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5 Things to Say

Since we talked about Intense Kids things got actually a lot harder over here! I feel like I understand so much more of what my kiddo needs, but when you know better you have to do better, right? And it all just felt like SO much energy to keep things peaceful. And then you feel guilty because you’re spending all this extra time on this ONE kid when you have two other well behaved and deserving kids that need your love and attention, too! Not to mention sometimes you just don’t want to be on your A game all the … Read more

10 things you can do today

I’ve been texting with my friends all morning about safety in schools and guns and reform and mental illness and I am so so tired of doing nothing but be afraid and sad. I think we all know that this epidemic is not any one problem, but many problems. I feel slightly hopeless about congress and politics, but I know I have the power within my own home and at my boys’ school and in my community. So that’s where I am starting. No idea too small! You guys are always amazing for crowdsourcing ideas so please share. My hope … Read more

kids with intense feelings

I spoke about my intense child the other day on Insta Stories and it erupted in some really good conversation. I promised several of you that I would get all the goods into a post and here it is! There are truly so many of us, I hope that the more we are open and honest about our challenges with these kids who feel deeply and are still learning how to navigate those feelings, the better ALL our situations will become. More tools, more ideas, more compassion, more understanding, more light and laughter and fun, too! There are several amazing … Read more

three parenting dilemmas

We have an awesome opportunity today for your Small Fry Facebook friends with Chrissy Powers MA, LMFT 84340! This San Diego based licensed marriage and family therapist has been so helpful to us with three dilemmas we’ve been toiling over as parents and we love her advice so much. We’ve shared them below if you’re going through similar things, and Chrissy has so graciously offered to man our Facebook Page today to answer your own parenting questions today! Head over to peek in on the conversations. Jenna: My six year old has been struggling in school. Not because he isn’t smart, … Read more