skullcuterie board

Got a fun Halloween snack board for you guys! Skullcuterie if you will. Super festive and the kids love it and you can go as healthy as you want or fill it with treats, whatever works for you! Either way, they won’t keep their hands off it! halloween cheese board

Skeleton – I went with this life size one because I figured I’d get years and years of use out of it! It lights up, too! It’s 60″ but you can find smaller ones for way less! Like this 36″ for $15!

skeleton snack board | small fry

Then fill ‘er up with whatever your normal snack or lunch or party fare would be! You can lay down parchment or butcher paper if you’re wanting a super easy clean-up, too!skull snack board | skullcuterie | small fry

Here’s the master list of what I used, I would start with the dry, shelf stable ingredients and add the cold or cut produce last.

SHELF-STABLE – Popcorn, Pretzels, Crackers, Tootsies, Frooties, Donuts, Caramels,

PRODUCE: Blackberries, Raspberries, Cucumbers, Cherry Tomatoes, Bell Peppers, Pears, Clementines.

REFRIGERATED: Cheese – cut and string, Rolled Meats, Salami, Yogurt Tubes.

Also easily added – bowls of dips! I didn’t like it for the photos but added them for the actual feast.




halloween class party ideas

Who’s signed up for class Halloween party volunteering? I signed up for the “book/treat”, not sure what that means, but I am bringing both just to be sure! I asked Cal what treat would be fun and he requested Spaghetti. Can you imagine a worse snack for 25 kids?Monster Spaghetti

Here are the MOST checked out Halloween books according to an Elementary Librarian! Halloween Class Party ReadsThere Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bat // Clifford’s Halloween // Room on the Braaoom // Little Old Lady Not Afraid of Anything // In a Dark Dark Room (scary stories) // All the Lovely Bad asOnes (scary stories)

Chocolate Covered Pumpkin Pretzels

Halloween Treat DIYMonster Bark – there are 1,000 versions of this online but I love that this one used multi colored chocolate! Such messy fun.Halloween Treat DIYPudding Cup Bats – I’ve seen this with juice boxes (covered in white cheese cloth for a ghost), apple sauce pouches (wrapped in crepe paper like a mummy), String Cheese with eyes and a mouth for a ghost, faces on Clementine Oranges like jack-o-lanterns. I like these ideas because it doubles as a craft and isn’t opened so it’s less germy as they handle their food.Halloween Treat DIYScary Donut Ideas Scary Donut IdeasAnd a few cute treat ideas to add to these 8 we found a couple years ago! Also still stand so hard behind this Healthy Halloween Lunch I posted 6 years ago, ha!

And if you’re in charge of activities here’s a few easy ideas! ALL of My Mind’s Eye Halloween Decor is on sale! For smaller groups, rotations or maybe a fun price to win this Monster Magic book would be awesome to have them each do a drawing.

Print off one of these nine Ad-libs! // Sheets of stickers to make faces on small pumpkins! // Spider Ring Toss 

I know these colors aren’t screaming Fall or Halloween BUT fun nonetheless to make our own monster cookies! I used this set of edible facial features!Monster Cookies

I made the cookies from scratch and bought the frosting. Typically would have bought ALL of them because Macey’s bakery is so dirt cheap but I was in a rush. (You can order frosting from most bakeries in whatever colors you want! It was $8 for all three of these!)Monster Cookies I also love a frosting spatula because it makes it SO much easier to smooth and control.

Monster CookiesNot so scary but still delicious!Monster Cookies


Costumes + Trick or Treating: All our costume ideas from the last 6 years! // DIY Candy Tote

Food: Best Halloween Snack Ideas HERE // Healthy Halloween Lunch //

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rockstar family costume

Photos by Heather Mildenstein.

A bunch of you asked for shopping links to our family costume reveal from yesterday! Here you go m’ladies. Rockstar Family Costume

Bob Dylan – Suit c/o Appaman // Button down // Wayfarers // Harmonica Holder Set // Shoes // Hair was done in pincurls like this!

