Mother’s Day DIY

Is it just me or do you love getting spoiled by your significant other AND then something handmade from your kids? I think it’s the perfect combination for a lovely Mother’s Day. Rounded up some pretty DIY ideas your kids could pull off!

My very favorite thing to get and super easy to print off and send to grandma’s (Grandma version here!) far away — SURVEYS! This one is the cleanest style but you can find a million options on Pinterest that fit your aesthetic! Like this pretty floral one.

This one would get some funny responses, too!

DIY Mother's Day

A raw, assembled bath soak! Have bowls of ingredients out and let the kids concoct away!Mother's Day DIY

Bath Soak //

Bath bombs — with the correct molds these are actually pretty easy to make!Mother's Day DIY

Bath Bomb //

Isn’t this gorgeous? I’d love to have this out on my desk!DIYs for Mother's Day

Pressed Flower Art //

My kids love a good craft and this is super easy! Paper towel rolls cute and folded down and then painted!

DIY Mother's Day

Paper Bouquet //

Got really little kids? Any age can participate in this! Fingerpainted stems and leaves, too!

DIY Mother's Day

Handprint Flower //

As much as I love a cold waffle soaked in syrup, I wouldn’t say no to açaí! Have kids cut up the fruit to help and then bring an ingredient list to choose from and mama can order her own!

DIY Mother's Day

Acai Bowl Bar //

Mother’s Day Giveaway!

Mother’s Day is in two weeks and I have a fun new product launch that I know I would love to get! Jenna threw the most beautiful event with PMD Beauty a couple weeks ago for their launch of the new CLEAN PRO and I get to give one + a PMD Pro away today!! This combo is valued at $180 for the Rose Quartz Clean Pro and the PMD (Personal Microdermabrasion Device) is $180 as well! $360 for you to take home, share with a loved one, let’s do this!!I have talked a bunch over on this post about the PMD Pro and the Clean tools and specifically how they got me through a time we were very strapped financially. They pay for themselves within the first use (think of what we spend getting a professional facial!) I think they are the best investments for self-care and even better now because they’re 35% off! Use code “MOTHERVIP”!PMD PRO CLEANThe CLEAN PRO is brand new and I’ll shoot off some of the cool things it does.

-It has an Active Warmth technology behind a smooth Rose Quartz. The quartz runs cold on its own so it’s great for swelling and inflammation in the mornings. And then for nighttime you can fire it up and get your serums and oils at an optimum temperature! (How pretty is this picture below?!)PMD CLEAN PRO-Rose quartz has anti-aging, anti-inflammatory properties among other emotional benefits, is said to be the crystal of LOVE and also #pretty.  PMD PRO CLEAN

-The CLEAN has a very fine frequency of movement – 7,000 vibrations per minute! So as you move it across your face it can actually get in deeper to the skin as it separating down to the molecule. It breaks up dirt and oil and then the silicon covering is antibacterial! So you’re not trapping any of those particles to pass around later!

-I have found it SO amazing for my TMJ and clenching issues. I hold all my tension in my jaw so to give it a nightly massage in my muscles helps me reset each day!! On the flip side it helps tighten skin pores!

And here’s a few more pics of the event! It was GORGEOUS! Between Ashley Nackos florals, the beautiful Grand America setting, and we got spoiled with spa treatments after, too!

Obviously this was post-treatment, FEELING GOOD EMILY FRAME?!



PMD PRO CLEANHead to Instagram to enter!! @emilyframe

primed for mother’s day

Is anything not last minute around here lately? That’s just where I am at right now, and it will hopefully benefit some of you, too!

GIFTS FOR ME, FOR MY MOM, FOR MY FRIENDS that will arrive just in time!

Mother's Day in 2 Days

Sam Edelman Circus “Stevie” – These criss cross striped heels (so many more colors, too!) are so perfect and easily translate to Fall with their color palette. So cute with a denim skirt, jeans, a floaty Summer dress. So cheap too! $27!

Seychelles “Beau Slide” – These criss cross flats caused a huge ruckus last year when I bought a similar pair. They sold out to never return and these look like even higher quality! I love the squared off toe shape.

Rose Hip Face Oil – my friends all swear by this. If you have dry skin it will transform it!

