

8. Winding Wheel Whiskey Cloth ($24) A classy and rugged addition to his bar kit.

9. Food Faces Coloring Book ($15) A fun activity with the kids or adult coloring books are all the rage now. Bonus, you can check out the photo book project that artist and dad Ferris Plock did as well.

10. July Nine Moresby Tote ($79) Cordura nylon in a rad camo print and leather handles. No one needs to know it’s filled with Goldfish crackers and old receipts.

11. Andytown Wind and Sea Blend ($9.50) Let’s be real. Dads need coffee. A lot of it. Might as well be the best.

12. Canoe Leather Coasters ($64) These will naturally darken to rich brown over time and your nice coffee table will stay in mint condition.

13. Wood & Faulk Camp Stool ($165) A staple in our camp kit, this guy folds for easily storage and will only get more beautiful and more comfortable over time as it wears in.

14. Apolis Indigo Wool Chore Jacket ($328) We know, wool. In June? But this is that good. The fit is impeccable and this will truly last him a lifetime.

15. Almond Joy Surfboard (Custom) He can take his surf game to the next level with this versatile board.

Tosan [giveaway!]

It may be Mother’s Day weekend but we have a fun giveaway today to help you get ready for Father’s Day! Since we already did lots of spoiling for moms, we’re HAPPY to shift the focus. Last month we had our husbands interviewed by the Modern Dad and you can see that their support is why we’re able to do what we do (interview here!). The balance a good dad provides to a family is unmatched so while you’re getting pampered this weekend, you can enter to win this amazing backpack for your guy for next month’s Father’s Day!Tosan Giveaway

This backpack by Tosan in in pre-order mode and will ship June 1st just in time! You would never guess it was for adventuring with kids but the features inside say differently. It converts from pack to tote, has three internal pockets and a detachable pouch. Really, it just looks rad, right? Our guys would love to wear this, and knowing its stashed with pacifiers and cheerios is our little swoon-worthy secret.unnamed


So enter below! You’ll also win a Pop + Tot tee set which our boys have been wearing around the clock and think it’s SO cool to match with dad. http://tosanknowsbest.com/products/pre-sale-tosan-convertible-adventure-packGood luck! Also if you want to pre-order your own backpack you can find the page here.
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artifact uprising [giveaway!]

We along with our kids get pretty spoiled here at Small Fry, so we’re always looking for ways to show our appreciation for the daddios who can seem overlooked in this space. We’re excited for Father’s Day this month and the perfect excuse to plan ways to spoil the wonderful fathers in our lives. Today we’ve teamed up with Artifact Uprising – a favorite source for beautiful prints and accessories from our Instagram feeds – to share an easy way to spoil your man this Father’s Day (order by June 14th to get it in time!) And don’t forget to enter below to win a $150 credit!Father's Day DIY All you need are a set of square prints from Artifact, printed right off your Instagram feed. Then photo-bomb (get it?) his office, car, bedroom, bathroom, wherever he will stumble first thing Sunday morning. We simply used wall tacky to adhere the prints right to the wall, writing “Love Dad” then he gets to take a chance to look at each print and take in just how much he’s loved. We love the idea of starting a secret Instagram feed to take pictures just of him and the family so it’s all new-to-him photos. Father's Day DIYIf you’re looking for more gift ideas we love these beautiful hard cover books which make perfect additions to any coffee table or book shelf.Fathers Day DIY Father's Day DIY And of course Instagram friendly books that make printing our memories so easy and beautiful. We love the idea to print the occasional blank page to make room for wiring memories and special notes. Another added element that we know dad would love!Father's Day DIY


Need more ideas for your prints? A display system for your wall and a bedroom headboard!

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footprint art

“Every Father should remember that one day his son will follow his example instead of his advice.”

