Another weekend is here! Here’s what we’re thinking about this week. We’ll see you back here Monday, have a good one!!


Wearing: Who knew a pair of destroyed denim was such a novelty for a pregnant person. Thanks H&M for not forgetting about the bumpy ladies. I bought both of these and love them! The dark blue was super long, and needs a couple rolls, but the light blue is nice and cropped for warm weather.

Reading: About a 1/4th of the way through this and it’s getting real good. Such a beautiful father/daughter relationship. I’ll let you know how to plays out, but I recommend so far!

Listening: Come Save Me by Jagwar Ma! Such a fun song and perfect for the warmer days ahead. Two days this week were in the low fifties and I couldn’t be happier. Sunroof open, short sleeves. Utahans are known for taking fifty degree weather too far, ha!

Decorating: I never knew how often I’d need a globe with my inquisitive 4 & 5 year olds. After I bought this I have referenced it countless times. Such a great deal, too!

Watching: Broad City is back and I couldn’t be happier.

Feeling: Knock on wood, but I finally turned a corner with my “morning” sickness! I’m almost one week puke free! Hallelujah. It was an intensely long 21 weeks. Healthy food is starting to taste good and water doesn’t unsettle my stomach.


SWITCHING: I’ve recently axed Diet Coke from my diet. Not completely. Maybe a can a week or so, but, I’ve replaced it with this beauty and a whole lot of water. By some magical miracle the ice stays frozen all day long! Even in the heat of the sun.
RUNNING:  I LIVE in my running shoes, and have created quite the addict of myself. These are the newest and greatest.
ADDING: This fragrance is a favorite of mine, I’ve worn the perfume for a few years now, but have discovered the body cream and fallen hard for it.
VOUCHING: We have talked about this before, but if you haven’t converted… NOW IS THE TIME. This deodorant is a GAME CHANGER! I live for it. Iftact,  I’m almost out and starting to panic! Ordering now!
DECORATING: I have been a life long fan of the Volcano candles, and still am! However a new scent is liberating once in a while. Here is my new go to. Voluspa has lots of wonderful scents, but this is my very favorite. AND, the wax is black and so gorgeous out on the table!

Wearing:  I’ve been in super sick mode lately so it’s been all PJ’s all the time. I love these sweats with my T by Wang favorite black shirt because it looks like I kind of sort have my life together when I don’t at all. 😉

Reading: I recently started this book which I’m obsessing over. I feel like a generally happy person, but this one gives me even more insight in to what happy people do in their daily life and how it supports then in work environment and psychology.
Listening: Bieber all day every day. I am going to his concert in March and Also Serial season 2! And if you were in to season 1 there are updates on Adnan’s case coming through on this season and it’s so crazy. SOMEONE JUST TELL ME IF HE’S GUILTY.
Decorating: I am on somewhat of a self induced spending fast. Not just for financial gain, but because maybe I am a hoarder? Seriously my house is clean but my closest are in SHAMBLES. It’s killing me and making me so anxious. So this week I got a label maker and these bins and plan on tackling my house slowly but surely. Any organizational tips out there or websites to help navigate your home? Any advice appreciated!
Feeling: Rested after our recent trip to the Philippines! It was incredible and I fell in love with the country. But I came back with some crazy bug and mastitis so I’ve taken the week trying to get my Zen back! Glad to be back in real life.
Eating: See above, so nothing. The one thing that has made me feel a lot better is Kombucha which I particularly love with chia seeds…it’s so awesome for gut health.


Sudo App

Today we are partnering with the new privacy app Sudo to share a little bit about how their free app can assist busy parents like us, and of course like you! Even though we all three are the best of friends and work in the same business, we all lead unique lives. We each found different key features we love about Sudo and so we wanted to share each of those features with you so you can see how the app fits into your life, too!

First, Jenna!

