hair how to: knotted pony tail

Photos by Shanoah Lauren.

Next up in our Hair How To series with Salon K + @salonk_ is this super modern take on your every day pony tail! Easy but packs a punch! We have @emilysbrady and her daughter Perry as our models (and her twins!!) Styled by @karissadoeshair, the owner!

Knotted Pony Tail How To

  1. Leaving the side pieces out create a pony with the back section of hair.
  2. Take the side pieces and wrap one side over the other and pull down.
  3. Take those tails and secure tightly with an elastic.
  4. Pin any pieces down that stick out.
  5. Hairspray any pieces for a sleek look!

So cute for mama and daughter!

Modern Pony Tail How To Modern Pony Tail How To Coolest chica Perry! Wearing Kortni Jeane sunglasses.Modern Pony Tail How To

Also for you locals they’re offering free haircuts to local heroes in the police force, firefighters, EMT, military etc!Salon K

hair how-to: half up twisted braid

Sponsored by Nickelodeon.

I’ve got another stellar hair how-to for you guys today! Here’s a peek but first, let’s intro the real reason for today’s how-to! Sunny Day is a new show on Nick Jr. all about three best friends who run a beauty salon in Friendly Falls. This show would’ve been my dream as a kid — I loved doing fun hair styles, painting my nails, and my crazy outfits were the talk of my mom’s friends! Most importantly I love how the show drips with kindness. These characters aren’t sassy or bratty in the slightest which is my usual qualm with TV aimed for girls. Tune in weekdays on Nickelodeon to catch Sunny Day.Half Up Hair How ToAt the end they show you how to recreate the styles in the storyline which I thought was so cute. Even as an adult I sometimes feel like wanting to be creative with clothes, make-up or hair is seen as superficial, but I couldn’t disagree more. It is an art form, a creative expression, self-care and a talent all rolled into one and encouraging kids to pursue the things that make them feel happy and fulfilled (whether its this, sports, science, animals, etc) is so important!And to see a show not only teach about that but also how to be a good friend and a little entrepreneur is so great! So without further ado. Sunny Day + Small Fry present today’s how to:


Half Up Braid How To

  1. Curl hair / Or keep straight! You can see both up top!
  2. Take front section and twist it in the back on both sides, do this three times with another front section each time.
  3.  Pin the twists up on top of the head and take a new section midway down, braiding to the bottom.
  4. Release the top twists and fish tail braid the ends.
  5. Pull out ends of both braids to make them fatter.
  6. Wrap a piece around the twists to cover the elastic.

My boys watched the whole episode totally entranced! Sunny Day airs on Nick Jr. and is chock full of hair tutorials, games and activities and full episodes, too! Have a Sunny Day!

Photos by Shanoah Lauren




hair how-to: half up fish tail

Next up in our Mom + Daughter hair do series with Salon K is Jalynn Schroeder of @jalynnschroeder on Instagram, The Red Closet Diary blog, one of the top dogs at Lipsense and mama to Charlie and one on the way! Jalynn (Jay-lynn) is building a house as well and I always love following along others’ processes! Her house will be in the Parade of Homes this Summer so follow along to see her ultra cool modern build!

This half up fish tail style is making me heart-eye all over the place so let’s see how they did it!How To: Half Up Fish Tail

1. Add hairspray, dry shampoo, or a texture spray for grip. How To: Half Up Fish Tail

2. Curl hair (used 1” barrel) Tip: curl front sections away from the face then alternate each section while leaving ends out.How To: Half Up Fish Tail

3. Create a side part and on the bigger part grab a section from the top and start a fishtail braid all the way to the bottom. Secure with elastic. How To: Half Up Fish Tail

4. Pull out sides of the braid for more volume and texture.

5. Grab a section from the other side and combine with the braid in the back creating a half up half down ponytail. Secure with elastic.

6. (Optional) 2in from where last elastic was put add another elastic and pull apart making a bubble for a fun look in the back.

7. (Optional) To add more texture or detail add a regular braid to either side.

