fryday update!

It feels like it’s been so long since I’ve shared what’s going on around here lately!

PREGNANCY! 22 weeks now and still dealing with afternoon/evening nausea, but it has let up tremendously which I am so grateful for! I’m just throwing up a couple times a week and as long as I can get enough sleep (and exercise, too!) I am so much better off! I have an anterior placenta this time around which accounts for why I haven’t felt him moving around as much as my others. There’s more padding between us, but now moving into the 5 month arena I am feeling him several times a day which is so comforting! He’s over a pound already and everything looks perfect. New and fun (sarcasm) to this pregnancy is tinnitus, anyone ever had that? Ringing in my one ear and it has been constant for a few weeks. I have a few remedies I’m trying this weekend, but would love to hear if any of you have experienced it!! We’re down to two baby names which we might just mash them together and use both so we’ll see if it sticks until the due date.Fryday Update

COAT (40% off today!) // Full Panel Pixie (wear them pretty much daily) // Old Sweater but very similar and 40% off as well HERE. // Boot // RALEIGH: Coat // Jeans // Boots

Raleigh is killing me in these.

Fryday Update

WORK! I have taken less and less time online because our venue building is crazy busy right now. I was worried at the beginning of the Summer (we opened officially in April) because we weren’t booking as much as I had hoped. Either that was due to it being Summer and people wanting to celebrate outdoors, or that we were just so new, but I wasn’t sure this venture was going to work!!

Now that it’s gotten colder I can see that it is in fact working, and trying to navigate the man-hours it takes to keep things running smoothly… growing pains for real! Grateful to have a business partner to split it with, but ready to hire out yesterday. This was from a shoot we put together with other vendors, we styled 5 different wedding scenes and loved how it turned out!

State House Venue - Orem Utah

The handmade market I run at the venue Bijou Market is next weekend! I love seeing so many of you there and it’s a great line-up this year! 70+ vendors selling home decor, accessories, jewelry, clothing, toys, food, and so much more.Bijou Market

I’ve been thinking a lot about focus lately — as a mid-thirties adult I feel like you acquire a lot of work experience and skills and then other people’s opinion of what we should be doing pulling us in a million directions. I’ve had to really buckle down and focus – after taking care of my family and home I have to constantly recalibrate “Where is my time best spent right now?” People never really talk about pivoting jobs and careers and it is tricky and uncomfortable, but also exciting, too!

FAMILY!  Earlier this Summer Russ took Hayes to Minnesota to see their team play (the Twins.) Russ hadn’t been back or seen a lot of the family he got to see that trip and he came back on cloud nine. They were all so kind to him and he and Hayes got that big, hearty uncomplicated family welcome that is hard to come by in our regular lives. He was so touched by the experience! I think we both get so focused on the absolute chaos and dysfunction of our immediate family life (siblings/parents) we forget to look further. Trying to navigate around the many rifts – who’s talking to who – is like Christmas trigonometry, and I just can’t deal this year! Grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, step-family want us in their lives and this holiday we’re making a better effort to return the love. So we’re hitting the road this holiday season!

Small Fry : Fryday Update

HOLIDAY TRAVEL! Heading to my sister’s in Reno for Thanksgiving and then taking my first trip to where Russ grew up in Wisconsin and Minnesota! We have lots of family to visit while we’re there so we’re staying for a good chunk of time and I’m excited!! Somehow I’ve been married to him for 14 years without this and it’s long overdue! If any of you are from the Twin Cities, Woodbury, River Falls area I’d love recs of fun things to do with the kids or places to grab lunch etc. We’re also driving there (thinking of taking the South Dakota route to stop at Mount Rushmore) so if you’ve made the drive and know of good stops, we’re all ears!

Have a great weekend!!


I had so many random questions online this week – Raleigh’s speech therapy, my hair clips, the mirror, our yard plans, and a few other FRYday things I thought I should jot some answers down for! Happy weekend ♡!!

CLIPS! I had so many questions about these clips, I hadn’t realized that Modern Piggy released them ONLY for Bijou shoppers and hadn’t released online yet, so I’m sorry to all of you that were looking for them! Good news today– the clips launch 5.3.19 at 9 am PST! So hurry and grab them! Ive been on the barrette hunt for months and they have the best color selection and the cutest patterns. Don’t miss out because I am sure they’ll sell out fast based on how they sold at Bijou!

RALEIGH + SPEECH –  I knew Raleigh was a little off track with talking for awhile now, but wasn’t sure what to do about it. It seems like (at least in Utah) there are early intervention programs for each county. So I just looked up ours and had them come evaluate him. They take the bottom 8% and he qualified. So he’ll be doing weekly speech sessions (they’re free!) in our home until he turns 3.