As many of you know I started working more with my favorite essential oils the past year or so. Hosting classes both online and in-person, doing education over the phone, and working closely with my own team as well as those new to oils. I spend a lot of time on my phone and sometimes feel uncomfortable giving my personal number out to so many people. Of course over time they become like family, but this year I wanted to create a better boundary of myself, and easier way to make “hours” for working, and save my personal number for my personal life. Sudo AppSudo’s feature which creates a new number for you to use for calls, messaging and contacts is amazing! I didn’t have to purchase a new line or carry a new phone, I am loving it and feel so much more confident giving that number out and enjoy the separation between work and personal.

Now for Nicole!

I suppose I’ve never formally announced it, but I am currently single and have been enjoying dating! Currently, not so much and taking a little break (we can catch up more on that later), but even though I don’t use online dating apps, I would be naive to assume that the guys I am set up with or meet aren’t able to access lots of information about me even before our first date. I know my friends are googling them on my behalf, so that assumption is an easy one. 😉Sudo App Sudo‘s ability to create more private accounts on social networks for me to share things with loved ones, to have that extra layer of privacy means so much to me. Protecting my boys is always my number one priority!Sudo App And having separate email addresses, and text messaging allows for dating new people comfortably!

And Emily:Sudo AppI love supporting small business and shops and I remember a few years ago I ordered a pair of shoes from this tiny brick and mortar shop out of state. I typed in my credit card info and the shoes came. A couple of days later I had a fraudulent purchase from a big box store in the same city as that shop, what a bummer! I assume that shops have encryptions and privacy for my credit card information, but having Sudo create profiles for me to shop online makes me feel a little better. They have their own SudoPay for credit card information, real-time transaction info, an email just for purchases so I can keep better track of what is going out and coming in. We created a new profile for my Amazon Prime addiction that took probably three seconds. Sudo AppSo there you have it! Three very different uses for Sudo! You can watch their video here to see even more features and download the free app right here!


So happy to see the weekend here! With Monday off + Valentine’s Day ahead we have no plans but taking it super easy. Here’s what we’re thinking about this week:

I used to snowboard quite a bit when I was younger, but making the switch to skiing this season! I am loving it! Such an exciting way to get through these tough post-Christmas Winter months! WEARING: These overalls are slim fit and tuck right into my boots. Love the zipper options, too! I know I’ve shared it before, but this jacket is still perfect for all Wintry occasions.
MOMMING IN: Loving these sneakers for going out and about or just cleaning at home.
OBESSED: If you need a scent to get your man this Valentine’s or really any old reason, this is it! Smells amazing.
SLEEPING IN: I live for a good pajama set. I look forward to getting into them everyday! This set from Target is so cute and dirt cheap.

Wearing: Asos Maternity gives me life. So many super afforadable, on-trend pieces! I wear this skirt tucked over my belly at least once a week. $21, can you beat that? // Obsessed with this Poppy lip Kendall Jenner is repping. It might more for a brunette, but I don’t care. I ordered this dupe from Topshop for half the price. Both are amazing!

Reading: It’s my turn to pick which book we read for my book club this next week and I need recs! So far the top of my list is She’s Come Undone by Wally Lamb, The Dud Avocado by Elaine Dundy, Fates & Furies by Lauren Groff. Help!

Listening: Loving the Reply All Podcast! I am not very far into yet, but every episode is charming. Super funny and smart and based around technology, but you hardly notice it just feels really topical to life in the 21st century.

Decorating: Is 20 weeks early to be nesting? I have been organizing and cleaning like mad. We don’t even know the gender yet (finding out in 4 more weeks, trying to wait a bit longer this time around) which is making it hard. First up was making some changes to the room that we are in the most – the big open space that is our dining and family room combined! Traded our huge rectangle dining table for a more sleek Tulip table, I love the round so much more and its so much more compact! And a big enough Coffee table for all of us to snack, play toys, and kick our feet up on.

Watching: Have you partaken of the beauty that is BBC’s War & Peace Miniseries? OH MY!! It’s on Lifetime too so you can catch it On Demand, but I loved every second. It’s so beautifully shot, the acting was pretty amazing and it leaves out all the lengthy social commentary that made it so hard for me to read in college.

