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dusen dusen

Just wanted to share this shop that brings me endless inspiration and happiness. Started in 2010 by Ellen Dusen who resides in Brooklyn, NY, every bed set up makes me swoon. For how much time we spend in our beds, I think this is one area that deserves a little splurge! Way to go Dusen Dusen. Check out their clothing line, too!

15 Modern Built-in Beds

Before we dive in, we’ve got our house-build update #2 post coming next week! (#1 right here.) Woot woot! You’ll be able to see what I’m talking about better then, but ALL the kids will be in the basement, and Russ and I are on the main level. (Yay/Oof!) Since we’re building for long-term, we had to factor what would work when they’re teens, when they’re adults and coming home to visit and basement bedrooms just made more long-term sense! Hayes and Cal talk a big game about wanting their own rooms, but I have a hunch they might end … Read more

budget home: overstock

Happy mid-week everyone! Today’s post is the next in my Budget Home series! (Catch the rest here) Truthfully I could dedicate every post on Small Fry until the end of time to Overstock finds, its just a HUGE daunting, but amazing resource for home on a budget. But, what is better than budget home finds, than budget home finds on sale? So today I’m only showing you my favorites from their Labor Day Sale, but be warned there’s about a million amazing things not on sale, but of course still in the aforementioned budget category. 🙂 RUGS: SMALL FURNITURE: SEATING:

spun sheets

Today’s post makes me so excited, if you’ve read Small Fry for awhile you know I get this way when I spot innovative new products and today is for sure one of those days! Say hi to Spun Sheets!Bed Sheets are one of those inventions that has hardly been perfected over the last 100 years. Sure the fibers have gotten softer, but the functionality has largely stayed the same. Then London and Chloe came along.There are so many improvements the Spun team has made on making your bed it makes my heart sing. And also question why no one had thought … Read more