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Gather for Goats

So you might see a Gather For Goats party similar to this in your area, but for us Utah County locals we are getting together tomorrow afternoon to raise money to provide 800 goats to the most vulnerable Syrian refugees. You can read all about the project here in partnership with Lifting Hands International which we have followed closely for a couple years and they do amazing work! Milk with vital nutrients will make such a differenence in these young families lives! This event was so amazing, people showed up by the hundreds, the local companies donated in droves and … Read more

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Mother’s Day Film Casting Call

If you are a Small Fry reader, old or new, you have undoubtedly seen a film or two we have made over the years. Some of our very favorites are the interviews we have filmed with kiddos about Love for Valentines day and about their Mothers, for Mothers Day. To refresh your memory, here is one from last Mothers Day: Our next film is underway and we are starting the casting process. If your little ones have big personalities, and love to talk, we want them! Email hello@smallfryblog.com and write Casting Call in the subject line. Please include a short … Read more

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Toy Talk: Pad of Planes

Yelling Yak sent us the sweetest little care package for the boys including this awesome Pad of Planes. 48 Designs to make your ordinary paper plan soar to new heights. (Are you groaning, that was pretty cheesy) but the boys have loved it and bring it in the car to work on when they’re bored and fly at the park, the house, or wherever else we let them! Check them out here! Yelling Yak also has these awesome terrain throws which are mats with cool destinations like Red Rocks, the beach, a busy city with lots of winding roads, a dirt … Read more


Toy Talk continues with our second Toy Review. Today, Dash and Ozzy will review Magnetic. This Construction toy is best for ages 5+, and enjoyed but kiddos up to age, well, adult! I loved playing it along with them. To see how it works, watch the review below!  Enjoy Magnetic!