Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 9.36.21 AMWe are all about finding products that make our lives as busy moms on the go – easier! So when we came across BEACHMATE we about had a heart attack. As women who have schlepped a million belongings and our children across sandy beaches in the summer time, we breathed a huge sigh of relief when we found BeachMate.BeachmateBeachmateBEACHMATE is a super cool system that comes with all your beach necessities in one.BeachmateThere are industrial shovels your kids will love and never break, a cooler, buckets to compartmentalize your food and use to keep your food out of the sand but also serve a multi-functional purpose as buckets for stellar sand castle building! AND there are even velcro straps to hep hold your rolled up towels to your new best friend. This thing is seriously legit.


The cooler is so awesome and fits perfectly inside the BEACHMATE. NO more lugging around enormous coolers.IMG_6022 IMG_6028

Check out everything the system comes with:Beachmate What’s so cool to is the BEACHMATE will attach to your beach chairs making hauling the world across the beach a BREEZE. Another incredible feature of this innovative system is that you can have it monogrammed! We all know how beach stuff gets mixed up and lost in the shuffle – not anymore! BEACHMATE JUST launched their website March 15th so get the goods and get on with your summer!!



Find the BEACHMATE family of products here!

Fasten Swim

Summer is on it’s way and to you mama’s of babies in diapers we have THE BEST invention for you. Meet your new best friend, Fasten Swim. These UV 50 + protected swim suits are going to make your life EVEN better this Summer. Check out the video below to see what we mean!

Amazing right?! Seriously we are dead over the convenience of these suits. Even if you have older girls, this innovative design makes it SO much easier for everyone!

IMG_5941The magnetic seam is super easy and you can’t even tell that it’s a seam, it just looks like part of the suit! IMG_5945We took Lolly and her cousin Micky for a test spin of the darling suits, by the looks of it they approve! They have these suits all the way up for your big girls and they come with a snap on the sides for that extra security!IMG_5948 (1)We especially love that they offer UV protection and we don’t have to worry as much about their baby sensitive skin. It makes our beach days even more fun and simple.IMG_5950 (1)Want to give one a whirl? You can shop Fasten Swim here!

Mama Swim Amazon Style

Happy weekend everyone! We’re skipping the regular Fryday today – Emily and Nicole are in Las Vegas to celebrate Em’s 30th with friends! Heartbroken Jenna can’t make it, but regardless of state, we all have Summer on the brain. Here’s what we scooped up on our ol’ reliable, Amazon, for the trip!


Seafolly makes some of our favorite swimmers and these are no exception. We love the higher neck trend especially: This diamond maillot suit is beyond slimming // Keyhole one piece // And Lululemon’s mesh one piece.

Perfect by-the-pool slides from Adidas – Amazon has the best selection of colors we’ve seen! Size up if you’re in the middle! Also, don’t forget a baseball cap, while we love a good straw hat, baseball hats are perfect and don’t get smooshed in the back by your pool lounger. (#firstworldproblems, right?)

Another great Amazon find are our favorite designer sunglasses. So much cheaper than other sites!! Prada // Karen Walker

Our favorite thick striped towels in every color of the rainbow, and one great straw bag to hold all the girls’ trip essentials.


Beaching With Kids

By Jenna.

Since it’s been a year since I became a California Girl, I think I can confidently tell you I have going to the beach with kids pretty dialed. The beach is A TON of prep work but once you’re there the kids play for hours and it’s a dream come true so it’s always worth it. I’m going to share some tips and tricks of the trade! Also before we start, HOW DO MOMMY BLOGGERS DO IT?! Seriously I couldn’t get one normal picture of me hauling my stuff on to the beach. Sorry guys, I’m letting you down!! But you’ll get the point.beach1

1. I love these chairs. At first you’re like, no I’ll just buy the $10 chairs from Walgreens, but then after they bust after one time you’ll realize why you want these. They’re lightweight, easily folded and have cup holders and a  small cooler. They’re so light that even my kids can wear them (backpack straps!) as we walk to the beach. And well that’s why I had all these kids anyway — to put them to work! 😉

2. The MVP of my day is the Ergo carrier. Being able to have two hands is crucial and Lolly loves to be carried so much! It’s also how I get her to sleep at the beach, too!

