st. patrick’s day treats

Listen up! Next gas station run grab yourself some Xtreme Sour Airhead Ropes! Take them out of the package to get a little bit crusty. Then you’ll be all set for a slew of festive St. Patrick’s Day treats. With a little toothpick action you’ve got yourself a rainbow on whatever your kids are eating. Toast? Check. A cup of water? Check. A chocolate filled sno-ball? Why not. (Rainbow paper is from Thimblepress!)St. Patrick's Day Treat Ideas This smoothie is something my dad used to make me and it’s so yummy! You just need club soda, vanilla ice cream and sherbet. Lime for St. Patrick’s Day but any other flavor for whatever other reason you need. Equal parts ice cream and sherbet (about a cup!) and half a cup of club soda. It’s like this creamy italian soda dreamsicle. We all love it!St. Patrick's Day Treat IdeasRainbow pizza! With a cauliflower crust even!St. Patricks Day Treat Ideas Cloud donuts!St. Patricks Day Treat Ideas Spruce up your Lucky Charms with this printable!St. Patricks Day Treat Ideas Rainbow cupcakes!St. Patricks Day Treat Ideas Quintessential Irish Dinner on a stick!St. Patricks Day Treat Ideas Rainbow popcorn two ways! HERE.St. Patricks Day Treat IdeasAnd HERE.St. Patricks Day Treat IdeasRainbow fruit parfait!St. Patricks Day Treat IdeasAny ideas to add? I know I always see green pancakes and green eggs and green milk. Hopefully these help spark some new ideas! xo


Follow the Rainbow Party

St. Patrick’s Day is this Friday and according to Pinterest, we’re thinking parents are really racking their brains for how to make this holiday fun and festive. Our St. Patrick’s day ideas of the past are some of our highest pinned posts, ever! [Lucky Popcorn, I’m So Lucky To Be Your Mom Scavenger Hunt & Printable, Lucky Charms Garland]

So today, we know you’ll love this fresh take on St. Patty’s. We love that The Revelry Co. focused on the rainbow theme and finding the leprechaun. Its so bright and fun and opens up a whole new world of ideas! Check it out:

St. Patrick's Day Rainbow Party As the kids come to play they will find rainbow clues throughout the venue (or field in this case.) It leads them to this extra special rainbow and green feast which is filled with party supplies and yummy treats!St. Patrick's Day Rainbow Party Rainbow confetti. Rainbow jello with whipped cream, green snacks and drinks. 1489125341317

St. Patrick's Day Rainbow Party Popcorn with skittles! We made a similar one with gold coins and M&Ms here if you like those flavors!1488872726225Isn’t this all so cute? It feels totally doable with this wider color palette. Smart ladies!St. Patrick's Day Rainbow Party The Revelry Co. shares lots more Pop-up Play Date ideas like these on their site, here!St. Patrick's Day Rainbow Party

Good luck this Friday, mamas!!St. Patrick's Day Rainbow Party SHOP THE POST

everything is Prime eligible, because we’re as last minute as anybody!!

Rainbow Plates

Confetti Poppers

Confetti Poppers Printable

Wooden Utensils

 Leprechaun Hats

Rainbow Garland (this striped one is so cute too!)


shamrock potato stamp DIY

By Nicole.

How’s that for an Irish sounding post title? Here’s how you can make everything a little luckier with a simple potato. Ready?Shamrock Potato StampJust grab a standard potato, the larger the better so you have plenty of room, and a sharp paring knife. shamrock4Cut the potato in half and decide your shape size. You will want to cut down around the general area of the stamp so that there’s a raised image for the paint to grab onto. For this one I did a four leaf clover by etching out four heart shapes and then a stem.shamrock3Using acrylic paint cover the raised stamp design and get stamping! I covered this sweet onesie but it would be so cool on a boys T, girls skirt, or even just one single stamp on a pocket. You don’t need any luck for this one, it’s super easy and the possibilities are endless with one potato!Shamrock Potato StampRainbow blocks by Clifford and Sons MFG. 

