self care on a budget

We really had to tighten up the budget this past year as Russ built the house while and I worked. I cut out virtually every unnecessary purchase. Self-care was definitely on that cut-back list! Luckily I found a few ways to keep caring for myself and actually save money!self-care on a budgetI cut out highlights at the hair salon, manicures and pedicures, and I was on a complete personal spending freeze (with the exception of refilling make-up.) I shopped similarly for my boys and even though they didn’t care or maybe even notice, they went from having 10 pairs of shoes to 2. If it could be cut-back, I did it. While I am so proud of myself, I have had so many insecure moments! Being a big time shopper who used to feel like I wanted something new to wear just to get dinner with friends, it sounds silly, but I came to I realize I was using shopping as a way to hotwire my confidence. Trying to maintain YOUR interest as my readers, I felt like I had to spend money to excite you all. And have felt down on myself often that this site just isn’t what it used to be. The experience was super interesting to be witness to, that is for sure!Self Care on a BudgetI guess what I am trying to say is, if you scroll social media and it feels like everyone is getting facials and wearing new clothes and going on trips and you are on a budget and feeling self-conscious: I have been/am there and I so get it! I think it’s an important experience to have because it’s so eye-opening and takes inner self-care, and work! But, no matter what is in your bank account, don’t neglect yourself!!  Here’s what I would do in those down moments to take care of myself without actually going out and spending money!Self Care on a BudgetIt might sound counter-productive, but there were some products I was SO grateful I had to help maintain my outward appearance during this buckled-down season!  For those moments when I just wanted to feel pampered, or keep on top of my aging process, or see some quick results. They all pay for themselves over and over again and in the end saved me

  1. PMD – Perosonal Microderm Device. My number one. When I think about how much I normally would spend on a facial and then how many treatments I’ve done in the year that I’ve had my PMD I have saved SO much money. They’re also doing a buy more, save more type deal so you can get 30% off right now (selfcare30), or more depending if you spend more! Perfect time to grab gifts or go in on a big purchase with your friends or sisters!  I do it weekly and the results to my skin’s texture, tightness, and softness of my skin is immediate. I’m the first to say that I don’t have great skin. I have always had acne. Whether hormonally, caused by stress, diet, or a mix of them all, and on top of that I was told by my esthetician that my skin just wasn’t turning over like it should and it was causing a lot of my deep, more cystic breakouts. Being able to help my skin turn over and regenerate at home has been a game changer, I haven’t gotten one a cystic breakout since!
  2. Foot Care. I am barefoot a lot and my feet take a beating. My feet without a regular pedicure have been truly atrocious. Embarassingly so! Having a few tools at home to help keep them looking decent like this at-home foot file and (don’t laugh) even the Amope when you want to soften your feet up in a hurry, too! Cuticle oil and scissors and nail polish that actually stays put and shiny like this line by Essie. No heat lamp required!Self Care on a Budget
  3. Hair Mask. I do this weekly as well and it transforms how my hair feels. It gives your hair that salon softness and it’s so affordable, too! I leave it in for an hour or so and wrap it up in shower cap. I love Kristen Ess’ mask and its $14 and has lasted me nearly a year!
  4. Another purchase that pays for itself a hundred times over is at-home waxing! My husband actually bought ours and I don’t even know how to total how much we’ve saved. He waxes his nose, the middle of his brow, and ears and he waxes my brows, bikini, upper lip. Self Care on a Budget
  5. Last and maybe not for everyone, but it certainly helps me, is at-home self tanning! I just think everyone looks a little better tan and it’s such a quick thing that has a great ripple effect. I feel like my skin looks better, teeth are whiter, I can see muscle definition easier and I look more slim, too! It can be tricky at home but if you have the right products I haven’t had any problems! I love Versa’s line and make sure you use a mitt!

Any products I missed that make your at-home self care roster? Thanks to PMD for sponsoring this post — don’t forget you can save 30% off their PMD Pro with “selfcare30”!

happy mail!

Sponsored by FabFitFun – get $10 off with “SMALLFRY” here!

FabFitFun sent this fun box last week and I took the last bit to try everything out and share my thoughts for today’s post! Their Fall box retails for over $350 but you can get it for $49.99 + my $10 off coupon. So $40 for ALL of DIS, ready? 

