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You guys know we’ve been working on DIY art for the new house (see our first piece in our Kid Art archives!) and today we are teaming up with Gymboree and their #followoyourart campaign to share this family friendly project inspired by Jackson Pollock! Family Friendly Art Project

Splatter Slip Ons // Lace up Sneakers

I love using Tempera paint so there’s no worry about ruining clothes or any toxic ingredients. You can spread out a drop canvas ($8 at the hardware store and HUGE so you can get a nice sized piece for the wall!) on the floor with a step ladder or attached to the wall as pictured for easier access. The drip effect is super cool, but might come with more clean up!Family Friendly Art Project

Sk8 Hoodie

There is no real method to this madness and that’s the point and what makes it unique and fun! I picked a color palette so it wouldn’t look to crazy and a little more intentional and I think this would be so fun for any of the boys’ rooms! Family Friendly Art Project

I love picking from Gymboree they always have great basics and on-trend pieces to weave throughout so the boys feel proud and excited while I know that they won’t wear out before they get to the next brother.Family Friendly Art Project And since their offerings typically run from infant on up to 14 year olds it’s so easy to find coordinating pieces for the whole family! Perfect for family pictures or whatever your match-matchy heart desires! Family Friendly Art ProjectOnce it’s dry you just stretch it over an existing canvas and staple on or you can construct a frame pretty easily if you have the right tools! One day I’ll do a tutorial for frames! And here are all the links for the boys’ Gymboree outfits fo easy access.Family Friendly Art Project


Hayes:  Sk8 Hoodie // Lightning Bolt Shorts // Splatter Slip Ons

Cal: Red Striped Windbreaker // Small Fry Tee // Navy Heather Sweats // Lace up Sneakers

Raleigh: Geo Stripe Hooded Tee // Fleece Pants // Velcro Sneakers 

family canvas art

I am sorry we haven’t had a house update in awhile! By the end of this month we should have LOTS to show and I can’t wait! Russ has been busting hard on the inner workings of the house – the electrical, the plumbing, installing the windows. Doing the piping for the central vac, pouring the garage cement, and getting everything ready for the 4-Way inspection. So not much looks different even though he’s wired 196 can lights. OOF! Russ’ dad joked you’ll be able to see the house from space.
Once we pass the inspection then it’s onto sheet rock and the house really starts to change. Russ hired a guy who will start doing the stucco and stone work on the outside while Russ does the timber cladding. It’s been so amazing to watch unfold but as a pretty Type-A person the times when I don’t have anything to do are the worst! DIY time! We created a canvas like this when Hayes and Cal were tiny, and since Raleigh’s entrance we knew it was time to do another!Family Canvas DIYMy taste in art is almost always abstract so this type of work will fit right in with the vibe, and since so much of the house’s bones are neutral the pops of color are a welcome addition. And this costs less than $20 so that puts my mind at ease considering our current cash flow situaion. Hint: low.Family Canvas DIYI don’t know yet where it will go but it will always remind me of this truly sweet time in our lives. The excitement is palpable and we’re on the edge of something we could only dream of even this time last year. And the kids are itching to be involved just like I am, so I am glad they can be a part of this and have that sense of belonging. So here’s how we did it!

I use non-toxic washable paint so they can rub it all over their belly (Raleigh) and we can clean up after with no problems. Each member of the family gets their own color and their are no rules except for staying on the canvas. It’s so fun to watch them at work and see how the art piece unfolds!

RALEIGH was first. As you can see you have to embrace the mess. Good thing it all washes off!Family Canvas DIYThen CALLUM! He got his hands and feet covered and bear crawled all over it. Ha. Very spot on for him, he didn’t even look twice at the paint brushes.Family Canvas DIYRUSS and HAYES did theirs together with brushes. Hayes picked hot pink and could’ve gone for hours. Most of the canvas was pink so we had to arrange it on the frame so it felt a little more even color-wise. Ha!Family Canvas DIYMy turn!Family Canvas DIYAnd the finished product! If your family is older and less hands on(in) with the paint your color palette options explode – acrylic is my favorite type to use in these instances. You can also just buy the pre-stretched canvas so it’s all ready to hang! We just love the experience of getting in and on top of it. Also great if you want a super oversized pieces as this canvas is an 8 foot square! A super inexpensive option to cover some serious wall space! This project costs $8 for the canvas, $6 for the paint (you can buy 4 ounce bottles in sets of 6!) and the wood to stretch it over is less than $4. Not bad for $20!Family Canvas Art


