Oh man it has been AWHILE since I wrote one of these. I have a bunch of small, unrelated things to share, so what better way? I’ll try to keep it in the old format so we don’t get lost ūüėČ

READING: I have a Book Review post coming, I swear! My choice this month (Homegoing) has taken me a lot longer to finish this time around – I should be able to get it done by next week! The kids are still audio-ing and loving it.

LISTENING: Feist has a new album!! It’s very Feist-ish and a welcome release as I thought she was dead. Six years is TOO many years between albums. So far my favorite is Get Not High, Get Not Low.

EATING: I posted this on Instagram yesterday and had a few questions! This is a Mezze Platter which we had at a Lebanese restaurant a while ago. I think most Middle East and Mediterranean cuisines have their own version of this but its basically like a sample platter or charcuterie or cheese plate. Russ loves Greek and Mediterranean food so I knew he’d dig this for dinner and turns out everyone picked at it since there were so many options!¬†Mezze Platter

Pita Chips and Wasa Crackers / Cherry Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Artichoke Hearts, Green Castelvetrano and Calmata Olives / Two types of Feta cheese / Salami (3 kinds!) / Tabouleh and Hummus. Just dip and go wild and it was so freaking good!


I have been sharing what I’m wearing everyday on Insta Stories for a few weeks now! t I am so glad some of you are loving it! Just a friendly reminder that I put up all the outfits I share on there on this page of the blog¬†too so you can catch them later.

Also! Amazon brought me on to launch their new Spark section of their app! It’s an app-only feature where you can select your interests and see what other people are buying on Amazon in those categories and build a social network of sorts once you find people that fit your taste! Several times a week I’ve been sharing outfits, beauty, hair and makeup favorites, and more! You can share your own picks as well! If you’re on there let’s be buddies.

Posts like, CAR MUSTS:

Screen Shot 2017-08-11 at 7.39.55 AMThis Supergoop sunscreen pump is a Summer must. It makes one handed momming SO much easier. // Dryel laundry pen is 100,000 times better than the tide pen. Just saying. // Floss sticks // Sunnies

And GETTING READY IN A HURRY:Screen Shot 2017-08-11 at 7.39.40 AMBobbi Brown brick // Rodial Skin Tint // Cashmere Mist Deodorant // Rose Tint

June and January has a huge Summer sale right now 40% off favorites!! We loved this Shorty romper for instance, such a steal! Raleigh has worn them all Summer long! (Also, hi Lolly!)¬†That’s all for now, as always thank you for being here. Thank you for being so kind through transitions and encouraging. I am figuring it out and seeing where my strengths lie and blogging for 10+ years I’ve had to adapt quickly and I think we can make things great here once again!

Fryday Finds

First things first, I have a few of you on the hunt for a good Intellibed deal since I reviewed mine last year. I heard they are doing a mattress closeout sale in stores!! Call first to check availability but 30% off is amazing!! Our 10% off deal is still live too, “smallfry10” if you can’t find the mattress you need at 30%!

Second, Modern Map Art sent this print of Sundance Ski Resort (where I have been skiing since I was 8) and I LOVE it!! They do every city and country under the sun, too!

Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 9.04.12 AM Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 9.05.13 AMThird and most desperately — I have super narrow feet and working out especially in classes with lots of movement my feet kill after. They strain so hard to stay put in my shoes and it’s a waste of energy! I bought these Adidas NMD XR1s and I LOVE them, the knit keeps my foot in place perfectly. It also has the best traction of any shoe I own and is freaking gorgeous. Comes in this pretty green too!BB2376_01_standard

Any other narrow foot girls out there? I need to find another pair to wear – maybe a more subtle plain black? I am stoked about the print of these but they’re for not exactly versatile since most of my pants are a wild pattern. Any brand, any style, but I just need them to be narrow and maybe that tight knitting?

Lastly, Madewell is really owning me right now with their accessories. Shoes + earrings forever.madewell

Striped Espadrilles // Ankle Tie Black Sandals // Ankle Tie Camel Sandals // Earrings: ONE TWO THREE

Have an awesome HOLIDAY WEEKEND!!