  1. Mer Sea Scarf – no lie this is the softest material I have ever felt. This is a GIANT cozy scarf that also doubles as a cuddle buddy for your bed or a blanket or pillow for a flight. (Retails for $98) I love that its ombre so you can make it different hues based on how you wear it! I’m also wearing the lip crayon here, too!FabFitFun Fall Box
  2. Toreutique Lip Crayon – the most velvety formula that goes on so smooth and the pigment is so easy to build on to get a rich deep color or a nice stain. (Retails for $28)
  3. Private Party Gym Bag – I don’t have a pic of this because this cute girl in my neighborhood is a cupcake fiend and I had to give it to her! She about died. (Retails for $58.
  4. Whish Mud Mask – You all know I love Whish’s oil cleanser so I was excited to try more from this Korean Beauty line. So far so good! ($48)
  5. IMM Jewelry Holder – you can string necklaces or dangly earrings right over the top and use the tray for everything else! ($30)
  6. Deco Miami Cuticle Oil – I have taken a break from manicures and pedicures as an effort to save money this year and so I NEEDED this BAD. ($12.50)
  7. My TagAlongs Hot/Cold Pack – so nice and compact and you can freeze or heat it for whatever you might need. Cramps during that time of the month, icing sore muscles or cooling your head during a headache spell. Love this! ($15)
  8. Molr Charcoal Toothpaste and Toothbrush. If your trying to clean up your beauty care or eliminate chemicals, or have sensitive teeth and can’t deal with the bleach you get from the dentist, this is for you. Charcoal whitens and brightens and I can’t wait to see how it works over time, I’ll be sure and check back in on it! ($43.95)
  9. B-Low the belt Mia Belt. ($108) I love how they styled it on Shopbop, where it is currently sold out!

All of this for $40. I don’t know how they’re staying in business, truly it’s stressing me out, but I am ALL about it. It’s so fun to get spoiled with happy mail. Get one for yourself, send one to a far away friend, brighten your sister’s day. And use “SMALLFRY” for $10 off! 

Pick up your box here!





axis backpack [giveaway!]

Petunia Pickle Bottom does it again! They launched this new Axis backpack in their Inter-Mix line yesterday and I get to give the set away to one of YOU today! Woot woot! (Head to Instagram @smallfryblog to enter!)Intermix Giveaway!I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, you can get away with not buying a diaper bag, but buying a bag from a company that makes diaper bags their business means you will get organization and pockets and details that you simply wouldn’t find otherwise. Things you wouldn’t even think of, and then suddenly can’t live without. Petunia Pickle Bottom makes it SO much easier for parents and their products get better and better.Intermix Giveaway!

Within the Axis you will find a spacious top section with five interior pockets and can be attached to the stroller with our valet clips. And then an insulated bottom section that the pixels line fits perfectly inside. Intermix CaddyFor someone who gets giddy about organizational systems (nerd alert!) you already know how I feel. But let me show you this new system and all the ins and outs! You can win not only the backpack but also the Pixels set as well! Valued at $200+Intermix CaddyIntermix Giveaway!

Axis Pack

Intermix Giveaway!

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By Emily.

These opportunities are our very favorite here at Small Fry and we’re so grateful to Luvs for  sponsoring to making it happen! We reached out to you readers a few weeks ago looking for a deserving mama and boy oh boy did we find one – expecting TRIPLETS none the less! She’s going to need a lot of Luvs and we were grateful to be able to provide some of their Ultra Leakguard with NightLock Plus, because she’ll already be changing a lot of them, making sure that she’s not changing outfits due to leaks, too! On top of that Luvs users save $150/year and when you hear her story (the triplets isn’t event the crazy part!) you’ll know why Luvs is the perfect fit!