xoxo art

We’re so sad this is pretty much the last of our Valentine’s Day content this year! We always love this time of year on the blog. Nicole whipped up this oversized art for her home as a way to decorate. We loved this idea so much!XOXO ArtJust grab your most Valentine-y paint a brush and butcher paper.XOXO ArtAlternate X and O with your paints and let it dry.XOXO ArtTape it up on the wall and you’ve got yourself a nice little backdrop for more decor or a great little piece of art!XOXO Art Love never goes out of style, rightXOXO ArtAnd Lolly’s out. XOXO Art Happy Valentine’s Day weekend, everyone!

oversized abstract art DIY

You guys already know about Nicole’s year of art projects, here’s our collective favorite so far and it took 5 minutes. Truly. Here’s how you can do it at home…Oversized Abstract Art DIY Your only investment is going to be the oversized canvas. You can buy this size at Hobby Lobby with a 40% off coupon and it’s totally reasonable! Or if you need it in a pinch a 35×47 size here for $57. Here’s when it gets really simple … Just grab a bucket of your favorite color paint and the small paint rollers like this.Oversized Abstract Art DIY Fill up your roller as haphazardly as you wish and then take your vertical stripes: full lines, half lines, straight or at an angle. Let it dry and hang it up! It makes such a statement and no one has to know it was the fastest DIY of your life.Oversized Abstract Art DIY

Lamp // Book // Desk Ikea In Store

confetti art

By Emily.

My 5 year old Hayes is “project” obsessed. He loves working on things together whether it’s making cookies, folding towels, or art projects. It brings him so much joy I am always brainstorming fun and easy projects he can handle and we can tackle together. Cal usually ends up joining too, and I feel like the best mom in the world for a few minutes. Here’s an easy one we whipped up recently, confetti art!

Confetti Art Here’s what you’ll do:

First, you can always buy circular tissue confetti online. As usual I didn’t plan ahead so we ended up cutting out our own circles. Fold up your tissue a few times and you’ll get lots of circles per punch. We used a 1 inch circle punch and it was a great scale.Confetti ArtThen once you have your circles, let your kiddo arrange the circles on the page. They’re floaty little guys so avoid air vents and fans. 😉Confetti Art

Then once they’re arranged how you like, take a spray bottle of water and mist over the pieces soaking them to the page.

Confetti Art Let it dry just a bit, but not totally. They should all stick pretty good so you can transport your page to a frame!Confetti Art

Place it in a frame of your choice and make sure you secure it tightly so it’s right up against the glass.

Confetti Art Then you’re done! You’ve got a beautiful and graphic piece of art for your wall and it was made 100% by your sidekick and partner in crafting crime.Confetti ArtFind all our kid art ideas right here.


Lego Art

Our boys are now in the Lego phase of life, and those bright fun little blocks have inspired a few projects as of late. Starting with this Initial Art! It’s the perfect at home art project that packs a lot of punch for their bedside table, or gallery wall in their rooms. Here’s how you can make one in a matter of minutes!

Lego Initial ArtAll you need is your favorite color palette of legos (this one  is a great starter set!), a shadow-box style frame (or you can also remove the glass off of a regular frame, too!) and a hot glue gun.Lego Initial Art

Next, all you have to do is arrange the legos into the design of your choice. Initials, numbers, whatever suits your kiddo! Then hot glue them to each other creating the shape free from the frame’s mat. Once it’s all dry, flip it over and glue the outer edges of the letter and place it right onto the frame’s mat! Put the border down first, then the back mat and you’re all set!
Lego Initial Art

Are your kids into Legos? We’ve seen some amazing Lego inspired rooms, parties and more! Check them all out on our Pinterest page. Also if you want to personalize more than just some art, check out this Helvetica Tee DIY!

