Fit Fryday

Keeping with our Active Week theme we wanted to tailor today’s FRYday toward questions we get most often about our personal health and wellness. A peek into the day to day and what works for us and doesn’t! Ready?

 Must-have sneakers?sneakers(Pictured Top to Bottom)

Emily: If I am running (ha barely walking lately) I love this Adidas Fly Knit. Otherwise I’m a Nike monogamist. I love all the Air Max Thea’s and if I’m just going for a sporty look but the shoes are coming off for Yoga or Barre I will forever love the Nike Blazer Mids. Just got these and love them!

Jenna: 1- Nike Flyknit Roshe // Andrew bought these for me recently and I am obsessed. Obviously they’re freaking amazing but more than good looking they are SO light and awesome to work out in. // 2- Nike Free 5.0 // I love this shoe. I have it in the white/black and they’re so comfortable. // 3 – New Balance // I love a show that transitions from active to fashion and I feel like NB does that so beautifully.

Nicole: I am a Nike Free 5.0 collector. They’re so lightweight and easy. Love all three of these! Black // Red // and Print.

Best Work-Out Apparel? athletic
Jenna: My favorite workout gear is of course from lululemon. Obsessed with the High Times.
Nicole: Shorts for Running, Sweats for staying warm, the perfect jacket to feel polished in afterward.
Emily: Oh man I miss my high waisted leggings. That held everything in nice and tight? The best. For now, I am doing my best with the under the belly maternity collection at Target. I love over sized tank tops that hang nice and loose for up top.
Must-Have Work Out Accessories?
workout accesories
 Jenna: I feel like I’m always preaching about the Hydro Flask…cause I am. It’s the water bottle I can’t live without. I love having smaller dumb bells at home, exercise ball, matt and my most important fitness gear of choice lately, jump rope!
 Emily: Do I look tough in my white skeleton boxing gloves? Haha. Also can’t live without a nice yoga mat. I can’t bring myself to use the gym’s. Also My Fitness Pal was an app that totally changed my way of going about fitness. Eating is such a huge factor in my success and although I don’t really limit myself (I’d rather die than diet) knowledge is power! I find it easier to make smarter choices when I have it keeping track. I can make a smarter entree choice at a restaurant or see that I need to up my protein. Lastly, good music. Music that pumps me up and keeps me energized is everything. I could never run in silence. Anything from Sia to Rage Against the Machine.
Nicole: Perfect little headbands that go with everything and a foam roller to stretch out sore muscles and break up cellulite.
 What types of exercise have you tried in the past and what has stuck around as a favorite?
Emily: I swear I’ve tried it all. Pretty much any type of class offered at the gym. I fell in love and studied yoga when I was in college. Swimming, running, biking, kick boxing and lately being pregnant I am loving Karve (Ballet barre + Pilates). I get the best work-outs in a class setting with good music though!
Nicole: I LOVE when I get the opportunity to do Yoga, unfortunately I never get around to doing it on my own. I love to run, and most of all, spend time sweating in the sauna.
Jenna: OMG me too. Seriously I love working out and being active! I’ve done diligently in my life Spin, Kickboxing, Crossfit, Pilates, Yoga, Running etc.. .Right now I’m doing the Sweat App (Kayla Itsines) and having a lot of success. For me right now it’s not a phase in my life where I have the time to drive to the gym and stay there an hour and a half. This work out is 30 min and I’m done – that’s all I can do for now and so I do it!
What is one food indulgence you have no self control with?
Emily: Mexican food, I am a bottomless pit in that arena. And baked goods. I keep baking myself batches of those no-bake cookies and I actually consumed 8 in one day. HELP!
Nicole: Doritos and more Doritos. I love chips. It’s horrible.
Jenna: Chips and Guacamole kill me. Like I could eat it for every meal.
What is one popular indulgence that doesn’t entice you at all?
Jenna:  I can’t get behind cupcakes. They just don’t thrill me!
Emily: I don’t know if anyone else considers it an indulgence but I don’t drink soda, energy drinks or anything with caffeine in it. It makes my heart race and my eyes buggy and I feel jittery. I’m super sensitive to it and so I just avoid it at all costs. Instead of caffeine I just crash in the afternoon and have to nap. Usually just 20 minutes is all I can get, but it’s funny how I used to be embarrassed to admit it. Like running yourself ragged is a badge of honor or something. Naps for President!
Nicole: Ice Cream!
What would a typical day of meals look like for you?
Jenna: BREAKFAST is Avocado and Eggs on toast SNACKS: Muesli, fruit and yoghurt LUNCH Quinoa, Cucumber and Tomato salad SNACK 2: Lunch meat, hard boiled egg, veggies and almonds DINNER: Salmon, Brown rice, Veggies and fruit!

Nicole:  A typical day of meals typically includes green smoothie in the morning, and usually a piece of Dave’s Famous Bread toasted with Tilamook butter.