FRYday: Emily

November, HOW? This year has flown by and it doesn’t show signs of slowing down. Here’s what I’ve been up to:emfryFeeling: Let’s get these feelings out first, yeah?¬†I don’t even want to mention the E word, but the election has seriously aged me 10 years. It feels so heavy and ominous like it will never be the same. I will for sure never be the same. It cracked open something in me that I have pushed down for years, and that is the bubbling injustice I feel and see toward woman, STILL! And that’s not even talking about the candidates. Having and sharing my opinion has shown me some of the ugliest types of people. I always wonder, where are the moderate thinkers of the world? Why is there only the most staunch right/left wing types and seemingly nothing in between? I’d like to think its because moderate thinkers don’t feel the need to voice their every whim, but I am not sure. It makes me so worried as a parent, how are my kids going to thrive in this environment. This post got real heavy real fast, but it has been on my mind. Anyone else feeling any of this?

GIFTING: Oprah’s Favorite Things list is on Amazon today and how I miss that lady on my TV! Love this tassel keychain, don’t tell my friends but gonna buy a bunch for Christmas. So cute! See the full list here.

WEARING: My fall go-to… Loose fit sweater +¬†high waisted skinnies. High waisted denim is the key to a post-partum figure I only wish I didn’t waste my time buying low rise lately. Jenna showed me these and I love!! So¬†stretchy but they keep everything in nice and tight. I’ve spent lots on sweaters and I’ve bought super cheap ones too and honestly I prefer the lower end. I don’t get so mad when they lose their shape or ball up. H&M never fails me. Juuust enough synthetic materials to stay looking great.sweater

Glitter Khaki // Lace-up for a little edge¬†// Olive mock neck with interesting ribbing // Soft pink to mix it up // Perfect Cream sweater //¬†Bright red – I LOVE this with a deep burgundy, such great color combo for fall. I’ll style it for you soon so you can see what I mean. // A loose mock for those of you who hate stuff tight around your neck. //¬†Frill for a little more femininity

READING: I told you all about the movie Suffragette, and I couldn’t stop there. Since the movie was telling the story of the movement in London, I grabbed “Century of Struggle” which covers more of the US perspective. I can’t stress enough how much this re-educating has meant to me.

DECORATING: Each holiday we really try to focus on service at our house. Doing something each day for someone else has changed the holidays for me and hopefully my kids, too. It will be interesting this year with a baby but I picked up this grateful tree ($5!) frrom Caravan Shoppe even on the days I can’t venture out but we can still keep the conversation going.draw-together-thankful-treeEATING: I think I’ve shared here before that Raleigh cannot be full. He’s my first kid where nursing has been a challenge simply because I don’t make enough milk. Needless to say I was relieved to hear my pediatrician say “Time for solids!” We’ve only just started but here’s my favorite feeding accessories. These rinse-off bibs are genius and the adjustable neck strap is so convenient and not irritating. Bamboo spoons in bright colors and his favorite oatmeal with probiotics! ¬†It’s always so fun to start this stage!raleigh

LISTENING: Regina Spektor released a new album after forever.¬†I bought her first album Soviet Kitsch the year I gradutated high school, so like back when the dinosaurs roamed. She’s just as good as ever, sweet yet brazen.


Fryday – Thursday Style

By Emily.

Things are getting wild over here, talking about Fryday on a Thursday! We have a super great giveaway tomorrow and an exciting announcement the day after that so Fryday is getting pushed up a bit this week!em

Wearing: Perfect Fall outfit alert! Our girl Corrine at Mint Arrow has raved about these jeans several times and I finally listened and love them! They’re so slimming! And price matched at $40, which is crazy cheap. Size up like she says, for sure. See them styled on¬†my tab!¬†// Topped with these rad laced sweater and these look alike boots! A few of you asked for these after the ones I’ve been wearing around sold out. 30% off too!

Using: I finally invested in some decent make up brushes with this Sigma set. I can’t believe it took me this long, I see such a difference between the set I had been using (a few Mac and a random Kirkland Signatures set) My favorite brushes from the set are the Kabuki for foundation, the Large Powder brush¬†for loose powder and¬†this eye shader for a super precise application.

Reading: A Short History of Nearly Everything.¬†It is not an easy read, but if you’re like me and feel like you’re definitely not smarter than a 5th grader I am learning and re-learning SO much! The book is exactly as it’s titled, an overview and explanation of everything. Atoms, Elements, Space, and more but in a digestible interesting way.