Want to meet her?#WhatULuvThis is Akam. Akam is sunshine in a tiny pregnant bottle. She’s 6 months along and having three lucky little ladies. Akam is from Cameroon and here on a work visa. Her husband needed to travel back to Cameroon to get some things ironed out with his own Visa and when he got there he was unable to come back. WHAT?!ALDI Part of his application process is delayed and they let him know it could take months, or even years. Akam lives here without family (but does have loving friends we met, like Esther pictured below) and is anxiously waiting for her husband’s return.#WhatULuv Having one baby without family or your partner would be hard enough, but Akam is having three! The very best part about Akam is that you wouldn’t even know she had a stress in the world. She is so happy, truly happy from within, and so sweet. We loved her the second we met her and were so grateful to help her with a little bit of her triplet’s needs. Luvs offers a money back guarantee as well, but their studies show that more second time moms choose Luvs over any other#WhatULuvOf course as soon as we reached out to some friends about Akam’s situation we were able to gift her with some fun extras! Passy Clips sent these beautiful leather pacifier clips and Natursutten binkies for each of them. June & January gave awesome bath towels and changing pad covers! We added simple white onesies and of course Luvs galore.

Edit: So many of you have reached out regarding Akam, and if you want to help her with supplies or funds please let us know in the comments and we’ll get you her address! xo


boob talk

Hello bosom friends! My name is Courtney Killpack, I’m a bra fitting expert and creator of, where I’m passionate about helping women find more confidence and beauty by fixing their stubborn bra problems. Something you might not know about Jenna, we used to work together in the same lingerie department at Nordstrom years ago!


I’m going to talk about when you should go get fitted and shop for your nursing bra AND after you’ve weaned your baby. Some of the most commonly asked questions I get asked from women is should they wait after they have their baby, lose weight, or when they stop nursing to go bra shopping? I have some simple tips on how to navigate these many bosom altering moments.


My rule of thumb: It’s never a bad time to be fitted

A lot of women think it’s not worth to buy a new bra until they lose all of their weight, after their pregnancy, or when they’ve weaned their baby. I’m here to say, why suffer?!? Why be uncomfortable and miserable by wearing bras that don’t fit? There’s this mentality a lot of women have that in order to treat yo self, you have to achieve your ultimate goal. That’s crap.

When you notice your bra isn’t fitting right: the straps are falling off your shoulders, cups are too small or too big, you’re hanging out or coming out of your bra, underwires digging into your breasts, band rides up the back, and you’re constantly adjusting it. This means your bra isn’t fitting, and it’s time to get a new one!

You don’t have to go out a buy an entire new bra wardrobe and spend a small fortune. Buy 1-2 bras at a time. This way, you buy what you need. Buying small quantities of bras as you transition into your new size is a smart bra buying strategy.

Also, it’s good to know your correct size so if you do change size in the future, you’ll have more confidence on how to navigate the sizing system.

Pregnancy & Breastfeeding


Most women go up 1-3 cup sizes in the 10 months they’re pregnant. This means you’ll need to go be fitted and buy a new bra each time you go up a size. Sorry ladies, the days of you wearing the same size you’re entire pregnancy is out! As soon as you feel like your bra is getting too small in the cups or in the band, go get fitted for a new one!

A couple weeks before you have that little bundle of joy, I recommend you go get yourself a transitional nursing bra. These are bras that are low in support, come in S, M, L, XL, and are perfect as you transition from the hospital to home, and when your milk comes in. One of my favorite is the Cake Maternity Rock Candy Nursing Bra. 1-2 weeks after the baby comes, and once your milk has settled, go get fitted for a more supported nursing bra, preferably an underwire.


Cake Maternity Rock Candy Nursing Bra

Some women stay the same size on their entire breastfeed and pump journey, some don’t. If you start to lose weight and notice your cups and band is getting too big, it’s time to go get fitted for a new one. Having a supportive and quality nursing bra that fits while you’re lactating so much better and easier, I promise!

Once you decide to wean your baby, I’d wait to get fitted until you notice your nursing bras don’t fit anymore. This can take up to two weeks to notice a change in your cup size.

Gaining & Losing Weight


It’s life. At some point in our lives we gain weight. I know it sucks to have to buy bigger sized bras, but why wear things that don’t fit and don’t make you feel good? You’re so worth it to invest in your chest and wear things that make you feel like a million bucks and flatter your beautiful self. As soon as you notice your bra isn’t fitting or is uncomfortable, go get fitted. Buy 1-2 bras in your new size, wear those out and by the time you start to lose weight, it will be time to buy another 1-2 bras in your new smaller size! Bras should only last about 6-12 months.