Lunch, I try and eat at home as much as I can, but find myself eating out a lot. At home I make a lot of quinoa salads! Dinner is the hardest because at the end of the day I’m lazy. So we eat whatever is laying around. We try to have chicken and veggies (my kids hate fish and it kills me.)
Emily: This ALL depends on how stocked my fridge is but if I have the goods I like then BREAKFAST is typically a banana and peanut butter or if I have more time Costco has whole grain waffles that are so good with that Kodiak berry syrup. My kids love egg in a frame, so I’ll make myself one too if they are requesting it. For LUNCH I love a good sandwich or wrap. I toast it up add turkey, cucumber, pickles, tomatoes, avocado, cheddar and a drizzle of honey mustard. DINNER we got out to eat a few times a week, or I make Mexican food (tacos and fajitas never get old) or we have “graze” nights where everyone eats what sounds good out the fridge. Once the kids go to bed I always treat myself to something sweet. I want nothing to do with it unless they’re actually asleep so I’ll wait until 10 pm if I have to to fully enjoy it. A baked good or ice cream, or Vanilla yogurt with whatever fruit we have around and the zest of a lime. Heaven!
What is one thing you’re proud of and one thing you want to master about your health?
Jenna: I am proud of my ability to stick with a program. I am sometimes in a phase where I eat all.the.things and that’s okay too!! We can only do so much and sometimes it’s not a phase in our life where we are kicking ass and taking names. But when I do decide to go for it – I go for it and that makes me feel proud!
Nicole I am proud of my Vitamin intake. I’m super consistant. I want to master my water consumption. Some days I am REALLY great. And other days I drink none at all, and way too much Diet Coke.
Emily: This pregnancy all bets are off. Things I am usually proud of are nowhere to be found. Drinking water is hard for me, all I want to eat are carbs and working out is getting trickier and trickier. I loved reading this Nutrition Log on Cupcakes and Cashmere – so many things rang true for me. Like when her nutritionist kept saying “Where are the veggies?” and to stop saving sweets for only a reward or consolation and just owning it. “I wanted a donut, so I ate one.”  I am up 17 pounds so far this pregnancy which is still in the normal range but just barely, so I am trying to find the balance of giving myself some slack and wanting to show self-control because I know I will be glad I did after the baby is born!
Phew! If you made it this far, bravo! We hope this answers some of those FAQs and if we forgot anything comment below! Happy FRYday!


Happy Easter weekend, everyone! We’ve got egg hunts, and dyeing, and church on the agenda and hope you all have a wonderful Holiday with your families! Here’s what we’ve been thinking about this week.

Emily:FRYdayWearing: Maybe my most random Fryday find, but these underwear filled a MAJOR need at this house. My boys basically refuse to wear underwear, they complain it’s too tight, too loose, too itchy, and they in general just prefer nudity.  I found these seamless briefs and they LOVE them! They’re soft, stretchy, no tags or seams and I feel like such a better parent sending them to school without little plumber’s cracks! If they are electing to put undies on without being asked, you know it’s big. // For me, loving this new scent Bamboo by Gucci, it’s perfect for Summer! Smells incredible.

Using: I think like most people who have tried to switch to an all-natural deodorant, I’ve tried a lot that just don’t work, or even almost seem to work worse than wearing nothing at all. So two very trusted sources (The Beyouty Bureau and my all-natural, wiser sister Charity) both mentioned this brand within a week of each other and I Primed this baby so fast! It’s not cheap, but it works, and take it from me, save your money trying to find an alternative. Unless you like smelling like a bowl of soup with just a hint of lavender.

Reading: We had a long drive to California last week for our trip to Disneyland and Russ and I listened to David & Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell. Mind blown! It’s all about our perception of strength, weakness, advantage and disadvantage. We both loved it, my way of thinking about so many things was altered and shifted and it’s just such an incredible presentation of information. It’s my first encounter with Malcolm Gladwell so maybe all his books are this way, but if so I’m a huge fan. Check it out for yourself!

Listening: I love a good pun and Chet Faker is really doing it for me. Also love a good cover (see this playlist for proof) and “No Diggity” makes me so happy.

Decorating: Target always slays, but three in particular had me palpitating. Target bill is for sure high this month. This outdoor Carag rope set (on sale!), this wood planter stand (Modernica vibes!), and a set of these happy lumbar pillows in my favorite accent color scheme: obnoxious pinks and oranges. 😉 All three are on sale, they’ve got a great little deal going now 15% off $100 for furniture!

Feeling: I thought I was in the clear pregnancy-sicnkess-wise and then I’ve had a few days in a row of nausea and throwing up and it’s seriously putting me into a depression! Happy 26 weeks, sarcastically. On a better note we are starting to get our projects in order to get the nursery ready! So exciting! Nesting is such a helpful undeniable feeling.


Reading: Another set of coffee table beauts, of course. Slim Aarons is the photographer of my dreams. Here and here.

Wearing: Everyone that sees this blouse asks how to find it. Well, its as easy as Zara! // Super excited for summer for so many reasons. One being my second new love next to skiing, Tennis! My family has a court and I figure this is the year to start using it. My boys want to learn so I’m diving head first in with them. Tennis outfit of my dreams: Top // Skirt
Decorating: A new rug seems to update an entire room! This one goes in my room! And this one is perfect for our gathering area.