3. Along with having large beach towels I like to have big blankets for when the kids are dry and want to just sit and eat or hang out. I love lightweight blankets like this and this. I also really love out Let’s Playground for the beach because it’s easily wipeable and doesn’t get hot!

4. Okay and how many times do I have to talk about the Hydro Flask before you buy one? You can have this sucker on the beach ALL DAY and the ice won’t melt. I bring a couple with me and keep filling them up with water to keep people hydrated. beach24. You’ll need a huge beach bag. The bigger the better of course. I love my Hayden Reis cause it’s wipeable and has tons of pockets. Wipeable being my middle name I guess.

5. Love love LOVE this beach tent. It’s SO perfect for babies and little kids when they need some shade covering…or you, if you’re the lucky girl who gets to take a nap! It’s so awesome. EASY to pop up and collapse, lightweight to carry and the perfect size. I honestly can’t recommend it enough.

6. Baby Powder. Yep you heard me right. This right here is any OCD mamma’s best friend. Dust this on the kids and the sand comes RIGHT off before piling them in the car. You’ve gotta have it, definitely worth the $1 🙂


hiking with kids

Hiking with kids is like doing pretty much anything else with kids. A little bit trickier. You have to slow down, factor the elements and their abilities, be prepared, and of course have hoards of snacks. Here’s one thing we hadn’t thought of that is now an absolute must, a hiking pack for your kiddo! We all did a big Small Fry hike this week and the boys had their own little packs with the built in water pouch and tube.Hiking with KidsThey all sipped on water the whole way up and back and we had to stop a fraction as many times as normal. This Osprey HydraJet pack is our new favorite. Super light weight, mesh pockets and lining so not too hot, and zippered pockets and pouches for the boys to stash their own snacks and treasures.Hiking with Kids

Another must is a kid carrier. We love baby wearing wraps and front carriers, but when you’re braving a mountain side you gotta have the harnessing system and that custom fit that only a hiking carrier can provide.Hiking with Kids This one right here is the Poco. You can detach that front pack for non-kid hikes,comes with a changing pad, a sunshade, easy side pockets for your phone, their pacifier, or any other frequently grabbed-for items. And of course that hip belt that makes a carrier feel like air. You can watch all the features in action right here.Hiking with Kids We love having our littlest hikers cheek to cheek. Makes sharing the hike and scenery even easier than our big boys who love to run ahead and leave us in the dust. 🙂Hiking with KidsWe are huge advocates for getting outside in nature with our kids everyday. Some hikes are bigger productions, and some are just more like walking, but you can’t beat that fresh mountain air!

Jenna at Squaw Peak, Rock Climbing (go girl!) and IdahoHiking with KidsNicole at Silver Lake, Scout Falls, Tibble Fork and Sundance.Hiking with KidsEmily hiking Stewart Falls, Sundance, Silver Lake and Battlecreek Falls!Hiking with Kids

Find your perfect Osprey fit on their website here!

SilverLake – a beautiful lake-side walk with a wood boardwalk trail in Salt Lake City. Great for strollers!

The Grotto – A 15-30 minute hike/walk into a waterfall! Perfect for kids and super pretty.

Cascade Springs – a Provo Canyon boardwalk through babbling Spring water!

Donut Falls – another SLC (Big Cottonwood) water fall hike! Gorgeous and the kids love that the waterfall is circular like a donut.

Bridal Veil Falls – easy drive up and park access or you can take the short paved trail. Provo Canyon. Another great stroller hike.

Escalante Trail – Spanish Fork walking hike with amazing views!

Battle Creek Falls – Another waterfall trail in Pleasant Grove, a moderately steep hike in parts but totally doable by even our two year olds last Summer!



more BBQ!