Feeling: I have got the SADD hardcore this year. This Winter is a slow death when you can’t really do anything outside safely as a big preg! We’ve got a trip planned for each month until we can guarantee warmth (May, womp womp) hopefully to keep our (my) spirits up!


WEARING: I never thought I would be caught DEAD in leopard pajamas but now these ones I was gifted are seriously ALL I WEAR. I’ve had thousands of pairs of this exact PJ, but I’m telling you the Leopard print is somehow softer, cozier and obviously more obnoxious which I’m always about. OBSESSED.

I haven’t splurged on a good swimsuit in a while but I think a sleek black one piece is always worth the $$. Love this one I recently got! It fits so awesome!
I’ve been doing some major Lululemon shopping lately (I’m not proud) but they always seem to get me. The best new pair I have are the high times. I’m SO OBSESSED. They tuck me in the places I hate and make me feel so cozy. They are my workout pants, my errand pants, my traveling pants, my everything pants. And that’s how I justify the price!!
READING: I’ve recently started reading full length books to my kids because they’re obsessed. We got this edition of Harry Potter and they love it because it’s illustrated! While they’re still learning how to imagine, these pictures help them capture the magic!
I’ve been looking for a parenting book to help me as my boys get older. They’re really getting to an age of understanding and I need to be able to communicate with them better. So far the lessons I’ve learned from this book are really valuable. I recommend buying the actual book because there are prompts and workshopping that helps you.

FRYday at Alt

Today’s FRYday is all about our weekend at Alt Summit! This being their last conference in Salt Lake City (basically our hometown) and also Emily’s 30th birthday we knew we wanted to make it happen. We have such great memories at Alt in the passed and this year was no exception. Next year in Palm Springs is sure to be the same! Here’s what we packed:Alt Summit


WEARING: 1. I am obsessed with this top and I just discovered it in white too! Need them both .And at this price point it’s totally doable. 2. Look no further, I have found THE PERFECT T!!!! YES it’s expensive, but look you’ve bought 12 black tees this year so let’s just count this as the one that will last forever okay?! BUTTERY soft, perfect length, perfect cut on the arm. Perfect. Just perfect. Okay? Stop worrying and just do it – you’ll thank me later.

3.Okay obviously black was a huge theme for me this year because I”m still dealing with a post baby body I’m not familiar with. Black helps take the guessing game out too! It’s always stylish and classic and everything goes together. I haven’t taken the plunge on a good pair of jeans in FOREVER and I’m so glad I did. There really is such a difference in a quality pair of denim. Seriously I LOVE these.
USING: Answering a ton of questions here, because I recently did a Periscope on my makeup routine and I want to break it down for y’all who watched!
 Jenna's Makeup Routine
This Primer gives me LIFE. It gives such a beautiful glow to your skin. I love it so much. NARS Sheer Foundation is a came charger. I’ve been wanting a foundation with more coverage and this totally does the trick without being too heavy! This concealer is my favorite because it has a perfect yellow tune and calms down red spots and is LONG lasting – seriously the pot will last you a life time, mine has lasted two years now. This TARTE blush in tipsy and BB Bronzer are also a favorite!! Of course you need Anastasia Brow Pomade but to take it next level invest in the brush – I Just did and I don’t have ANY idea why I didn’t before.Alt Summit
For our first dinner I wore the thing I wear pretty much everyday (thanks to Nicole for the find!) a swing turtleneck with Jcrew Toothpick Maternity Jeans and Over the Knee Boots. It’s so great for the stage when your belly isn’t nice and round and still a little flabby. It hides it all! I got every color from Zara, but they’re gone now – sad! Asos has a few similar styles that are crazy cheap though. // For our day of classes and meetings I wore this floral dress, these split shaft boots (which are the best deal in town and such great quality!) and this two-tone cross body bag! // Then for the Starrry Night party I kept it easy in all black but made it special with these glitter platforms! Such a steal and pretty comfortable, considering.
Alt Summit
[With our Chapbooks and Raising Wild fam! Check out  RW’s  new suit – perfect for V-Day, no?]
You all know how I love a bold lip so I alternated between Pure Zen
during the day, and Diva and So Chaud at night.
Also it should be noted that we received the most amazing gift bag from our dinner with Collectively! I’ve been using all the products since and wanted to share:      Collectively Swag
Bare Escentuals new line of facial care. This cleanser gets my face feeling so clean an soft and the moisturizer is one of the few I’ve tried that doesn’t feel like it leaves a film or residue. Also been loving Kleenex’s new exfoliating pads and make-up removing cloths. The packaging is so great, too. They also gave us a few products to try from Living Proof! Jenna has been raving since she worked with them for this post and she’s right, everything is amazing! Also another gift to note is the Rosy Lip balm from Vaseline. I love anything rose and this has been vital for my dry Winter lips. You can get it at any drug or Target style store.
WEARING: I’m on an Overall kick – love this pair! For our first Alt dinner I wore it with this perfect tee. // The next day in my favorite high waisted denim with this rad sweater. It’s only $35 and still comes in every size, which is such great luck! // And for the evening those favorite high waists in black with my new (old) obsession: the body suit! It’s so feminine and slimming for a high waist pant. Love this one, and I have these two (1, 2) as well! I wore a version of these boots all weekend long, mine are sold out but these are awesome, too!
 Alt Summit