  • He qualifies for free preschool at my boys’ school
  • Will meet with their speech therapist as needed until he tests out.
  • Can ride the bus with the boys!

This is not something I was panicking about per se, he was making progress! Just slowly. Then there was about a month window where he didn’t add any words at all and that’s when I decided to call. I really just wanted to be sure I had the tools to help him! After testing they determined Raleigh has about a 6 month speech delay, and it’s solely in his expression. So they ruled out all other possibilities – hearing, cognitive, etc. Which is a relief and I’m glad to know! I’ve found the speech teacher’s homework for me to help Raleigh with, has been worth the effort alone. Once we meets his benchmark goals his file on speech is closed and doesn’t follow him. If he does however need more help once he’s in school the paperworks is all ready to go! I had a lot of questions about this so that’s my shpeel!

READING: The Sisters Brothers — If you want an actually funny fiction book — this is freaking funny. It’s like dark, Quentin Tarantino humor but I couldn’t stop smiling the whole time I read it.

WATCHING: We started RAMY this week and I think it’s so good! Funny, heartwarming, eye opening, all of it. Obviously a lot of differences between the beliefs of Muslims and people of my faith, but similar in the sense that our traditions and religious practices are totally abnormal compared to how most of the world operates. I read that 50% of people are unreligious now, so religious folks are slowly becoming the minority. I think how they explore being amongst nonreligious peers is so fascinating and entertaining.

SHOPPING: The mirror finally sold out. HA! I can see how many of you bought off my link and I am shocked it lasted this long, to be honest! Maybe they’ll bring the price back down when they restock. #dreambig // ALSO! These sneakers are Commes de Garcon x Converse! I know some retailers still have them but otherwise they’re tricky to find. Check eBay and Poshmark first, I say! Then the culottes — H&M has a few colors and they’re the most comfy things ever. I want them all! They restocked as well!

Commes de Garcon x Converse

We have kicked our yard prep into high gear and I cannot wait.  So much of what made this move + build tick is what we could do with the land. Russ will be moving dirt for weeks (you’ve seen that happening a lot on stories already!) to create the flat areas for sod, a more slight slant of our side yard to the garden and kids play areas, then he is creating retaining walls – modern cement style – and then sprinklers. And THEN the fun stuff! I’ve been pinning inspiration to my board here, but I’ll share a few that really get me excited!

This house is actually 20 minutes from us but we have been super inspired by it! Love the mix of patio, grass, easy landscaping and that pool!#framefarme Yard Plans

We will be adding a covered patio over our master bedroom sliding doors! Since it’s covered I think a more decorated seating area makes sense here! How fun would swings be??#framefarme Yard PlansThe uncovered portion of our back patio needs a major outdoor entertaining overhaul. We grill basically every night all warm-weather season long and I can’t wait to have some seating outside to enjoy a meal! Folding chairs work just fine for now, but is this not a DREAM?#framefarme YARD PLANSLove the minimal vibes and shapes of all of these outdoor pieces. #framefarme Yard PlansThe majority of our land is on the side of the house and we planned the kitchen windows to look down on that area so we can have all the kids’ play things there! Tramp, swings, whatever! Of course Russ thinks a wiffle ball field is a must. #framefarme Yard PlansOne rad thing about where we live is that the government gives out grants for greenhouses! So fingers crossed we get approved for that this year, but garden dreaming has already began. We’ll be planting rows of fruit trees along the back of our property and then hopefully have everything else we want to grow covered! #framefarme Yard Plans

So inspired by this pool built into a retaining wall. Super sleek looking and it would block some wind as well!#framefarme Yard Plans   We planned for the dog and boot wash in our garage, but if I could re-do I’d just plan on having that outside. Bringing muddy boots anywhere near a home entrance has proven to be a bad idea, and I love a clean garage, so keeping it all separate is a must! I’d love to get an outdoor shower set up for rinsing boots and kids off! #framefarme Yard Plans



HEY-O! Are we all alive? I am in the thick of Spring Break with my kids and we, gulp, stayed home.

ANTICIPATING: We have Bijou Market next week (the handmade, vintage, curated show I run three times a year!) and every weekend after that we have a wedding at State House so we are wrapping up the last of our renovations — adding a kitchen, a bride’s room,  redoing all the bathrooms (and making one a big ol’ dressing room for the groom’s crew, more cosmetic changes, adding lights, sliding doors on the storage rooms, trying to decorate a bit and a few other things!

I can’t tell you how excited I am to be done with this reno. Writing check after check really starts to hurt the soul but we are SO close!! So if you’re local and want to come see the space without having to set up an appointment come to Bijou!!


Did a quick little blitz online shopping trip to get some Spring faves I had been eyeing. I need jeans really bad, I’ve worn out several pairs this past year when I wasn’t shopping for new ones. Zara always fails me after awhile. They’re cute and comfortable but they RIP every time. H&M is just sturdier so I am hoping they pull through!

