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Tiny Tour: Southern Utah

By Emily. Happy Saturday! Now let me preface this post is in NO WAY comprehensive, in fact it is maybe as far from it as you can get, but I had so many DMs and questions about our three-day weekend in Southern Utah I thought I’d share how we made the trip a little more doable for our family of 5 which includes a 10 month old baby who naps 3-4 times a day. If there’s one thing I’ve learned as a parent its that you just have to lower your expectations. Trying to jam pack too much in is … Read more

hyatt ziva cancún!

By Emily. Oh, Mexico! Are you singing James Taylor yet? Last week (if you follow us on Instagram – @smallfryblog – you know I was the lucky Fry that got to attend the Grand Opening for Hyatt’s newest family-friendly all-inclusive resort in Cancún, Mexico! It opened just in November and the Hyatt Ziva Cancún stole our hearts in a major way. It was in the perfect mid-eighties, partly cloudy (not too hot!) and gorgeous. Here’s some of the highlights of our stay! Lots of pics, so catch them all, the wardrobe links and more, after the jump!   If you’re looking … Read more

so young inc.

We have so many wonderful readers from up in Canada (hi guys!!) so we are always keeping our eyes peeled for brands to share with you that hail from the country that puts out some of the nicest people we know! Toronto based So Young Inc. teamed up with us for today’s post and we were so pleasantly surprised by the quality of the items we reviewed! Check them out: The packs are a beautiful eco-linen, but when you get your hands on them they’re actually coated! This means they wipe clean and can take a real beating, they look brand new after … Read more

tiny tour: Stockholm, Sweden

Hi!  My name is Ashley Mae and I am delighted to be here sharing a bit about my time in Sweden.  We are here as part of my husband’s PhD studies for five months. You can see more photos of our adventure on Instagram @birdsofashmae. Stockholm, Sweden was never a place I’d imagined would be dear to me, but here we are, nearly five months in this country and I already know that I’ll be nostalgic for the fabric on the bus seats, the magical light of sunset that lasts for hours and hours, the way we can walk in … Read more

FRYday: Emily

My little family and I recently took a family vacation to Nashville, Tennessee to see two of my siblings who live in the most darling city outside Nashville called Franklin. I can’t adequately express just how darling Franklin is, but when one evening we were all out in the yard, surrounded by brightly painted shuttered houses, running underneath blooming Magnolia trees, filling Mason jars with lightning bugs… let’s just say you can die of charm, and I was pretty close to flatlining. From what I gathered from being in the South, everyone we met and interacted with was so nice. … Read more

Tiny Tour : Chicago

This post is sponsored by Warner Bros. Pictures through their partnership with POPSUGAR. We received compensation by POPSUGAR to write a post about Blended and as always, all opinions are our own. Summertime is the absolute best setting to create awesome family memories and Blended — out May 23! — is getting us so excited for some Summer shenanigans! The movie is all about how two unlikely families bond on the accidental shared African safari trip of a lifetime. (Drew’s character and her two crazy boys are reminding us of someone?) Getting family to bond is such a tricky thing, and sometimes you can’t … Read more

Tiny Tour : Washington, DC

We are so excited to have Rebecca and Suzanne from A Fêteful Life sharing their favorite family friendly stops in Washington DC today! A Fêteful Life is a one stop destination for all things party. Party ideas, recipes, printables, favors and everything in between, their motto is “Always simple, never plain” which we are so on board with! You guys will love their DC stops, welcome ladies! “1. Art Museums — the National Portrait Gallery and the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden both have fabulous kid-friendly art and activities. The National Portrait Gallery’s Kogod Courtyard offers a great spot to cool off on a hot day, … Read more

Tiny Tour : Hong Kong

Today we have another International Tiny Tour! Heidi says this time of year is ideal for traveling to China, the weather is great and this weekend is Chinese New Year! Welcome Heidi, who will be sharing her favorite family-friendly stops year-round: “Hello! I am Heidi and I live in Hong Kong, China with my husband and three children (Brenden, 9, Macs, 6 and Vivian, 4 months). When we first moved here it seemed like a city of concrete, endless high-rise buildings, too many people to count, and nothing family-friendly to offer. However, we soon came to find the city to … Read more

Tiny Tour : North Shore, Hawaii

The excitement of the holidays has passed, our trees are taken down, decorations put away, but where we live we still have a couple months of cold, cold Winter. These are the months where our need to head to warmer pastures becomes greatest and today’s Tiny Tour isn’t helping matters. Not to mention that more than one of us dreams of raising our boys at the beach, our envy is at an all time high today! Please welcome, Monica the The Grommom, who is sharing her favorite family-friendly stops on the North Shore in Oahu, Hawaii. “Aloha! I’m Monica, and … Read more

Tiny Tourist : Mackinac Island, Michigan

This is the second post in our themed posts under Ford’s Fiesta Movement! This month’s theme is Entertainment, and what provides better entertainment than a little wanderlust? Welcome Chris Klau who is taking us on a kid-friendly tour of Mackinac Island, Michingan! “Hi!  I’m Chris Klau.  I have a day job I love and also pursue my passion and hobby on the side through Chris Klau Photography.  My little crew and I recently spent an afternoon at one of our all-time favorite places, Mackinac Island.  Mackinac Island is small island located right between the Upper and Lower Peninsula of Michigan.  And … Read more