When you lose weight, some women lose it all in the chest, some lose it all in their butt. Whatever you were blessed with, the same principle applies. If you notice you bra doesn’t fit, go get fitted, buy 1-2 bras in your new size.

Where to be fitted?

Here are my favorite places to be professionally fitted:


I offer in-person and group bra consultations for those who live in Northern Utah and online bra consultations for those who live far away or don’t have options around them. I love taking my clients bra shopping, educating them on how bras should and shouldn’t fit, making it fun and educational, and helping you feel more confident and beautiful. Go here to learn more and book an appointment with me, it will change your life!


I used to work for Nordstrom for over four years and really like their fitting program. They have a wide range of sizes and have an amazing return policy!


Bra boutiques that are independently owned are notorious for being great at fittings. Before you go, call ahead and ask if they are experts in fitting and if they have a wide range of sizes A-K cup sizes and 28-46 band sizes.

To learn more about how bras should and shouldn’t fit, go download my FREE bra fitting guides, where I walk you through the process of how to find your size and breast shape.

Also, to shop the nursing and everyday bras I recommend my clients go here!

Make sure to follow me on Instagram at @brafittingsbycourt for daily bra and bosom tips!

If you ever have bra questions you can email me at Thanks Small Fry gals for letting me guest post!

OLLY Smoothies!

By Jenna.
Being a busy Mom it can be tough to get my nutrition in. I remember hearing people say “I forgot to eat” and thinking how is that EVEN possible. Then I became a Mom! It IS possible.
We’ve partnered with OLLY before and my family is die hard over their vitamins, but now they’ve come out with Smoothies and I’m in LOVE!
kellyfondots_ollysmallfry-5-of-10-2These incredible line of smoothies are not meant to be meal replacements but rather a quick on the go snack or even a yummy dessert. They’re packed with protein and even better, TASTY!
One scoop and you’re on your way and seriously guys they’re delish! kellyfondots_ollysmallfry-10-of-10
And one cheesy pic for the road! I’ve seen them at Target but you can also buy them here.
Feeling lucky? Enter the incredible OLLY sweepstakes here.


We couldn’t share a must-gift for kids without covering something for us, right? We’ve been testing out products from Withings and had to share. Each item is GORGEOUS, beautifully designed and functional. Here’s some of our favorites:

ACTIVITE WATCH – Monitors sleep, activity, syncs to your app and shares with friends to keep you motivated and accountable. Automatically resets when you travel across time zones. Beautiful and analog so it doesn’t scream “WATCH MONITOR”   vue-3-4-steel-black-1 bg-activite-steel-application

activite-steel-5-bHOME security + baby monitor – HD, night vision, streams live via Wifi or 3/4G, stream it on all your Apple devices (including the watch!) Alerts to motion, sound, air quality and other activity. It has two-way talk so you can communicate wherever you are! LED nightlight and night vision and the wood cylinder twists so you can block the lens whenever you don’t want to use it.withings-home-3iphone-1

BODY CARDIO- This scale tracks BMI, Water, muscle mass and bone mass. It shows you the weather and temperature for the day, while tracking your overall cardiovascular health. It sits on any surface, is sleep and thin and easy to store.body-cardio-hero

The Thermo which takes temperature by sweeping over your forehead. The Aura which gradually wakes you up with natural light so you’re more refreshed and peaceful. A sleek and wireless blood pressure monitor.

It’s been awhile since we’ve seen one brand cover so much ground, so flawlessly. Go Withings!! Find their whole family of products here.

replica sunnies

Now that we’re a week or two into Off Duty posts (find, Emily, Jenna and Nicole’s looks everyday on the left sidebar!) we’ve gotten this question quite a bit… “Hey Small Fry, where can I find ____ sunglasses for cheap?” We get it and we feel you. We all have the designer sunglass sickness, but that sure as shooting doesn’t mean you have to as well!sunnies SO! Have you heard of ZeroUV? They have millions of frames, they’re all on trend, modern, and *cough* look alikes to more expensive styles elsewhere. We are not condoning the replica insdustry per-se, but here are some that are eerily similar to what you’ve seen us wearing lately, and a few rad pairs that we’ve bought just researching this post. Way to go ZeroUV!