Here’s what we picked up – I’ll be sure to do a try-on on stories as!

And a few things from Zara. If their jeans aren’t form fitting or stretchy they last a lot longer, so hoping these will work for a wide leg option this Spring!

Jeans // My all time favorite TEE OF ALL TIME EVER. They add a few colors each Spring but get white and black for sure. Not see through, doesn’t cling or show sweat, washes wonderfully. // Pocket Tee “Shirt” Dress – Zara styling is hilarious and whack. I am hoping this works as a nice Summer dress, it sure seems long enough. Comes in several colors too! // Orange Mules – a little out of the norm for me but I needed an orange shoe option and a little feminine touch wouldn’t kill me, right? // These black ankle wrap thongs are SO pretty on the foot. Just an upgrade from you Summer flip flop. // I’ve been eying these boots since Winter and they’re $50 now! I can never find a brown boot I like — these would go with a girly dress or skirt, skinny jeans or a boyfriend fit. With an all black look to break it up.

LISTENING: Found Liza Anne and am obsessed. She’s so raw, but still upbeat. You wouldn’t know the lyrics were dark AF+ funny too without really listening. Small Talks is my fave. But with songs called Anxiety Attack, Paranoia, Fine but Dying — there’s something for every nut job. Give it a whirl!Liza Anne | Fine But Dying

READING: I am still stuck on a book club book FROM THREE MONTHS AGO. Trying so hard to finish so I can move on– it’s good (highest ratings ever) it’s just LONG. The Way of Kings you’re ruining my life.

But we were sent The Heart of a Boy and it’s such a sweet read. So happy when my boys pick it up and flip through. It’s all about reinforcing the good and wonderful things about boys, showing all types with all kinds of interests, abilities, outward appearances, struggles, illness, etc. Very cool!


Happy Fryday everyone!


I’ll do a review post here soon, but Hillbilly Elegy HOLY COW SO GOOD. Rough language but I loved the message and it was very well researched and gives actionable solutions. Also read Maisie Dobbs (bored) and still working on The Way of Kings for a book club. Not sure why they hate me so much, but its 1500 pages. I really do like the story so I hope to get through it before the end of the month. Only 36 hours on audible to go! Oof.

SHOPPING: I did a try-on session on Instagram and thought Id put the links here since they disappeared.

Sage Green Dress // Floral Shift // Striped Dress // Sunnies


That third bowl is bugging me so bad but a sneak peek of a pic from our Marazzi shoot! (They took this!)

So many questions about these silverware sets!

-They’ve been washed loads of times and the gold hasn’t faded! The powder coated white handles do chip when dropped (on tile) so be super careful and you should be fine!

-The dessert spoon is like a teaspoon. Very pointless in my world so I just ordered the forks and spoons and knives separately on Amazon, sold out but keep your eye out! You can also do that directly through Ali Express too (surprise to no one you know I’m obsessed.) I messaged the seller and asked for a custom listing for knives and they send it to me and wham bam thank you m’am. Two options!

-These stoneware plates and bowls have been out of stock since I bought them in August. They’re back!! These are so wonderful. Very heavy duty, they haven’t shown much scratching despite my kids eating like wolves with them. I love the farmhouse vibes, very Scandinavian!

TYPING: This is random but I had a lot of people ask! The ♡ emoji is my most used one and I thought it was time to move it to a text replacement. That is the setting on your keyboard (iphone) where if you type a certain phrase it will replace it with a bigger phrase so you don’t have to type certain things over and over. For example: if I do “@ @” (no space) it will auto-populate to my email address. “# #” my phone number etc. I have one for my address, for the directions to my home, my other email addresses, business addresses, and then I finally added one to add this cute little heart ♡. Here’s how (copy and paste my heart if you want it!):


So much going on this weekend. Lots of renovations wrapping up today for events at the venue, I’ve got a ton of work to get done for the blog– the home tour is ready and goes up Monday though!! Teaching ALL the kids at church on Sunday. Doing some styling for a friend. Russ’ birthday dinner! Some civic duties for a new bill regarding background checks for gun purchases, and the Oscars, which are my Super Bowl. Trying to breathe my way through the stress of it all and try and enjoy! Hoping the same for all of you, too!


“Bring FRYday back!” was one of the more requested posts for this here blog and it makes my heart so happy that so many of you love it, too! Happy weekend to you all, here’s what’s been on my mind:

WATCHING: I am laughably late to the game, but I started Downton Abbey. Ha! Obsessed with the Dowager and I wouldn’t have made it this far without her, when you watch them all in a row it’s so depressing! It’s been such a calming thing to do to help me fall asleep at night when I normally get swallowed up in anxiousness.