Giant Pantone Wall Swatch

We’re back with our favorite babes from across the four corners of the Internet for our quarterly color challenge! We’ve already done orchid, gold, and hot pink, but today it’s all about that sunshine yellow! We love the iconic and graphic look of those Pantone Color swatches. Why not have some giant ones hanging on the wall? This little project is so easy it’s silly, but we love how it packs a big punch of color you’d get from painting a wall, while still having that modern and graphic element. Here’s how you’ll do it:
Make your own giant Pantone Color Swatch


White Poster board (or foam core if you don’t intend on framing it!)

Color poster board – we showed yellow and red in this post!
Chartpak 2 Inch Black Vinyl Letters if you want to add the color name below the Pantone logo Chartpak makes 1/2 inch letters that would be perfect, too!

Glue stick or double sided tape

Make your own giant Pantone Color SwatchSteps:

1. Trim. Start by trimming your board for the frame. Then trim the color poster board to fit over the white leaving about 8 inches of white space for your letters.

2. Stick. Glue the colored poster board onto the foam core. Then, on the white board right underneath where the colored board meets the white, use the letters to spell out Pantone. They are vinyl and came off nice and easy if we misplaced so don’t be afraid!

3. Hang. It’s easy as 1,2,3. Hang it up and enjoy your easy masterpiece!

Make your own giant Pantone Color Swatch

And now for our friends!

Color ChallengeClick on each project to see how our friends’ interpreted the color challenge!

Image Map

footprint art

“Every Father should remember that one day his son will follow his example instead of his advice.”

One last Father’s Day idea before we go! It’s simple and heart-warming in a quiet way, and a lot of fun for the kids to do!"Every Father should remember that one day his son will follow his example instead of his advice." All you need is a shoe of your kiddo’s and a shoe of their dad’s and some paint! Cover or dip the sole and place the shoes side by side. Let it dry completely and frame! This makes for a simple abstract piece for dad’s desk or wall. We love the quote above: “Every Father should remember that one day his son will follow his example instead of his advice.” to accompany this handmade gift. It stands as a silent reminder that it’s all about what we show them not what we tell them.
Foot Print Art | Father's Day Thanks to Umi Shoes for letting us paint all over their darling sneakers! Their canvas Luke sneakers have been a super durable and classic addition to the boys’ wardrobes! Here’s 6 more we like for boys AND girls!:

Umi Shoes

1. Charlize 2. Roxanna B 3. Terri 4. Hector II 5. Luke II 6. The Hagen

Paper Bouquet DIY

By Emily.

Spring Fever is real, and it has arrived at my house. Thank goodness for a couple high 50s/low 60 days that have gotten us out to the park and basking on the lawn. To celebrate Spring’s upcoming arrival, I had the boys make these cardboard tube bouquets! I saw the idea in a doctor’s waiting room magazine, and knew they would all love it. This is a true-blue kids craft, where they are in charge every step of the way, and they LOVED it! Here’s how you’ll do it:
Cardboard Bouquet Kids Craft

Start by saving up any empty paper towel or toilet paper rolls you have lying around. If you’re in a craft-jam like I was I had Callum unroll a half-used paper towel roll, which might as well have been a trip to DisneyLand, he was pumped! Another work around I used was to take craft paper and tape it into a tube, which is nice because then you can control the size!

Cardboard Bouquet Kids Craft

This next step is recommended for four year olds or older, and also using kid-safe scissors (these ones by Crayola are great.) Have your kids make even cuts about two inches into the tubes. Then have them bend the cuts back, creating the petals.

Cardboard Bouquet Kids Craft

Now they’re ready to paint! These bold kid’s paints are a Small Fry favorite. Why is it always Crayola? They just know what they’re doing, I guess. Paint each petal and let it dry completely.

Cardboard Bouquet Kids Craft

I am loving having these happy and bright flowers on my table! I could kill a cactus so I’m even happier for this no-pressure option. Also, these flowers are reminding me of a painting, help a sister out! Maybe by Klimt?

Cardboard Bouquet Kids Craft

Have extra paper towel rolls? Check out this Ocean Sounds Stick DIY!

And even more kid-led crafts:

GIANT Paper Airplanes // Colorblock Tees and Tanks // Cereal Box Jet-Packs

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