maternity pants that aren’t awful

First things first – find out which type of panel you can tolerate. For me there isn’t a demi panel on this earth that I like, so I stick to Full Panels. I know lots of you hate the full panel, but hear me out!5 maternity jeans that aren't awful

(Sweater // Jacket // Pants // Shoes)

  1. Without a full panel there isn’t enough grip for my body and all pants end up sagging, sliding, being ill-fitting and making me rage.
  2. I love the coverage of a full panel also because it extends my options for tops. The more material covering my stomach/butt that my top doesn’t have to. No tank tops or extra layering. I am super active at work and home and don’t want to be worrying about readjusting everything after I bend over. 5 Maternity Jeans You Can Tolerate

(Jacket – old target// Tee // Pants // Boots //

Some side panels work for me because the actual pants material on the waist and back areas has a little more grip, but they’re also typically digging into my belly (have actual metal non-working buttons — the worst!), so not as comfortable.

So! If you’re like me with maternity fit, here are my (and the top votes from YOU!) actual tried and true favorites for this pregnancy. When I polled Instagram SO many people said the Madewell jean is the best there is. So, take that for what it’s worth! If I was on pregnancy #1 I would have for sure bought them and saved/passed them around to other pregnant loved ones, but now it feel like an investment I won’t see a return on.5 maternity jeans that aren't awful

(sweater // pants // shoes)

  1. Madewell Full Panel (other panel options and washes!) // 2. My all time favorite and most worn: Full Panel Pixie (other panel options and prints!) // 3. Coated Pants – these have that leather-effect, a full panel, and a totally separate free-moving waistband with adjustable sides. So you can truly wear it, comfortably, ALL pregnancy long. A lot of ASOS maternity has this format and it’s my favorite! //  4. Another ASOS option with the aforementioned waist + panel in a trendy seasonal appropriate cord flare crop. // 5. Full Panel work out leggings. The material slides slightly, but I think that would be nearly impossible to avoid! // 6. Side panel option that doesn’t slide really, but does have the button that digs. Just an option if you really want a trendy straight leg pair to rotate through.

Outside of ASOS Maternity (20% off today!), Madewell Maternity, Old Navy Maternity — Other big votes were for Gap Maternity, Blanqi leggings, H&M Maternity, or going into maternity specific stores like Motherhood where the brands just focus on fitting pregnant bodies. Another tip I’d share is to go to thrift stores. There are SO many maternity options there that you could re-work. Add holes to knees, cut off hems, turn into shorts etc, etc.

Solidarity sisters, it’s a rough world out there for the jean wearing pregnant person. I hope this helps!

fall things

Fall is really doing it for me currently. The comforting food and soups and desserts are hitting the spot, the option for some baggy knits and layering on this not quite pregnant looking but still growing body, and the let-up on the scorching heat that never mixed well with the nausea. WELCOME FALL, I LOVE YOU.

Updating my life to fit accordingly and wanted to share some finds!

fall maternity look


One Fall Trend I have my laser focus on is lace-up boots! I love them all, whether it’s a Victorian-esque heeled boot, or a chunkier soled combat style. I bought these in black which were a great price and super comfortable, no lie, even though they’ve got a substantial heel. They have several colors and options for patent leather or suede. They are in between mid-calf and ankle which is perfect for what I have them planned for.lace-up boot outfit

I love the Straight leg jean styled with these boots! So cute and I love that there’s no leg showing, with the hem of the jean over the boot’s shaft. These boots look identical and I’d bet money the jeans are The Wedgie.

Via this pin.straight leg jean + lace up boot

Combat Style I LOVE the platform style of these, but found them in a burgundy red for a deal and went for this style instead!


You all know my answer to on-trend dressing is to update accessories. I keep my wardrobe pretty classic and use shoes, accessories, jewelry and make-up to do the talking. A deep red nail polish and a berry or burgundy lip instantly transport you to a new season even if you’re wearing a t-shirt and jeans!

A couple trends I’ve spotted and dig are the paperclip chain necklace, and a new shopping spot (for me) for designer sunnies at a discount! I won’t wear nice sunglasses in the Summer, I’m harder on them at the pool, park, on-the-go, so I save them for the colder months when I don’t have as many chances to ruin them. I got these Dior pair as an edgy option and love them for Fall!

smart buy sunglasses

JEANS – If you’re in the maternity market like me I picked up these two pairs of maternity pants and have been so impressed! This coated denim looking pair is super stretchy but holds shape and has a full panel. It also has an adjustable waist (like kids pants with the elastic belt-loops + buttons! Perfect for a growing belly!

I also got this straight leg pair to help me execute some of Fall looks I’m inspired by. Still TBD if that shape is flattering on me or not. HA. Linked everything I’m sharing below!

Is this nesting mode coming around early? Loving updating a few things around the house, too! Bedding for my room (so overdue, ours is on its last leg) a few new pillows, comfy-fying our basement which I’ll be sure to share once things arrive.