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Small Fry Films: Paper Toys

This film has been on our list since our Giant Paper Airplane post last year, so we’re thrilled to share it today! Made with our main guy Jenner of Lumineux Films and for any parent who’s ever needed to impress their kiddo with some skilled folding abilities. Small Fry Films presents – making the perfect paper airplane, boat and hat! Check out our other workshop posts: Water Color Cut-outs, Ocean Sounds Stick, Paper Bouquet, Pencil Pouch, Cereal Box Jet Packs and more! You can find all our DIY projects made by kids for kids right here!

springtime fashion with skimmies®

Video produced with Be[you]ty Bureau team, subscribe to their beauty channel here! We’re excited (and nervous!) to present our very first video review today ever! We’re testing out Jockey Skimmies®, which are an awesome little invention that crosses a slip with a really great pair of slimming and smoothing underpants.They’re super soft and the edges are almost non-existent so they create no lines under skirts, pants and dresses. As busy moms to active boys having that extra piece that always stays in place when we bend down, bend over, or chase kids is so freeing! See how we’re wearing Skimmies® with our … Read more

Mother’s Day Film

We unearthed this little gem just in time for Mother’s Day next week, it still brings us to tears and makes us laugh! We hope you all still love it, too! Video by Jenner Brown for Small Fry! Catch the similar video we made for Valentine’s Day while you’re at it.

FRYday : Jenna

A few days ago I asked readers on Facebook what they would like to hear from me this week on FRYday. I loved all the suggestions and will be using them all as prompts in the future. I’m still so flattered that our readers love to hear from us, we are so blessed by this community. My friend and loyal reader Kat Clark said “Tell me what you like about yourself and why that’s okay. And then tell me what you like most about your boys.” I LOVE THIS. Kat is the type of friend who reminds you what you … Read more

Home to Their Holidays, a recap.

Whew, what a week it has been! We have been so blown away by your participation in our awesome giveaways, read every comment chiming in and lending support to our new baby advice bloggers, and spent hours on the phone with our host server every time they couldn’t seem to keep up with our growing pains! We’re so sorry for the countless times the site was down this past weekend. We think we’ve solved the riddle, and will be watching diligently to make sure it’s taken care of. One thing we’re reminded of daily, we have the best readers! You … Read more

lumineux family film [giveaway!]

We were in a big meeting last week and were asked to share a favorite post, such a hard choice! We finally settled on this film, although our whole catalog of films produced with Lumineux hold a special place in our hearts. In honor of the upcoming Month of Love we wanted to share this fave with our new readers and also announce another chance to win a Family Film from our videographer Jenner over at Lumineux Films! We’ve had the amazing opportunities to create family films with our friends, like: Naomi Davis Joy Cho Laura Wiertzema Natalie Holbrook  Sydney … Read more

Small Fry Films : West Village Picnic

We are beyond excited to share this film with Gaby and Belle with you all today. Do you remember last year when we held a contest to gift a family in NYC a film by Jenner Brown? NYC is our #1 city for readership and we wanted to say thank you in a small way. We didn’t know that the strangers we chose would have such a clear vision for this film, and even a music track performed by Gaby to accompany it! Even more wonderfully, we didn’t know that these strangers would become dear friends. Gaby and Belle live … Read more

Small Fry Films ♡ JCPenney

Are you on-board the JCPenney love train? Their brand revamp a few years ago has converted us and we were so excited to work with them with their exclusive Joe Fresh collaboration! For the longest time JCP felt like our little secret, but the more we share “Oh it’s from JCPenney!” the more we realize, everyone thinks it’s their little secret, too! Here is a little stop motion created by Jessica Peterson (she shot over 400 stills to get thirty seconds!) The back story with this film is so sweet. These two have been inseparable best friends since they were tiny! Their moms brought … Read more

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Small Fry Films : Alpine Meadows

With the weather cooling off, we can’t help but think back to warmer days. We’re happy to present Alpine Meadows, a film shot with Jenner Brown of Lumineux Films with Sydney and Everett Poulton of The Daybook. Sydney is one of those rare gems where effortless beauty (no really, we’ve seen her roll out of bed looking gorgeous) meets quiet wisdom, and is punctuated by a hilarious sense of humor. You will not find a more genuine person, with more love to give, then Sydney. You can see it plain as day, isn’t that tiny Everett a lucky boy? One … Read more

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Small Fry Films : Midtown

Natalie Holbrook is one of those people that is as tiny as a pixie, truly the wind may carry her away, but everything besides her body is large. She is wickedly smart, and that brain sends her miles away before you’ve take your first step, she is a thinker in the best sense of the word. She is loyal and true and that heart of hers is bigger than her brain and worn right on her sleeve. It’s clear as day that she adores her family; Brandon her husband, and Henry her darling boy, just by looking at the glint … Read more

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