Listening: I need an audiobook for a road trip that both me and my man will enjoy. Got any recs? When Breath Becomes Air is high on my list but not sure if he’ll dig it? Maybe something more like The Psychopath Test?

Watching: I watched Suffragette¬†a few weeks ago¬†(came out last year I think?) and sobbed. Like ten minutes after the movie was over I was still crying. That has never happened to me! My history education was seriously lacking in Women’s Rights especially Women’s Suffrage. Every person should see this movie, but especially every woman. I will never take my right to vote for granted again! ¬†It has changed my perspective on so much and what I am willing and unwilling to tolerate in my leadership.

Feeling: Like I got away with something! I got this handheld vac for quick clean-ups in the car and my house and my boy are obsessed with it and are vacuuming anything they can get their hands on. My house has never been more crumb-free!


FRYday: Nicole

Happy Fryday everyone! It’s the last day of September and this perfectly rainy day has got me feeling all sorts of cozy! Here’s what’s been happening:fry

Sweatshirts cause it’s Cougar season! I wear them every game day! Grey and my favorite White of course. Love this shop on Amazon they have tons of NCAA teams but all their designs feel very Ivy League, find your team!

Updated chandelier for my dining area! I love how this one is more haphazard and less structured. Such a good deal too, considering the size.

Runner for the hallway cause the concrete gets so cold in the winter, I like everything to be covered. And it’s only $46, come on now.

That Popcorn mix is my life. Different cheeses and caramel?? Also available at Costco!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!

FRYday: Santa Barbara

Santa BarbaraBy Emily.

Hello! I writing this from Santa Barbara as a guest of our fam at ¬†Zappos! We were one of their top performers this year and so we attended #CJU16 with them! Pretty cool! At the time I was the only one that could make during their dates and even though having an infant typically would get me a pass, I knew it was important, so here I am! Raleigh has been so good but man am I worn out! It’s not easy traveling solo with a baby. It’s also funny how certain cities and airlines people are just more baby friendly than others. United is the place to be if you travel with an infant. Also an¬†UppaBaby System. Saved my life.

Santa BarbaraSome of you have asked how it works when we have trips for Small Fry – well, since lots of times brands or events don’t need or want to fly all three of us somewhere we started taking turns! Then we also decided if it’s for work or for play those would be separated. So as far as sponsored trips: Nicole did San Fran and I went to Mexico last year, Jenna recently went to Dominican Republic with hers and so Nicole is next up! Where she will go nobody knows. ūüėČ

So that’s where I am at currently and here’s what’s been on my mind the last few weeks.

Wearing: You’ve seen my last month or so of outfits over on Off Duty, so you know I have really been enjoying my Old Navy haul, ha! It was sort of a temporary wardrobe while my body bounces back and I love not having the pressure of trying on jeans I know aren’t gonna fit. As always shoes are on my mind and I’ve been eyeing these, I can’t think of a more perfect shoe for Fall, Loeffler kills it! This pair is super similar and $200 less and thinking I could swap out the strap for cording and the ankle wrap option!Loeffler Rrandall Clara

Reading: I do a lot of scrolling during the couple of late night feedings Raleigh is still insisting on – Instagram gets so old so fast.¬†There’s just a lot of the same thing over and over at times, right? So anytime I can follow an account that switches it up I am excited. Loving @JooleeLauren¬†seriously super witty stuff beautifully illustrated and just dripping with sardonism. I LOVE it! And¬†@everyoutfitonSATC, so funny to have the show analyzed and debunked through its fashion.¬†If you love them.too, let me know cause I feel like we should be friends.

Watching: We recently watched The Night Of which was intense and really entertaining. Have you seen it? Basically revisits the night of a murder and the falsely accused suspect. While I’ve been in Santa Barbara I started devouring Chef’s Table on Netflix and it’s so beautifully done!