Wearing: First of all, these sunglasses! They are perfect, so sturdy, for sure the more luxe feeling sunglasses I own. Second, Andrew is a Nike addict and has been spoiling me with some goods lately! I finally have acquired some good white shoes, these! They are SO pretty. I’ve committed to just wearing them for indoor workouts (for now) because I want to keep them pristine. Any thoughts on how to wear white athletic shoes outside and not destroy them? Nikes

I’ve been purging my closet like an insane person and trying to be super conscious of buying really quality pieces that be a part of my wardrobe forever. I’m not ready to launch in to a capsule wardrobe yet but I’m headed that way! I’ve been acquiring really great pieces from Madwell. It’s one of my favorite placed to shop because the clothing is SUCH great quality and classic. This dress is so incredible and I”ve had so many compliments on it:Rammell Family
 This shirt has become a new staple for me and I’m obsessed with it!. Also the Madewell Courier Shirt is absoloutely one of my favorites and I have it now in four colors. It’s SO classic and the fit is perfect. It’s an absolute must have for your Spring/Summer wardrobe.
Petunia Pickle Bottom Event
Guys I’ve basically stopped reading and watching TV all together. I now ONLY listen to Periscope, Podcasts and Music! It’s insane. I”ve been loving filling my mind with really powerful knowledge as I move through my day. People have SO MANY great things to say it’s unbelievable! Also – listening to Justin Bieber on repeat today as I”m still on a high from his concert last night!
Decorating: Omg you guys my Minted print I got it’s sooooo good. It seriously changes the WHOLE feeling of our home and I. am . obsessed!!!! I feel SO calm when I sit down and look at it. It’s enormous. Here is a tip though, I thought I was going to save money by not having Minted frame it but it’s actually WAY cheaper to do it that way then at Michaels. Omg get me in to the custom framing business because it is EXPENSIVE. Also I’ve been obsessively buying salt lamps. I’m officially hitting witch craft status.
Better! I’ve been sick this week and omg a Mom cold is the.very.worst right?? Apple Cider Vinegar SAVED me. I take it daily but upping it to 4 x a day I swear help me break through faster!
So many Acai bowls. I’ve started making them at home and it’s helped me with my food budget and time as well! xo


Happy weekend everyone! We are extra excited because both Nicole and Emily are heading down to California and the Small Fry fam will be together again at last. We’ll be sure to share the fun but face time is always the best and vital for our work morale. Who are we kidding, we’re besties and what other reason is there?
Wearing: ALERT! Karen Walker’s are finally at Nordstrom. They’ve been hard to track down where we live so yay! Love these. // Also soaking up my last few skiing days. It was so hot yesterday I had to shed my layers and just wear this vest!
Contemplating: Permanent makeup brows! I know, I’m shocked too!! But her work is incredible. Have any of you tried it? Check out her instagram at @allure.artistry or her site.
Anticipating: LDS General Conference. It’s literally my favorite holiday!
Reading: ANOTHER new coffee table book! Can’t be stopped!

frydayWearing: I am obsessed with really easy dresses that make it simple for me to function as a Mom but also feel put together. I’ve found a couple that fit the bill. When I am buying a dress like this they may be a little bit more expensive but I consider then a staple in my close that will last forever. This T-Shirt dress is soft, cozy and so flattering. It’s seriously the BEST summer dress. // Look no further because I have found the BEST summer sandal and for $22! Target come THROUGH! Love these so much. You can dress them up or down and they’re SO comfortable.

Decorating: I’ve been loving working on my mantle for spring! Of course everything is pretty much from Target! This wood vase has been so good to me and transitions through every season. This egg and these. Super cool too but when you use the code HOMESTYLE you get 10% off!
Feeling:  A lot! Ha! I love these moments we get on our Fryday’s to sit and reflect on our week because so much can change in a week. One week I can feel totally in control and high on life and the next week I’m like ALL THE THINGS ARE WRONG! Trying to gain control of a very busy life and looking forward to a happy positive week ahead! And a weekend spent with my SF babes who are coming to town!
Eating: Clean. It’s horrible. But I started BBG with the “Sweat” app and I feel the old motivated Jenna coming back and that’s super exciting!

Working It Out: I’ve recently purchased this awesome work out bundle. I’m trying to work out more at home and it’s super awesome, convenient but still freaking hard. I love that it uses resistance and your own body weight to really give you a killer workout. There’s tons of cool tips on the site and it’s a cool little startup so an incredible company to support.


Wearing: I swore off the resurgence of overalls when they started popping up a few years ago. But I don’t know why the pregnant belly has me reconsidering. I am bringing these on our trip and am still not sure, but I know they’re friggin’ comfortable. I’ll be sure to post and we can all chuckle together. H&M is proving to run a size bigger than everywhere else for me, so maybe size up? Also BEST news, they finally started accepting onli
ne returns in the store. Welcome to 2016 H&M!

