FRYday: Emily

My first couple years as a mother were an absolute whirlwind. I graduated college, and had my first baby, Hayes, a couple months later. When Hayes was seven months old I found out I was pregnant again and Callum came three weeks early putting them at just sixteen months apart. Even down to Cal’s thirty minute long birth, a birth so fast I couldn’t have had an epidural if I tried, everything in my life was intensely occupied in the care and welfare of these two boys. And now here I am, writing about my baby’s upcoming second birthday. Time has escaped me!

It’s raining outside just as it was the afternoon he was born. A cold day in July. When Callum came he was quickly nicknamed “Honeyman” for his sweet and easy going temperament. Now at nearly two years old, he has traded honey for spice. If Hayes is a mini-me, Cal is everything I’m not, and being his mother absolutely thrills me because I truly have no idea what I’m doing with this one. I find myself with stars in my eyes at this little stranger, whose antics are completely unfamiliar. It amazes me how I can have two boys who I love, who love one another, but couldn’t be more different. It reaffirms to me that we are all so unique and each have something amazing to offer the world. I hope you’ll forgive me for the departure from the regular FRYday posts, because there’s really no better way to celebrate an upcoming birthday then with a birth day film! My awesome brother Collin filmed this for us and it is one of my most prized possessions!


Cal de Lune // Frame family from Collin Kartchner on Vimeo.



Jenna also had an unmedicated birth with her baby Jude, and shares it over at In Honor of Design.

Nicole shared our Cereal Box Jet Packs tutorial live with Fresh Living on CBS this week. Check out her segment here.

Our friend Jillee had a party for local bloggers and Small Fry and other familiar faces were interviewed for the Daily Dish. Check it out here.

Check out more films by Collin at Collin Kartchner Studios.

FRYday: Lights Out, Mom’s Out!

Last week we took a stab at our first night out for our fellow local bloggers. We have such an amazing community of artists, crafters, authors, designers, entrepreneurs, and getting them all together under one roof is so inspiring! We teamed up with local dessert shop Decadence Cafe and tried to spoil them all as best we could. We had our favorite Decadence desserts – Coco Loco Frappe (all their drinks are made from cocoa beans and an awesome coffee-free alternative) and their cookies, brownies, cupcakes, and ice cream will blow your mind! They have 50% off Monday-Thursday from 4 to 6 pm, don’t ask how often we’re finding ourselves going through the drive-thru at those hours. Stop by and tell them Small Fry sent you!

Now on to the party!
Insta Mash-up

Photos taken from the #smallfrynightout Instagram feed!

We have to thank all the companies that helped us put together the gift bags, we only wished we had been able to snag one for ourselves!

Small Fry | Decadence

Small Fry | Loot
Gorgeous paper products for entertaining by MADHOUSE (they’re offering readers FIFTY percent off enter smallfry-2013 at checkout!) Small Fry drops for everyone by Walls by Mur, a free hair cut by our favorite local Salon – Salon K! Darling head wraps and super soft scarves from Soel Boutique, the best Tangled Tantrum hair care products for kids and adults. A starter essential oil from The Oil RN and a free week at Xtend Barre Provo, felt balls for decorating, hanging or displaying from Hello Maypole, a darling tee by Pocket on My Tee, perfect party favors from The Land of Nod. A lash extension set via Lashes by Whit, skirts and necklaces from Ruby Bloom Boutique

And the extra special raffle items for a few lucky winners! Gorgeous pillows from Caitlin Wilson Textiles new line! A bean bag toss and bowling set from Land of Nod. Innovative & unique bottles from Comotomo. Moccasins from Freshly Picked and a darling craft set from Crafter’s Crate.

We’ll be showing each of these items and why we love them all week on @smallfryblog Instagram. Thanks a million times to our awesome sponsors and to London for taking pics at the event!

Now for some FRYday business!

Check out our latest interview all about where we dwell in our homes with right here.

And Freshly Picked, Cara Loren and Small Fry have an awesome event for EVERYONE coming up this Monday! It’s going to be a blast, and we hope to see you all there! Kiddie races, a DJ, Smilebooth, food, a splash pad, free gear and a few surprises too. It’s going to be a blast!



Road Rally | Small Fry

fryday: jenna

Jude. I can hardly say his name without feeling my heart want to burst. His bright white hair, dark skin, beautiful blue eyes and infectious smile…he really is my little dream boat.