Gold + Snail Eye Gels An easy gift for any age or interests. And it’s $12 but I don’t think you could guess by looking at it. The gel is so luxe and cooling and is such a fun way to pamper yourself with ease. K Beauty, so you know its legit!

Dolce Vita “Cato” Slide – I feel like this is the shape of the Summer. I’ve already seen it everywhere but DV has so many color options and the genuine leather looks so much better when it’s worn in than the cheap Old Navy ones!

Quay After Hours – These are my favorite sunnies of all time. The matte black holds up so nicely (no scratching or smudging) and its such a great shape. I love the little bit of edge it gives.

Laneige Sleeping Masks – this comes with 2 Lip Masks and 2 Water Masks for $23. You can buy the lip mask on its own for $12 so I feel like this is some crazy mistake of a deal. Grab it while it’s hot! Split it with a friend, gift them to sisters, whatever!

Self Watering Herb Garden – For the mom who wants to garden but literally cannot deal. Enjoy the fruits of this garden without killing it all off or overwatering it.

Bed Sheflie – Got a pregnant mama to buy for? I want this either way, but I feel like it would be so nice so they wouldn’t have to roll over to get to their bedside table.

Silk Pillowcase – if you don’t want face wrinkles, get a silk pillowcase. I sleep literally with my face smashed into the bed and wake up with lines where my cheeks bend into my nose. HELP!

Lark & Ro skirt – I think no matter what style you’re buying for this skirt would be a great addition to any closet. Flattering to all figures, interesting hemline but still totally versatile. It comes in navy too, and is $25!

Call me crazy but I think this Ella Moon dress would be darling on a 65 year old or a 20 year old. The high neck ruffle is so cool but its bright and fun and can be styled a myriad of ways. More colors too!

Gingham Rug – Did McGee and Co. start this layered door mat thing? Before too long I feel like I’ve seen SO many people doing it, and surprisingly I still love it! This gingham runner is big enough for that layered look. You mom will feel so cool and trendy!

Dyson Cordless Handheld – You’ll never know how much you can benefit from a cordless handheld vacuum until you have one. I use mine ALL DAY long. I wish I had one near my car for quick clean ups, best part is my kids fight over using ours. They WANT TO CLEAN people, this not a drill!

Packing Cubes – Something everyone has their eye one but (if you’re me) no one wants to buy. Its just not a priority unless you have an imminent trip. And for that reason would make such a great gift!!

Transparent 3 Pack – another traveling gift! Except I use mine all the time in my purses for make-up, coupons, receipts, cords when I am going to need work stuff. Love them!

ways to waffle for mother’s day

Today on Instagram I am giving away some really amazing kitchenware from Bella! A waffle iron and this beautiful pan both from their Copper Titanium Line! Honestly when I am dreading cooking, having something new to cook with, whether its a gadget (this post has my favorite cooking bloggers gadget faves!), a new recipe, or gear like this, it really does help and this copper line is so beautiful!  

Be sure to enter there @smallfryblog but here are a few recipes I am eyeing to make in my waffle iron! These are also incredibly easy for your kids to do on Mother’s Day to make sure you get that breakfast in bed. 😉

Cinnamon Roll Waffles

Cinnamon Roll Waffle

Image via Tablespoon.

Literally with the canned cinnamon rolls from Pillsbury. You can also whip up a syrup to go over the top

4 ounces of cream cheese softened

1/2 c. powdered sugar

2 T. maple syrup

1.4 c. milk

1/2 t. of maple extract if you want a stronger flavor!

Donut Waffles Image via Southern Revivals:

Krispy Kremes into the waffle iron, syrup on top. EXTRA!

Or if you like a more savory breakfast – you can do this in the waffle maker too! One Good Thing By Jillee has a quesadilla breakfast burrito – waffle style! 

Or a hash brown as a side:Add ham and cheese for a meal in one serving!Ham and Cheese Hash Waffle

While we’re on the topic of waffle iron food, I don’t know that I would want this for mother’s day breakfast but this is genius and less intense than frying your own – Corn Dog Waffles?!