Thrilled About: Another hilarious pregnancy purchase, the HOLO! You gotta say it like “Hoooo-Loooo” Yolo-style. All I want for my last few months of pregnancy is to just lay on my stomach. I am so looking forward to soaking in the pool in this baby. You literally stick your belly into the hole and lay down. Genius invention!

Reading: Heading out on a road trip and I need a good audio book! I feel like there’s an art to a good audio book and want recommendations! Any ideas to keep both me and my husband entertained? This list looks promising!

Listening: You guys are always so nice about my music picks. Love it! For those who asked I try and keep this playlist updated with favorites — follow along if you’d like! Loving Flume and a couple by Chet Faker this week!

Feeling: My siblings (well 4 of the 6) are finally kicking off our hopeful tradition of a sibling and cousin trip this week! We’re meeting at the beach and Disneyland (don’t tell my kids, last thing I need is the incessant when are we going to Disney questions) and I am so excited! My parents divorced when most of us were adults and trying to reconfigure how are family works without two parents that speak to one another 😉 at the head has been a learning experience for sure. We’re all taking charge and it should be fun!



Another weekend here! Here’s what we’ve been loving and thinking about!

JENNA:jfryWearing: Okay I’ve been on a “spending freeze” of sorts but found myself at Old Navy recently dying over EVERYTHING! Seriously they’ve done such a good job this season and everything is 40% off right now! I grabbed these high waisted bottoms, this awesome poncho, these neon pink sandals and this killer shirt.

Reading: I am reading and re reading this book I recommended a few weeks ago. I really can’t tell you enough how it’s changed the experience in our home! Everyone, including myself are happier!

Listening: Well mostly Periscope. Honestly I’ve stopped watching TV or listening to Podcasts so much since I follow some amazingly inspirational people on that app. I LOVE IT!

Decorating: I just got this art print framed and I’m dying to have it done and up in my room!! Can’t wait to see it!! Also have this rug on the way! More on both these items later!!

Watching: The Bachelor. Always.

Feeling: At peace. Since I weaned Lolly and went on our trip to the Philippines I’ve had terrible anxiety. From what I’ve researched and read online it’s really common to feel this way when you stop nursing. I’ve been doing some natural things to regulate my hormones and am also seeing a naturopath! Anyone have experience with this? It is getting better and I’m glad to have relief and looking forward to feeling all the way better!


emfryWearing: With our girlfriends’ trip to Vegas last week I basically just took dresses. Loved each of these options and how easily they could be dressed up or down depending on where we were headed. Loved this off the shoulder pool cover-up, the laser cut detailing on this blue dress, and this red number is so slimming!

Reading: Finished All the Light We Cannot See. I’ve read a lot of World War II books and this had such a fresh perspective for me. From Hitler’s acquisition of valuable art to the preparation of Nazi soldiers as young as 12. It was so thought-provoking! Beautiful writing, too – of course, he won the Pulitzer.

Listening: While in Vegas eating (of course) I heard this song – Happiest Man on Earth by Broken Back. It stopped us all in our tracks. Downloaded it immediately. Don’t you love it when that happens?

Decorating: You can see from my Instagram here, but even though we don’t have a gender yet, I’ve been haphazardly collecting things for the nursery. I loved using Framebridge’s service to frame my Parisian Souvenir. You mail your art in and they frame and ship it back! I picked up this Map of Paris from Minted and these plexi Cacti from Love and Victory! What this nursery will end up as I have no idea. But it’s a happy, sentimental start!

Watching: My buddy Kimmy recommended this show to me after we both loved Grand Hotel — Velvet! Have you seen it? Based around a fashion house in the 1950’s and I’m on episode 1 but already loving it. So far up my alley! Subtitles but get on board, people!

Feeling: Mild panic? Trying to pace myself and take one day at a time, but the next couple months are crazy! Next up, a surprise trip to Disney for my boys with most of their cousins!  Park Savers to the rescue, as always!

Eating: Had to update for those who asked – we tried the rest of the Good Table’s crusts from our partnership this month and they are killer! My kids love Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce and this Peanut Crust for chicken was a huge hit! Hayes loves salmon, but that’s about it fish wise, so we snuck this Lemon and Herb crust on tilapia and they both went to town. Sweet! Find our original post and printable here!unnamed


Decorating: As you all know by now, I have an affintiy for coffee table books. This is my latest love, for any Apple lover!
Wearing: I’ve been wanting a new fresh lip color for spring. I spotted this on our trip to Vegas over the weekend and it seemed perfect! It’s ultra wear and stays for HOURS. // Also just bought these (i bought the black ones last year and loved them so much i needed Tortoise as well). I think it was a really good move.
Drinking: I learned about Soma last year when I went on a retreat they sponsored in San Francisco. Never have I loved a water filtering system like I love this. IT’S GORGEOUS! I love having it on the table for get-togethers. People always ask me about it, so I thought id shout it from the rooftops here.