Feeling: Sort of panicked that Fall is upon us because that means Winter is bascially here. I’ve so enjoyed having my second Summer baby, it makes for the dreamiest first few months. Raleigh loves spending time outside he seems so content and I’ll be sad not to have that option without more effort (layers.) I love these options for warm one pieces:

FRYday: Emily

Now that we’ve split up our Frydays I feel like I haven’t chatted with you all in so long! I have so much on my mind so let’s get to it:

WEARING: I have been such a baby about getting back to exercising. I know myself and if I go to a class I am gonna go all out and I won’t be able to walk for a week after. So, I’m trying SO hard to ease myself into it. Like 10 push ups a or walking hills with Raleigh strapped in this Linen Ergo.¬†Loving these killer Pureboost Adidas, there’s so many awesome prints I could have one for every day of the week. Love this cheetah print¬†and black satellite. Perfect gym shoe, if I ever get there. ¬†Got any good work-outs for someone who lost all muscle mass? Ha.pureboostReading: I trust Cup of Jo for just about everything including her readers’ comments. I went through her latest book rec post’s¬†comments and found a bunch of new books to add to my list — basically if one person suggested it followed by a handful more of people vehemently agreeing, I took note! Have you read any? Got any to add to my list?books

Shrill // The Psychopath Test¬†// Tiny Beautiful Things¬†// Fates & Furies¬†// Tell the Wolves I’m Home¬†// When Breath Becomes Air¬†// Epilogue //

DECORATING: I got my boys the cutest Herschel backpacks for school and then they spotted these hideous Pokemon ones. I bet you can guess which ones they’re actually wearing? ¬†Guess these darling packs will be wall decor until those boys wise up. ūüėČ I got them the middle two but love these stone colored ones! 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 //herschel

WATCHING: The clock. First grade is so long, man!! Looking forward to a weekend with Hayes, it’s been lonely for all of us without him here. Cal and I have had a lot of fun together, but I am sure he’ll be glad to be rid of me once his school starts next week!

FEELING: I am actually super excited about our new Off Duty feature. It’s been a good motivator for me to get ready and really just enjoy my body no matter what stage. For sure there are some days I don’t get ready and skip it, but I have always loved the art (eyeroll) of getting dressed! Nic and Jenna¬†always look amazing, so I already knew they’d rock this, but it’s still been fun to see theirs as well!

ALSO! The phone case you’ve been seeing in all my Off Duty posts is THIS! It’s so freaking genius and every person with full hands needs it. I have Rose Gold and am loving it so much.i6-Matte-RG-BG02-FINAL_1024x1024

Happy weekend everyone!!


Fryday – a night in Beverly Hills!


I recently was invited to a California girl’s overnight in LA and had a blast. Its aways fun to connect with my friends who also happen to be bloggers! We get to chat about business, how we manage our families and our successes and frustrations. I miss the community of bloggers I used to have in Utah so it’s been fun to build these new friendships! And since these girls are all killer fashion bloggers – they have you get in a bed with matching robes for pictures. I was an active, willing participant and these Plum Pretty Sugar robes are to die for.

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 12.48.26 AM

Leanne // Lisa // Kailee // Merrick

We stayed at The Beverly Hilton which was so iconic and absolutely amazing!! I mean the pool area lights up pink at night – what more do you need for a girl’s night?! The atmosphere is so easy, chill and uber chic. Also the fooooood. We literally had a 3 hour lunch sitting around talking and just feasting on the most gourmet grub. I was SO impressed with the food there – which obviously means I’ll go back. I only wish I had this caftan i just found on prime….YES PRIME. So there will most definitely be a next time.

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 1.20.44 AM

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 1.04.59 AM

My aviators here but I also found almost an identical pair for $12 here. 

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 1.30.09 AM

My dress and sunglasses.

We ate dinner at Ceccoinis in West Hollywood which was a recommendation from a friend. Appetizers were stellar but my main dish was okay. Ambiance is super LA and cool but it was sooooo loud! It’s kind of a hot spot but I’m just telling the real truth on it in case you’re considering it ūüôā After dinner was Sprinkles Ice Cream, always.

I blogged about these shoes earlier in the week and they’re just THE BEST and a fall must have for everyone. I also found a similar grey tone in an awesome boot for 1/4 the price here. Also can I just say about bodysuits that I TOTALLY remember wearing them as kid and was astonished when they made a come back. But here’s the thing….your shirt NEVER comes untucked. That’s huge. And worth it. I love this one because it’s actually not tight. It’s mean too be a looser fit body suit so if you’re going to start somewhere, here’s a good place to.

