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easy family game night

Easy Family Game Night

This post is a paid sponsorship by Goldfish® Crackers, but all opinions are my own. It is so easy for me to slide into the after-school routine rut, to push through ’til bedtime and forget that there can be easy fun to be had!  Check out these Pepperidge Farm® Goldfish® Special Edition Disney Mickey Mouse Cheddar crackers!  Perfect to use for a family game night. We came up with a handful of minute or less games where all you need are some household items and, of course, your Goldfish crackers! Not only do these crackers add fun to our family … Read more

Mini Olympic Games

The Olympic games are in the air. Seriously, we aan feel it all the way up here in America! (Rio isn’t THAT far away). We wish we could travel to Brazil to cheer on the athletes, for now, our own little athletes in our own living rooms will have to suffice.All three of us love to culture our babies, and we ourselves have been watching the Olympics our entire lives. Its been so fun to watch these kids get older, and to see them getting inspired by the talented and strong athletes that have been training since they themselves were … Read more

unplugged week: jenga DIY

Getting to Know You Jenga

Tuesday’s tip: Schedule playdates for each day! Not just with friends, but acquaintances you’ve been meaning to reach out to, children your kids seem to hit it off with, but haven’t had too much time together, and old friends you haven’t seen in awhile. This Jenga DIY is a great game to play to help ease your kids into new friendships and of course get through the day unplugged. Here’s what you’ll need: A plain wood block set like this one and oil-based paint pens to write on wood like this set from Sharpie.Then on each block write a getting to … Read more

Holiday Gift Guide: dollhouse

We get asked most often when it comes to gift giving, where to find the best doll houses! Here are our favorites, the top rated and best reviewed, as well as best looking. If you’re making the doll house purchase this holiday you can’t go wrong with any of these!   1. Hayneedle’s classic dollhouse is such a refreshing site in a sea of hot ink plastic! 2. You really can’t go wrong with anything from Melissa & Doug, but this dollhouse is definitely a favorite. We love that there are so many options and accessories to add-on and it’s always … Read more

petit collage [giveaway!]

We have an awesome $300 giveaway with our longtime friends over at Petit Collage! They have such great nursery items and have really been bulking up their toy collection as well! Petit is also so kind to offer a huge 20% off for readers “smallfry14” all the way until the end of the month! Here are some of our favorites, find your own faves on their site!   Pop-out toy families, cities, animals and more! Mobiles, puzzles, blocks, and art! We’ll pick a winner next week (just in time for Holiday shopping!) and don’t forget to use that awesome 20% … Read more

superhero cuffs

By Nicole. I think it’s been mentioned a time or two before on Small Fry, but my Dash truly believes he is a super hero. (Find a couple different ways I organize all his personas here and here.) It is evident always in his talk and play. I wanted to come up with a way for him to bring a little Superhero with him wherever he goes, especially now that costumes have been all we talk about lately with Halloween. If he needs to feel brave, or take care of a friend in need, even if he can’t wear the … Read more

Educational Games for Kids

learning games for kids

We just finished a week long Spring break for our big boys at their schools, and we’ve gotten a taste of how wonderful Summer break will be! Maybe we’ve all wondered, how do we continue to stimulate our kids’ brains, ensure that they’re still learning and exploring and growing even though they’re not in a formal schooling setting? Some families have the whole Summer planned with in-home schooling, chores, and a set routine. While some that take a break from it all and play, play, play. And of course lots in between. Where do you lie on the spectrum? Whether … Read more

Poketti Pocket Plushies

This post is brought to you by Poketti. We have the most amazing company to share with you today! Can you picture yourself in 7th Grade? For us, our biggest focus was how to get our moms to buy us a pair of Doc Martens, but Sydney had bigger plans. The founder and original creator, Sydney, created this product in for a entrepreneurial project for school. She loved the process so much she talked her family into turning into a real live business and they funded their $20,000 Kickstarter and started manufacturing right away. Presenting: Poketti Pocket Plushies! We love … Read more

April Fool’s + Boon Giveaway

Have you guys seen Boon’s Instagram? We’re not sure what’s happening, but it looks like their PR guy’s phone got swiped by a toddler. See what we mean via their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds. While they try to sort out a case of the Baby-gramming, WE are giving away a bunch of awesome Boon toys for the bath. Bath-time for kids is a sanctuary given to parents when almost nothing else will do, a bath will give you that much needed break. Boon is giving away their best goods, and here’s what you’ll win! One lucky reader will score … Read more

blue bird costume DIY

kids costume: duct tape

We’re so excited to share our second post using Scotch® Color & Pattern Duct Tape! They challenged us to make a Halloween costume and we decided on a Bluebird, here’s how we did it: For supplies you’ll need: ✔ Cardboard ✔ A plain plastic mask, you can buy at most craft stores or Amazon has one for cheap here. ✔ Ribbon ✔ Hot Glue gun ✔Scissors ✔Scotch® Color & Pattern Duct Tape – we used Aqua and Royal blue for the wings and face, and then orange for the beak and talons. WINGS // First, start by making the wings. Emily started with two pieces … Read more