Corn Dog Waffle Sticks

Wanting something healthier for your Mother’s Day breakfast? Try this Acai Bowl Bar we did a couple years ago!


prime mother’s day

Let’s get one thing straight, most guys we know are scrambling last minute for Mother’s Day, so a Prime shipping option is a necessity at this juncture. Today for our Mother’s Day gift guide we’re sharing 5 new-to-us ideas to try and 5 tried and true favorites. If you’re feeling dangerous or you just want comfortable, you’re covered.Prime Mother's Day

  1. Snail Mucus. Apparently snail secretions are full of properties used in beauty products anyway so why not just use it in its whole form? Sounds gross but after reading up, it’s totally backed up by science and has amazing reviews.
  2. Squalane oil. Not new by any means but this oil is a saturated version of Squalene which is found in sebum. Yeah that gross stuff that clogs your pores. Well you need it to turn over healthy skin cells and it’s the damaged or oxidized sebum that causes you to breakout.
  3. Round bags. They’re huge this season and this one is so pretty. Such good color pop.
  4. Shape Tape by Tarte. Cult favorite concealer. Tried and test by us and totally approved. Dark circles be gone, no creasing, lays on so nice and thick but doesn’t cake. Smells amazing. The price might make it feel dangerous but we vouch for this so hard.
  5. The Four Agreements. Neither of us have read this, but in the last week we’ve seen at least 4 people rave about it, say they read it again and again and that is a life changer. Get it on Audible and don’t feel guilty about the fact that you can’t seem to pick up an actual book lately.

And tried and true favorites:

  1. Petifee Gold Eye Patches. A must for aging skin. Wake up looking like you got 12 hours of sleep and aged in reverse a bit. A Beytouty Bureau pick we can’t get enough of.
  2. Mesh mixed suit. Coverage of a one piece that gives the lines and break in shapes like a two piece. In black so you feel chic and put together no matter how many times you chased your toddler or wiped spilled snow cone off your lap.
  3. A box of bath bombs. Whatever helps you relax and gets you to take that me time, do it. Bath Bombs do it for us!
  4. Yeah yeah yeah we’re all trying to find NMD R1 or R2 without dipping into our retirement. These are less than $100, give you that Adidas fix and are super comfortable.
  5. Super flattering perfect for Spring, that middle of the road price that promises a good fit for years instead of months. You’ll find these jeans on mega Internet babes Cara Loren, Rachel Parcell, Ginger Parrish. We vouch too, they’re awesome!

mother’s day brunch

As promised here is the whole Mother’s Day Brunch we threw for some friends! You can catch more details on the Acai Bowl Bar here as well.Mother's Day BrunchWe always talk about how our friends are some of the best parents we know, they are the people we look up to so much and want to emulate, and we need each other so much since we’re all in the same season and stage of life. Since Mother’s Day is usually all about your immediate family or celebrating your own mother or sisters, we wanted to do something as friends beforehand to pamper them a little bit!Acai Bowl BarIt was nothing crazy. One bunch of flowers and some washi tape for the wall set the tone for our simple day. White ceramics and bright fruit was all we needed, really!Mother's Day BrunchTo go along with the breakfast we also did an herbal tea bar. Mother's Day BrunchWe used this Bella Housewares kettle which has water boiling in about 3 seconds. Seriously, its nice too that you don’t need to be by a stove. You just plug it in wherever you want to brew your tea and it’s good to go! Great for a party!Find them all here.Mother's Day BrunchOur favorite teas + sweeteners. Emily is the tea fanatic around here and here are her favorites:Mother's Day BrunchPumpkin Spice Rooibos // Rooibos Chai // Mint Melange (peppermint, lemongrass and spearmint!) // Gingerbread Tea // Passion Tea (awesome iced!) Sweetened with La Perruche’s Rough Cut Pure Cane Cubes!Mother's Day BrunchAs friends we talked about motherhood, our favorite and least favorite parts, when we feel the most fulfilled and shared why we look up to each of them. It was so nice to have nothing to do but chat and enjoy being together! Nicole is always so good about getting beautiful photos of everyone, such a nice gift to have that no one wants to ask for, an element to add if you recreate this brunch with your own loved ones! Even if it’s just an iPhone shot!