TOP TO BOTTOM LEFT TO RIGHT:: pink brow bar flat aviator // 90’s inspired round metal frame // oversized round acetate // textured hex // mono lens // white textured cat-eye // modern ultra slim wire // open bottom lens // geometric cat-eye // orbit round metal frame //  wood front // mod geometric cat-eye // grey leather // oversized round acetate








abstract geometric

modern ultra slim wire

mono lens

Must Have Beauty Supplies

E! News recently published their 2016 Beauty Awards. I love that they polled famous stylists and make-up artists for their favorites! I am always curious about women’s beauty routines and want to know if you use these! Love ’em, hate ’em, found something better? Let us know! Ready to hear their winners? Beauty Awards


They picked a winner and a runner-up! Starting with CLEANSER:

Cetaphil + Kate Somerville Goat Milk


SKII Facial Treatment Mask + Shisheido Paper Mask


Glam Glow Super Mud + Natura Ice Lift 


Caudalie Beauty Elixir + Kate Somerville Quench Hydrating Serum


Murad + Regenerist Micro Sculpting


Mario Badescu + Caudalie Beauty Elixir


Hourglass Veil + Mac Prep + Prime


Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer + Loreal BB Magic


Giorgio Armani + Dior Airflash


Make-up Forever Camoflauge Cream + Nars Concealer


Anastasia Contour Kit + Becca Shadow & Light Contour


Kevyn Aucoin Celestial Powder + Pat McGrath Skin Fetish


Nars Bronzing + Benefit HOOLA Matte Bronzer


Nars Orgasm


Laura Mercier Setting Powder + Shi Uemura Face Powder


Terry Rose Balm + Smith’s Rose Bud Salve


Mac Ruby Woo + Chanel Intense Long Wear Rouge


Too Faced Lip Injection Glossy + Estee Edit Flash Photo Gloss


Anstasia Beverly Hills + Kylie Lip Kit


Stila + Kat Von D


Dior Show Iconic + Loreal Voluminous


Urban Decay Naked + Kat Von D Shade & Light


Anastasia Brow Wiz + Bobbi Brown

Catch their hair picks here!

Adjusting to 3!

Adjusting to life as a mom of 3 has not been easy for me. I remember reading a blog post from a particularly popular blogger saying it was no big deal and not hard to adjust to 3 and feeling like a big.fat.failure! Parenting looks different on everyone and while I have my bearings now and have grown to love and cherish my 3 ring circus – it still is never easy! kellyfondots_jennaactiva-5306Here’s a few of my unsolicited tips for transitioning to more kids! One thing I’ve learned to let go of is making everything from scratch for my kids to eat! Whether it’s a granola bar, trail mix, pre-packaged fruit or veggie cups, having them prepared for me makes the biggest difference!IMG_6419

Feeding myself is also something that comes last and it’s not good because I can’t think clearly on an empty stomach! I have a busy life and on top of all my motherhood responsibilities, I work, so it’s nice to have some easily accessible options in my fridge like Activia® Fruit Fusion. They have probiotics and taste delicious. I feel like on the really hard days it’s the only thing I can quickly grab to keep me full and focused. I feel better about using Activia® Fruit Fusion as a snack because of it’s nutritious benefits.kellyfondots_jennaactiva-5304

Second – find help that you trust. For me it was a cleaning lady. Someone that can dedicate a block of time that you might piece together over the course of a week takes so much pressure off me. Knowing I can rest easy, even under the clutter my house is clean. I have a lot on my plate with work as well so hiring myself an assistant has been amazing. Someone to do the tasks I dread and procrastinate, to keep me on task, and be my extra hands makes my work life possible. IMG_6438And as always, working mom or not, we all need breaks. So having someone that loves my kids on call for when I need a date night or have  deadline is so important. Stealing away 10 minutes here, an hour after bedtime there wasn’t feasible for me and I love being able to focus solely on my kids, or solely on work. I find I’m more successful in whatever role I am devoted to at the time this way.

I’m here to say that any adjustment no matter one kid, three kids seven, is tough! You’re dong such an incredible work – so be kind to yourself. Allow simple moments in your day to enjoy peace, quiet and hopefully a little bit of tasty yoghurt 😉

This post was sponsored by Activia®. Explore all of Activia’s delicious fruit fusion flavors at!