Another weekend is here! Here’s what we’re thinking about this week. We’ll see you back here Monday, have a good one!!


Wearing: Who knew a pair of destroyed denim was such a novelty for a pregnant person. Thanks H&M for not forgetting about the bumpy ladies. I bought both of these and love them! The dark blue was super long, and needs a couple rolls, but the light blue is nice and cropped for warm weather.

Reading: About a 1/4th of the way through this and it’s getting real good. Such a beautiful father/daughter relationship. I’ll let you know how to plays out, but I recommend so far!

Listening: Come Save Me by Jagwar Ma! Such a fun song and perfect for the warmer days ahead. Two days this week were in the low fifties and I couldn’t be happier. Sunroof open, short sleeves. Utahans are known for taking fifty degree weather too far, ha!

Decorating: I never knew how often I’d need a globe with my inquisitive 4 & 5 year olds. After I bought this I have referenced it countless times. Such a great deal, too!

Watching: Broad City is back and I couldn’t be happier.

Feeling: Knock on wood, but I finally turned a corner with my “morning” sickness! I’m almost one week puke free! Hallelujah. It was an intensely long 21 weeks. Healthy food is starting to taste good and water doesn’t unsettle my stomach.


SWITCHING: I’ve recently axed Diet Coke from my diet. Not completely. Maybe a can a week or so, but, I’ve replaced it with this beauty and a whole lot of water. By some magical miracle the ice stays frozen all day long! Even in the heat of the sun.
RUNNING:  I LIVE in my running shoes, and have created quite the addict of myself. These are the newest and greatest.
ADDING: This fragrance is a favorite of mine, I’ve worn the perfume for a few years now, but have discovered the body cream and fallen hard for it.
VOUCHING: We have talked about this before, but if you haven’t converted… NOW IS THE TIME. This deodorant is a GAME CHANGER! I live for it. Iftact,  I’m almost out and starting to panic! Ordering now!
DECORATING: I have been a life long fan of the Volcano candles, and still am! However a new scent is liberating once in a while. Here is my new go to. Voluspa has lots of wonderful scents, but this is my very favorite. AND, the wax is black and so gorgeous out on the table!

Wearing:  I’ve been in super sick mode lately so it’s been all PJ’s all the time. I love these sweats with my T by Wang favorite black shirt because it looks like I kind of sort have my life together when I don’t at all. 😉

Reading: I recently started this book which I’m obsessing over. I feel like a generally happy person, but this one gives me even more insight in to what happy people do in their daily life and how it supports then in work environment and psychology.
Listening: Bieber all day every day. I am going to his concert in March and Also Serial season 2! And if you were in to season 1 there are updates on Adnan’s case coming through on this season and it’s so crazy. SOMEONE JUST TELL ME IF HE’S GUILTY.
Decorating: I am on somewhat of a self induced spending fast. Not just for financial gain, but because maybe I am a hoarder? Seriously my house is clean but my closest are in SHAMBLES. It’s killing me and making me so anxious. So this week I got a label maker and these bins and plan on tackling my house slowly but surely. Any organizational tips out there or websites to help navigate your home? Any advice appreciated!
Feeling: Rested after our recent trip to the Philippines! It was incredible and I fell in love with the country. But I came back with some crazy bug and mastitis so I’ve taken the week trying to get my Zen back! Glad to be back in real life.
Eating: See above, so nothing. The one thing that has made me feel a lot better is Kombucha which I particularly love with chia seeds…it’s so awesome for gut health.



So happy to see the weekend here! With Monday off + Valentine’s Day ahead we have no plans but taking it super easy. Here’s what we’re thinking about this week:

I used to snowboard quite a bit when I was younger, but making the switch to skiing this season! I am loving it! Such an exciting way to get through these tough post-Christmas Winter months! WEARING: These overalls are slim fit and tuck right into my boots. Love the zipper options, too! I know I’ve shared it before, but this jacket is still perfect for all Wintry occasions.
MOMMING IN: Loving these sneakers for going out and about or just cleaning at home.
OBESSED: If you need a scent to get your man this Valentine’s or really any old reason, this is it! Smells amazing.
SLEEPING IN: I live for a good pajama set. I look forward to getting into them everyday! This set from Target is so cute and dirt cheap.

Wearing: Asos Maternity gives me life. So many super afforadable, on-trend pieces! I wear this skirt tucked over my belly at least once a week. $21, can you beat that? // Obsessed with this Poppy lip Kendall Jenner is repping. It might more for a brunette, but I don’t care. I ordered this dupe from Topshop for half the price. Both are amazing!

Reading: It’s my turn to pick which book we read for my book club this next week and I need recs! So far the top of my list is She’s Come Undone by Wally Lamb, The Dud Avocado by Elaine Dundy, Fates & Furies by Lauren Groff. Help!

Listening: Loving the Reply All Podcast! I am not very far into yet, but every episode is charming. Super funny and smart and based around technology, but you hardly notice it just feels really topical to life in the 21st century.