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 11.47.58 PM

Pedicures at Olive & June only the prettiest place to ever get your nails done. I want to live in there it’s THAT good. Their nail art is seriously on POINT too and so detailed.


Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 1.36.01 AMI convinced everyone we should work out! And then we gabbed till 2:30 am and had to go to a spin class at 8 am. Worth it – we had the best time and I’d never been to Flywheel before. I’ve been wearing a hat I got there religiously. My leggings are a random Lululemon purchase which means you won’t find them online BUT I found these crazy cute similar (and inexpensive) ones – love the laser cut. Also my Nikes are on sale here.

And to end I’m just going to share with you something I learned and love about each of these women. I think online as bloggers we can assume a lot about people who share their “lives” when really it’s just a tiny portion of who they actually are.

Leanne // is hilarious and unassuming. Do you follow her on snap chat? Then you may know. She is witty and never at the expense of others – she is so kind hearted.

Kailee //  is smart, savvy and such an inspiration to me. She NEVER complains online but her husband has been in medical school/residency for 9 years now and she has 4 kids! I mean she’s a freaking rock star and doesn’t pat her own back about it when she totally should.

Lisa // is strong. You could easily think her life is “charmed” when in reality it’s just her perseverance and fierce love for her kids that has made her have a life that you might envy. She’d give you the shirt off her back – in fact she offered to lend me the dress off her own body for a trip I had coming up ūüėČ

Merrick // is quietly confident. She is so humble but knows her boundaries. She knows that she’s doing the best she can and doesn’t carry guilt around her as a constant burden. She is light, easy and focused. She has so much I can learn from!

Omg this was long (as always) but hope you enjoy getting to know these women like I have!



Happy weekend everyone!! The first official weekend of Summer for a lot of you, yeah? Whether you love Summer or dread it you have all our love and support. Here’s what we’re thinking about this week:

NICOLE:Untitled-2Eating: After¬†a long search for my favorite popcorn, I’ve concluded that Amazon is the easiest and most reliable place to find it. The only issue (which I hardly see as an issue) is you have to buy a box of 12. HIT ME!

Wearing: These minimal pretty Ray Bans have made their way to the top of my ridiculous sunglass obsession. They are the least cool, and the most bangarang.

Feeling pretty chubby lately (maybe I should reconsider that 12 pack of popcorn?), but instead I just drape myself in a lot of overalls and jumpsuits. Here are a couple of my go-to’s this week. SO forgiving, and I’m so grateful. This one is on sale at Madewell and another Madewell fave *(not on sale but worth every penny).

For the hair: Im always interested in trying new dry shampoos. Up until now, this Living Proof has been my fave. But the scent of this Elizabeth and James has me swooning!


Wearing: This Fryday is basically a summary of all the things I’ve copied off my Small Fry girls this week. Ha! Sorry babes. Love Jenna’s Madewell vest and thinking it’s the perfect layer over all the loose dresses I’ve acquired this pregnancy. Hoping it helps with that awkward post-partum stage. 20% off right now!

And the aviators she posted about last week really are super incredible. I ordered them the second I saw her in LA and LOVE them! Awesome price, too!

Reading: I am such a binge reader. I either don’t read anything for months or I shuffle through several in a short span. We’re on the latter right now. Just finished Grace – A Memoir ¬†which is so fun to read for a retired stylist like myself. I definitely don’t miss those marathon photoshoots. Our Souls at Night, such a sweet, simple story that prompted me to start Plainsong by the same author. Ordered a bunch more in preparation for non-stop nursing, too! I’ll be sure to share how I like them!

Listening: Listened to this whole Nick Drake album while we roasted s’mores. It’s a good campfire album for sure!

Decorating: I love when people with great taste design something that fills a need of mine, it’s so convenient! Our friend and yours, Mandi of Vintage Revivals started selling these awesome temple prints (for any of you Mormons or LDS folk out there) and I just put mine up and LOVE it. You know how hard it can be to find religious art that also matches your design aesthetic but Mandi nailed it in my book!¬†//¬†Operation Baby Room is in crunch time. Snagged Indigo dyed curtains (on sale right now!) ¬†(lined them with a heavy blackout curtain behind) and at Nicole’s recc ordered the small version of this Sputnik chandelier. It’s the perfect size for a nursery! ¬†We just have a few more things to wrap up and we’ll be done! Phew.Vintage Revivals Shop


Untitled designREADING: I am LOVING this story called Sweet Thumb. It’s such a darling children’s story that teaches the importance of healthy foods in a fun way for kids. My boys loved reading¬†it as they’ve started to have an added interest in nutrition. It’s a great story to encourage good eating in kids!

