britax boulevard

So stoked to have Britax send their new Boulevard ClickTight in Cool N Dry fabric  for a review! We were coming up on the expiration date for our carseat (used it with all three boys) and it was for sure time fora fresh one! Here are some features and things I am loving about this carseat!Britax Boulevard Review

The look. Call me vain but I love the look of this seat. The casing around the sides feels so sleek and this Boulevard seat is made with their Cool n Dry fabric which looks amazing even after being wiped down. Raleigh runs hotter than my other boys, he gets red faced and after running for 30 seconds and is constantly sweaty! So having a fabric with him in mind is so nice! I just wish I had this for Summer because he was constantly complaining about being hot!

Cool Max Review

The Click Tight system. I haven’t ever used a Britax seat before but this technology is super cool! It makes installing the seat so so easy and you don’t have to wonder if it’s secure. You push the button and it automatically sets the tension for the different seat belts so the carseat doesn’t budge!

Britax Boulevard Review

A few other safety features I love are the SafeCell Impact Protectors. That same shell I loved for the look? Also helps absorb shock in side impact situations. Britax has created impact absorbers for the base, frame, harness and tether so if Heaven forbid you get in an accident all these places of impact are ready to lessen the effects. Do you see the harness impact absorbers with that grey rubber encasement around the belt? It takes some getting used to as it takes more effort to move up and down, but I have found that it stays in place more readily, avoiding that chest buckle slippage that can happen!Cool Max Review

For the price this carseat is so luxe looking, and easy to use! Far and away the easiest system I’ve ever installed! You can check it out here!

the other side movers review

This post is in no way sponsored, I just wanted to publish a review for people who might be looking for this information as I would’ve loved something like this when I was preparing to move. (Their site has a TON of FAQs so this is more just my personal tips!)The Other Side MoversIf you aren’t following on Instagram you might not have heard, but we moved! I knew that I wasn’t going to be asking Russ for help with packing or moving boxes as he was and still is pulling long days at the house. So much of my balancing act this year has been deciding where my time is best spent. And with a busy toddler following me around undoing everything I do, trying to pack my house solo sounded awful! I had heard about The Other Side Movers from a friend and it honestly sounded too good to be true. I didn’t want to say anything about it until after I used their service and I am so impressed I had to share!

The Other Side Movers is an extension of a rehabilitation program for addicts and convicts.   When and only when they are absolutely ready, they apply for the program and are vetted by other addicts and convicts in the program. IF they’re deemed “ready” they get accepted. Their family or friends can’t bring them in or force them to go, it’s truly a personal choice and a matter of readiness. It’s a year long, FREE program to help get these men and women’s lives back on track. They don’t see family or friends, and they spend part of their day doing typical rehab type work, therapy, group sessions etc, and then the rest doing manual labor like packing and moving boxes.

I felt like it was too good to be true because they bid out packing my whole house for $1500. 3 Levels, 3 bedrooms, a garage. That included my piano, furniture, everything. They provide boxes, wardrobes, tape, a moving truck, wrapping materials, they pack the truck, drive to your new location and unpack it in whatever room you choose. I had my piano bid out at $450 by itself so this was truly a steal. The Other Side Movers

When they came to my house they all had such great energy. Jogging up and down the stairs, working so quickly and with great attitudes. They spoke to each other with respect and care and asked which bathrooms they could use, I offered to put on music for them and they’d skip the song if it wasn’t appropriate for kids. They had my whole house packed in 4 hours. I wasn’t sure what to expect as far as packing styles. They have a very regimented system, each box was packed professionally and with care. They were done with my move in 7 total hours and I can’t express what a load off my shoulders it was to have them take care of this for me. I never felt unsafe and they were all such a joy to be around.

The lead mover had me put away any medications and guns in my locked car (I put my jewelry, gift cards, other expensive items in my car, too) before they started and after he showed me on small dent in the wall from moving a large piece of furniture. They are clear and up front about everything and they do a Do Not Exceed meaning if they don’t finish in the time they bid out, they won’t charge you any more than promised. They do a walk through at the end where you can check every nook and cranny and closet to make sure they didn’t forget anything.

The Other Side MoversI have addicts in my life that have done rehab programs and my number one criticism was that they seemingly did a lot of sitting around. I always wished for something like this — where they’re exhausting themselves, working hard and getting endorphins galore, challenging their minds, and also establishing work experience for when they finish the program. Watching them work brought tears to my eyes a couple times. There is something about being around people who are so open and honest about their challenges, fighting for their lives and change, and buoying each other up in the process. Their program takes no government funding, it’s all donations or people who need to move their lives.

List of TIPS if you’re not wanting to read the whole dang review. Ha!