I’m also on my annual January task of catching up for award season. Bohemian Rhapsody (loved it, bawled), Mary Queen of Scots (two powerhouse performances, people HATE how it isn’t historically accurate but I think it’s fun!) On the Basis Of Sex (about Ruth Bader Ginsberg) slow moving, but powerful and important to see really how far we’ve come in her lifetime. I always say I was born in the wrong era but I know now I for sure wasn’t. The inequality of the past is not for me, even if the fashion or music are. 😉  Greenbook, If Beale Street Could Talk, The Favorite, what should we see next?

READING: I took several months off reading to finish a religious text for my church. I had 6 audible credits which is unheard of for me. I cracked back in with my book club’s pick Maisie Dobbs. Truthfully bored and more than halfway through, but maybe Downton is the blame? It’s like a slower less action packed version of it with a supernatural twist with 1000+ 4 star reviews!!

LISTENING: Cold podcast. OOF!!! Steve Powell’s songs haunt my nightmares. // Music wise, on a big Cage the Elephant kick and putting any good music you hear from my Insta stories on THIS spotify playlist. Got any new bands for me?

WEARING: These blue light blocking glasses. // These super rad sneakers – Nike’s color pairings are so good with this style!! My two most ahead of the trend friends rock these and I shamelessly copied. // This hands down most perfect gloss ever created. // Russ and I have been sharing (I got him it for Christmas but he immediately was onto my scam!) this perfume Le Labo Noir 29 and I have never had more people stop me in my tracks to say I smelled amazing. Smells even better on him! // I increased my shopping budget from $0 to $50 which is VERY exciting. Pro Tip: Don’t buy a venue immediately after finishing a house when your husband hasn’t taken a paycheck in two years. Kapeesh?

ANTICIPATING: My sister is spoiling me for my birthday by inviting my fam to Newport Beach for a vacation next week. We leave on my birthday and I go straight to our dentist (Dr Winterton at South Coast!!) but I am praying for good weather while we’re there, mama needs some warm sunshine! Any new restaurants or fun to be had there?

ALT SUMMIT + ALISON’S BRAND SCHOOL!! Alison invited me to be a coach at her last workshop and honestly was so fulfilled by the whole thing. Helping people have breakthroughs personally in and in business and passing on whatever knowledge I’ve gleaned along the way. I loved it. I was thrilled to hear they wanted me back to coach at their workshop at Alt Oasis in March! It’s a 5 day Alt Summit in Palm Springs including amazing meals, parties, and swag not to mention access to amazing brands to strike partnerships with, and infinite education to be had. Then right in the middle of Alt, Alison is doing her workshop! I think the tools she gives are what is lacking about Alt so it’s such a great partnership! And the ticket for BOTH is $915 or $1200-$2400 for just a ticket to Alt by itself. NO BRAINER. Mention my name and maybe I’ll get you in my group!! I would love it so much.

Also working on something different to treat my anxiety, as well as my son’s. I feel like I’ve been on the phone with different doctor’s offices all week! It’s been so disappointing to realize that no matter what or who or where it’s about a 6 week wait. Breaks my heart for people out there who finally get the courage to look for help and then just have to wait for help or hope of relief for that much longer. Definitely an unfortunate aspect of our health care system here!

How’s that for a FRYday re-entry! Brain DUMP alert. Happy weekend friends!!


I’m glad you guys are enjoying the house posts lately because I feel like it’s taking up ALL my brain space. Can’t seem to think about much else currently, so my apologies if you are over it!! But, I wanted to put together a post of all the house links you guys have asked about as I’ve shared peeks here and there! So how about a FRYday meets FAQs for you today!#framefarme FAQ links

I did a quick series about ways I’m trying to simplify some of the everyday processes with my kids. This one got a lot of questions after the fact… ALL one color plates, cups and bowls. My kids fought about what color plate they got, really just caring because they can, not necessarily because they actually do? You know? Re-Play to the rescue!

I did all black because I’m just on a kick lately, but red, orange and either of the yellows looked right up my alley, too! There is also the prettiest lilac purple, too! White is so pretty, but I was worried it would show spaghetti sauce after the fact of I probably would’ve done that!

I also bought all new plates and bowls for the house. All ours were Ikea and scratched to hell so I got rid of them and got this set. I am so happy with them! They feel so expensive and hardly show scratches. I love the lip around the plates, everything stacks great in the dishwasher and the style is perfect.

These were the cups in that same story with the kids dish drawer. I wish they were all the same color but oh well. They’re great for everyday use and I keep the glass ones on a shelf they can’t reach.

This is my faucet and this is my hand soap dispenser from this kitchen photo. The button turns on the sprayer and stoked about it for the price! Very high pressure and looks great!Frame Home Tour


We have chickens so we needed a re-usable egg tray. This one is great! Love how it looks in the fridge too!