LISTENING: I’ve been a podcast junkie the last few weeks and ones I’m loving are The Lively Show¬†for motivational/business and Actual Innocence for entertainment. You’ll be hooked. And I’ve been listening to them on the prettiest wireless headphones known to man kind. These rose gold ones I’m dying over.

EATING: If you follow me on @jennaskitchen I’ve been super in to Macros the last few weeks. I really like how it works and the challenge of trying to eat certain grams in certain categories (fat, carbs, protein.) The key to starting is a food scale and I love this one I found on Amazon. I also finally took the splurge on gold flatware and it’s gorgeous and makes all my meals brighter!

DECORATING: Just picked up this vase at Target, and since we recently saw Nate Berkus when we were in LA I feel like it’s made by my bestie!

Fit Fryday

Keeping with our Active Week theme we wanted to tailor today’s FRYday toward questions we get most often about our personal health and wellness. A peek into the day to day and what works for us and doesn’t! Ready?

 Must-have sneakers?sneakers(Pictured Top to Bottom)

Emily: If I am running (ha barely walking lately) I love this Adidas Fly Knit. Otherwise I’m a Nike monogamist. I love all the Air Max Thea’s¬†and if I’m just going for a sporty look but the shoes are coming off for Yoga or Barre I will forever love the Nike Blazer Mids. Just got these and love them!

Jenna:¬†1-¬†Nike Flyknit Roshe¬†// Andrew bought these for me recently and I am obsessed. Obviously they’re freaking amazing but more than good looking they are SO light and awesome to work out in. //¬†2-¬†Nike Free 5.0¬†// I love this shoe. I have it in the white/black and they’re so comfortable. //¬†3 –¬†New Balance¬†// I love a show that transitions from active to fashion and I feel like NB does that so beautifully.

Nicole: I am a Nike Free 5.0 collector. They’re so lightweight and easy. Love all three of these! Black // Red // and Print.

Best Work-Out Apparel? athletic
Jenna: My favorite workout gear is of course from lululemon. Obsessed with the High Times.
Nicole: Shorts for Running, Sweats for staying warm, the perfect jacket to feel polished in afterward.
Emily: Oh man I miss my high waisted leggings. That held everything in nice and tight? The best. For now, I am doing my best with the under the belly maternity collection at Target. I love over sized tank tops that hang nice and loose for up top.
Must-Have Work Out Accessories?
workout accesories
¬†Jenna: I feel like I’m always preaching about the¬†Hydro Flask…cause I am. It’s the water bottle I can’t live without. I love having¬†smaller dumb bells¬†at home,¬†exercise ball,¬†matt and my most important fitness gear of choice lately,¬†jump rope!
¬†Emily: Do I look tough in my white skeleton boxing gloves? Haha. Also can’t live without a nice yoga mat. I¬†can’t bring myself to use the gym’s. Also My Fitness Pal was an app that totally changed my way of going about fitness. Eating is such a huge factor in my success and although I don’t really limit myself (I’d rather die than diet) knowledge is power! I find it easier to make smarter choices¬†when I have it keeping track. I can make a smarter entree choice at a restaurant or see that I need to up my protein. Lastly, good music. Music that pumps me up and keeps me energized is everything. I could never run in silence. Anything from Sia to Rage Against the Machine.
Nicole: Perfect little headbands that go with everything and a foam roller to stretch out sore muscles and break up cellulite.
 What types of exercise have you tried in the past and what has stuck around as a favorite?
Emily: I swear I’ve tried it all. Pretty much any type of class offered at the gym. I fell in love and studied yoga when I was in college. Swimming, running, biking, kick boxing and lately being pregnant I am loving Karve (Ballet barre + Pilates). I get the best work-outs in a class setting with good music though!
Nicole: I LOVE when I get the opportunity to do Yoga, unfortunately I never get around to doing it on my own. I love to run, and most of all, spend time sweating in the sauna.
Jenna: OMG me too.¬†Seriously I love working out and being active! I’ve done diligently in my life Spin, Kickboxing, Crossfit, Pilates, Yoga, Running etc.. .Right now I’m doing the Sweat App (Kayla Itsines) and having a lot of success. For me right now it’s not a phase in my life where I have the time to drive to the gym and stay there an hour and a half. This work out is 30 min and I’m done – that’s all I can do for now and so I do it!
What is one food indulgence you have no self control with?
Emily: Mexican food, I am a bottomless pit in that arena. And baked goods. I keep baking myself batches of those no-bake cookies and I actually consumed 8 in one day. HELP!
Nicole: Doritos and more Doritos. I love chips. It’s horrible.
Jenna: Chips and Guacamole kill me. Like I could eat it for every meal.
What is one popular indulgence that doesn’t entice you at all?
Jenna:¬†¬†I can’t get behind cupcakes. They just don’t thrill me!
Emily: I don’t know if anyone else considers it an indulgence but I don’t drink soda, energy drinks or anything with caffeine in it. It makes my heart race and my eyes buggy and I feel jittery. I’m super sensitive to it and so I just avoid it at all costs. Instead of caffeine I just crash in the afternoon and have to nap. Usually just 20 minutes is all I can get, but it’s funny how I used to be embarrassed to admit it. Like running yourself ragged is a badge of honor or something. Naps for President!
Nicole: Ice Cream!
What would a typical day of meals look like for you?
Jenna: BREAKFAST is Avocado and Eggs on toast SNACKS: Muesli, fruit and yoghurt LUNCH Quinoa, Cucumber and Tomato salad SNACK 2: Lunch meat, hard boiled egg, veggies and almonds DINNER: Salmon, Brown rice, Veggies and fruit!