This dream of a boy however is my more high maintenance child. He cries, a lot. For what I never really know. It’s mostly that once he hasn’t gotten what he wants, he’s off a cliff he can’t seem to come back from. The tantrum lasts an hour, crying about anything and everything. Hand him the moon, a cookie, a trip to disneyland, etc….boyfriend doesn’t care. Jude’s main objective at that point is to prove to you how perfectly mad he is and he does a real good job at it.

I spent a good portion of this week frustrated, angry & impatient with him but mostly myself. Why can’t I get this kid in check? Is it normal, is it just being almost two or is it me? It has to be me right?!

fry day with jenna

I sat down to write this to say how exhausting this little boy is then I looked through my phone to collect the pictures from my week and I see all of this. The moment I sang to him ‘Hey Jude’ and he sang ‘na na na na’ with me then fell asleep. The afternoon we rode our bikes to the grocery store and he was pointing at the world around he yelled ‘birdie! trees! go mom!’ The other night when we went to the carnival and his face lit up at all the people, sights and rides. And finally ice cream on the porch with his brother where he leaned his head on Quinn’s shoulder and said ‘more please!’ There isn’t one image of a tantrum, although there were plenty trust me.

And this is why I take pictures of the happy, the lovely, the wonderful. It doesn’t mean that my life isn’t full of disappointments, trial and sadness. It just means I don’t want those memories ingrained in my mind forever. I’m choosing to capture, celebrate and share the happy moments because it makes the sad and difficult moments fade and I’m left counting my blessings instead of longing for something I don’t have.

Do you ever feel in social media that you are portraying a false sense of joy? Or that you aren’t being “real”? Do you feel like you owe anyone anything more then what you CHOOSE to put on the internet?



Most of you Google Reader users already know, but Google is discontinuing their blog reading program in a couple weeks. Thankfully, Bloglovin’ has added a feature that will synchronize all the sites you subscribe to at the click of a button (can you imagine re-adding them by hand?!) Just click this image below to add Small Fry to your Bloglovin reader! Happy Fryday!

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Fryday: Nicole

As you can see in three of the four following pictures, we are sort of junk food junkies at our house. All four of us love our desserts, our junk foods, our sodas. Dash wakes up in the morning and asks for snacks instead of breakfast, and Sunny runs towards me yelling “juice!” when I crack open my can of Fresca. See what I mean? Really bad habits forming here, but I can’t seem to get them excited about fruits and vegetables. The best I can get them to do is peanut butter and jelly on whole wheat bread rather that white.


As parents, Dane and I are well aware this is simply a result of our poor eating habits. The kids are just doing as we do. But, even as we change our ways and focus on healthier eating, they are asking for chips and dip. I’m certain most of you have success stories, healthy tips, and tricks to help your kids fall in love with veggies? Please share! Thanks in advance, and of course, Happy FRYday!


Fryday: Emily

A month or so ago I was scrolling through Instagram when a friend had posted picture of her and her daughter with the caption that was something to the effect of “we’re so alike we drive ourselves crazy.” I laughed and immediately went to comment, because I can so relate to that! My oldest son Hayes and I are alike in the most frustrating ways. Neither of us have any real sort of patience with life. We love things to be on our own timeline, when we have our minds set on something, good luck trying to sway us! We are needy of our loved ones’ time, easily disappointed, unreasonable at times, and overly senstive. Wanna have a play date? Just kidding.

Now don’t get me wrong, Hayes is one of the most incredibly sweet and amazing kids I’ve ever known, and I am insurmountably proud of him everyday. It’s just that when those all too familiar frustrating personality traits witness themselves in him, it sort of throws me back to my childhood. To a time when those same things got me into trouble, caused me heart ache, made me feel sad or small. I simultaneously want to hug him and tell him it will be okay, and also run and hide, because seeing how hard it is to deal with a Mini-Me shakes my self-concept to the core.

frydayemNow back to this Instagram picture. I was reading the comments on the feed, another friend said something that sort of changed my life. (See darling husband? Instagram isn’t a complete waste of time!) She said that she believed we are sent children that are just like us as a way to teach us to more fully love and accept ourselves. Even now, a month later, reading those words sort of paralyzes me into a deep reflection. I am constantly holding myself to this invisibly high and unattainable standard. To do better, be better, lose the pride, forget the need to be right, say “sorry” first, be less critical, be more fun, be less self-absorbed, be better understood. A never ending game of personality addition and subtraction. I picture it like those cartoon accountants with their green visors, never-ending calculations and miles long strips of receipt paper, and it’s exhausting.

