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Meet a Small Fry: Aiden

So honored to have Michelle Gilbert, mother of Aiden here talking about Angelman’s Syndrome! Salt Lake City has a walk this next month check it out here:  Angelman Syndrome Foundation’s National Walk. Welcome, Michelle! My husband and I started a family in 1997 with the birth of my oldest son, Shawn. Working in Kansas City, I balanced my time between work and family. But when my youngest son, Aiden, was born in 2004, I had to put everything on hold due to his unexpected medical obstacles. During the first year of Aiden’s life, he was always sick and was frequently hospitalized … Read more

Meet a Small Fry: Beckham

We have a very special Meet a Small Fry today in honor of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Cancer is the number one cause of disease related death’s for kids so you can see why research and awareness are so vital! We’re really grateful to have Sarah sharing the story of her four year old fighter Beckham today, first let’s get to know this little guy better! (For those of you who want to help, at the bottom of this post we’re including shops and vendors that have items for sale with proceeds benefitting Childhood Cancer causes.) 1. What is your … Read more

Autism Awareness Month

We’re so honored to have Luke and his mom Keisha for today’s Meet a Small Fry. April marks “Autism Awareness Month” and it is a diagnosis that effects 1 in 68 children now. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention didn’t start really tracking Autism until the early 2000s, and since then numbers have increased by leaps and bounds. Now, we don’t have any answers, we wish we did, but we are so appreciative of Keisha to shed the light on her experience with Luke and her thoughts on early diagnosis. “Autism. One word that changed me as a mother, … Read more

Meet a Small Fry : Matilda

Today we have a special Meet a Small Fry for you! It is all about Matilda, the fourteen month old fighter and her champion mother, Kelly. “Last summer my husband and I, along with our two and a half year old son Parker, moved across the country. We had so much to look forward to but were most excited for the arrival of our second child. A girl to be named Matilda. Like most parents we had some worries, but never in a million years could we have imagined the amount of pain, heartbreak, and happiness that her arrival would … Read more

Meet a Small Fry : Anthony

This month’s meet a Small Fry is dedicated to Diabetes Awareness, which begins the month of November. We heard about this little trooper Anthony who has Type 1 Diabetes and wanted to share his story! T1D is an autoimmune disease where the body’s pancreas produces little to no insulin. This is the kind that isn’t triggered by diet, age, or lifestyle. Only 5% of Diabetetics are Type 1, and some are young children just like our own boys. Anthony was diagnosed with T1D at a mere 18 months and since then as had 250+ injections and 6,500 finger pokes to … Read more

meet a small fry: hattie

meet a small fry

We’ve been itching to feature Miss Hattie as our “Meet a Small Fry” for months, but we worried our words couldn’t adequately do her justice, luckily a picture is worth a thousand! Daughter of Susan Petersen, creator of the Leather Moccasin phenomenon known as Freshly Picked, Hattie is a firecracker filled with sass, cheekiness, and intelligence. She loves to perform (catch her in action in our Valentine’s Day film here) and delights in sharing her passion for singing and dancing. Wickedly smart, sweetly sensitive, and hilarious to a fault, we often tell Hattie she should have her own TV show. Small … Read more

meet a Small Fry: Oscar

Meet Oscar. Oscar likes vaccuums. Scratch that, he loves them. Eats, sleeps, dreams, talks about, plays with, vacuums. We wish we were imaginative enough to make this story up, but it is all truth. Oscar’s mom, Sarah (the owner of Pepper Lou Turbans – darling headwear for little girls that we swoon over!) isn’t quite sure where this fascination originated, but we love to hear all about Oscar’s vacuum adventures. One day while we were all at a play date we overheard Oscar go into our friend’s office, get wide eyed when he saw their vacuum and said under his … Read more

meet a small fry: zuri

For our second installment of Meet a Small Fry we had a little chat with Zuri. She’s an old soul and incredibly mature for her age, but still so zesty and full of life. She’s such a great example of positive parenting, and, as you’ll see, has great self-esteem! What is your name?Zuri How old are you? 4 Who is your mom? Weslie What does your mom do? All fun stuff with me all the time. Who is your dad? Bronson What does your dad do? Work allllllll the time! Hims does People Water and goes places where kids dont have a lot of stuff… … Read more

meet a small fry: ollie

Images by Jessica Peterson Photo Our little friend Oliver is absolutely one of a kind. He has the most zesty personality and unrelenting imagination. Everyone loves Ollie and even just being in the same room with him can cheer you up. In the matter of a day Ollie has been five different super heroes, animals, villains, and characters. He is loving and caring and so full of life. We knew for our first Small Fry interview Ollie had to be the one. What is your name? I’m Ollie How old are you? 4 Who is your mom? Lindsay What does … Read more