How To: Half Up Fish Tail

Is that not the coolest of all? They also styled her daughter’s hair with these sweet braided buns!

1.  Part hair down the middle all the way down, and separate sections.

2. Grab first section and start Dutch or French braiding in the front and stopping once you hit the crown (or wherever you want the bun to be). Braid all the way down and secure with elastic. Repeat on the other side. Baby Bun Braids

3. Clip braids out of the way and brush the hair that was left out towards the braid. Unclip braid and combine both making a pigtail. Secure with elastic.

4.  Wrap hair and braid together making a bun and secure with elastic. You can choose to leave braid in the bun or take it out before wrapping. I decided to leave it in to give it texture.

The best part of this style is you can get so many looks out of it for example leaving hair down with both braids hanging. Or instead of making 2 buns leaving hair out for 2 pigtails. There’s so many options to get creative with this style.


How To: Half Up Fish Tail Thanks for coming girlies!! Be sure and follow @jalynnschroeder, she’s one of my favorite follows!


salon k event!

A couple of weeks ago I co-hosted the sweetest little day-out with Salon K in Provo for a handful of my friends with daughters! We’ve teamed up on hair style ideas for you and your little gals before (check out these posts here and here) and we were way overdue for the next one!

Salon K is a Bumble and Bumble Salon and always staffed with the greatest stylists for cuts and colors but I personally love seeing their innovative styling work! Salon K Styling SessionsKarissa, Salon K @salonk_ owner, @jalynnschroeder and me and Raleigh. Lucky for us I get to share all these babes’ hair styles over the next bit! These are all before shots, I didn’t want to ruin the surprise.@salonk_You guys might recognize Jenna and Lolly. 😉 @jennaskitchen@jennaskitchenChloe @chloehuds__ and her darling niece Monet.@chloe__hudsSuperwoman Emily @emilysbrady brought her three daughters! Perry, and her twin girls Lennon and Evie.@emilysbrady Caroline @armelle_blog and her daughter Norah.@armelle_blog Liz and Rome!@ @cottonandcurls@cottonandcurls Of course there were snacks. Catered by 53 Catering.@salonk_ @salonk_ And fun swag from the Salon and Kortni Jeane!@salonk_ Also little takeaways from Sun River Garden‘s Arrangement Bar, where you can go in and arrange your own bouquet in house!@sunrivergardens

Scroll down to the next post for my hair style! Thanks for having us all Salon K!




fever few braid how-to

I am obsessed with Chamomile and tiny Daisies and I didn’t know the name until now, but Fever Fews! I thought this would be such a fun twist on a braid crown, something special for a musical festival, Easter or Mother’s Day, a special photoshoot, going to Costco. I’m not picky.

Styled by @bk_hairdesign for @salonk_

Fever Few Braid How To

Fever Few Braid How To

  1. Part the hair down the center, doing two Dutch braids (or inverted, where you pull the hair up and over the braid instead of underneath it.) all the way to the ends of your hair.
  2. Take the end of your right braid and lay it on top of the left braid. Tuck the ends underneath the left Dutch braid, pinning the left braid over the ends of the right braid to hide them.
  3. Repeat on the other side, but tuck the left braid under the right braid. Pull the braid apart slightly to thicken it, and to hide any bobby pins!


Fever Few Braid How To4. Fever Fews are a good pick because they have really long stem options so you can tuck them in pretty well without extra pins! I got bunches at Bloomique in Provo for super cheap!Fever Few Braid How To

hai Fever Few Braid How To


hair FAQs

This post has come at a high request so I am glad to finally have it ready to go today! Looking through it seems like a ridiculous amount of hair products, but this is over a week or more time span so I promise it’s not a high maintenance routine! I am the laziest!