So what does this mean for Hayes and me today? It means nurturing the noble qualities, and teaching him better ways to cope with the frustrating ones. It means asking myself everyday, “How would three year old Emily have wanted to be treated in this situation?” and trying my darndest to do that. To picking my battles, to saying “yes!” and “sure!” and “of course we can, Hayes!” as much as I can in a day because positivity means everything to the both of us. After a few short weeks of this, I almost can’t recognize myself as Hayes’ mother, and I am seeing more of the amazing Hayes, and less of the frustrated short-tempered Emily. It has been absolutely wonderful, self-healing, and my Fryday breakthrough.


Fryday: Jenna

My husband travels a lot for work, so I spend weeks at a time parenting alone. I’ve acquired such a respect and compassion for women who do it on a full-time basis! My youngest Jude got really sick while my Andrew was gone this last stretch. In and out of a high fever, lethargic and super fussy. I find it’s in those moments when I feel like I might  pull my hair out dealing with a sick child with no break, that I’m given so much more strength! Some kind of primal Mommy-ness kicks in and I’m better then ever, handling the situation and doing my best to make Jude feel better. Then Andrew comes home, the tiredness hits me and I seriously can’t form a sentence if I tried. It’s funny how our bodies and mind will adapt until the last moment, and then sort of force us to take it easy.


Despite any inner strength, I still lose my patience more than I would like to. What’s so great about kids though is that they give you so many moments to start over. To be forgiven and the moment forgotten. When your patience is shot, theirs isn’t, they always allow you to begin fresh. My kids forgive me long before I forgive myself. Even the hardest of weeks are still full of moments of magic playing on the floor with toys or hop scotch in the rain. So this week I’ve thought a lot about how I might cut myself a bit more slack, the way my boys do. To forgive myself more quickly, and love myself more unconditionally, the way my children afford it to me. How I might bless those around me (but mostly myself, honestly) with the gift of starting over, beginning fresh with just lots of love and joy. What better day to start new then this one?

— Jenna


6th Street Series

We’re so thrilled to be a part of 6th Street Design School’s series this week! Check out our design tips for (trying) to stay organized and keep a clean house with crazy schedules right here.


Fryday: Nicole

We’re so excited to roll out a new feature on Small Fry today! The original purpose and motivation for Small Fry is constantly on our minds. For those moments of frustration and isolation, we want everyone in this space to know that we’ve been there too. For every success and triumph and smooth-sailing days, we are here cheering you on. We hope that these peeks into our lives each week will not only give us a way to share, but to benefit from each one of you. Happy FRYday, everyone!

There are a handful places on earth I consider “the happiest.” One, our home. Two, any table that has food on it and loved ones around it. Three, the outdoors. And four, Disneyland, obviously.

Last week Dane and I were able to spend a few days one on one with our oldest son, Dash. Baby Sunny stayed with my family here in Utah while the three of us explored California. From beach to beach, to some of our favorite hole in the wall restaurants, and then, so happily, to Disneyland.  Every ounce of our attention was focused on Dash.  We were away from work, from stresses and obligations, in a place where all we had to think about was him and showing him a magical time.  It was therapeutic for all of us, but showed me how important it is for our kiddos to get some undivided attention from Mum and Dad once in a while with no siblings stealing the show.  We have a show steeler at our house, we call him Sunny. At fifteen month he is super demanding of my time and while trying to meet all his needs, I often put Dash off. I find it only makes Dash need me more. Dash floated through this weekend alone with us. And seeing him so thrilled did wonders for us as parents, too.
After that awesome weekend, we decided to make this a priority every week, to take each of our kiddos aside and focus on them, giving each of them our 100%. Clearly this doesnt need to happen at Disneyland. The backyard, or a car ride, even a walk around the neighborhood.  Carry on a conversation with that little one, hold their hand, get to know them a little more than you already do! Its Fryday, what are you waiting for?

Do you spend one on one time with your kids? Have you noticed a positive change like Nicole has?


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Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!