coziest drive-in

By Nicole.

One of our favorite Summer activities is to pull out our projector and watch a movie outside! Drive-ins are hard to come by where we live but this is just as good, if not better because A. Free B. You’re near your fridge for endless snacks! We teamed up with Coleman to create the comfiest drive-in movie today and we’re happy to report that Target carries all of these items! If you use Target’s Cartwheel app you’ll get $10 off a purchase of $49 or more, too! Pretty sweet! Okay, onto the drive-in!Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 7.19.41 PMBack the car into the driveway and project the movie onto the garage! It provides a nice flat white surface and doesn’t blow away.web1If you’re a renter you can use the side of your building easily, too! We use a projector we grabbed online and have loved it! Then inflate that air mattress and stick in your car or truck bed! This one is from Coleman’s Double High line and it is so comfortable! This is tried and true for camping, too!DSC_6628Pop that popcorn, grab your soda and snuggle into your sleeping bag and you’re set! This sleeping bag is Coleman’s CozyFoot 40 Degree Bag which has fleece lining in the foot area so its 25% warmer than the standard bag! Our feet are always freezing in our sleeping bags so we were excited to grab this bag and give our feet some extra warmth!

Do you have any family fun that seems to only happen in the Summer? We can’t wait for more movies, campfires, BBQing and lots of time cozy in these sleeping bags.

summer musts for mama

We have covered (and covered and covered) Summer fun for your kids but what about ideas for keeping things smooth for US? It’s hard out here for a mom! Here’s some universal gotta-gets to make it a titch easier and of course pretty while you’re at it.summermusts

  1. We aren’t 19 anymore (or maybe we are, hey girl hey!) but cover that face either way because you’ll regret it. Big ol’ hats, visors, straw hats with straps. Whatever you gotta do. Go bright with the visor if you feel weird, it’s less serious! Resting Beach Face // Natural Visor // Billabong Hat
  2. When you’re rocking a baseball hat or lower brim hat the only sunglasses that work are aviators. Getchoo some good ones. Quay (said KEY) makes awesome ones for a good deal! Aviator // Brow Bar
  3. Colorscience Mineral Powder SPF. No oil, a light dusting, and mineral is WAY better for you!
  4. UV Protectant. My hair gets so worked in the Summer this is a great option to keep it shiny!
  5. Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner! No joke my hair fees like straw most of the time. When I use this I get to feel like I have goddess hair. It works AMAZINGLY well.
  6. Summer time means you’re schlepping all the things. Anytime we can find two-for products we’re game. This backpack beach chair also has a cooler pouch. You’ve got snacks a bevy and a seat all in one!
  7. Coverups! Dresses or my personal favorite easy shorts. I don’t really want to walk around the pool making sure my bikini line, or bum isn’t showing too much. Remember that beach bod I was supposed to have? Didn’t quite get there. Abstract Graphic Shift // Striped Maxi (nursing friendly!) // Tassel Dress $15 // White off the shoulder $20 //
  8. Slides. Its gotta be easy and slides are easier to chic-up then flip flops. Waterrpoof Birkestocks! One // Two // Three // Don’t laugh but I DIG these yellow platform babies and they’re $15. // Multicolor heeled mule for an extra fancy get-up // Cork looking mules // Platforms for a little height and edge!

grilled pizza pool party

By Emily, brought to you by Red Baron.