Decorating: Is 20 weeks early to be nesting? I have been organizing and cleaning like mad. We don’t even know the gender yet (finding out in 4 more weeks, trying to wait a bit longer this time around) which is making it hard. First up was making some changes to the room that we are in the most – the big open space that is our dining and family room combined! Traded our huge rectangle dining table for a more sleek Tulip table, I love the round so much more and its so much more compact! And a big enough Coffee table for all of us to snack, play toys, and kick our feet up on.

Watching: Have you partaken of the beauty that is BBC’s War & Peace Miniseries? OH MY!! It’s on Lifetime too so you can catch it On Demand, but I loved every second. It’s so beautifully shot, the acting was pretty amazing and it leaves out all the lengthy social commentary that made it so hard for me to read in college.

Feeling: I have got the SADD hardcore this year. This Winter is a slow death when you can’t really do anything outside safely as a big preg! We’ve got a trip planned for each month until we can guarantee warmth (May, womp womp) hopefully to keep our (my) spirits up!


WEARING: I never thought I would be caught DEAD in leopard pajamas but now these ones I was gifted are seriously ALL I WEAR. I’ve had thousands of pairs of this exact PJ, but I’m telling you the Leopard print is somehow softer, cozier and obviously more obnoxious which I’m always about. OBSESSED.

I haven’t splurged on a good swimsuit in a while but I think a sleek black one piece is always worth the $$. Love this one I recently got! It fits so awesome!
I’ve been doing some major Lululemon shopping lately (I’m not proud) but they always seem to get me. The best new pair I have are the high times. I’m SO OBSESSED. They tuck me in the places I hate and make me feel so cozy. They are my workout pants, my errand pants, my traveling pants, my everything pants. And that’s how I justify the price!!
READING: I’ve recently started reading full length books to my kids because they’re obsessed. We got this edition of Harry Potter and they love it because it’s illustrated! While they’re still learning how to imagine, these pictures help them capture the magic!
I’ve been looking for a parenting book to help me as my boys get older. They’re really getting to an age of understanding and I need to be able to communicate with them better. So far the lessons I’ve learned from this book are really valuable. I recommend buying the actual book because there are prompts and workshopping that helps you.

FRYday at Alt

Today’s FRYday is all about our weekend at Alt Summit! This being their last conference in Salt Lake City (basically our hometown) and also Emily’s 30th birthday we knew we wanted to make it happen. We have such great memories at Alt in the passed and this year was no exception. Next year in Palm Springs is sure to be the same! Here’s what we packed:Alt Summit


WEARING: 1. I am obsessed with this top and I just discovered it in white too! Need them both .And at this price point it’s totally doable. 2. Look no further, I have found THE PERFECT T!!!! YES it’s expensive, but look you’ve bought 12 black tees this year so let’s just count this as the one that will last forever okay?! BUTTERY soft, perfect length, perfect cut on the arm. Perfect. Just perfect. Okay? Stop worrying and just do it – you’ll thank me later.

3.Okay obviously black was a huge theme for me this year because I”m still dealing with a post baby body I’m not familiar with. Black helps take the guessing game out too! It’s always stylish and classic and everything goes together. I haven’t taken the plunge on a good pair of jeans in FOREVER and I’m so glad I did. There really is such a difference in a quality pair of denim. Seriously I LOVE these.
USING: Answering a ton of questions here, because I recently did a Periscope on my makeup routine and I want to break it down for y’all who watched!
 Jenna's Makeup Routine
This Primer gives me LIFE. It gives such a beautiful glow to your skin. I love it so much. NARS Sheer Foundation is a came charger. I’ve been wanting a foundation with more coverage and this totally does the trick without being too heavy! This concealer is my favorite because it has a perfect yellow tune and calms down red spots and is LONG lasting – seriously the pot will last you a life time, mine has lasted two years now. This TARTE blush in tipsy and BB Bronzer are also a favorite!! Of course you need Anastasia Brow Pomade but to take it next level invest in the brush – I Just did and I don’t have ANY idea why I didn’t before.Alt Summit
For our first dinner I wore the thing I wear pretty much everyday (thanks to Nicole for the find!) a swing turtleneck with Jcrew Toothpick Maternity Jeans and Over the Knee Boots. It’s so great for the stage when your belly isn’t nice and round and still a little flabby. It hides it all! I got every color from Zara, but they’re gone now – sad! Asos has a few similar styles that are crazy cheap though. // For our day of classes and meetings I wore this floral dress, these split shaft boots (which are the best deal in town and such great quality!) and this two-tone cross body bag! // Then for the Starrry Night party I kept it easy in all black but made it special with these glitter platforms! Such a steal and pretty comfortable, considering.
Alt Summit
[With our Chapbooks and Raising Wild fam! Check out  RW’s  new suit – perfect for V-Day, no?]
You all know how I love a bold lip so I alternated between Pure Zen
during the day, and Diva and So Chaud at night.
Also it should be noted that we received the most amazing gift bag from our dinner with Collectively! I’ve been using all the products since and wanted to share:      Collectively Swag
Bare Escentuals new line of facial care. This cleanser gets my face feeling so clean an soft and the moisturizer is one of the few I’ve tried that doesn’t feel like it leaves a film or residue. Also been loving Kleenex’s new exfoliating pads and make-up removing cloths. The packaging is so great, too. They also gave us a few products to try from Living Proof! Jenna has been raving since she worked with them for this post and she’s right, everything is amazing! Also another gift to note is the Rosy Lip balm from Vaseline. I love anything rose and this has been vital for my dry Winter lips. You can get it at any drug or Target style store.
WEARING: I’m on an Overall kick – love this pair! For our first Alt dinner I wore it with this perfect tee. // The next day in my favorite high waisted denim with this rad sweater. It’s only $35 and still comes in every size, which is such great luck! // And for the evening those favorite high waists in black with my new (old) obsession: the body suit! It’s so feminine and slimming for a high waist pant. Love this one, and I have these two (1, 2) as well! I wore a version of these boots all weekend long, mine are sold out but these are awesome, too!
 Alt Summit