One last Father’s Day idea before we go! It’s simple and heart-warming in a quiet way, and a lot of fun for the kids to do!"Every Father should remember that one day his son will follow his example instead of his advice." All you need is a shoe of your kiddo’s and a shoe of their dad’s and some paint! Cover or dip the sole and place the shoes side by side. Let it dry completely and frame! This makes for a simple abstract piece for dad’s desk or wall. We love the quote above: “Every Father should remember that one day his son will follow his example instead of his advice.” to accompany this handmade gift. It stands as a silent reminder that it’s all about what we show them not what we tell them.
Foot Print Art | Father's Day Thanks to Umi Shoes for letting us paint all over their darling sneakers! Their canvas Luke sneakers have been a super durable and classic addition to the boys’ wardrobes! Here’s 6 more we like for boys AND girls!:

Umi Shoes

1. Charlize 2. Roxanna B 3. Terri 4. Hector II 5. Luke II 6. The Hagen

coaster for dad’s day

Did Father’s Day totally skip your mind, or is it just us? We had Father’s Day posts scheduled into next week when we finally realized, it’s THIS Sunday. Oops! We love to give a mixture of handmade and heartfelt gifts from the boys as well as something nice, we actually shared our “nice” picks over at Honey We’re Home if you’d like to see!

But, for the handmade, here’s one easy idea! All you need is some paint and some $.16 cent white tiles from Home Depot. Yep, sixteen cents.

Coaster for Dad's DayJust let your littles run wild with some paint, tape off designs (we’ve used that technique for large wall art too, that would make a fun gift!) and get their finger and hand prints to make it extra personal.Coaster for Dad's DayTo make them extra durable you can paint a clear coat of Polyurethane Clear Gloss. Then let them dry and send them on their way to that special dad’s office, favorite chair’s side-table or by his side of the bed.

Coaster for Dad's DayHere’s another free printable idea that would be a darling little installation of reasons they love their daddy-o for the big day, too!

arvo wear

Brought to you by Arvo Wear watches! Get 15% off your order with “SMALLFRY15.”

We were planning out our ideas for Father’s Day this year and joked that we love giving them gifts that we can steal every once and awhile. Whether it’s a baseball cap, or a perfectly distressed t-shirt, a new album, or a great razor (they love when you do that!) sometimes the men’s section is the place to be. This year we’ve partnered up with Arvo Watches to give our favorite daddy-os these beautiful (and so affordable!) leather watches, that of course, are just begging to be swiped. Here’s how we are wearing them:


Arvo Watches | How We WearRay-Ban 58 mm // Arvo’s “The Sawyer” Watch  // Dress via Called to Surf  // Chuck Taylor Converse // Anna Bee Horizontal Plate necklace

Arvo Watches | How We WearArvo Watches | How We Wear
On NICOLE:Arvo Watch

Stella McCartney Sunglasses //Sawyer watch in black // T-Shirt via eBay (Paris inspired , tees here, here, here ,here and here) // H&M Zipper Jeans // Clutch via Asos (similar!) // Earrings & Necklace via Jcrew //

Arvo Watch Arvo Watch


On EMILY:Arvo Watch

White Time “Sawyer” watch with Navy band // Zara Marbled Skirt $25 // “Oui” Tee via Jcrew $35 with SUMMERTIME code // Striped Flats via F21 // Old Gap wrap bracelet (similar) // Midi Gold ring via Soel Boutique (similar here)Arvo Watch Arvo WatchFind your favorite combination right here! Don’t forget to use SMALLFRY15 for 15% off!

Meg’s Cookie & a Father’s Day Gift

I had a neighbor a couple years ago who made THE BEST chocolate chip cookies out there. I know I know there’s a lot of people on pinterest claiming to have the ultimate recipe…but Meg’s takes the cake. I basically have asked her one hundred times to let me share it and she finally succumbed, I think to get me to stop texting her about it. Pestering does work my friends! I’ve listed the recipe below as well as included a fun little free download for your Father’s Day!the best chocolate chip cookie of all time

Meg’s Chocolate Chip Cookies
(if you don’t eat the half the dough then this should make 24 cookies)
1cup crisco (yepppp)
1 cup sugar
1/2 cup brown sugar
2 eggs
2 tsp vanilla
(Mix together)
1 1/2 tsp salt
1tsp baking soda
2 1/2 cups flour (may need a l/2 cup more, add slowly until dough is desired texture)
Choc chips
Bake 375
9-10 min
Now let’s give these famous chocolate chips to our Daddy’s this year! Print off these tags & buy yourselves some paper CD sleeves.

father's day printable for cookies!

Wrap the label around the sleeve & tape at the back. Easy, cute & there is no better way to tell a man you love him more than through a cookie.cookies2