Just wanted to pop in and share more images from our film with HP yesterday! It was such a fun project to take on and our boys had the time of their lives and keep asking when the next BBQ with their buddies will be! You can find all the products we used for this party right here, but we’ll walk you through step by step!a
Summer BBQ

Download the whole hand sketched BBQ menu suite on this post.

Summer BBQRed tassel garland from Zurchers. We couldn’t believe how affordable these garlands are. We’ve spent quadruple on garlands in the past, but never again! Less than $10! Love these and they come in a hundred colors!Summer BBQ“Ziggy” Watermelon plate from French Bull. Such a fun site for fun tableware! Gingham napkins here. Plates, too!Summer BBQ Treat cups (perfect for ice cream, they even come with tiny spoons!)Summer BBQ Cannot reinforce the need for these condiment bottles more. No weird shaking, clear liquids or too much spilling out. Even application every time!Summer BBQ Just a couple merely for their faces:Summer BBQ Sunny, ha!Summer BBQ It’s easy to over think a BBQ menu but really the classics are classics for a reason. Summer BBQ Mason jars and striped straws.Summer BBQ Watermelon plates? YES!Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 10.39.19 PMFind all our BBQ favorites from this post and so much more on our BBQ Party Inspiration page at Zurchers.

See the film of how it all came together on this post!

Last Minute BBQ

By Emily.

This Summer has been full of surprises and “make it work” moments for me. Our home has been a constant flux of visitors from friends and family and on more than one occasion I’ve found myself doing last minute prep to feed loved ones. Nothing makes me happier than seeing them all enjoy themselves and feel at home here, so we’ve been extra planful about having the things we need to host comfortably. From ingredients to silverware, seating to fun games, keeping it on hand makes everything feel doable.

We’ve talked a few times on Instagram about the HP Instant Ink service that makes it so you never have to run to the store for ink again. They send it to you before you even realize you need it! For Small Fry, I handle all the documents and contracts, and am constantly running out of ink, so this is a service I can definitely get behind! Even better they’re offering 3 months of Instant Ink free with any HP printer purchase (sign up here!) To give it a whirl, I knew I wanted to create something fun for the kiddos to do that also helps me prep for the next get together.

My sister Charity sketched these darling barbecue elements and I printed them out on cardstock using this printer. Then have your tiniest BBQ guests watercolor the elements and you can use them either as decor (seen in the film!) or as markers for different dishes.

How sweet is this film? This post is a total family affair with my brother, videographer Collin Kartchner, whipping this up. We also have Charity’s pretty sketches free for you to download and print off for your own BBQ below!

Thanks to HP for bringing us on board for this Instant Ink campaign! While we were compensated for our efforts, as always all opinions are our own!

let’s picnic!

Perhaps the best part of Summer is the plethora of opportunities to dine, gather, play, and dream outside. Having a trunk full of picnic gear is #1 on our Summer Live list, and here’s what we’re bringing:Let's Picnic!

Have you heard of Hydroflask? This baby sat in Jenna’s hot car for hours, the outside of the container was hot to the touch but inside? Perfect refreshing ice water. Yes, ice cubes! A perfectly modern basket // Croquet might be the cutest sport ever. // A giant bonded leather play mat perfect for hosting friends and as many spills as you can manage. via Let’s Playground // A perfect sun hat // Books for reading in the shade: Pantone Colors & Eating the Alphabet

MVPs of summer

Today’s post a is a reader request, we love getting these! We can’t believe Summer will be over this time next month, but we’re certain we’ll get lots of mileage out of all of these things! Picks for kids and for moms, coming right up! What would you add to these lists?


your must haves for summer

1. Jenna: My kids hardly get burnt, I am super diligent about sunscreen, but occasionally they get a little too much exposure. That can happen after 8 hours at the pool and park right?! This Sun Bum Cool Down is incredible. It instantly soothes their skin, cools them down and heals them almost instantly.