It’s funny how when my hair was platinum I rarely if ever got questions about it (with the exception of who did the color) and as soon as I went darker it’s been insane. If you’re looking for a head of hair that people want to know about – get a mid length cut with some layers in front and have some dimension in your color. Ha!Small Fry Hair FAQ

  1. Who does your hair? My sister Bethany does my hair! Follow her on Instagram here! She works at Salon K in Provo Utah (801) 226-7985 and is incredibly talented and down to earth. You can sit in her chair for 4 hours and walk away looking and feeling great! I recommend her to anyone and everyone! She’s been working for probably 10 years by now and she slays blondes, pixie cuts, extensions, styling, a blowout that lasts a week and does the coolest braids and up-dos around. To name a few.

We worked on these two tutorial posts for girl’s hair ideas HERE and HERE and they both went viral. Her bang braid is my favorite tutorial ever and people die over it every time.  

2. What color is it? I went from several years at platinum blonde to something closer to my natural color. She left the blond highlights throughout, but more concentrated around my face since I wanted to still feel blonde. Obviously if you’re going from platinum to a darker color the color mix is going to be different but my hair is a level 5 in the back and 6 in front. And a 4 when I am pregnant!

3. How do you style it? So I wash it a couple times a week (after workouts normally, there’s no reviving post-High Fitness hair, nor would I want to because, gross) and let it AIR DRY. I haven’t used a blow dryer in years. I use this microfiber hair turban to get the moisture out quickly and without damage. I use this wide tooth comb as well! Everything else rips/breaks my hair!small fry hair FAQOnce it’s dry I’ll tease up a few pieces around the back crown with this teasing brush. It’s perfect for a slick high pony, parting hair and an all around must-have!! My hair has natural curl in the back, but the front pieces are stick straight. So I’ll put some curls through the sides and front and crown. I leave the back pieces in their natural curl. I use this 1 Inch Curl Bar. I bought it originally because I hate curling my hair (thick haired girls understand, my arm gets tired, ha!) and thought the angle would make it easier and it totally does!

Then I spray this Kristin Ess Working Texture Spray while I run my fingers through and separate the curls. If I want more grit and mess I’ll use her Beach Wave Spray. Or, this set has both products plus my favorite hair pin (I’ll put damp hair up in that and let it dry and it has crazy amazing volume! So pretty for little up-dos, too!) Then I finish it with this hair spray. It smells incredible and I have had this bottle for YEARS.

Overnight I’ll throw my hair up in a scrunchie at night to keep the volume up and oils from matting my hair down too much. Get them for cheap wherever. These are cute!

In between washes: on day two and three I usually need a little dry shampoo to get some volume back. My favorite ever got discontinued and then reformulated (never the same, Suave.) and I have tried and hated so many, but R+CO or Klorane are great options! I hate having dry feeling hair so to keep it soft on the off-days I use this Dry Bar Dry Conditioner and it makes my hair so freaking soft. NOTHING SMELLS BETTER, too. This one is heavier duty and worn at night!Small Fry Hair FAQ

4. What did you do to help post-platinum? After damaging my hair so much with bleach I took a break to focus on getting healthy, long hair back. So I wash with It’s a 10 Keratin Shampoo + Conditioner (I’m not seeing the size I have online, but you can buy it in a salon supply store!) take Biotin, throw a collagen peptide into my drink of water and do this hair mask maybe once or twice a month? You will freak out when you see how soft your hair is after using it. Mine never feels better!! Also, when I go into to see Bethany she’ll do an Olaplex hair mask as well!

Hopefully I got them all answered, let me know if not!





three more tiny dos

We are so pumped to have another Tiny Dos post today for you! It has been far too long since our last hair tutorial post. We called on our favorite stylist Bethany at Salon K in Provo show us how it’s done! Here’s three more awesome ideas to add to the list!Girl's Hair Tutorial!

First up: the Bang Braid! This is such a great option for keeping hair off your girl’s face. Or if she’s growing out pesky bangs, this is going to be your go-to hair style!

bang braid hair tutorial

Bethany has a video tutorial for this one right here, but keep reading for the steps!

Bang Braid How-To

1. Start by taking a deep side part.

2. Then pull hair from the crown of the head down to the forehead pulling the three strands underneath each other, each time pulling a new piece from the crown into the braid. This braid style is called an Inverted braidor a Dutch braid.

