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engagement polaroid
a scan of a polaroid of the night we got engaged. the only photo i have, ha! #2005

And also, a boy!!! I can’t even type it without laughing a little. So crazy, right? I actually really wrestled for a week or so with how to share this news with you all. How can I share a part of it, when I’m leaving out the details of why it was so special, so timely, so needed, and why it’s SO more than okay.  It’s wonderful and amazing and we cannot wait to meet him.

First things first, I had sent in a sample to Reveal Gender DNA ( you can email them too: They will do the gender test with a blood sample as soon as 10 weeks and it takes 3-5 days to get results back. I was waiting impatiently for those results over a weekend a couple weeks ago, when I was simply walking down the hallway and felt a warm gush.

If you’ve ever experienced blood loss when pregnant, or worse, blood loss that results in miscarriage, you know how terrible it can be. I knew it was blood without even having to check and I fell to my knees and just sobbed and sobbed.

Not again, please no, not again. 

I had no idea what this baby was gender-wise, but I was devastated at the thought of losing it.

boy #1
hayes, boy #1!

After resting and a confident blessing from Russ that all was well, tt had let up and I was feeling movement so I was cleared to wait for my regular appointment after the weekend.

The next morning the gender reveal test came in via email.

I couldn’t bring myself to open it, I told Russ I’d just wait for him to get home from work. When he finally got home and opened the email, before he even started reading it I was bawling again. The weight of what that email carried overcame me. I’ll tell you why…

As a young teen I had a really important experience where I felt the presence of my daughter – or who I perceived to be my daughter. I felt her presence a few times throughout my teens. Took a lot of comfort in her, loved dreaming about her, and interpreted from all of these really private sacred experiences that she would be the evidence of God’s grace in my life. Someone so important, someone that would save me. Later in life I took that “pencil” test (maybe you tried with a crystal?) that everyone “swears” is accurate down to their miscarriages.

Boy, Boy, Boy, Girl, Boy. Every single time. For years.

So every time I got pregnant and learned the gender I was like, yep! Yep. Yep! I took comfort that this time — this time would be my girl. I put the hope of her on a shelf while I waited for her turn I was sure would come.

When Russ read out loud that it was a boy, I felt ALL of that come crashing down on me. I started to spiral! That damn pencil!!! Do I not understand how my own personal intuition works? Am I making up these spiritual experiences? Did I make the wrong choice somewhere down the line that changed my future? Did I completely misread what I thought God was trying to tell me??

Russ’ reaction snapped me back to the present — “My bad, babe. It’s my bad.” We laughed. “It IS your bad!” I whimpered. I excused myself out to the patio not wanting my kids to see, not wanting to upset Russ, not knowing what the heck I was even feeling. Of course the whole family came out within minutes. Russ not knowing what to say, and then the boys asking why mom was crying.

boy #2
Callum, boy #2.

Russ told them “We’re having another boy!”

Hayes: Says nothing, but simply sucks air through his teeth literally making this face 😬 in sympathy.

Cal: Turns his head away from me, drops his head low and whispers under his breath “Not another one.”

Raleigh: thinks he has a baby in his belly so he just points to his belly and then starts chasing a bird.

I just laughed and laughed. If they had thrown fits or cried or had any over-the-top reaction it might have made it worse, but they were perfect and totally cheered me up.

Meanwhile all the while, I am still waiting for my appointment to confirm that baby boy is okay and realize I haven’t really felt movement.  I notice it most typically at night or first thing in the morning, so I laid in bed waiting for movement and couldn’t feel any either time.

I start to panic a bit and so I go to borrow my friend’s at-home heart doppler. I can find and hear my heartbeat, Russ’, my big boys’, but when I bring it to my stomach — nothing. I try and over and over, rolling it over all the swollen parts of me and it makes no sound.

My appointment is the next day but I call the midwife and she says to come right in. With the only opening in their schedule the timing is bad for us. Russ can’t go with me, he has to go get the boys from school. So I go alone. Even though I was alone the last time I heard I was losing a pregnancy and I swore that would never happen ever again. But now, I can feel myself turning numb. It has been an emotional weekend already and I just can’t summon anything. Courage, gumption, vulnerability — to call a soul.