I showed a peek of Hayes’ room on stories here are the sources! This is the macrame hanging planter. // His bedside table // Minky Couture blanket (I have 45% off with “EMILY45” // Lamp is old Target and this is his bed $64! // His rug $99 // He picked this sloth bedding and this stuffed sloth and I love it so much! Basically I showed them Urban Outfitters duvet cover options and let them pick. Still fun for a kid room, but not cheesy. Cal picked this solar system pattern which I am obsesed with. He also asked for black curtains, so he might be having his goth phase early. JK.#framefarme FAQ links

I bought three of these liter bottles for every bathroom! I swapped out all our shampoo, conditioners and soaps using a funnel. When you have glass shower, it can feel really cluttered fast so I thought this would help things look tidy! I love it!! It’s annoying to funnel it in but I figure I’ll do it basically once a month so I can deal with it to be happy every time I look into my showers each day!

Our chicken coop. Fits 4 chickens just fine!

The spray bottle I swear by that I am going to use for the bathroom glass (blue dawn + vinegar.) I use it on my boys hair and it’s the best.

The hooded towels in the boys’ bathroom. Obsessed with them and love how they look on the wall! Using these over towels for their bathroom and I think it will be so much easier!

The pancake whisk bottle I shared a while back. It’s amazing. You mix the batter right in the dispenser, shake it up, pop the lid off, pour the pancake batter right on the pan, close the lid put the leftovers in the fridge. It stands by itself and makes pancakes SO much less messy.

AND JUST in case you’re over home stuff, here are some clothing links I have my eye on!!

This jumper is back in stock! You can use SMALLFRY10 for 10% off! So comfy. //  Love this star necklace for laying or on its own! $10 // Drew Barrymore’s line for Amazon is actually really good. These safety pin earrings are such an easy staple with a hint of edge. $50 // Silver boots $30 down from $120! // You know how much I wore mine last year! // These military boots are rad. With skinny jeans, a skirt or dress, love them! $47 // These kitten heel pointed boots come in silver as well. $30 and surprisingly super wearable. They go with everything and are comfortable all day! //  Love the gold + tortoise detailing! $10 //This pretty bag is 60$ off and // I’ve been eying this bag for a year. 60% off might be my time!! // Pretty resin hoops. They have every color! $10 //


Can I just tell you I don’t know how someone swiping would feel but I am EXHAUSTED from the last week of crazy sales. They were truly so good and I had to restrain myself. ENOUGH links already, Em! I apologize if I added to the frenzy! So hard to pass up sharing when they’re that good.

Here’s what is on my mind this week!

EATING: Nutrikid sent me this powdered shake and I’ve been working it into my boys’ smoothies and its a hit! It has 10g of grass-fed protein and a whole heap of vitamins, omegas, probiotics and no sugar! You guys know I have a super picky eater so I am stoked about this! Vanilla is great but they have several flavors here! Us “15OFF” for 15%!

WATCHING: I take it back, I finished Ozarks and it’s dark AF. Then I got my Hulu free trial because I couldn’t take it anymore — everyone talking about Handmaid’s Tail!! I have so much to say on this show. It is dark and gratuitous and uncomfortable, but it is also touching, and so well done. And the subject matter is nothing we haven’t experienced in history I could never recommend it to the general public because it’s a tough, tough watch, but I also think an important one.

Coming off binging both seasons of that, I needed something light. And my friend Kim has been literally bullying me to watch Love Island and I finally did. I’m obsessed. Two eps in. Its a freaking treasure. Anyone else watching?


Kayti gave me this KKW Bake and Brighten or whatever the heck its called and its actually really good. Super happy with it and I got a few people wondering what my highlighter was this week — here she is! I have light and its great for me! It’s not meant to bronze at all, just contour so if it feels too light that’s why! I was also wearing these earrings a Little Sycamore ring in that same video and this lip in Carina.

Today the Nordstrom Sale goes live for all and I have several posts under this one of my favorites if you’re interested. I also finally got around to taking some crappy pics of what I bought. There are so many other pieces I wish I could buy, but this is what shopping the #nsale on a budget looks like! Ha!

Tissue Turtleneck (I got this in green too. I love the idea of it for layering under jackets or sweaters. $15!)

Slim Stretch Crepe Pants — such a great fit on these pants and they come in several colors! Personally I get sick of jeans and love having something different to throw in the rotation when it gets colder! Sneakers and a graphic tee. A long overcoat and heels for dinner, a button down blouse and flats for lunch with friends. $58 down from $89.

Button Detail Crepe Skirt — this is the same brand and material and I am dead over the asymmetrical hem! It has great coverage so you can freely bend and move but it’s still so freaking flattering. The buttons bubble on this one if it’s not a little looser so I’d size up. Or if you’re pretty straight up and down you’d probably be fine with your size? $48 down from $78!

