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ikea hack: book rack

After last week’s Ikea Hack we heard from a couple of people that they needed a better option for storing books. We all nodded along vigorously because it has proven challenging to keep our books looking neat and tidy, too! They usually end up in small stacks on the ledge in front of the bookshelf waiting to be filed back away. Luckily, Nicole had already solved this riddle with another genius Ikea Hack – their Spontan magazine racks! You can buy them in silver online, or white in stores. Or spray paint your silver ones white if you’re not near … Read more

ikea hack : dress-up rack

Dress-ups (excuse us, ahem, Super Suits) are in full swing around here most everyday and we’ve found that keeping them all in a big bin usually means that they all end up all over the floor! Trying to find the matching mask, belt, can be tricky. So, here’s a quick Ikea Hack upgrade to keep everything organized and turn their favorite pastime into a little shrine! All you need is this “Grundtal” Towel Rail from Ikea. It has two bars so you could also use the top as storage for bigger pieces. We love the clean look of everything hanging, as shown. … Read more