What I’m Taking With Me: Nicole

Last stop on our 2015 recap and what we’re bringing with us into 2016 is Nicole!

For My Face: You can read up all about my nightly routine in this post, and taking that time for myself will be something I continue to do. I look forward to it so much! A few reminders, Riiviva’s Microdermabrasion Kit does absolute wonders and I love to cap it off and sleep in this Korres Rose Night Mask, smells amazing and is so great for dry Winters.Taking It With Me

For My Body: It might sound silly but an at-home Spray Tan Machine has been one of my favorite purchases this year! I just like to be a little sun-kissed but I hate wrinkles, so this gives me one without the damage sun exposure can bring. I swap sprays with a friend and love it! Also my newest scent from Jo Malone, it smells incredible!

For My Health: The last few months I have really focused on drinking more water and less soda. It actually is the only reason I’ve shed about 10 pounds as well. I can’t explain it but I’ll take those benefits any day! I know most will roll their eyes, but in my case it has been very true. The trick for me is super cold and refreshing and easy to carry around. This White Hydroflask fits all those requirements.

For My Closet: This Winter me and the boys all got Patagonia Nano Puff jackets and its been awesome. They’re so lightweight, but absolutely warm. Easy to stuff in  a backpack, grab and go and lasts even into the Spring months but isn’t too much bulk. My size, and the boys size. Kids are $30 off right now here! nic

For My Kids: Even if I don’t talk about or show typical signs of being stressed, my kids can definitely sense that energy in me. In 2016 I want to make my home as peaceful as it can possibly be. I’ve noticed such a difference in how they react when I’m peaceful.

Lesson Learned: I read Co-Dependent No More this past year and it taught me so much. It is such a great read for anyone who’s dealt with addiction or the addictions of loved ones. It’s more than just for addiction, really any relationship where the other person’s problems are becoming your problems in an unhealthy way. Check it out!

Taking With Me: I am really just ready to take my people with me – the people who are fun and don’t weigh me down. Who are happy regardless of trials and can maintain a positive outlook when things get rough.

Taking it With Me: Jenna

Next up on our mini 2015 recap Fryday series is Jenna! Things acquired and learned in 2015 that she’ll be taking into this new year.jfry

For my face: Okay the secret’s out and here is what changed my skin this year. It’s two fold 1. Rodan and Fields and 2. Hydrofacials from Spa Trouve. Okay wait third thing, Microdermabrasion. Contact my girl Kylie and tell her I sent you – she can help hook you up with the same schedule I use. Also, call Spa Trouve if you’re a Utah local and get a hydro facial…IT’S LIFE CHANGING!

For my health: This year was a year of changes for me as we welcomed our third baby in to the family. Until you’ve had three kids I don’t know that you quite understand the adjustment it can be – at least I didn’t. So while I haven’t had the time I’d like to work out, eating well is still a huge priority for me. Additionally the he best thing I’ve ever done for my health is of course essential oils. I’ve taken these from year to year and there isn’t any stopping me now – they are truly life changing for our family.
For my body: Dry Brushing! I know it sounds wack a doodle but I’ve LOVED it. Here is the one I use. When you dry brush it drains the lymphatic system and is so good for skin health and kidneys!
For my  home:  I’ve loved finding new ways to make our rental home cozy. It may be “temporary” but doesn’t feel that way at all. We’ve been here over a year and I love that it feels like home. My new rug, bedpicnic table and Letter Folk board are some of my favorite purchases this year.
For my well-being: This has been a year of discovering how I can have mental well-being, silence and joy all in the amidst of a chaotic life. It may sound silly but an evening bath has been so much a part of the serenity I’ve found. I’m obsessed with the Zoe Organics Bath Soak and this waterproof speaker. I hook up podcasts from Brene Brown, my church leaders and Ted Talks and soak. I meditate, I pray and I have a minute to myself. It really has been an enriching thing to do for myself every day if I can.
For my kids: My kids have been SO in to this weather we have here in Southern California. It’s been so fun to be able to scoot and bike ride any time of the year.
Lesson Learned: 2015 was a year of independence and growth for me. I learned how TRULY capable and strong I am. With no family close by we did it all on our own and met friends a long the way who loved us and supported us. I learned that my critics don’t count and that I am brave enough to do anything. In 2016 I hope to better hone the craft of saying no. To set boundaries for myself and keep them, without feeling guilty.
Letting go of: Saying Sorry. I’m sorry about everything. I’m sorry I didn’t shower, I’m sorry I was late, I’m sorry I’m sorry. ALWAYS SORRY. Saving my sorries for the stuff that matters and giving myself grace to stop apologizing all the time.