Bob Dylan Costume

Angus Young of ACDC. Suit c/o Appaman // Russ’ tie for fatness // Shoes c/o Florsheim //  Riding Cap // Guitar c/o LoogAngus Young Costume

Baby Freddie Mercury of Queen. Henley Jumper // Shoes // Mustache and Hair Spray

Freddie Mercury BabyStevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac! Top Hat // Kimono // Platform Boots // Tambourine (go for a bigger size if you order, this one is mini!) // Extensions // Lip

Stevie Nicks Costume

Water Activated Face Paint! Doesn’t much matter what you wear on bottom when you have this iconic of a face!

And a few more photos that kill me dead.Freddie Mercury Baby Costume Kid rockstar costumes Kid Rock Star CostumesHappy Halloween everyone



hi-chew halloween

So excited to partner up with HI-CHEW today to share our family Halloween Costumes!! Since we moved to our rental we’re in walking distance from a corner store and every time without fail my kids pick HI-CHEWs. It’s their favorite so as far as dream partnerships, this one might be it for them. 😉 HI-CHEW has these Original Mix gusset bags filled with  multiple flavors perfect for treat bags or pinatas, they’re perfect little bites! Hi Chew HalloweenThese sticks are what we’re handing out for trick-or-treaters! You can buy all of these candies at Wal-Mart, Target or Amazon!Hi Chew HalloweenI have wanted to use this theme for my family most of my adult life. My kids knew that this was important to me and I think they caught on to my passion… OR they had a plethora of HI-CHEWs on hand and basically free reign to eat them while we got our photos. You be the judge.Rock and Roll Family CostumeThese boys don’t agree on much but Strawberry is both of their favorite flavor HI-CHEW. Cheers to that! Mine is Kiwi, Russ loves Green Apple. Which is your favorite?Rock and Roll Family CostumeYou already know my love for closet costumes and my tip for big group theme costumes is to find your inspiration images and then try and divvy the costumes out based on what each person already has in their closet! So Freddie Mercury in a singlet? Raleigh wears one basically everyday. Done.Rock and Roll Family CostumeEach holiday I like to get my boys a suit for the next year and so I strategically worked these suits into the costume ideas. Why not find multiple uses, right?Rock and Roll Family CostumeThe only thing I had to source for my costume was the top hat! I am sort of obsessed with it now.Stevie Nicks Costume

Russ could care less about Halloween but he’s always a good sport so if anyone would be cool with a full face of make-up it was him! Since it’s just an iconic look I didn’t worry too much about what he wore on bottom which I am sure he was grateful for because Bowie loved him some spandex.HiChew HalloweenThanks to HI-CHEW for making this dream a reality, a family band is all I ever wanted.








We are very into CPW around here when it comes to Halloween. Cost per wear. Meaning that the more we can re-use the elements of a costume the better! With a few DIY or purchased accessories, make-up or amazing hair-dos you’re all set to trick or treat and then you can hang that costume back in your closet to enjoy the rest of the year! Historically all of our costumes have been this way, so either we’re real lazy or real consistent. I went back through and tagged them as #SFclosetcostume and I would LOVE to see yours! Add the tags to new or old posts and I’ll repost favorites the rest of the month! So today, I am rounding up my favorites from around the web and sharing one new one for you to peep.

ASTRONAUT RALEIGH!Closet Costume IdeasSweater: from this set from ED by Ellen Degeneres C/O // Pants: Old Navy $6 right now! // Moccs: // New Nasa line via Freshly Picked C/O // Helmet: Via AmazonCloset Costume Ideas Closet Costume Ideas Closet Costume IdeasAnother amazing resource is June and January’s hashtag #jjhalloween. Look at these!!#SFclosetcostumes

#jjhalloween 1&2 // Doll // Poison Ivy & Artist // Granny & Frida // Beanie Baby // Home Alone