3. Continue pulling hair down into the braid until you get to the end. Then use your fingers to separate the pieces and fatten them a bit. Bobby pin or use a clear elastic to keep it in place!

We topped this braid with Hello Shiso’s star clips!

Next up is the The Sweet Roll!

Girl's Hair Tutorial!

This one is a quick little up-do that is gentle on those little scalps. Even as adults doing a tight top-knot or bun starts to hurt after a while, so this is a nice pretty style that you can wear all day!

All you need is a stretchy elastic headband and some bobby pins for this one! Steps below…

The Sweet Roll - easy updo for your girl 1. Place the elastic headband over all of the hair.

2. Wrap small sections up and around the headband and pin at a 90 degree angle to help hide the bobby pin!

3. Continue to grab small sections all the way around until all the hair is tucked under.

We topped this one with this neon pom pom clip.

And lastly, we wanted to concoct something that would be good for days at the pool, beach and lake! We call this one the Mermaid Braid!


Where their hair can get wet and dry multiple times, they can swim and splash and they won’t need to worry about getting tangled or trapped.

Mermaid Braid - Hair Tutorial for the pool!

1. Start this one either post-bath or shower, or by wetting the hair.

2. Slick the hair back and part the hair horizontally in a half-up half-down. Separate the top half and begin a french braid.

3. Once you finish the braid, comb and slick the bottom half upward into a high ponytail and secure with an elastic.

Note: Bethany wrapped a section of hair around this pony-tail base and secured it with a bobby pin for a little extra polish! We love this idea if you’re heading straight from the pool to dinner!

Locals if you’re looking for a new salon, we are big fans of Salon K – a full-service Bumble and Bumble salon! Call (801) 226-7985 to book and follow their Instagram and blog for awesome hair tips and ideas! Huge thank you to their stylist Bethany for helping us out with these!!

Tops C/O Wunway


FRYday : Jenna

A few days ago I asked readers on Facebook what they would like to hear from me this week on FRYday. I loved all the suggestions and will be using them all as prompts in the future. I’m still so flattered that our readers love to hear from us, we are so blessed by this community. My friend and loyal reader Kat Clark said “Tell me what you like about yourself and why that’s okay. And then tell me what you like most about your boys.” I LOVE THIS. Kat is the type of friend who reminds you what you should love about yourself every time you talk to her so I wasn’t surprised she asked me to tell her this. So as painful as it is for me to admit things I like about myself (why IS THAT) I’m going to. But only if you promise to tell me in the comments things you like about YOUR self? Sound good?

frydayI like that I cry. I cry when I talk about my kids, when I watch an Olympic commercial, when I accomplish a life goal and when I pray. I used to think it made me emotionally unstable, but I think it makes me emotionally secure. I feel everything. Whether it’s for me, my family or my friends. I’ll cry with you whenever you need me to.

I like that I invest in people. Sure it gets me in to trouble a lot, because peoples lives, struggles, pains can really affect me. But in the end I would rather be a person that has deep empathies then is careless with others feelings.

I like that I’m a party. I don’t have too many fluctuating moods and when I want to be I think I’m one hell of a time. I love to have fun, laugh and enjoy life.

Phew. That wasn’t so hard. Okay, well kind of but I did it! Why is it okay to like myself, Kat? Well I think I’m worth being liked by others and that certainly must mean I should be liked by myself. That’s a work in progress. Every day.

My boys.

I’ll start with Andrew, my husband. Who doesn’t get much air time on this blog but deserves all the credit the world has to offer. I like that he is kind. That his heart immediately lends to patience, love and appreciation for people around him. I like that he is positive, responsible, honest and hard working. I like that he is funny, has a million hobbies and is my friend. I like that his love and faith for God are interwoven into every portion of his life and he leads our family in integrity, love and happiness. I like that he likes Small Fry. Without his support I might have had a death by DIY by now.

