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paper bag puppets

home made paper bag puppets

Today’s post was made out of necessity. When your kid starts preschool they come home with all sorts of notions and experiences they want to recreate. This week it was paper bag puppets. Turns out paper bag puppets are a really cost-effective way to create imaginative playtime based on whatever favorite character or animal your kids are into that week. Whether it’s pirates and mermaids, superheroes and princesses, cats and dogs, these puppets don’t take too long and they cost you less than a couple dollars. We’d tell you how these were made but that’s the great thing about paper … Read more

cupid’s bow and arrow

We’ve been pacing ourselves on the Valentine’s Day ideas, but then we keep adding things we want to make with/for the boys so we’re going to get it all out of our systems this week! Brace yourself. Today is a super easy make-it-yourself bow and arrow. Made with sponge tips and zero elasticity, so also super safe, too! Here’s what you’ll need: Those terrible bargain bin sponges that don’t work for dishes? They work great for this! Then a set of long skewers or dowels, a kid’s size hula hoop, rope (or a thick elastic if you want the arrows … Read more

glam blocks

glam christmas blocks

We’ve got another super easy handmade gift idea for you all today. Keeping with the theme of gifts coming from the kids, but with a touch of class: Glam Blocks! Thanks to Carousel NY for teaming up with us on this post! Here’s what you’ll do: To start you’ll need unfinished wood blocks. There’s a few ways to accomplish this task:  you can buy them at the craft store, or have wood cut at the hardware store! Just make sure you sand the blocks before using them if you have them cut. From this point we painted them by taping … Read more


pre made quiet books wuka

A couple of years ago we got knee deep in a Quiet Book making party. Basically 10 of our friends were to bring 10 identical pages they handmade and then we’d all swap leaving us each with a 10 page handmade quiet book. Dimensions and felt selections were sent out, page ideas were thrown around, and month after month the proposed D-Day came and went. We’d like to blame it on a natural disaster of some sort, but in all reality, hand-making 10 felt Quiet Book pages is hard. And time consuming. And frustrating. Our time is worth more than … Read more

DIY gifts for Miracle Children

Today we have a very special post dedicated to the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Jenna’s sweetest baby cousin Brewer was born with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome and spent a full month in a CMN Hospital. Here’s what she recalls about that time: “I remember thinking, here is this cosmic event in our lives, that seemed to stop time, but these nurses see this or something similarly devastating everyday! Because of this I assumed that the staff would be hardened and disconnected to Brewer’s condition. It was so the opposite. They were Brewer’s biggest cheerleaders who triumphed at every success and who shed … Read more

cozy indoor play

flatout frankie cardboard toys & skylar luna pjs

A couple of months ago we sent Jenna to Las Vegas for the ABC Kids Expo. It’s one of the largest collections of brands for kids in the world and we were so excited for the chance to go! Jenna kept us up to speed with pictures and when she sent an image of the Flat Out Frankie booth, we were all drooling. Based in New Zealand, and all constructed out of 100% recyclable materials, they are all about promoting creative and active play. Now, before you ask why not DIY it, let us tell you: we’ve tried! Handling and … Read more

ghost terrarium

We’re always entertained by the information our boys report after playing with friends. Hearing the wind pick up outside and asking “Is it gale force, mom?”, begging to be Captain Jack Sparrow for Halloween when they’ve never seen a Pirates movie, etc…So, when one of our little ones came home with twenty questions about ghosts, we figured it was time to take the spook out of this holiday…why not have a ghost for a pet? Here’s what you’ll need: A little floral moss cut to fit the jar’s base, a jar, parchment paper and a marker for the ghost and … Read more

halloween garlands

halloween felt garlands

Happy October everyone! We have shaped this month’s line-up around easy crafts, activities and recipes. We’re all about cutting the Halloween corners so we can better enjoy all this season has to offer! First up, quick decor to make your house feel a little bit more festive. Here’s what you’ll need: Maypole felt balls in black and green, String, paper, and scissors. That’s it! For the flying bat garland, string the row of black felt balls and then simply cut out a proportionate rectangle out of the black cardstock. Then take your scissors and cut out the wave pattern for … Read more

blue bird costume DIY

kids costume: duct tape

We’re so excited to share our second post using Scotch® Color & Pattern Duct Tape! They challenged us to make a Halloween costume and we decided on a Bluebird, here’s how we did it: For supplies you’ll need: ✔ Cardboard ✔ A plain plastic mask, you can buy at most craft stores or Amazon has one for cheap here. ✔ Ribbon ✔ Hot Glue gun ✔Scissors ✔Scotch® Color & Pattern Duct Tape – we used Aqua and Royal blue for the wings and face, and then orange for the beak and talons. WINGS // First, start by making the wings. Emily started with two pieces … Read more

cloud guide

cloud type handout

Once school started one mini-series we were sad to see go was the Summertime School posts. So if you don’t mind, we’ll keep these educational based ideas coming! Today’s cloud guide project couldn’t have come at a more opportune time, we had the most insane storm yesterday roll in, flooding homes, ripping roofs, tearing trees from the roots. This is the perfect stormy weather indoor activity, and also a free download below! Of course we had to do a little research to actually be able to teach the boys, starting first with where clouds come from (basically just water vapors … Read more