  1. Pre-Organize. De junk everything before they arrive. Its obvious but you’re not going to get the chance to hover over every box they pack so I took a full week going through room by room to do that beforehand.
  2. I never felt unsafe, but I still wanted to be smart. I put medications, jewelry, gift cards, wallets, expensive gear, guns, in my locked car.
  3. I gave them access to my Alexa for music and had cold sodas for them (they bring water, but they were stoked about the soda!) and they seemed really grateful!! They said they usually pack in silence which sounds awful to me. Ha! I made a map of the new place so they knew if I said “That goes to Hayes’ room” they could find the right spot.
  4. Make sure each room you’re moving into is ready for boxes. Maybe you wanted to vacuum before they brought everything into your bedroom or something? Do it before they arrive! They will unpack the truck and put the boxes exactly where you tell them and should took take full advantage! So: no wet paint, or drying grout or blocked by tools or furniture or whatever. This might be applicable only to people like us who were literally building the house while we moved into it, but I’ll put it out there anyway!
  5. Since they pack, it’s obvious, but still weird for me that I didn’t know where anything was. Which boxes had what in them, etc. They’ll write on the sides of the boxes so you’ll have a little bit of info, but not super extensive. I wish I would’ve been more organized about keeping things out, or together that I would need in the first few days. Maybe pack a bag for everyone like you’re going on a week trip? Clothing, diapers, bottles, shampoo and conditioner, medications, toilet paper, toothbrushes, baby monitor, pillows and blankets, towels, chargers, paper plates, cups, utensils etc.
  6. If you have a room that the items are being split to different rooms in your new place, I would group those things together. For instance: in my pantry I had items that were going to my new garage, my new storage room, my new office, and my new pantry. So I moved everything for the garage to one shelf, new storage room to another shelf and put post-its on the shelf letting them know. So they packed them and marked them and put the packed boxes in the new rooms they were going in versus ALL pantry for pantry. I did this with my boys’ shared bedroom, too.
  7. If you’re NOT moving appliances have coolers ready for them to pack your food in. They won’t move the food otherwise since they can’t keep it cold. If you are moving the appliances, like our deep freezer for instance, they just wrapped it in moving wrap and packed it as is which was AWESOME!
  8. I used post-its to mark things we weren’t taking. Like “trash” etc. so they left several items in the house that we chucked later, but still needed until moving day.

You can find more info here, but I can’t recommend them enough! Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll add to this post!

Toy Talk: RC Building Kits

You all hear about STEM or STEAM (arts being added to that one!) and how important it is to a child’s education. We’ve been on the hunt for toys and kits that are challenging but not so much that mom or dad will end up making it for them while they watch TV. This one is GREAT! A Remote Controlled Tank that a kid can and will love to build! And at only $25 its a pretty great deal, we think! Check it out here.

STEAM TOY for Kids


Toy Talk: Pad of Planes

Yelling Yak sent us the sweetest little care package for the boys including this awesome Pad of Planes. 48 Designs to make your ordinary paper plan soar to new heights. (Are you groaning, that was pretty cheesy) but the boys have loved it and bring it in the car to work on when they’re bored and fly at the park, the house, or wherever else we let them!

Check them out here! Yelling Yak also has these awesome terrain throws which are mats with cool destinations like Red Rocks, the beach, a busy city with lots of winding roads, a dirt road through a pretty garden. So fun and offers a great start for imaginative play!Yelling Yak Terrain Throw

Graco Extend2Fit 3-in-1 Car Seat with TrueShield Technology

By Emily.

Raleigh is off the charts for weight, height, head, the whole enchilada. So needless to say carrying him around in his Infant seat became a struggle pretty fast! We loved our Uppa infant seat but as he has gotten taller and taller he simply didn’t fit it anymore! I have used Graco seats for all my boys now and was glad to try out the Extend2Fit because Raleigh is my first kid that will stay rear facing until he’s 2! This guideline wasn’t in place until Cal was long past the old requirements and I was secretly glad. Of course, we want our kids to be as safe as possible, but our old seats just weren’t equipped! The Extend2Fit 3-in-1 is made with those new guidelines in mind. So here’s my favorite features!Graco Extend2 Fit 3-in-1

  1. First and foremost, the fact that I need one seat until he’s out of a booster thrills me!
  2. Simply Safe™ Adjust Harness System: Simply Safe adjusts the height of the harness and headrest, in one motion, without having to rethread the straps. It has 10 different positions so I can easily adjust as Raleigh grows. Which I feel like I am adjusting so often. Stop growing, baby!! You can see below his head is perfectly nestled, where as his infant seat he was actually sticking up and out of it! Yikes!aDSC_4540
  3. Everything has this super easy one handle lift on it. So to lift the headrest, or pull out the leg extender (seen below) you just need one hand and virtually no muscle. Its so easy! This leg extension provides 5 more inches of leg room! This was my #1 concern about the 2 year rear facing guidelines, where do their legs go? He looks pretty comfy to me!graco
  4. When you’re rear-facing on the side of the seat is this handy level (seen above.) so you know based on their age exactly what position the seat should be at. They also say that the seat should always be at least 80% on the seat have they have little markers to show that guideline as well so you don’t go past that percentage.
  5. The latch on the harness is super easy to use and there is harness storage so you don’t have to mess with the straps when you’re trying to get them in and out. I love that!

Graco Extend2Fit6. The seat has reinforced steel so it will last up to ten years. So if we ever have another baby I don’t feel like I have to start over! We went with the all black and it looks awesome in our car. Raleigh loves being able to have a better viewpoint and seems a lot happier/more comfortable to be in a seat that fits him so much better as he’s grown! 

7. From what I’ve read they also have TrueShield technology which provides advanced side impact protection from a child’s head to hips, offering a new level of safety to children!

Thanks to Graco for sending this seat for us to review! As always all reviews and opinions are my own and I’d love to hear which seats are your favorite for this age as well! You can buy this seat Prime or Target has 20% off right now as well!


Raleigh’s romper and backpack  // Emily’s tee, jacket, sunglasses