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hair how-to: half up twisted braid

Sponsored by Nickelodeon. I’ve got another stellar hair how-to for you guys today! Here’s a peek but first, let’s intro the real reason for today’s how-to! Sunny Day is a new show on Nick Jr. all about three best friends who run a beauty salon in Friendly Falls. This show would’ve been my dream as a kid — I loved doing fun hair styles, painting my nails, and my crazy outfits were the talk of my mom’s friends! Most importantly I love how the show drips with kindness. These characters aren’t sassy or bratty in the slightest which is my … Read more

hair how-to: half up fish tail

Next up in our Mom + Daughter hair do series with Salon K is Jalynn Schroeder of @jalynnschroeder on Instagram, The Red Closet Diary blog, one of the top dogs at Lipsense and mama to Charlie and one on the way! Jalynn (Jay-lynn) is building a house as well and I always love following along others’ processes! Her house will be in the Parade of Homes this Summer so follow along to see her ultra cool modern build! This half up fish tail style is making me heart-eye all over the place so let’s see how they did it! 1. Add hairspray, … Read more

salon k event!

A couple of weeks ago I co-hosted the sweetest little day-out with Salon K in Provo for a handful of my friends with daughters! We’ve teamed up on hair style ideas for you and your little gals before (check out these posts here and here) and we were way overdue for the next one! Salon K is a Bumble and Bumble Salon and always staffed with the greatest stylists for cuts and colors but I personally love seeing their innovative styling work! Karissa, Salon K @salonk_ owner, @jalynnschroeder and me and Raleigh. Lucky for us I get to share all these babes’ … Read more

fever few braid how-to

I am obsessed with Chamomile and tiny Daisies and I didn’t know the name until now, but Fever Fews! I thought this would be such a fun twist on a braid crown, something special for a musical festival, Easter or Mother’s Day, a special photoshoot, going to Costco. I’m not picky. Styled by @bk_hairdesign for @salonk_ Part the hair down the center, doing two Dutch braids (or inverted, where you pull the hair up and over the braid instead of underneath it.) all the way to the ends of your hair. Take the end of your right braid and lay … Read more