california weekend

While Emily was in Europe, Jenna and Nicole had the opportunity to spend the weekend in Santa Barbara with Mark & Graham on a glam camping trip and then an awesome class with Fleurish. It was such a lovely weekend, of course we had to share! Photo Oct 26, 5 18 31 PM[Buffalo Check Shirt // Sam Edelman Petty in black and python // Black High Waisted Denim // Wool Knit Cape ]

Don’t let anyone fool you that California doesn’t have seasons, it was the perfect Fall setting up in these mountains!glamp2[Distressed Denim // Sam Edelman Petty // Mark & Graham Long Wool Cardigan // Lolly’s hat]

With canvas tents tucked right into nature. Mark & Graham killed it!:Photo Oct 26, 9 27 37 AM Bike rides around the woods is something we won’t soon forget:Photo Oct 29, 11 54 17 AMBlack High Waisted // Sam Edelman Petty in black and python //Buffalo Check Red Shirt // Distressed Denimglamp3 [Wool Knit Cape // Black High Waisted Denim // Buffalo Check bag]

Brisk mountain air, always so good for the soul!Photo Oct 26, 1 11 11 PM[Buffalo Check Blue Shirt]

The most delicious food, how can we ever go back to dutch oven dinners after this charcuterie board?glamp Lolly might be beach girl, but she fell in the love with the mountains, too!Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 8.51.00 PM[Kickee Pants footies  // Hat]

After our mountain weekend we were invited by Fleurish, the first DIY floral shop. WE LOVE this concept. Go into the store and you get to design your own arrangement! It’s such a luxury and so soothing, we loved every second and will definitely be back!106-Fleurish-Jessica Elizabeth Photographers-RWT_3342 [Denim Jacket // Sunnies // Turtleneck]

Our favorite kind of bar:02-Fleurish-Jessica Elizabeth Photographers-JET_0977 Buckets of blooms to pull from as we made our too-cute pumpkin vases.29-Fleurish-Jessica Elizabeth Photographers-JET_1064In action:89-Fleurish-Jessica Elizabeth Photographers-JET_1240 86-Fleurish-Jessica Elizabeth Photographers-JET_1235And our finished products and friend Tara!103-Fleurish-Jessica Elizabeth Photographers-RWT_3329 Check our Fleurish here!


FRYday: Emily

I get today’s Fryday solo today, urged by the girls to share about my 10 year anniversary trip to Europe last week with my main squeeze! If you’d like to see, here are a few highlights!

This trip was in the works for several months and as we got closer we knew we wanted to unplug for the trip. We both work for ourselves in a handful of businesses and being self-employed sometimes means erratic hours, no days off, and always something to be done. So the trip was 100% a vacation from all that. We deleted social media apps, didn’t check emails, and focused on staying present and in the moment and soaking each city up together. I loved this image from the Papal Visit in NYC so much, it was in head each time I wanted to grab my phone. Be the grandma.Woman Not on Phone during Papal VisitSo now that you have the backstory here’s a peek at the trip! We toured London, England, Brugge, Belgium and Paris, France. It was a crazy whirlwind trip and we had to have walked ten miles a day and we missed the boys like crazy – we both cried sporadically all trip long. I know, we’re not normal!