Leith Nik Block Heel — I got these in “taupe” velvet but I think they show more grey or even a dusty lavender. I think they sort of chameleon to whatever you’re wearing which is great! $50 down from $80.

READING: Wonderstruck with my kids! Caldecott winner and I’ve never seen a book like it. It’s coming out to theaters soon and is a mixture of written story and graphic novel! Super cool.

ANTICIPATING: The move, always. Started de-junking my house one drawer at a time. Trying not to get wholly overwhelmed. We have basically one more purchase to make for the necessary decor and then we’re done! I am sure we’ll have lots to add later on but as far as purchases I can make before we’re actually settled in — we’re done! AHHH!

LISTENING: Which brings me to listening. Kind of a strange thing to share but I get asked about this a lot. Am I nervous to move? Absolutely. To put all your eggs in your big dream basket is not meant to be comfortable. To truly go all in. We saved for years. We then spent every dime we have and leveraged whatever we could. We have given every last ounce of ourselves, physically and emotionally. We have hustled harder, stretched thinner, and prayed harder than ever before. I truly don’t know how Russ has done it. Working 15+ hours each day, managing the bids and the draws and the bank. Coming home and showing up for our family, too.

What keeps us going? He says heavy metal, ha. He’s literally pumping himself up with every step, to keep motivated. Thanks for that, Metallica. He also watches this clip by Jocko who is in a higher up in the armed forces every now and then and “Good” has been our inside joke every time something doesn’t go to plan. Which is a lot. So much has been put into this, it’s hard to know how to manage expectations, even after all that its still just a house, and it’s how we live in it and away from it that truly matters. I just pray that this new place fosters the family culture that we’re hoping for, that it brings out the best in us all.

It’s funny that music is keeping him going because it’s keeping me going too! I made myself a playlist of songs that sort of encapsulate what this dream means to me, and to us. It is so much more than a house. And it is meant to heal so much more than a temporal need for a place to live. And one day when it doesn’t feel so tender to the touch maybe I’ll share about it. But I turn on the playlist anytime I get scared, or unsure. I turn it on when I drive to the house and when I leave it, and I feel such immense gratitude. This turned into a novel (what else is new!) but wanted to share for whatever reason.

HUGE HUGE thank you to all of you who messaged me about my school debate yesterday. I am gonna tour both schools and see how it feels!

Have the best weekend everyone!




I just got back from a week at Youth Conference which is basically a camping trip with the youth in my church ages 14-18. We started by riding our bikes to the cabin which was 50 miles away, then spent our days riding horses, fishing, paddle boarding, playing sports, card games, more eating, and all things spiritual. I hadn’t ridden a bike in years since we sold ours for our move.Fryday | Small Fry I borrowed a bike for the trip, but wasn’t able to train at all and ooh-wee was it hard! The last half of the ride pushed me in a way I haven’t been pushed maybe ever, even harder than labor since it was a lot longer. 😉 The very end was a long incline push and I remember just riding up that hill, standing up on my pedals, pushing as hard as I could with tears coming down my cheeks. Because it was hard and because it was almost over, but knowing I would make it. I could do it. It was possible and I was capable. It was such a welcome gift. Maybe the best gift of pushing through hard times and trials is the confidence in yourself and God that He will be there. Because time after time that theory proves true. I ended this week feeling so grateful for these opportunities to push myself. To really see what I am made of and connect to a higher power. I am excited for my boys to have the opportunities too and blessed to be in a church that creates them for my family! Also, 100% hooked on biking and cannot wait to get back out there, once I find myself a bike that is.

Anyway, happy Fryday and here’s what’s been in the rotation lately!Fryday | Small Fry

Reading: You can catch my Book Review for June here! But currently reading The Women Who Run With the Wolves because Nicole Richie told “me” to online. Listening to Reincarnation Blues which is a sort of post-modern take on death and super funny so far, then next up I have The Girl with Seven Names for a book club pick! As always catch any and all picks here! People always ask how I get reading in and this is how. I have a hard copy floating around the house, another audible queued up and a deadline for a book club or two. I 100% go through phases where I read like crazy and then I don’t care to for a couple months but always happier when I have a story to get lost in.

Watching: We’ve been catching up here and there on Netflix with Evil Genius (crazy) The Staircase (super slow, but interesting) and then Russ and I started the Ozarks which we both LOVE. It’s filling the Breaking Bad void, but isn’t quite as dark.

Listening: Have I ever told you that Raleigh will only allow top 40 at our house? Like if we turn on our typical Folk or Alternative Rock he gets so mad. He has to have a good pop-y beat and his favorites are That’s What I Like, HandClap, I Feel It Still, Despacito. If you know Russ and I you know that we aren’t really top 40 people, but its been so funny to see Russ voluntarily put on Ariana Grande, or “his girl Selena Gomez” (his words not mine.) Frames might be turning a new leaf. Happy to have the High Fitness playlist because you know you’ll find some Raleigh approved jams there!