lucky charms garland

With St. Patrick’s right around the corner, here’s a super quick garland to add to your decor! Here’s how you’ll do it:Lucky Charm Garland | St. Patrick's Day All you need is card stock, twine, and tape! We used 4 inches as a general rule for cutting so they would all end up roughly the same size. Cutting favorite charms like a horseshoe, heart, stars, wishbone, moon and of course a four leaf clover! We’re not sure how they’re lucky, but if they made it into the cereal, they’re good enough for us!Lucky Charm Garland | St. Patrick's Day Then tape or glue it to the twin and stick up for extra luck this month.Lucky Charm Garland | St. Patrick's DayStay tuned for more lucky ideas this week!Lucky Charm Garland | St. Patrick's DayNeed more?

Lucky Popcorn // A Scavenger Hunt for that Pot of Gold // Green Slushies //St.Patricks

Rainbow Felt Ball Art

Photos by Jylare.

Today we’re taking part in a Spring inspired link-up to celebrate the First Day of Spring!

Spring Fling Banner

You all know how much we love to craft with Maypole Felt Balls, so how about one more super easy craft that will also double as nice little 3D art for your favorite gallery wall or display. Rainbows scream SPRING to us, so this is the perfect afternoon craft.

Here’s how you’ll do it:

Rainbow Felt Ball Art

Taking a square shaped Ikea frame (this RIBBA Frame 10×10 works perfect), and put a sheet of chipboard underneath it. Trace around the edge of the frame and then cut out slightly inside the marking lines. This will give you the correct size base to add the felt balls too.

Rainbow Felt Ball Art

Now you can add the felt balls! We just hot glued – you only need a small dot of glue – them in an arch shape right onto the chipboard. If you’ve got a big kid in the house, they can usually handle this part, but make sure you’re right there with them. Nothing’s worth a hot glue burn!

Rainbow Felt Ball Art

Then you simply drop the chipboard in, and secure the frame like usual, and display!

Rainbow Felt Ball Art

Check out all the contributors to today’s link-up Spring inspired posts right here.

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

Today’s gorgeous photos were taken by Jylare Smith, check out her site for more!

St. Patrick’s Day Skewers

Photography by Jylare.

Today we put together a super easy fruit and veggie skewer with accompanying dip recipes. They are as tasty and healthy as they are simple and quick to whip up! We’ve found that most kids (not all) will eat even the most offensive of vegetables (they’re looking at you, broccoli) if there’s a tasty dip nearby, even if those dips are two ingredients or less!

Fruit and Veggie St. Patrick's Day Skewers with Avocado Ranch and Key Lime Pie dips!

So, here’s what you’ll do:

Grab all the green fruits and veggies you have on hand. We used kiwi, green apples, and green grapes for the fruit skewer. Then for the veggie skewer cucumber, green pepper, celery, and broccoli florets. Tip: If you’re planning on bringing this skewers to a party, or eating them a bit after you’ve prepared them, dunk the apple slices in lemon juice before spearing, otherwise they’ll turn brown.

Fruit and Veggie St. Patrick's Day Skewers with Avocado Ranch and Key Lime Pie dips!

Originally, we tested out dyeing the bamboo skewers green, total fail. Don’t waste your time! We did however like the look of the bottoms of the skewers with a little strip of green washi tape around the base. A little extra flair never hurt anyone!

Fruit and Veggie St. Patrick's Skewers and Dips!

Then, we assembled two dips. An Avocado Ranch dip and a Key Lime Pie yogurt dip. These couldn’t be easier. For the Avocado Ranch, just mash an avocado and stir in two tablespoons of Ranch dressing.St. Patrick's Day Skewers

Then for the Key Lime Pie Yogurt Dip simply empty the contents of a pre-made Key Lime Pie yogurt cup and then zest a lime for garnish and extra kick. Easy as can be!

St. Patrick's Day SkewersQuick, healthy, and festive! Just the way we like it.