Now that we’re renters we have an HOA pool of our very own this Summer! That means all the pool days we can handle fairly close to home! With the grill right there it has me thinking about how I can use it to my advantage this Summer! Did you know Red Baron Frozen Pizzas can be grilled? I didn’t either! grilled pizza pool partyThey wanted to work together as sponsors so we gladly gave it a try at our last after school dip in the pool and I was surprised at how delicious they were!grilled pizza pool partyGrilling the pizza made the crust so nice and crispy! I feel like its hard to acquire that in the oven or microwave, I sort of prefer them grilled now, ha!grilled pizza pool partyI love doing the personal pizza size because I can keep better track of how much the boys have eaten.grilled pizza pool party They tend alternate bites with cannonballs so the personal size is perfect for making sure they eat enough. They cook up nice and quick too so when you’re ready to eat you won’t have to wait too long after!grilled pizza pool partyI am so glad its grilling season, because I turn into an infinitely better and more willing cook. Summer foods are just my jam, and we save so much money staying home and grilling!grilled pizza pool party These cheese and pepperoni personal size pizzas are sold at Sam’s Club in 12 packs so you can easily entertain with one box and a bucket of drinks! And unrelated: would you look at that face?!grilled pizza pool partyGrab your own Red Baron 12 Pack at Sam’s Club, if you aren’t yet a member you can grab a free day-pass to check it out for yourself, too!



Pizzas // Plates // Tablecloth // Napkins // My Swimsuit // Raleigh’s Rash Guard // Pizza Raft // Duck Raft

Summer Ideas: Read-A-Thon

By Emily, sponsored by!

Now that Summer is merely days away we’re scrambling to prepare ourselves. Prepare for the over exhaustion by packing too much in June, the lazy days after the 4th of July and then hoping they haven’t totally lost all they learned for the new year in August. No matter what month you’re looking at this idea is good for all! The Elephant and Piggie Like Reading! Series launched a new title “The Good For Nothing Button” and it is so cute.  Summer Ideas: Read-A-ThonIt’s all about a Button that does nothing according to its owner Yellow Bird. But Red and Blue bird discover the button DOES make them happy, and that is something? It just makes Yellow Bird mad, which is also something. 🙂Summer Ideas: Read-A-ThonAll you need to do is set up a comfy cozy read-a-thon area for your kids and surprise them with it! Set up cozy pillows and blankets and lay out a few favorites and a few new titles and see what happens. Put together up a yummy breakfast they can snack on and enjoy a lazy morning of reading!Summer Ideas: Read-A-ThonElephant and Piggie also shared with us this super great coloring kit you can download and print right at home! My boys love creating their own words in the thought and speech bubbles for their favorite characters. They also have this darling DIY where you can make your own Gerald and Piggie Paper Lanterns!Elephant and Piggie Coloring Pages

It’s the 10th Anniversary of of the Elephant + Piggie Series and if you’re looking to add to your collection here are our 10 favorites!elephant and piggie

Let’s Go For A Drive // The Good For Nothing Button // Elephants Cannot Dance // Should I Share My Ice Cream? // Can I Play Too? // There is a Bird On Your Head // Waiting is Not Easy! // I Broke My Trunk // The Cookie Fiasco // I Will Take a Nap //

Find the details and more ideas at!

After School Water Fight

This post is sponsored by Mott’s® and Dollar General, all opinions are our own!

May is always such an exciting month, the electricity and excitement of the school year ending is contagious and we are itching to feel that summertime warmth and relaxed schedule wash over us!  Water Fight!One thing we’ve been trying to do to mix up the after school routine is to have one little surprise planned each week. Something the boys come home to and are immediately whisked away or engaged in that they didn’t expect. Just to mix it up!Water Fight! For this week, we surprised them with a water fight and homemade ice pops made from Mott’s 100% Apple Mango Juice! We love this Zoku mold because its so stable and doesn’t spill and it’s a perfect amount for kids! Grab the bigger size for your adult and big kid portions!Water Fight!Mott’s and Dollar General sponsored this week’s idea for today’s post and Dollar General exclusively carries the 8 oz 6-pack juice bottles we used for our pops! Apple Mango is a new favorite over here! You know Raleigh is waiting for a sip.Water Fight!With the new one-step water balloons that you just stick on the hose and watch them fill up and self-tie, water fights are so much more fun for moms, too! FWater Fight!Once you have your balloons ready, tell the kids how many they can claim for themselves and get the party started!Water Fight!For the at-home ice popsumm, simply pour the juice in and stick it in the freezer! Water Fight!No need for any dyes or weird chemicals, our kids love this juice liquid or solid!Water Fight!Water Fight!d


Summer Crocs

By Emily, sponsored by Zappos.