Parking, walking, checking in, waiting, waiting. Finally the ultrasound tech comes to the waiting room and walks me back. I think about how she has the worst job ever.

Raleigh, boy #3

I lay down on table, warm goo – you know the drill, and I hold my breath…

THERE HE IS. His perfect little heart, fluttering. His beautiful profile, his floating flailing arms, those tucked up frog legs. And an unmistakable penis. All I could do was laugh through the relieved tears.

Shaking my head that this beating heart and floating flailing arms hid from me all weekend, I whisper “that little stinker.” And then I told the tech “That’s a penis isn’t it?” and she said “It’s still early, but yes I think it is!” And I said laughing, “Of course it is.” She looks confused. “He’s my 4th boy.” The first time I have said it out loud. And we both laugh.

It is one thing to read an email and it is altogether another to see it on a big screen TV. But do you want to know what?

Any trace amounts of sadness from mourning the loss of the girl I thought was coming, was gone. In this moment and every moment after my heart aches with gratitude that he is okay. He is healthy. He is coming, and he has an identity and a purpose and a place in our family, and I get to be his mom. How lucky am I?

I know this whole experience was for my benefit. I felt every emotion as it came, but I was given much needed perspective, and quickly. Our view as humans in this moment is so limited. We can barely see passed our own noses, but I felt God painting this masterpiece right in front of my eyes.

Cal with baby boy #4!

For all the parents who never see that heartbeat, who have to mourn losses so much bigger and more vast. There is so much suffering and loss, and THIS is not one of those things. This is a blessing. HE. is a blessing. He is a miracle. And I will not accept anything less when I tell the news, or when I finally get to hold him and see his face. Or when we go to the grocery store and all 4 of them are acting a fool. THIS is a blessing.

All my love,

Emily Frame.

Potentially eternally, and gratefully, #boymom.


Photos by Truly Photography!

A few of you already guessed because I have been SO M.I.A., but it’s true! Baby #4 is looking healthy and active and on their way! I am 11 weeks and due mid-March. I had every intention of waiting as long as I could (I know how internet pregnancies can drag out, ha!) but I have been ill from sun up to sun down. So so nauseous.  Truly horrible at all my various jobs and responsibilities, mix that with Summer and having all the kids home probably destroyed whatever semblance of a professional life I had.Family Pictures | Buffalo Peak