Big thanks to Jylare Smith for capturing today’s photos! Locals, Jylare is back shooting in Utah! Californians don’t fret, she’ll be back March 24 – April 1. Small Fry readers get 20% of services so book away, she’s the best! Also, Hayes’ tee can be found here.

Lucky Popcorn

Photos by Jylare.

Lucky Popcorn, that’s right! Perfect for St. Patrick’s Day. Are you superstitious at all? We couldn’t really think of any crazy superstitions we follow, except maybe not walking under ladders, or opening umbrellas indoors, but really that’s just common sense more than anything, right? But, any extra luck you can bring our way, we’ll take. So let’s eat some popcorn!
St. Patrick's Day Lucky Popcorn



Here’s what you’ll need:

Popcorn, rainbow sprinkles, skittles and chocolate gold coins. We LOVE air-popped popcorn or you can make it over your stove, too! To do that you’ll add 3-4 tablespoons of vegetable oil to a cold pan, then add a cup of popcorn kernels to the cold oil. Turn it on medium high heat, and put a tight-fitting lid on top. Then start shaking the pan back and forth. Do this continually until the kernels start popping, this will keep them from burning. Then you can salt and butter your popcorn as you like!

Lucky St. Patrick's Day Popcorn

For every batch of popcorn, you’ll add two handfuls of skittles and sprinkle the candy confetti. Then at the end tuck the gold coins in around the bowl and you’re good to go.

St. Patrick's Day Lucky Popcorn

Toss to combine, and then enjoy!

St. Patrick's Day Lucky Popcorn

Don’t miss last year’s Lucky Scavenger Hunt printable, it’s a fun indoor activity for the kids while the weather makes up its mind!

Check out today’s awesome photographer, Jylare Smith here.

Green Mean Machines

St. Patrick's Day Smoothie

Hello again, Small Fry readers! It’s Mel from So Festive!, a blog started in honor of my mom who was the most festive person I know. She passed away from cancer, but I’m determined to keep her festiveness alive by sharing easy, simple and real ideas that will inspire anyone to be a little more festive. Because life is to be enjoyed, right?

Today I’m sharing a simple, ultra-festive drink for you and your kiddos to make for St. Patrick’s Day. My mom always called them Green Mean Machines, and the name fits them just perfectly.

Here’s how you can make your own Green Mean Machines.

What you need: lemon lime soda, lime sorbet, a blender, and thick straws. Okay, the thick straws are optional, but it’s more fun with them!

Pour 8 oz of lemon lime soda into a blender. Then scoop 3 cups of lime sorbet into the blender and mix until thick and frothy. This is the ratio we prefer, but you can always add more or less soda if you want it thinner or thicker. You really can’t mess up your Green Mean Machines.

Then sip, sip, sip away!

lucky little scavenger hunt

One of our favorite contributors Lindsey Marlor of Pillow Thought put together this darling scavenger hunt just in time for St. Patrick’s Day! She has included the free downloadable sheet of clues, a cheat sheet to keep track of the action, and the final love note at the end. Ready to begin?

01:: Clue #1 takes you to the place you have so much fun!

Send them to their room where at the other side of the door Lindsey attached streamers and the second clue!
kids, crafty, diy, activity, scavenger hunt, st. patricks day kids, crafty, diy, activity, scavenger hunt, st. patricks day

kids, crafty, diy, activity, scavenger hunt, st. patricks day

02:: Clue #2 takes you to a place where you shampoo!

03:: Clue #3 takes you to a place where you watch T.V.!

kids, crafty, diy, activity, scavenger hunt, st. patricks day

04:: Clue #4 Takes you a place near your front door!

doorbell scavenger destination

05. Head to Clue #5 where dirty clothes go to get revived!

Once they get there they will find their Pot of Gold! And a sweet little note from you “I’m so lucky to be your mom.”

kids, crafty, diy, activity, scavenger hunt, st. patricks day

To download the free printable of clues click below! Also, Lindsey has included a sweet card for the Pot of Gold at the end and the clue sheet to keep everything running smoothly.


For more of Lindsey’s awesome ideas head to Pillow Thought.