Last time we did a post with Crocs we pleasantly surprised a lot of you with their new styles! Today we’re sharing two new styles for this Summer 2017 season that we really dig and we think you will too! We had lots of fun coming up with this birds eye idea and I about died laughing when Cal complained “its so hard!” eventually I had him pretend he was dead and I just posed him like a mannequin. Kids these days! The campaign is #ComeAsYouAre, so I guess their little crazy personalities fit right in to that, right?
#ComeAsYouAre First, the Swiftwater! If you have outdoor Summer plans to maybe a lake, the beach or even the pool (my boys big toes always get these little cuts on them from the bottom of the pool and it’s so sad!) #ComeAsYouArethese elastic water shoes are so great! They don’t slip off even in a current so you can take them river rafting, or to the beach and rest easy you won’t lose a shoe!#ComeAsYouAreThe next style we really like is the Roka! It comes in these amazing colors and it is a great shoe for play but holds up and cleans up perfectly so you can easily transition to dinner or something a little bit more put together than those lazy Summer days. Again, this shoe can get wet so take it through the splash pad, puddles, sprinklers, and then rinse it off and onto the next activity! #ComeAsYouAreMy boys loved the red, navy and lime green colors!#ComeAsYouAre“Dive” into their whole Summer line here! Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 8.11.21 AM

PHOTOGRAPHY BY HUNTER FOWLER follow her on Instagram @hunterkfowler, too!

Mini Sliders

It’s officially Spring Break over here for us and to celebrate we’re throwing a BBQ! You’ve seen sliders, but what about mini sliders? We wanted to make something small enough to skewer and these turned out so great! Here’s how we did it.The CowShare We season 2 pounds of ground beef with a teaspoon of salt and plenty of black pepper. The CowShareThen we rolled golf-ball sized patties out and stuck them on the grill. Depending on how rare you like them, flip and then remove. The CowShareWe used hot dog buns and cut them in half. The CowShareThe flat end makes it so easy to plate, but they still look perfect from the front! Stack your favorite burger fix-ins and enjoy!The CowShareThe CowShareThe CowShare


EMILY: mules // jacket // lip “monday” // jeans 

NICOLE: blouse // pants // mules // sunnies

Spring Break at Home

By Emily.

Spring Break is just around the corner for us and in Utah it’s a good 9 days long! Today’s post is in case you can’t skip town this year, we’ve been there and it can get tough. But with a little preparation you can have an amazing Spring Break at home! Here’s some favorites:Spring Break at Home

Zoku Molds — Mini perfect for baby and Original Size. These are so clever well thought out. We’ve tried loads of at-home popsicle kits and this is by far the easiest to use. The Mini version is perfect for baby.

You’ve for sure earned something nice for yourself for entertaining your crew for days on end. Luxomo to the rescue! We recently discovered this site and thought for sure they must be fakes because everything is below any prices we’ve seen elsewhere, but NOPE! All genuine and they buy up last season’s (or the season before that) stock and sell them for 60-70% off or more! All of these Tom Fords for $100? That is unheard of. The pictured ones are this Prada pair.

We’re addicted to two new-ish games and even better they’re a blast for adults or kids or both! Spikeball — this is a must. For the beach, for the yard, we’ve played this with friends for days on end and never grown tired of it. Two more great options: Jumbo Checkers // Kubb!

These Roasters are a must have for every family. They are compact and extend out with ease. They hold heavy foods and light and have heat resistant handles. Pack them up small and keep them in the car.