In London we loved the collection at the British Library. Original handwritten manuscripts from some of my favorite authors like Oscar Wilde and Jane Austen, excerpts read by the authors themselves. James Joyce makes Finnegan’s Wake even harder to understand with that accent. 😉 Paul McCartney’s handwritten lyrics, DaVinci’s sketches, handprinted Kurans and Bibles, and a million more amazing texts. We also did the National Gallery which was an awesome collection – I always love the post 1800 works the best and loved being able to catch Van Gogh and Monet and loads more. Walked through Portobello Road market and the 15,000th row of darling houses in Notting Hill.Europe TripWe saw the Curious Incident of the Dog in Night-Time and that was a top 3 highlight of the whole trip. Such beautiful play. We talked about it for hours after while we walked through crazy Chinatown. I got all teary-eyed watching a mime in Coventry Garden, had high tea at the utterly insane and amazing Sketch in Oxford Circus. Saw famous sites at Westminster, Buckingham, parks and churches galore. We loved London, so easy to navigate and none of the language barrier.Europe Trip Next stop was Bruges, Belgium. Such an incredible, surreal city. Without modern cars lining the streets you would think you’d gone back in time. Everything looks ancient, down to the slate sidewalk curbs, and stone streets. Called the “Venice of the North” for its canal system, along house-lined streets with those notched brick facades were all so beautiful. It made me wonder why the States are so hell bent on tearing old out and putting new in. Europe Trip Just when I thought it couldn’t get any cuter, it always did. We saw the Belfry, Church of our Lady, Basilica, Minewater, and every street in between. Our cab driver for the day said the French call it Bruge de Mort because it dies every night at around 7. Sure enough it did, no nightlife at all! Had unbeatable Belgian waffles, I thought I had some pretty good ones here, but nothing can compare. What do they do to that batter, I’ll never know!Europe Trip Paris was our last stop and I felt like I got my fill of London and Bruges, but it broke my heart to leave Paris! We rented their City bikes and rode to our hearts content. We both had the dumbest grins on the whole time. Although at the time looking back, it was death-defying. Buses and bikes share a lane. Cab drivers are lunatics and we had and saw a couple close calls. But it didn’t sway us in the slightest. Europe TripI cried when we drove out of the tunnel and saw the Eiffel Tower, I know how spoiled I am to have had this trip. Although it didn’t go without sacrifice and a ton of effort, I am still a lucky girl. The mixture of architecture and sculpture throughout the city sort of just dazzled me. Where Bruges followed a very set equation for their structures, Paris was all over the map and every influence was beautiful. Europe TripWe bought art on the Seine, ate Crepes, pain au chocolat, baguettes and fruit from the stands. Croque Monsieurs from Village le Monge that were killer. Walked through Tuilieries, past gardens, churches the Grand and Mini Palais. Notre Dame, Arc De Triomphe and every darling arronidisement our legs could take us to. Europe Trip Laughing at all these pictures of me by a body of water. So original, Em!Europe Trip

Alright, now for the what I wore portion!

I carried this beautiful backpack everywhere and it was the MVP.

LONDON: Roll neck sweater old Ann Taylor – I need this, but this has a more similar fit. // Thigh High Boots //  Medium Rinse denim

White blouse // Camel Coat old Zara (similar and similar) // High Rise (self-frayed) // Nikes // Sunnies

BRUGES: Leather Jacket // Sleeveless Knit old H&M – similar here or here. // Black jeans // Sunnies // Boots

Paris: Camel Coat old Zara (similar and similar) // Black Tassel Loafers old Zara (similar) // Scuba top

Black Swing turtleneck // Black jeans // Lips // Boots

High Rise destroyed // Chelsea Rainboots // Mock T-neck sweater (25% off!)