Eating: I went to one of Jenna’s Essential Oil classes (@dailyessenticalco) with @happyholisticmom and she talked all about hormones. Put up a list of symptoms you might be experiencing if you have a hormone imbalance and I was pretty much all of them.  She recommended first and foremost to stop wearing perfume, to be sure and wash all produce (20 minutes in water with vinegar and Lemon oil) as two really easy ways to help lower our toxic load. Our bodies have to work extra hard to off-set all the toxins we take in which in turn messes with thyroid, and other regulators! Anyway, I started DoTerra’s LLV vitamin spread, their probiotic and digestive enzyme too while I was at it. I’ll let you know how it goes but so far my nails are noticeably stronger and my digestion is a little too regular but apparently that is how it’s supposed to work, ha!

Fryday | Small Fry

Wearing: The same thing over and over again. My favorite tees are back and I’ve worn these slides with basically everything all Summer. Catch any other linkable outfits here!

I remember when I took Small Fry over solo I had all these intentions of making it more of my personal style + fashion. I tell you what– if you want to be a fashion blogger you better be prepared to spend some money. If you’re not constantly wearing new things it makes it kind of hard to be interesting in that genre. Ha! Being on such a tight budget has been great for everything else, but boring to watch me get dressed, that’s for sure. Either way, proud of myself because it’s taken me 6 months to spend what I normally would in 1 month on clothes. That’s huge for me!

Decorating: All that money on clothes is getting sunk on house stuff and I am DYING TO SHARE IT ALL. But check back next week for a house update + video tour! We’re buying things in chunks each month and all we have left is dining chairs + island stools + a few new things for the basement bedrooms! If we weren’t already we are #absolutelybrokenow.

Anything you want to see or have questions about before I go film the tour?

Anticipating: Russ feels super confident (assuming the last couple subs — cabinets, counters, backsplash tiles — keep on schedule) that the house will be done end of July. I can’t quite describe how it feels to be so close. Hard to let yourself get excited for something that has been SO LONG in the making and still a-ways to go. Proud every day and thrilled to move into the beautiful house Russ Frame built. He has been working 7 am to 10 pm for a couple months now and my heart aches for him. Letting him do what he’s gotta do, encouraging him, being there for him, and handling my own ish + the boys has proven to be one of the most refining experiences of my life.

I hope you guys have a great weekend, thank you as always for being here! I am still weeding out some followers that were purchased before I went solo (no shade, it was mutually agreed upon at the time, but I just don’t care to keep them now) – the max I can clean out is 100 per week with the Cleaner app – so my numbers on Instagram have and will continue to go down until I get them all out and it can be super discouraging, so thank you for all your messages and interaction, it really keep the train going for me!!

Love you all!









Holy smokes this week was nuts. There are so many wonderful things in the pipeline for Small Fry and that always means exhaustion and then waiting and then I get to share. So, step one is hopefully complete for while!

We have UEA this weekend so the kids are home and it is also mine and Russ’ 12 year anniversary today! We had plans to go to Vegas for a couple days but we had to cancel due to some needs at the house. So we’re sticking around here! We’d love to go somewhere special for dinner either in Utah County or SLC? Any recs?

A few weekend deals for you:

Madewell extra 30% off sale! My faves:

WATCHING: On my flights last week I finally started Poldark. I totally get the hype. In the back of my head I am constantly trying to plan out a time to watch another episode. Ha.

READING: I finished the three self-help books I talked about last time here’s my quickest review. If you are like me and don’t want things to be too serious, or more specifically self-important I’d say read You Are A Badass over The Universe Has Your Back. Jen Sincero is just more my speed. Super funny and easier to process. Also Love Warrior was beautiful. She says things that people (or maybe just me?) feel to ashamed to even think sometimes and the whole book is hard but also a relief. If you want something moving and real, read it! Also reading Salt to the Sea for my book club, so far so meh. Why am I not getting into it?! It’s incredibly well rated. We’ll see how it turns out!

LISTENING: I met Bev in Vermont and her playlists are legit! This one is particularly charming. If you just need something to turn on and forget she’s got a playlist for just about any need. Also Small Fry is on Spotify too if you want kid-friendly beats that won’t make you want to die. Looking at you Wiggles. Our Lullaby playlist is my fave.

DECORATING: Basically that’s all I think about but haven’t actually made any purchases.  Except for a small fortune on windows this week, but you know what I mean. How does one build a house and then afford to fill it with things to sit/lay on? Asking for a friend. But in effort to not make this section of the post totally pointless here are some inspiration images for what I hope to accomplish in the kitchen!

