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Educational Games for Kids

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We just finished a week long Spring break for our big boys at their schools, and we’ve gotten a taste of how wonderful Summer break will be! Maybe we’ve all wondered, how do we continue to stimulate our kids’ brains, ensure that they’re still learning and exploring and growing even though they’re not in a formal schooling setting? Some families have the whole Summer planned with in-home schooling, chores, and a set routine. While some that take a break from it all and play, play, play. And of course lots in between. Where do you lie on the spectrum? Whether … Read more

ocean sounds stick

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This post is brought to you by Lazoo. We are such big fans of Lazoo, a site devoted to self-expression, fostering the creative process and empowering the imagination in children. What started as a site to house their award winning coloring books has now launched into an extensive library of crafts to do together! Their newly launched Lazooniverse shares a new craft and project every single day! With Musical Mondays, Puzzling Tuesdays, Green Wednesdays, Foodie Thursdays, Friday Galleries, Seasonal Saturdays and Stationery Sundays there is no reason to ever hear the “I’m bored!” complaint this Summer. One thing we love about … Read more

mini art books

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There is such an amazing local art scene where we live and we try to share that with our boys, so how excited were we to have local artist Dallas Berry come and paint WITH them? Dallas knows firsthand, and we agree that creating art is therapeutic. It’s another tool in the box of expressing tricky emotions, and so we set out to create a way for our kids to express themselves and even our toddlers dove right in! Dallas led the boys through a series of questions and let them paint whatever they felt in response. Whether it was … Read more

grateful tree

Thanksgiving is such a wonderful holiday and a great preparation for the rest of the Holiday season. We are really focusing this season on being more grateful and in turn teaching our children to do the same. We can all get carried away with all the things we want to acquire and accomplish each Holiday season, but this simple project is helping us keep it all in check. Each day we ask our families what we’re all grateful for and put them up on our grateful tree. The boys responses are pretty predictable, but nonetheless the expression of gratitude is … Read more