  1. Are you going to find out gender? Yes of course! I just don’t think I am the type to wait it out. Knowing gender makes it feel so much more real and makes it easier for me to bond. I’ll probably find out next month at 16 weeks. I know there’s tests you can take at 9 weeks but we’re are cash-pay so… happy to wait and have things to look forward to.
  2. What do you think it is? I truly don’t know, I feel like I am always wrong. Russ thinks it’s a boy, Raleigh refers to the baby always as “Baby Sidoh” (sister) With my boys I was more violently ill in the mornings throwing up for months and months (20 weeks with Hayes, 26 weeks with Cal and I threw up until the very end with Raleigh), but would feel okay by afternoon/night. This time it’s just middle grade nausea and headaches all day long.
  3. What are you doing for morning sickness? Unisom and B6! It’s been my go-to for all pregnancies and it might not solve all my problems, but trying to stop it always proves it is for sure helping. My friend has Bonjesta for me to try which I might! I hear it’s expensive, but might be worth it at this point! Also, exercise helps SO much this time around. If I can workout for even 30 minutes I feel good for hours after!! Bless you High Fitness. I am super exhausted as well so it’s just been a lot of Love Island in my bed. Bless you Love Island and your 50+ episodes.
  4. I thought you were done at 3? We never could seem to sync up on wanting a 4th at the same time and gosh wouldn’t life have been so much easier that way. But then we both came around at the same time. I saw a friend of a friend randomly  and she got teary with me saying she regretted not having one more. And I knew full body and soul that that would be me. I don’t know what this baby has in store for us, but it felt very apparent they needed to be here and and in this timing.Family Pictures | Buffalo Peak
  5. Where will the baby sleep? In our room for a bit and then I’ll turn the office into their room until they’re sleeping through the night. Then down in the basement they go with the lot. 😉Family Pictures | Buffalo Peak
  6. Do you want a girl? This question is the worst. Of course I do! It’s always hard to imagine I’ll never get to experience it or see Russ and the boys experience it. But then I look at each of my boys and how amazing they are as individuals, their unique spirits that have been with them from day one, I’d never change them. I will love and accept whatever comes our way! (But did we try and create an environment that was easier for a girl to stick? You bet. Ha!)
  7. Thoughts on labor? You guys know I would LOVE to have an epidural. Fingers crossed I can get one this time! I am with my same midwife group since the beginning and they know the drill. Awhile back I had polled 100+ women who had experienced both medicated and unmedicated births and shared the results in this post it’s changed my outlook on it for sure. If you’re new: 3 times in a row I have had Strep B, dilated really aggressively (between a 6-8 at 36 weeks) without actually being in active labor. So they bring me in for antibiotics and then they keep me and end up breaking my water. So all 3 were born by 37 weeks and 2 days or earlier. My bag of water is made of steel I am pretty sure because once it breaks it gets crazy, fast. Cal’s birth video // Raleigh’s birth story
  8. Names? None. Really struggling with this guys. Got any to share that sound good with the rest? Hayes, Cal, Raleigh ______. Good thing we’ve got time.
  9. How do you make cash pay work? We deliver at a hospital that offers 80% off any services you pay for that same day. That’s labs, tests, ultrasounds, delivery, all of it. I go there for EVERYTHING. I think we paid $3k for it all. It’s Timpanogos Regional in Orem for you locals.
  10. Are the kids excited? YES. Hayes loves babies so much and he was very nervous to hear the heartbeat, I had to call him at school to let him know everything was looking good. Cal had the best reaction when we told him, jumping up and down and wide-eyed. As long as the baby has clothes he’s happy, the umbilical cord FREAKED him out last time, ha! Raleigh might not know what’s going to hit him, but he loves babies like Hayes so I think we’ll be in good hands!!Family Pictures | Buffalo Peak

It always makes this process so much more fun and real sharing with you all, so thank you for being here!! xoxo – Em + fam

boob talk

Hello bosom friends! My name is Courtney Killpack, I’m a bra fitting expert and creator of, where I’m passionate about helping women find more confidence and beauty by fixing their stubborn bra problems. Something you might not know about Jenna, we used to work together in the same lingerie department at Nordstrom years ago!


I’m going to talk about when you should go get fitted and shop for your nursing bra AND after you’ve weaned your baby. Some of the most commonly asked questions I get asked from women is should they wait after they have their baby, lose weight, or when they stop nursing to go bra shopping? I have some simple tips on how to navigate these many bosom altering moments.


My rule of thumb: It’s never a bad time to be fitted

A lot of women think it’s not worth to buy a new bra until they lose all of their weight, after their pregnancy, or when they’ve weaned their baby. I’m here to say, why suffer?!? Why be uncomfortable and miserable by wearing bras that don’t fit? There’s this mentality a lot of women have that in order to treat yo self, you have to achieve your ultimate goal. That’s crap.

When you notice your bra isn’t fitting right: the straps are falling off your shoulders, cups are too small or too big, you’re hanging out or coming out of your bra, underwires digging into your breasts, band rides up the back, and you’re constantly adjusting it. This means your bra isn’t fitting, and it’s time to get a new one!

You don’t have to go out a buy an entire new bra wardrobe and spend a small fortune. Buy 1-2 bras at a time. This way, you buy what you need. Buying small quantities of bras as you transition into your new size is a smart bra buying strategy.

Also, it’s good to know your correct size so if you do change size in the future, you’ll have more confidence on how to navigate the sizing system.

Pregnancy & Breastfeeding


Most women go up 1-3 cup sizes in the 10 months they’re pregnant. This means you’ll need to go be fitted and buy a new bra each time you go up a size. Sorry ladies, the days of you wearing the same size you’re entire pregnancy is out! As soon as you feel like your bra is getting too small in the cups or in the band, go get fitted for a new one!