Nicole: ¬†A typical day of meals typically includes green smoothie in the morning, and usually a piece of Dave’s Famous Bread toasted with Tilamook butter.

Lunch, I try and eat at home as much as I can, but find myself eating out a lot. At home I make a lot of quinoa salads! Dinner is the hardest because at the end of the day I’m lazy. So we eat whatever is laying around. We try to have chicken and veggies (my kids hate fish and it kills me.)
Emily: This ALL depends on how stocked my fridge is but if I have the goods I like then BREAKFAST¬†is typically a banana and peanut butter or if I have more time Costco has whole grain waffles that are so good with that Kodiak berry syrup. My kids love egg in a frame, so I’ll make myself one too if they are requesting it. For LUNCH I love a good sandwich or wrap. I toast it up add turkey, cucumber, pickles, tomatoes, avocado, cheddar and a drizzle of honey mustard. DINNER we got out to eat a few times a week, or I make Mexican food (tacos and fajitas never get old) or we have “graze” nights where everyone eats what sounds good out the fridge. Once the kids go to bed I always treat myself to something sweet. I want nothing to do with it unless they’re actually asleep so I’ll wait until 10 pm if I have to to fully enjoy it. A baked good or ice cream, or Vanilla yogurt with whatever fruit we have around and the zest of a lime. Heaven!
What is one thing you’re proud of and one thing you want to master about your health?
Jenna: I am proud of my ability to stick with a program. I am sometimes in a phase where I eat all.the.things and that’s okay too!! We can only do so much and sometimes it’s not a phase in our life where we are kicking ass and taking names. But when I do decide to go for it – I go for it and that makes me feel proud!
Nicole I am proud of my Vitamin intake. I’m super consistant. I want to master¬†my water consumption. Some days I am REALLY great. And other days I drink none at all, and way too much Diet Coke.
Emily: This pregnancy all bets are off. Things I am usually proud of are nowhere to be found. Drinking water is hard for me, all I want to eat are carbs and working out is getting trickier and trickier. I loved reading this Nutrition Log on Cupcakes and Cashmere – so many things rang true for me. Like when her nutritionist kept saying “Where are the veggies?” and to stop saving sweets for only a reward or consolation and just owning it. “I wanted a donut, so I ate one.” ¬†I am up 17 pounds so far this pregnancy which is still in the normal range but just barely, so I am trying to find the balance of giving myself some slack and wanting to show self-control because I know I will be glad I did after the baby is born!
Phew! If you made it this far, bravo! We hope this answers some of those FAQs and if we forgot anything comment below! Happy FRYday!