Kayti:Mother's Day BrunchBri:Mother's Day Brunch Kim:Mother's Day Brunch Happy early Mother’s Day to all of you! Best, hardest job in the world isn’t it?

acai bowl bar

Tomorrow we’ll be sharing a peek at a fun Mother’s Day Brunch we did with friends. Our breakfast was all about everybody’s favorite (or maybe your rolling your eyes if you’re not a fan) the Acai Bowl! We created a “make your own” station and it was a hit! Take a look and we’ll include recipe, too!Acai Bowl BarAll you need are a huge variety of bowls and spoons to hold all the ingredients, a little chopping time and your favorite Acai recipe! We love using these frozen acai puree packs, a frozen banana, a cup of pressed apple juice and a scoop of your favorite protein powder. We like the acai thicker so add extra frozen banana if you’re in our boat, or thin it out with more apple juice.Acai Bowl Bar

Acai Bowl Bar We filled bowls with strawberries, kiwis, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, bananas, coconut shavings (these are amazing and so soft!) Chia seeds, Buff Bake almond butter, Honey to drizzle, and granola!Acai Bowl BarIt is such a filling breakfast even with other items to eat, we were all full off these alone!Acai Bowl BarWhat are your favorite Acai bowl combos? We are always looking for more! Check back tomorrow for the rest of our brunch!

favorites on mother’s day

Happy Happy Mother’s Day to all of you women out there who love and nurture those around you selflessly. If you’re like us and you’re lazing in bed for a bit, we wanted to share some of our favorite essays and posts on motherhood.

Favorite Motherhood EssaysA post about “The Juggle” from Joy

Loving your post-baby body from Ashmae

What we all have in common from Alison

Not believing the lies we tell ourselves from Casey

Becoming our mothers via Danielle

Surviving the first three months with Liz

and an essay from our heart to yours.

Our Small Fry Films series has been the greatest love letter to everything we love about motherhood. We’ve witnessed some seriously magic moments! Find all our films here.

Small Fry Films - Mother's Day

NICU and Bed Rest Moms // Belle in the West Village // Sydney in the mountains // Naomi in Central Park // Laura on Balboa Island // Kristen at the beach // Joy at home //

We hope you all have a wonderful day, thank you for all that you do!


Emily, Jenna and Nicole

Kid Quote Tote

Our next DIY in our string of Mother’s Day ideas is this Kid Quote Tote! Things our kids say that make us cry, laugh, or laugh until we cry. Next time you hear one, jot it down and then you can whip out this tote in a few minutes using the Cricut Explore. Don’t have one yet? You still have one more day to enter to win your own Explore, plus $1700 more in goods, right here. But, back to the tote! This quote comes from young Dash, who melts hearts on the daily with this phrase.

Kid Quote Tote for Mother's Day!

Here’s how you’ll do it:

– Grab a tote (you can buy one at any craft store!) and iron out all the creases.

– Then upload this project onto your Cricut Explore and cut it onto Cricut’s Iron-On (it will guide you how to insert it, but face-down, and click the mirror image button)

-Once it’s cut, weed out the middles leaving the conversation bubble and empty letters.

– Place the image on your tote, then using a super hot iron, seal it to the fabric. This takes a few minutes so keep at it if any of the edges peel up at all.

Kid Quote Steps

Then once its firmly secured, you’re ready to go! This would make the best gift for a mom, grandma, or friend. With the Cricut Explore it is easy as can be and you can edit and put in new quotes for everyone on your list!

Kid Quote Tote for Mother's Day!

We debated on a couple quote ideas for this one. How about when Hayes was trying to butter mom up for a popsicle and said “Mom, you’re looking really like Elsa today!” or Quinn’s latest tear- jerker “I’ve always wanted to be in a family!”

Kid Quote Tote for Mother's Day!

What would you put on your tote?


handprint flower

We’ve got a few more Mother’s Day gift ideas up our sleeve before the big day this weekend, and this one is a classic: the handprint flower! We love fresh flowers, but these will last a lot longer and will always be a reminder of your kids each year. Make a whole bouquet for a print or card and you’ve got yourself a beautiful, thoughtful and easy gift.

Handprint Flower - Mother's Day

No surprise here, but kids love to make these prints! First, cover their little hands with paint:

Handprint Flower - Mother's Day

Create the flower by spreading out each finger:

Handprint Flower - Mother's Day

Clean hands and add stems:


Handprint Flower - Mother's DayAnd leaves:

Handprint Flower - Mother's Day

Let it dry:


Handprint Flower - Mother's Day


And hang it up!

Handprint Flower - Mother's Day


Update: for those who asked about where to find the toys on the shelves, we included links after the jump! Continue reading handprint flower