A couple weeks before you have that little bundle of joy, I recommend you go get yourself a transitional nursing bra. These are bras that are low in support, come in S, M, L, XL, and are perfect as you transition from the hospital to home, and when your milk comes in. One of my favorite is the Cake Maternity Rock Candy Nursing Bra. 1-2 weeks after the baby comes, and once your milk has settled, go get fitted for a more supported nursing bra, preferably an underwire.


Cake Maternity Rock Candy Nursing Bra

Some women stay the same size on their entire breastfeed and pump journey, some don’t. If you start to lose weight and notice your cups and band is getting too big, it’s time to go get fitted for a new one. Having a supportive and quality nursing bra that fits while you’re lactating so much better and easier, I promise!

Once you decide to wean your baby, I’d wait to get fitted until you notice your nursing bras don’t fit anymore. This can take up to two weeks to notice a change in your cup size.

Gaining & Losing Weight


It’s life. At some point in our lives we gain weight. I know it sucks to have to buy bigger sized bras, but why wear things that don’t fit and don’t make you feel good? You’re so worth it to invest in your chest and wear things that make you feel like a million bucks and flatter your beautiful self. As soon as you notice your bra isn’t fitting or is uncomfortable, go get fitted. Buy 1-2 bras in your new size, wear those out and by the time you start to lose weight, it will be time to buy another 1-2 bras in your new smaller size! Bras should only last about 6-12 months.

When you lose weight, some women lose it all in the chest, some lose it all in their butt. Whatever you were blessed with, the same principle applies. If you notice you bra doesn’t fit, go get fitted, buy 1-2 bras in your new size.

Where to be fitted?

Here are my favorite places to be professionally fitted:


I offer in-person and group bra consultations for those who live in Northern Utah and online bra consultations for those who live far away or don’t have options around them. I love taking my clients bra shopping, educating them on how bras should and shouldn’t fit, making it fun and educational, and helping you feel more confident and beautiful. Go here to learn more and book an appointment with me, it will change your life!


I used to work for Nordstrom for over four years and really like their fitting program. They have a wide range of sizes and have an amazing return policy!


Bra boutiques that are independently owned are notorious for being great at fittings. Before you go, call ahead and ask if they are experts in fitting and if they have a wide range of sizes A-K cup sizes and 28-46 band sizes.

To learn more about how bras should and shouldn’t fit, go download my FREE bra fitting guides, where I walk you through the process of how to find your size and breast shape.

Also, to shop the nursing and everyday bras I recommend my clients go here!

Make sure to follow me on Instagram at @brafittingsbycourt for daily bra and bosom tips!

If you ever have bra questions you can email me at Thanks Small Fry gals for letting me guest post!

First Forty Days

I have had this book recommended to me several times since being pregnant and so I am so happy to have them here sharing their tips for nurturing your post-partum self.

They open the conversation about important the first 40 days are. I know of so many cultures that truly take care of the mother like you would the newborn. I don’t know if its just the culture here, or maybe a pressure I put on myself but it seems like life just goes on when you have a baby and I love all this book’s concepts of truly taking care of yourself!

Welcome to them! xo – Emily

FullSizeRender-6 5 things pregnant moms can do now to prepare for the First Forty Days postpartum:Bone Broth | Postpartum RecipeAn easeful, restorative postpartum period begins before the baby even arrives. Taking some simple steps in the third trimester will give you the space and assurance to sink into The First Forty Days with a light heart and a calm mind.

Here are five easy things you can do to prepare before you’re swept into a vortex of baby bliss and sleep deprivation. Bone Broth | Postpartum Recipe

1) Ask four relationship-saving questions
A new baby is one of the greatest stressors on a relationship. Beat the statistics—two-thirds of couples experience a negative shift in their relationship within three years of having a child—by asking some key questions before your new addition joins the family.

1. How will we divvy up baby-caring responsibilities?
2. How will our finances be influenced by baby’s arrival? (This includes the time, if any, that the mother will be taking off from work and any professionals that will be hired to help.)
3. How will our sex life be affected by the addition of a newborn?
4. How will our social lives change once baby is here?