FRYday: Taking It With Me 2016

Good morning! To sort of recap the last year for all of us, we are focusing the next few Frydays solely on things we discovered in 2015 that are so wonderful we’ll keep on using them in 2016. Whether it’s material or a more figurative gem, this is the best of our two thousand fifteens. Emily is up first!

In 2016 I’m taking these things with me from last year …

For my face: Proper exfoliating, something I hadn’t been doing often enough but have seen awesome results last year! Love this all-natural one, and if you don’t like it you have 60 days money back guarantee. Thatcher’s Rose Petal Witch Hazel, I love the smell and the old time pharmacy branding. // 2015 the year of the brow, right? I don’t see myself stopping the fill-in, and just ran out of AB’s Dip Brow Pomade, I use blonde. // My husband brought this home for my dry Winter Desert lips and it’s amazing! Say Yes to Coconut Cooling Oil. Sounds crazy but it works so good.em2016

For my body: This pregnancy I have not been able to eat as healthy as I normally do, so I sort of have to make up for it in other ways. 😉 I’ve found my way back to yoga and that focused stretching and strengthening has been so great for my growing bod. Even more than physically, struggling with even more rampant anxiety while pregnant – it’s become mandatory.

For my home: Got rid of my microwave, and became and OCD recycler. Ha! Switched out my cleaning supplies for more eco-friendly family safe brands. Really just attempted to make more environmentally-friendly decisions and found it to be easy to do. I might not use the most/best/greenest products available, but they’re effective and convenient for me and all better than what we were using before. A win! These specifically work amazing, or even better than what I had before!  Honest Window Cleaner // Mrs Meyers Toilet Bowl //  Tubby Todd Hair & Body Wash //


For my well-being: I heard this poem by Tyler Knott Gregson, “Promise me you will not spend so much time treading water and trying to keep your head above the waves that you forget, truly forget, how much you have always loved to swim.”

Promise Me

This hit me hard on so many levels. So many things I love to do I let become heavy. Even amazing things, even things I wanted to do my whole life, like be a mom. Sure, things ARE heavy some times, but this is such a great reminder to keep things in perspective.

For my kids: In my rush to get “it” all done, I noticed I was also rushing past certain aspects of my conversations with my boys. Skipping to the moral of the story, skipping to the discipline, skipping past patience. I focused last year on “Validating First” meaning before I do anything else, I validate their feelings and then move to the next step. Sometimes when I’m puzzled about parenting, the only thing I can think to do is to treat them how I want to be treated, and nothing feels better than being validated, right? I noticed such a huge difference in how they accept things they don’t want to hear if they are validated first. I want to keep this as a focus always!
For my closet: Forgetting about that badge of honor from past pregnancies — “I wore my regular pants until ___ weeks!” or “I never bought a single maternity top” Whatever! My stomach was popping out at the gate, I guess that’s what happens when you’ve done this a few times before. I’m investing in maternity clothes that I love and that are comfortable and not feeling bad about it for one second. Jcrew Toothpick Maternity jeans are new for me, and are my favorite. I am not tall, but I get the tall size when I want them to hit past my ankle, but I love them cropped too for Spring! We’ve got a few big events this month so I’ll be sharing lots more and how they look on. Stay tuned!jeans
Lesson learned: I know most people don’t have any problem with this, but this last year I had to really learned and be coached (there’s me talking about therapy again) on how to set boundaries. I have a handful of relationships in my life that just don’t respond to them (or respond poorly), so while I know exactly what boundaries I want for myself, I had to be taught how to enforce them and not feel guilty about it. Yeah, almost 30 over here. It’s never too late to learn something new, right?

Letting go of: My twenties! I turn 30 in a few weeks and as I reflect on my twenties, it makes me tired. It was such an emotional decade, with family craziness from start to finish. Besides that, I hustled so, so hard. I worked full-time through school, always had styling jobs, photoshoots, gigs on the side, side projects and markets. I put myself out there in every way, nearly everyday. My every thought was written into a blog post or tweet or Instagram. I feel proud of all I was able to do! I just feel differently now. Of course I want to work hard and be successful, but I just have to reign it in. I can’t do and be everything, and for the first time in my adulthood, I don’t want to! Hoping this new mellowed out Emily lasts, because I am enjoying this slower pace and this more private, edited life.

Happy weekend, everyone! We hope you all have a chance to reflect on your 2015 gems, and share them here!