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May is for Maytag Month

Guess what!? May is Maytag Month and they’ve got some killer deals for all of you building, or buying or replacing appliances this Spring! If you’ve been eyeing our favorite Fingerprint Resistant Stainless Steel NOW is the time! Here are the deals: Purchase 3 select appliances receive $250 Purchase 4 select appliances receive $400 Purchase 5 select appliances receive $600 And! Buying select laundry pairs will also make you eligible for a prepaid card in the mail ranging $50-$100! We wanted to share some fellow bloggers’ posts that joined us for this campaign so you can get more opinions and … Read more

How To: Clean your Oven

Cleaning the oven is arguably in my top 5 least favorite household tasks. Yet when I open up the oven when its clean it gives me so much pride! It always felt like such a production with the sprays you find in the store. They’re crazy potent and horrible for the environment so it’s tracking down rubber gloves, it’s using cloth after cloth. Its a headache, literally. I recently found a more environmentally friendly way to clean that works amazing well, so I wanted to share! You know we have the whole Maytag set up in our house and the … Read more

Modern Brass Wreath

By Emily. One thing evaded me decor-wise moving into our temporary rental was our glass front door. It has a giant pane and then terrible tan painted wood casing around it. To make a long story short in a row of the same types of doors it can be confusing which one is ours and so I’ve been trying to find something that fits my style and stands out amongst a sea of boxwood circle wreathed glass pane tan doors. Ya feel me? I freaking love Boxwood PS, I just needed something different to help our poor mail lady. 😉So … Read more

Air Dry DIY

By Emily in partnership with Maytag. At our house, we air-dry a huge amount of clothing!  If I am not on top of the laundry the state of the laundry room gets out of hand pretty quickly. Clothing draped on every surface and then I really can’t stand to be in there, which doesn’t help matters! I am always looking for more space effective ways to air-dry for the five of us now, when I finally gave up and made my own system. And since it installs right over your washer and dryer into the ceiling, it hardly takes up any … Read more