Bone Broth | Postpartum Recipe2) Create a System of Help
Whether you receive assistance in the form of food dropped off to your door, or have someone take your older child to and from school, or get regular help with laundry, dishes and general housecleaning, asking folks to commit to supporting you and your family during the First Forty Days is essential postpartum preparation. You can pass a sign up sheet around at your Blessingway (see #4, below) or email friends and family a spreadsheet with the areas of your life that will need attention while you’re busy recovering from birth and bonding with your baby. Don’t be shy to ask for help! People want to support you. Help them help you.

3) Design Your Postpartum Nest
Spend less time worrying about the color of the nursery and more time considering your postpartum landing pad. You will be spending the majority of the First Forty Days lying or sitting down, resting and breastfeeding, so be sure that you’ve got a super comfy, incredibly supportive spot in which to do so. Your arms and breasts are a newborn’s entire universe so turn your nesting attention to the pillows that will be holding you up and the view that you’ll be taking in while you remain perched for hours. If you don’t have a pretty vista to take in consider hanging an inspiring piece of art or bringing in a striking plant. Lighting’s important, too. You should be able to reach a lamp without getting up and ideally it will have a dimmer to keep things nice and cozy when baby is dozing.

Bone Broth | Postpartum Recipe

4) Honor Yourself with a Blessingway
In most cultures, the transition to motherhood is a significant rite of passage in a woman’s life. Taking some time to honor your own journey to motherhood—or motherhood again—influences the ease you will experience on the other side. Tell a close friend that you’d like to have a small ceremony or gathering (it doesn’t have to be a big party) or simply take some time to consider all your body has accomplished in pregnancy, pampering yourself with a prenatal massage. It doesn’t matter how you choose to do it, just be sure to honor yourself in some way.

5) Make and Freeze Rejuvenating Broth
In China soup is revered as a preventative and curative elixir. During the First Forty Days new mothers are encouraged to sip healing bone broths to enhance warmth throughout the body, a key step in rebuilding the blood that was lost during childbirth. During the third trimester make vats of broth and freeze for easy cooking after baby arrives. Revitalizing broth can be sipped alone (try it instead of coffee or tea in the morning) or used in soups and stews. Get a simple, delicious bone broth recipe at the Mother Bees site!Bone Broth | Postpartum Recipe


the baby cubby!

Getting ready for this baby with my youngest being nearly 5, I feel like such a rookie! Even running a blog about kids and all the latest gear I have been feeling lost about what I need, what brands and items will fill that need the best and how to sort through the millions of options. The Baby Cubby is a brick and mortar store in Lindon, Utah really close to my house so I’ve been spending lots of time there testing out all their brands and samples for everything from a carseat to baby toys. They also have Resource Guides on their site (scroll to the bottom navigation to see the list!) so if you can’t go into the store you still get that customized experience. One guide they have on their site that I love is the Diaper Bag Guide! They go through all the features you might want or need and break down which brands and styles fit which need. GENIUS! I ended up going with Petunia Pickle Bottom’s new Pathway Pack – it is absolutely beautiful in person and all the features of the bag sold me. Pathway PackYou’ll have to check out the comprehensive buying guide here, but here’s a little taste of it so you can see they mean business.Diaper-Bag-Checklist

When you first start spotting Petunia Pickle Bottom bags you can’t help but notice that SO many moms carry them and swear by them. I had never used one before but actually holding the Pathway Pack in my hands at the Baby Cubby’s store you realize why the brand is so popular. They think of everything and include it in the bag. From the matte black wipes case, to the laptop sleeve. Back pack straps or cross body, It was seemingly made for me. Then the cherry on top is the coated linen. You get that beautiful bone color and the texture of linen and the contrast with the stark black but since it’s coated you can wipe it off. If a diaper bag needs to be one thing it’s durable, but I love that I can still have that beautiful color combo.

Just my weekly pregnancy PSA for you guys! Anyone who needs a little guidance like I did — Diaper Bag Buying Guide to the rescue!

fresh wave

By Emily.

