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Follow the Rainbow Party

St. Patrick’s Day is this Friday and according to Pinterest, we’re thinking parents are really racking their brains for how to make this holiday fun and festive. Our St. Patrick’s day ideas of the past are some of our highest pinned posts, ever! [Lucky Popcorn, I’m So Lucky To Be Your Mom Scavenger Hunt & Printable, Lucky Charms Garland] So today, we know you’ll love this fresh take on St. Patty’s. We love that The Revelry Co. focused on the rainbow theme and finding the leprechaun. Its so bright and fun and opens up a whole new world of ideas! … Read more

shamrock potato stamp DIY

By Nicole. How’s that for an Irish sounding post title? Here’s how you can make everything a little luckier with a simple potato. Ready?Just grab a standard potato, the larger the better so you have plenty of room, and a sharp paring knife. Cut the potato in half and decide your shape size. You will want to cut down around the general area of the stamp so that there’s a raised image for the paint to grab onto. For this one I did a four leaf clover by etching out four heart shapes and then a stem.Using acrylic paint cover … Read more

lucky charms garland

With St. Patrick’s right around the corner, here’s a super quick garland to add to your decor! Here’s how you’ll do it: All you need is card stock, twine, and tape! We used 4 inches as a general rule for cutting so they would all end up roughly the same size. Cutting favorite charms like a horseshoe, heart, stars, wishbone, moon and of course a four leaf clover! We’re not sure how they’re lucky, but if they made it into the cereal, they’re good enough for us! Then tape or glue it to the twin and stick up for extra luck … Read more

Rainbow Felt Ball Art

Rainbow Felt Ball Art

Photos by Jylare. Today we’re taking part in a Spring inspired link-up to celebrate the First Day of Spring! You all know how much we love to craft with Maypole Felt Balls, so how about one more super easy craft that will also double as nice little 3D art for your favorite gallery wall or display. Rainbows scream SPRING to us, so this is the perfect afternoon craft. Here’s how you’ll do it: Taking a square shaped Ikea frame (this RIBBA Frame 10×10 works perfect), and put a sheet of chipboard underneath it. Trace around the edge of the frame and then … Read more