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FRYday : Nicole

Hello! I’ve spent a lot of time over the last few months reflecting on family. Family is my favorite thing on the earth. In my world, family isn’t just blood. Of course, my children own the largest portion of my heart, but when I speak of family, that is inclusive of so many friends. Family has kept me afloat these last few years. I think I forget that other people around me have any kind of trials of their own, because they seem like such rockstars and they support me through some of the bumpiest roads. I have a mom, … Read more

FRYday : Nicole

The most wonderful time of the year in my world in this: the Fall! It is one of the reasons I love the state of Utah so much. The fall is simply magical to me. We all describe the air as crisp, because there is no better way to say it. More than any other season, the Fall weather beckons my family and I to get out and explore the earth. And we do as often as we possibly can. Driving to the tip top of the mountains, hopping out of the car to take a deep breath of that … Read more

FRYday : Nicole

Today was a wonderful kind of day. Fall is here, the air was cold, wind and rain scattered through the day and the kids and I didn’t leave the house. I’m always grateful for all the adventures I get to take with them, but life is busy! It’s so incredible to take a day to cuddle on the couch and do nothing but kiss their faces and soak up being a momma. No distractions. I think i’ll do it all weekend long. I hope your Friday is wonderful! Happy Weekend!  xo Nicole  

nicole’s picks

For the rest of this week we’re recounting our favorite posts from the past year. Next up: Nicole! “The Backyard Tent was one of the first adventures we took when starting Small Fry. The day was perfect, the weather was flawless and the kiddos loved the simple two minute tent we built in the yard. Mini Art Books: The art books we made with Dallas created such a beautiful experience for the kids to express their creativity. Dash is always doodling and coloring, and keeping them all in one spot, one book, and recording his thoughts and memories that way … Read more

FRYday : Nicole

Hello! Its been a whirlwind of a week. So many wonderful things happening for Small Fry, which means exciting things coming your way! I always feel so blessed to be a part of this never ending project we call our blog. It gives my children such incredible opportunities and learning experiences. It gives Emily and Jenna and I a chance to work together and with our children explore, create and live! Im feeling so grateful for my kiddos today, and for those two insanely organized and talented business partners that im so fortunate to call mine. Happy Fryday to you … Read more

FRYday: nicole

I’m not a competitive person. I rarely compare myself to others, and I know better than to compare my children to other kids… I thought. But, last week I noticed something Dash’s friends could do, and at three years old, all his peers seemed to have it down to an art. It was a moment as a mother where you feel like you’ve failed. It was the first time (of many, I’m sure) where I’ve felt that way. I felt sad for Dash, I felt unsuccessful as a mother, and I wanted to change it immediately. I spent the entire … Read more

FRYday: Nicole

This last couple of weeks have been the kind that I live for. Family popping in from out of town, adventures with my littles around every corner, and so many opportunities to be with good friends. Not a dull moment. But, with all of this dreamy living has brought one exhausted momma. As much as I dont want to admit it, I think I have over done it, unfortunately the kids are still going one hundred miles per hour. Then I pause and notice those around me and it’s moments like this stops me dead in my tracks. I feel completely … Read more

Fryday: Nicole

As you can see in three of the four following pictures, we are sort of junk food junkies at our house. All four of us love our desserts, our junk foods, our sodas. Dash wakes up in the morning and asks for snacks instead of breakfast, and Sunny runs towards me yelling “juice!” when I crack open my can of Fresca. See what I mean? Really bad habits forming here, but I can’t seem to get them excited about fruits and vegetables. The best I can get them to do is peanut butter and jelly on whole wheat bread rather … Read more

Fryday: Nicole

We’re so excited to roll out a new feature on Small Fry today! The original purpose and motivation for Small Fry is constantly on our minds. For those moments of frustration and isolation, we want everyone in this space to know that we’ve been there too. For every success and triumph and smooth-sailing days, we are here cheering you on. We hope that these peeks into our lives each week will not only give us a way to share, but to benefit from each one of you. Happy FRYday, everyone! There are a handful places on earth I consider “the … Read more

one phone call

NICOLE. Isn’t it a wonder how little tiny humans, so innocent and simple can bring us some of the greatest strength we know? A close friend told me, in the midst of an extremely rocky time: “Anyone can give up, it’s the easiest thing in the world to do. But to hold it together when everyone would understand if you fell apart, that’s true strength.” Motherhood gave me this strength. I don’t for a second give myself the credit of successfully making it to where we are today. Dash and Sunny, at such young ages, gave me the courage and … Read more