Now that the news is out (scroll down one more post!) I can finally write this post! I’ve been using these Fresh Wave products like crazy the last few months and had to share. Fresh Wave is a line of odor eliminiation products, but the best part is that its non-toxic and is just plants, oil and water. So instead of trying to mask smells with fragrances that can be harmful, it eliminates them with molecular science. I don’t pretend to understand that, but I do know that they work!Fresh WaveMy pregnancy nose is no joke. People, places, things, and some of my favorite normal scents all send me to a nauseating tail-spin. My number one nemesis is my sweet pup, Leo. He is an outside dog who loves to dig in dirt, roll in the sandbox, run like crazy and its really hard to keep him smelling good. I can hardly go near him the last couple months of this pregnancy and it makes me so sad! The worst part is that I can smell him long after he’s gone. So if I take him in the car or in the house I am paying for it for hours later.Fresh WaveFresh Wave is one of the only products I’ve found that are safe for pets. I put the crystal gel in the car and don’t worry about it because its not harmful!Fresh WaveLeo isn’t the only one, my husband who is a contractor isn’t much better so he’s getting the Fresh Wave treatment as well! I love these Pearl Packs which you can drop into boots, gym bags, linen closets, or trash cans. Fresh WaveThe spray comes in super handy for cleaning and touching up closets, bathrooms, and specific items of clothing.Fresh Wave Russ’ sweet Grandparents, Pip and Pop both have pretty serious health problems that stem or are aggravated by fragrances. I’ve learned some scary things about the chemicals in fragrances and seen first hand how they effect them from asthma attacks on down to arthritis. We are sure to avoid having any fragrances in our home when they visit, but the more I learn the less I keep them around. So happy to have Fresh Wave as an option to keep my house smelling great!Fresh Wave

Find all their products, informational videos and so much more at their site

Fall Pregnant Picks

By Jenna.

I’m sailing on through my second trimester and with every passing week things are a- growin! Dressing the bump can be challenging for a normal girl like me who carries everywhere and not just in the tummy, but I’ve made some recent purchases for Fall that I’ll gladly share with all my pregnant friends out there! pregnant picks

1. Zara // Long Voile Shirt

The weight and length of this shirt are PERFECT for Fall and for a growing belly (and let’s be honest, booty.) This covers me where I want it to & is a staple in my wardrobe. I dress it up with a leather jacket & slacks or dress down with denim & sneakers. Buy a larger size to allow more room to go & also to give yourself additional length.

2. Madewell // Daywalk Shirt Dress

I am OBSESSED with this dress. It’s so classic for fall with it’s plaid print, I know I’ll be wearing A LOT of this. It’s super cozy, a great length and basically it’s like I’m wearing a nightshirt out and about which is incredible. I dressed it up with metallic booties one day, and dressed down with sneakers the next. If you see me in the next three months, I’ll be in this dress.

3. Bare Minerals // Stroke of Light Eye Brightener

So it appears that child induced sleep deprivation creates dark circles under the eye. I never had this problem before but in-between pregnancy insomnia and a needy three year old I now look like i’ve been punched in the eye come morning. Then I met this LIFE CHANGING under eye brightener by Bare Minerals of all places. I’ve never owned their makeup but I bought this the other night at Sephora & it’s a dream. I look like a 21 year old with 14 hours of sleep under my belt. SUCH great stuff! I wear Luminous 1, it’s so pink and bright.

4. LuLu Lemon // Unity Pullover

I can’t get enough of this pullover. It’s Lulu so you know it’s going to be soft, well made and fit just right. Best of all it’s on sale… which rarely happens in LuLu land. I went up two sizes because I wanted it to extend over my butt and be able to grow with my belly. It’s perfect for working out, but let’s be honest I don’t do much of that these days, so it’s also great for just day to day! The cut out in the back is sexy, I love it.

5. Zara // Jogging Pants with Zips

Whoever was responsible for making the look of sweat pants a trend, I BOW TO YOU. Bless you, from the bottom of my soul, bless you.  And since these are a Polyester Blend they really do feel like a nicer pant but with ultimate comfort. I like to wear a graphic tee or my favorite v-neck with these pants. They’re the most versatile pant in my wardrobe and they’ll stick around post-baby.