More from our archives!Closet Costumes Closet Costumes

Closet Costumes Closet Costumes

Gnome Costume // James and the Giant Peach // Vector from Despicable Me //




booyah box

It seems totally bogus to say this but even as a blogger I get tired of decorating for holidays. My bread and butter! So Booyah Box makes total sense to me as a busy mom. Sometimes I just can’t, you know? I helped them a little bit with this Halloween box and am stoked they’re launching it today because I know a few of you at least could use this kind of shortcut, too! Essentially you can buy a birthday or holiday box and they send you an array of goods to help you celebrate. Check out what is included in their Halloween box (and get 15% off with “SMALLFRY” at checkout. Booyah BoxAnd of course you can decorate the entirety of your house with all these goods, or you can create the ultimate Halloween totem. It reminds me of those Christmas sweaters, what are they called? Anyhow, I loved stacking them all up in my entry for maximum impact!Booyah Box Booyah Box Booyah Box

Go show them some love!! And don’t forget the coupon code! “SMALLFRY” for 15% off.

wholesome sweets

Sponsored by Wholesome, all opinions are my own.

Halloween! I love it so much, and for awhile I even love having the candy stash. Until I don’t. You feel me? I’ve been wondering what I could hand out or keep around the house that is festive and tasty, but not loaded with artificial ingredients. Hello, Wholesome!! (Find a store near you here.) Their candy is GMO free, natural ingredients and Organic, too!Wholesome Halloween

In addition, Cal is making some new friends at school and one of his new buddies has severe allergies. It has opened my eyes as we navigate playdates and making sure we keep him safe! As we get ready for Halloween and helping out in their classroom it made me think about how I can be more accommodating toward these tough little kids who have to grow up pretty fast and be mindful of what they eat, and miss out on a lot of what their peers are doing, too. So these products are a double whammy for me! (Learn more about their full line-up of organic mom-friendly treats and sweets here!)Wholesome Halloween

Since we’re on a pretty nonexistent budget to get his classroom all spookified here’s some easy ideas that are super inexpensive! Plus you can cash in on this Wholesome candies coupon offer to save some additional dollars this holiday!

  1. Decor that doubles as favors! We found these packs of spiders, bugs, skeletons and other spooky creatures which can decorate a tablescape, the walls or strung out for a banner. Then when the party is coming to a close have the kids pick a few of their favorites to take home!Wholesome Halloween
  2. You’re probably laughing as I have gotten my money’s worth of these stickers but it makes personalizing for a holiday so easy! Grab the bargain bags and put their names or festive sayings or words. Wholesome Halloween
  3. Make the treats part of an activity! Gummy skewers, necklaces, or art projects they can take home and eat = two birds, one stone.Wholesome Halloween

Another Wholesome option for the Big Day are these allergy-friendly (free of the top 10!) Surf Sweets individual packs, so easy to give out to trick or treaters and you can feel good knowing no matter what the kiddo can enjoy it (and you’ll enjoy saving $1 off these spooky snacks, too!)Wholesome HalloweenThese organic lollipops are individually wrapped too! My favorite flavor-wise are the gummy spiders, with these lollies in a close second!Wholesome HalloweenSo mamas, if you need a smart option for your own Halloween celebrations, check these out! If you don’t have a store in your area, check out their online store here to stock up on your Wholesome candies!






BUY + DIY: Halloween Decor

Back with the great debate Halloween edition: BUY or DIY? Halloween Decor has come a LONG way since we started Small Fry but there are still some elements that are still worth a DIY, ready to break it down?

  1. As always, if you want something personalized, DIY is gonna be your best bet. Want a sassy pumpkin saying? You might have to make it. Boo Felicia for one:

Boo Felicia Pumpkin 2. Matching your color palette or design aesthetic. I have yet to see color blocked pumpkins so taping your own off to get that look is a must this year at least.

MORE DIYs: 3D Halloween Balloons // Felt Ball Garlands // Modern Halloween Ideas // DIY Snacks // BOO Banner //

Hate to DIY? No worries, there are SO many fun decorations you can snag online!

Party Fans // Cross Bones (would be rad as a wreath!) // Standing Skull – I’d leave this up year round TBH // Ghost Neon. I live for Target’s neons each season. // Skull Wreath in a fresh set of colors // Bat Wreath //

And the whole Mad Lab series at Target is bright and fun and fresh from the usual palette!