Quinn. I like that the minute he was born I knew he was a party. Born 11 minutes before the New Year, he’s been loving a good time every since. I like that he is happy, funny, loving and energetic. I like that he befriends everyone, isn’t afraid of social situations and loves to try new foods. I like how good of an older brother he is. He protects Jude and loves him with all he’s got.

Jude. I like that the minute he was born, my soul found a part of itself that it was missing. I like that he’s tested my patience and made me a better person. I like that he crawls in to bed with me, tickles my back and tells me he loves me. I like that he is friendly, fearless and up for anything (except getting in his car seat.) I like that he loves an adventure. I like that he is the most perfect fit in our family.

And I like all of you. Honestly I do. Small Fry holds such a big place in my heart and you’re a part of that. Thanks for being here. Happy FRYDAY! xoxo -J

*Small Fry Note*  We love all these things about Jenna and her family, but she forgot one important thing. Her hair! It is one of our most requested tutorials and we’re so glad to be able to share it via The Be{you}ty Bureau! Subscribe to their awesome You Tube beauty channel right here.

Here are the products Jenna uses : Kevin Murphy Resort Spray // Big Sexy Powder Play // Sexy Hair Big Sexy Hair Root Pump Plus // Oribe Superfine Hair Spray // Hot Tools Tapered Iron

Screen shot 2014-03-13 at 5.13.03 PM3-13-14•••


A Happy Little Life – the charming lifestyle blog. The OBaby App we use to write on photos before sending them to the printer is discounted at $4.99 here! We’re still taking sign-ups for the FREE! parenting webinar on March 26th, it should be a great time filled with new things to try to get your kids to listen without yelling and nagging. Sign up here! Also, if you’ve noticed the Fish Indie ad, it rotates everyday with new Etsy shop finds. We’ve seen so much great stuff showcased and love that Fish Indie represents handmade vendors! Lastly, check out some of our favorite picks from A Vintage Poster, great prints for any space!


Have  a great weekend, everyone!!


five tiny ‘dos with salon k

Update: We’ve added three more hair styles to this series, check them out here!

When Bloomies approached us about doing a post about hair for girls, (and 30% off for readers and $200 giveaway in the post above!) we knew we’d have to call upon some professionals. Salon K, a local full-service salon had us over and brainstormed some awesome easy hair tutorials for little gals as well! Check out Salon K’s blog and Facebook page deals and more hair inspiration!

First up, Pearl and the BRAIDED TOP KNOT with a Bloomies bow:

1. Create a ponytail on the crown of the head. 2. Leave a piece of hair the circumference of a dime (or so depending on how thick you want the braid to be!) out and put the rest of the hair in a messy bun. 3. Braid the piece of hair you left out and twist around the base of the bun and secure with a bobby pin.

girls, hair, long, style, easy, bloomies


BASKET BRAID with a bloom clip: 1. All you need to do for this one is use the same braids as above, but instead pull each braid down and around the base of the head and secure with bobby pins. 2. If the hair is pretty long you may need to zig-zag the braid across the head and pin as you go. 3. Pin the other braid as before. 4. Tuck the tails under the braid and secure with bobby pins.

MILK MAID with a bow: 1. Create two pigtail braids on the side of the head just behind the ears. 2. Separate the braid a little with your fingers to create thickness. 3. Pull one braid up over the head (like a headband) and secure with bobby pins. 4. Pull the other side up and over (either a little ahead of the first braid, or a little behind) and secure with bobby pins. 5. Tuck the tails of each braid into the braids and pin in place.

girls, hair, long, style, easy, bloomies

Kennedy and THE BOW BUN with a bloom clip:

1. Pull the hair into a loop at the crown (see image 1) of the head leaving tail out on the top of the loop. 2. Separate the loop into two equal parts (see the bow?) 3. Using the tail of the original looped ponytail to secure the two parts of the loop to the sides, pull that loop up and over between the loop. 3. Secure the tail in place with bobby pins.

girls, hair, long, style, easy, bloomies

and a pretty side-fish tail with Pearl after the jump! Continue reading five tiny ‘dos with salon k