6. Madewell // Coated Roadtrip Jacket

** ON SALE** This jacket is the most stellar must have for Fall. It’s such a great weight, light enough that it’s not too hot but perfect for cooling down temps! I love the coated aspect of it, makes a preppy design kind of edgy. The best part about this for a pregnant girl is it cinches at the waist giving you some definition and curves vs being a boxy blob. It’s so versatile and I wear it daily

7. Boob Design // Super Stretch Maternity Jeans

Okay let me first say that I’ve ordered several things from Boob Design and have been beyond impressed. This Swedish company uses only the softest textiles and tests them for any harmful chemicals. They’re designs are all to make pregnancy, post baby and nursing comfortable and easy. These jeans are easily my favorite purchase. They’re so soft and the wash is perfect. I love that because of the waistband, if a shirt rolls up I look like I’m in normal pants which makes me feel like a freaking rock star. These are the one investment you should make while pregnant.

8. Gap // Chelsea Booties

When all else fails buy shoes and jewelry. They’re the ultimate pick me up and always fit 🙂 I’ve been in  search of a good brown boot for Fall and these ones from Gap are fantastic. The price is killer, especially when you can usually dig up a 40% off coupon from somewhere.

9. ASOS // New Look Maternity Jeans

As you might have heard I’ve been committed to finding the perfect legging this pregnancy. This is a great option for a slim black pant that can be worn if you feel leggings are too dressed down. I had  to get these hemmed but other than that they’re a great fit–and a great price!

Fellow pregnant friends, what would you add to this list? I still have a ways to go and would love your suggestions, too!

one happy announcement!

This post is brought to you by Bump Nest, only the best pillow to enter our lives, ever. Save $10 off your purchase using “SMALLFRY10”!

When we were approached this time last year by Bump Nest to work together we were all a little unsure of how it would work! When you aren’t expecting a baby, reviewing products like this can feel audacious a bit so we put them off for a whole year! Well aren’t we so lucky that now we can boldly give the Bump Nest a whirl, because Jenna is (finally!) expecting! As framilyness (a conglomeration of friends, family, and business partners, please send help with a better word for these relationships!) we have shared in Jenna’s heartbreak, patience and impatience, frustrations and joys and we are so thrilled as a team for this little one on the way! So without further ado, here is Jenna’s review of the amazing Bump Nest!Bump Nest Pregnancy Pillow

Our family is so overjoyed and blessed to be expecting our third baby in January!! As many of you know it’s been a long road for us (catch up here) and on that road I’ve met or connected with many of you struggling with infertility and loss. I know pregnancy announcements always got me feeling sorry for myself, not because I would ever wish loss or infertility on anyone else, but just because it’s a reminder if what I’m missing out on! I feel every bit of your pain and frustration and I’ve been in those dark moments of sadness and longing. I’m praying for you each day that you can find blessings and peace in your own journey and hope that you might follow along in mine.

My boys are getting SO excited and every time I go to the doctor they ask if I’m going to get the baby. I wish it was that easy!! It’s been a really rough pregnancy for me physically, but the other day when I finally got my hands (and legs and full body) on a Bump Nest I felt my world stop. Everyone needs this thing pregnant or not! I love the support it offers my neck and shoulders, and the how soft it is. The fabric is like the most soft flannel and there aren’t any seams or zippers where it counts so it’s really like sleeping in a cloud. Even better is it’s really not that wide, so I don’t feel like I’m exiling my man to the corner of the bed.

Bump Nest Pregnancy Pillow


Bump Nest was so generous to send us all one to try, and we are now kicking ourselves because as Jenna said this pillow is so incredible, and now we’re all cuddling up with these heavenly things every night, even though two of us are definitely not pregnant. We could’ve been sleeping in a cloud everyday for a whole year! We have been so excited to share this pillow with you, knowing how much we love it, we know you will LOVE it too! This pillow is made to relieve pregnancy discomforts and more severe problems like Sciatica, Restless Leg Syndrome, lower back pain, and Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction – which is when your joints in your hips, legs, and pelvis start to loosen and move. Basically your bottom half feels like jello and the waddle becomes unavoidable. So fun! 😉

Bump Nest is so generous to offer $10 off your purchase now until August 31st! Just use “SMALLFRY10” at check-out! We’ll be stocking up ourselves, this should be given to every expectant mother!

And of course another huge congratulations to Jenna, we’re so excited for you!