Have you been converted to the Hooded Towel Poncho? Yes it has to be the poncho. Hear me out. When you’re packing up to leave the pool or beach how many things are you carrying. All the things. Don’t make your kids discarded towels one of them. Don’t get the hooded open towel because that falls off, the poncho is key. They put their towel on and walk on out. No extra hands needed. These are the two cutest I’ve found, there are some hideous ones out there. Hooded Girls Towel & Hooded Boys Towel

You don’t have to invest in something crazy to entertain your kids. I bought these colorful Cones and the boys have been outside everyday doing something new with them. Making courses and tracks mostly, but whatever promotes them to get that fresh air and exercise right?

Of course you’ll need sunscreen. I swear by Babyganics Sunscreen stick! Super easy application and more precise so my kids don’t freak out as much thinking I’m gonna get it in their eye. 😉

And last but not cheapest, this Instax printer is a new favorite. We’ve had the regular Instax camera for years but this combines that nostalgic, instant fun with the technology you already use. Plug it into your phone and print off the photos you like the best!


Summer MVPs // Still Chilly MVPs // Hot Weather MVPs // Educational Games // Learning Board Games // Activity Books for the car or plane //

mobile summer

By. Nicole This post is sponsored by The Quaker Oats Company, but all opinions are my own. 

One thing we like to do at the beginning of the summer is put together a car kit for on-the-go fun. It makes being spontaneous so much easier if you have what you need on hand! Here’s what we like to have in the trunk: Swimming and all that it entails is usually the most gear we need for spontaneous summer adventures so having trunks, towels, sunscreen, hats and toys for the pool are a must! Mobile Summer FunBeing out and about all day means we will inevitably need snacks (swimming works up the biggest appetite in us all!) but it needs to be something that will stay in the car so that’s why we love Quaker Oats® Chewy Granola bars! Easy for on-the-go fun and my kids love them. We also like to have fun toys on hand for a stop at the park or pool. These are things I always forget to pack on swim days and as soon as we arrive at our destination, having toys to play with and share with buddies are always the first things they ask for.Mobile Summer Fun To be ready for the reverse, we like also like to pack nicer outfits to switch into for dinner or a night out after. My kids hate wearing wet clothes so the dry alternates get used often! Toss it all in a basket or tote and you’ll never need to make a trip home to make your adventure happen!Mobile Summer FunDisclosure: This post is in partnership with The Quaker Oats Company, but all opinions are my own, Check out all the amazing Chewy Granola flavors you can take on the go her

birch lane


So happy to kick off this week with a new line of kid’s home decor – Birch Lane Kids! We’ve partnered up today to share some of our favorite pieces from their 600+ item collection that’s got your kids covered from ages 3-8!Birch Lane They have really hit the nail on the head with these updated traditional pieces. Perfect for so many design aesthetics, high quality and super affordable! We took ours on our first backyard S’more Roast, if you’d like to see!Birch Lane Of course Birch Lane’s American Tee Pee was a huge hit. We love the detailing, how easy it is to set up and take down and the boys love having any reason to hide-out! They have a huge selection of options, too!Birch Lane Birch Lane’s Forest Pals 5 Piece Bedding Set is actually for girls but so cute for our theme. It comes with the sweetest white and green polka dot sheets which we put on the boys’ beds straightaway. This set is such a great deal but also super super soft and well made. We’ve spent the same amount and been so disappointed with the quality and softness. No complaints with these!Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 9.49.29 PMOne of our favorite items from their launch are these awesome canvas bins with leather handles! They’re so sturdy (they took a real beating when we sent the boys on a hunt for firewood!) and best of all you can get them monogrammed! Such a great option for getting each kid their own bin, or toy room organization. Everything has a place and looks so classy with these babies. They offer free shipping on everything over $49 which is so wonderful and hard to find when shipping big items like furniture and bigger decor!Birch LaneAnd more from our S’more roast prep! Birch Lane

Birch Lane

Birch Lane

Birch Lane

Birch Lane

This post is sponsored by Birch Lane Kids!