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Thanksgiving Kid Table

Kid Tables are my favorite thing to be in charge of for Thanksgiving. It’s less about having space for all the food and more about entertainment, interaction and excitement. Today I’m sharing a fun Kid Table with our favorite hands-on craft that doubles as the table centerpiece: a gratitude tree! You can find this free printable below – just cut out the leaves and have several on a plate with a pen or marker and let the kids fill the branches up with things they’re grateful for!¬†Washi tape always does the trick, we’ve also used mini clothespins, too!For this table … Read more

BUY + DIY: Thanksgiving

10 Modern Thanksgiving Decor Ideas

I L-O-V-E Thanksgiving. Maybe almost as much as Christmas. Maybe more in some ways. It’s all the love and food and family with none of the chaos and materialism. I don’t need to tell you again that gratitude is my secret to solving all problems so the whole concept is my jam. Here’s my favorite ideas from around the web and some things worth a purchase that you should snap up for your own celebrating. Sugar and Cloth are you. for. real.?! Live greenery shaped around wire! I love this so much. HOMEOHMY Painting mini pumpkins basically makes any color … Read more


Nicole threw the most lovely Friendsgiving and true to form, Small Fry bullied her into sharing! It’s just part of the gig – if you have a good idea, your friends will make you publish it to the Internet. ūüėČ ¬†What we loved so much about this event was that although it took prep and work, smart choices simplified it in lots of ways. Ready to check it out?¬†We have the best local caterer, Mountain Vista Catering who delivers amazing menus each day for 5 or more people. Our friends have used them for several events (even down to just … Read more

gratitude tree

November is here! As usual we love to instill a sense of gratitude – hopefully all year ’round – but especially throughout November! In preparation for Thanksgiving and the chaos of Christmas and Santa and gift giving, we have found if we don’t focus how much we already have it’s easy to think we need more. That goes for all ages, right? So here’s a quick wall installation that you can add to each month: We did a similar DIY a few years ago but it wasn’t the easiest to execute so we wanted to re-do it in a more … Read more

two turkey day games

Two Turkey Day Games to make your Thanksgiving a bit more fun for the little ones! Turkey Tag! Each child has a colored turkey and you have to land it on your opponent’s shirt or pants to make them “it.” Here’s how you’ll do it: Paint clothespins and then add goggly eyes, a little orange triangle nose, and a red gobbler.   For a second game, get out all your Scrabble tiles and play Thankful Scrabble! You can only place words for things you’re grateful for.   Do you have any games or ideas for adding a little fun to … Read more

kids thanksgiving table

Thanksgiving Kids Table

Brought to you by Lifetime. Find the perfect Lifetime Kid Table at Costco this Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is such a collaborative holiday, everyone (hopefully) pitches in to make the day great. Here is a quick idea for a kids table that both entertains and looks great!   First you need a great kids table! Sometimes kids tables can be tricky because they need to be light weight enough that you can move and store them with ease, but sturdy enough to take a beating, no collapsing or tipping over allowed. This table is a great marriage of portability and hardiness.¬†Lifetime is … Read more


Last holiday season,¬†we shared a¬†Service Advent¬†idea where everyday for one month you’d select a small kindness-oriented task to complete with your kids. It was a truly life-changing experience — so much so that we knew we had to bring it back! This time, we wanted to give you¬†fair warning so you can join too. So starting today, we’ll be using the hashtag #12daysofservice where we can all share ideas and experiences (we’ll be featuring our favorites here and on our social media)! ¬†We think this is a great way to celebrate the season of giving, and we know you will … Read more

happy thanksgiving!

It’s finally here! The most anticipated meal of the year. We are all hardcore traditionalists when it comes to Thanksgiving, yet we each celebrate very differently. For Nicole’s family it’s Sunday best, formal china, and a kid’s table. For Emily, each person contributes a dish, but the meal is comprised of recipes from her Great Grandmother and to stray from them is strictly prohibited. For Jenna her mom makes the meal with the help of her kids at her sides and it’s the one day a year her dad doesn’t wear a suit and tie. Football is on the TV … Read more

give thanks printable

Do you remember David Lesue from our Holiday Gift Guide for Pop?¬†Even with business booming, he created this perfect Thanksgiving printable for all his Small Fry fans.¬† This print is even better in person, it creates this awesome gold-foil look that we love, and is the perfect addition to your November decor! Download below. Also, if you’re looking to purchase any of David’s work, it is all still available through Kickstarter here. See the rest of our Thanksgiving themed posts right here!

paying gratitude forward

Happy November, everyone! We like to start the month off with a way to focus on gratitude every day with the kids. Last year, we created this tree, and this year we wanted a way to not only feel more grateful but actually show gratitude. If you’ve ever “Been Booed” around Halloween-time, you already know the concept, but here’s what you’ll do: Print off the download at the bottom of this post, as many times as you like! Pick a couple friends or neighbors that you feel especially grateful for. This exercise doesn’t need to be anonymous, but a good … Read more