This is probably the closest I have found to what I am aiming for: two tone cabinets, waterfall island. So good! // Source#framefarme Inpso

Source#framefarme inspo Source#framefarme inspo The styling literally hurts my eyes but lots of you asked about the loft in Insta Stories, here’s a good representation for the feel of it. Glass railing across the top for super open feel. // Source#framefarme inspo One more … major inspiration for the laundry room in the basement! I figure I won’t get sick of it because I never do laundry. 😉 We’re sort of winging it but I hope it ends up this rad!#framefarme inspo

Happy Fryday, Fall Break, and anniversary everyone!!



So many new things solving all my problems lately, let’s get right down to it!

First, the marble clips from my insta story. They’re so high quality and I love that they’re a little elevated from the standard. Three pack

Also so much TMI so you male readers might want to skip through the first couple paragraphs. 😉


  1. Found this bra and it eliminates side boob! It creates such smooth lines under shirts and is great under summer dresses and anywhere you need to eliminate that side boob action! It’s by Warner’s and the collection is called Easy Does It!
  2. I’ve used the Diva Cup for 2+ years now and I love the concept so much (its a reusable menstrual cup that eliminated my need for pads or tampons) I kept using it even though it wasn’t a great “fit.” Literally. On me it was just a bit too long. I heard my friend Ashley’s new venture the Bloody Buddy was shorter and also has a “tail” you can trim so I snagged them on Amazon! I am happy to report it is shorter so if you have had similar issues, go with the Bloody Buddy! Also her color selections are so much better (I got black) and they’re 20 for $20 when I paid $35 for one Diva Cup. WIN all around! While we’re at it, Ashley is such a good Follow on Instagram. I have been slow clapping all Summer as she walks the walk with the ever-popular self love talk we hear from influencers. She’s the real deal guys, and her recipes and tips are all so solid. Behind the scenes I am just grateful for her friendship and zen attitude in this business. Follow her here!
  3. This Target Sweater. I should have bought two because sweaters just aren’t the same after they’ve been washed a few times but its such a cute fit!
  4. Amazon sent this skin care line to try and after a few weeks I am actually loving it! I don’t have to review it but I thought it was worth a mention anyway. It’s as good a at-home facial as I’ve ever been able to track down and the smell is SO amazing. It makes me so happy every time I take the lids off. I especially love the Peeling and Serum products! The Peeling is like a gentle exfolating surface restoration that I put on at night and my skin is incredible in the morning. The Serum tightens skin and reduces my pores and evens everything out before I put make up on. LOVE them both. They have it in a gift set too!

DECORATING: I just ordered ALL my faucets from Ali Express. ACK! My friend Bri (her house reno is incredible, follow her to check it out!) led the way and says hers are holding up pretty great so I am taking the plunge. You guys their faucets are SO inexpensive. We did every single bathroom in the house for less than $1000. Fingers crossed they hold up!! Here are the sink faucets we chose, the pot filler for over the stove. And this shower set for the master. And these for the basement bathrooms!

READING: Outside of the monthly reviews I’m catching up on some popular self-help reads that I am sure you’ve seen recommended online. My friends reference them so damn much I felt like I needed to be in on it. Brene Brown is never a problem so I quickly finished her new book Into the Wilderness, super good the last chapter I need to re-read every morning, so powerful. She has a lot of great implementable tips of the divide the US is experiencing. I am in the middle of The Universe Has Your Back. As a religious and spiritual person it’s funny to hear these things that I’ve been taught my whole life, packaged in a new way. Its a great beginner look at energy, meditation, and owning your presence and internal vibrations. Sometimes cheesy, sometimes over the top, sometimes serving self-importance from the author, but I am enjoying it! I’d suggest a hardcopy on that one though, there’s a lot to refer back to! Next up, Love Warrior (saving my hardcopy for a couple plane rides I have coming up) and You Are a Badass.

And! If you’re following along on my monthly reviews, I am picking the thriller The Couple Next Door in honor of Halloween. A lot of you have said you need something really engaging to get you back on the reading wagon and although I haven’t read it, my friends say they couldn’t put it down. So grab this one if you want to read together!

LISTENING: My church as our weekend conference and I live for it. There was a few given last weekend as well and I thought this one by Sharon Eubanks was so powerful. You can listen here! Starting Saturday 10 am MST and Sunday the same time.

FEELING: Its been awhile since I checked in on this but October is insane for my fam! Trying not to panic, ha! I have two trips, one for work and one to see my sister and her new baby! We have two different dads of Russ’ coming to visit (separately, luckily) and we had an anniversary trip planned too that we had to cancel due to aforementioned dads. I hope we make it out alive!  I hope you all have a restful weekend and if you’re looking into the barrel of an insane month like us, solidarity.