2. Jenna: We’ve loved these Nate Berkus for Target beach towels this Summer. No one likes a wimpy towel after getting out of the pool, not even my kiddos! It’s enormous and middle weight so it soaks up the water, gets them dry and keeps them cozy. It’s also great for laying out on the sidewalk and eating snacks and laying out on.

3. Nicole: Sometimes when the pool seems like too much work, I pull out this Melissa & Doug Sprinkler. My kids love and it and run through it for hours!

4. Emily: I have a few of these that I just keep in my trunk. They’re so great for virtually anything, a picnic, reserving seats at a parade, keeping clothes dry at the park when the grass is a little damp, or even putting down on my seat before soaking wet kids pile into the car. Ikea for the win!

5. Jenna: We’ve never owned floaties, I know that’s crazy, but generally I just like to be in the water with my kids. This Summer, I wasn’t feeling great so this Puddle Jumper quickly became a really great option for my two year old. I couldn’t believe how brave they made him! He’s since transitioned away from them, but they gave him such courage in the water and gave me that much needed peace of mind.

6. Emily: This is an age-old family secret, so it’s a big deal that I’m sharing it here! We all swear by Bull Frog  sunscreen. I have never had even the slightest sunburn after applying it! It is an absolute must for long days at Lake Powell, or the beach where the sun is extra brutal.

7. Nicole: Saltwaters! Aren’t they everyone’s summer staple? My kids never complain about discomfort like they do in all other sandals and they can get wet, no stress.

8. Emily: Hayes hit the age where he can finally handle flip-flops without the little elastic strap on his ankle. It has given us another layer of freedom this Summer! He slides them on and off no problem and having one less kid to wrestle into shoes when we’re in a rush is so great! I love Havaianas because the rubber is super soft as oppose to the cheap favorites (don’t worry we have a bunch of those too!) so they are extra comfortable.

9. Nicole: Kids size Nalgene! This is the FIRST summer my kids will drink water for me. And they drink it all day. Makes me feel a lot better about this 100 degree weather they play in! This sippy lid is great for them to handle without spills!

FOR MOMS:your must haves for summer

1. Nicole: CeraVe 50 SPF for faces is my number one pick because I’m obsessed with keeping the sun off my face! Now that I’m older and seeing the damage from all those years laying out, this is a must!

2. Jenna: My girlfriend Kayti gifted me this MAC lipstick in the color ‘Flamingo’ and it is my Summer jam! It’s the perfect punch of color. I don’t wear makeup to the pool but have this on hand for after — it’s killer with a Summer glow.

3 & 9. Nicole: Loose fitting pants have been a great addition to my Summer wardrobe! Jeans are too hot and sometimes skirts and dresses aren’t the best option! Both options Via JCrew and 40% off with “SALEFUN.”  Black Stripe // Blue Stripe

4. Emily: I am such a dry shampoo fan year ’round, but Alterna’s Coconut Mango smells so amazing, and just like a perfectly messy post-pool ‘do should in the Summertime!

5. Jenna: This Kevin Murphy Resort Spray stuff is a dream! And virtually the only hair product I’ve used this summer. I let my hair air dry, flip it upside down, spray this in and I get natural beachy waves, and my hair doesn’t have any curl to begin with! It’s fantastic and even smells like Summer. (See Jenna’s full hair tutorial here!)

6. Nicole: Moroccan Oil is another must for me in these extra dry desert Summer months. My hair is dry as a bone and this gives moisture without feeling greasy!

7. Emily: This Baby Lips in Peach Kiss has quickly become my favorite “nude” color for everyday use. I have more expensive versions that wear longer, but I love this for a quick dash of color. It looks so great with a Summer tan!

8. Emily: A good cover-up has been harder to find for me this year, and this Gap one definitely made the list! It is easily pulled-on and has pockets!

10. Jenna: These Old Navy sandals have been a staple for me this Summer. They go with me to the pool, chasing my kids and out with friends. The gold shimmering in the sun is my favorite, and the price is right!

Add your must-haves below!