Another week in the books! Can you believe Halloween (and November!) are all next week? We can’t either, but here’s what is on our minds…

NICOLE:frynicWearing: I’m back with the sunnies. I know, we are heading into Autumn but my fetish never seems to fall (see what I did there?) These two tones are perfect for me because I always have hard time picking between tortoise and black. I love them both so much. So, voila!

Decorating: You got to click over and check this throw out cause in the photo it looks simply striped. It’s not! Get on it. I’m obsessed!
Reading: In a constant collection mode of these Kinfolks. To be honest I never read them, just flip. They are just so pretty on my shelf. So should I categorize them as decoration? Wink.
Anticipating: My next piece of art! I can’t stop with the water color lately. My walls are literally covered in my own art (and some other peoples, but mostly mine.) It’s been such a calming pass-time, when I find time I need to pass. Here is my favorite starter set of watercolors. I’ve added lots to my collection, but it was the perfect base set.


Wearing: The Madewell Sale is killing me right now!! So many good things. Everything is 40% off sale, use the code EXTRA40!! Crazy. This sweater in Golden Compass is incredible, the color is gorgeous in person. I am going a little crazy over buffalo check, ’tis the season!’ Also, this vest caught my eye and I can’t wait to sport it once the weather cools down in California. I bought this shirt for $74 and now it’s less than $35, I also bought it in the blue. I love that it’s short sleeve, but Fall appropriate for us warmer climate folks! Kicking myself. Obsessing over this cause it’s buffalo check AAAAAAAND a shirt dress! These sandals are so gorgeous in person and really comfortable, I also hardly ever see shoes I love from Madewell go on sale.

Listening: I have been super in to Podcasts lately. My very favorite series right now is one called MAGIC LESSONS by Elizabeth Gilbert. (It’s already a best seller in book form!) It’s all about creativity and feeling stuck in our lives that way and I just love it. Episode 12 is a particular favorite of mine because my girl Brene Brown is featured. If you’ve never watched her Ted Talk “The Power of Vulnerability”, start there. Truly life-changing and one I listen to on a weekly basis. I love Podcasts because they’re free, educational and inspiring and I can multi-task while I listen!
Anticipating: I’m writing this earlier in the week so by the time this has posted I will have gotten to the other side of this, but Andrew is leaving town for 3 days and I’m just paralyzed with fear about it. What! How can I be saying that? I once spent SEVEN WEEKS straight single parenting on my own. But it’s been a year since he’s traveled and now we have 3 kids and he is just such a strength and a help in our family. Going at it alone truly frightens me. I know it will be fine and I know we will get through it but man I’m just anxious anticipating it.
Decorating: Target is just so on point right now I’m obsessed with everything. Also a lot of the Nate Berkus line released in the Fall is on sale now.
Watching: Did I already say that season 2 Portlandia is on Netflix? If not there you go, if so, I’ll say it again!
Feeling: Busy. Reallllll busy! Trying to do less work with more focus (remember this post?) and find good ways to manage my time. Is there an app for that?

Wearing: Couldn’t help myself when I saw these obsidian (navy) Nikes! Maybe the closest a sneaker has ever been to chic? Pairing it with this super-steal camel coat, mid-rise medium wash (BDG denim lasts forever and fits great!) I’ve seen this combo work on just about everyone I admire for their fashion sense.

Reading: I’m having the worst luck getting into my last several books, looking for something to hook me back in and I think from reviews I’ve read – The Girl on the Train is it. A page turning thriller a la Gone Girl? Sign me up! Any other recs to share?

Listening: I have so many questions after listening to the Limetown podcast. WTF, man?! Also, Youth Lagoon’s new CD is super good. I consider it high praise if I can picture it as a movie soundtrack, and every track would fit!

Decorating: I got this marquis lightbox by Typo for the boys’ room and its been so fun for Hayes to practice his words. Doubles as a night light, score!

Watching: We saw The Martian a couple weekends ago and I LOVED it. It was so entertaining and smart. I wish I had read the book first, but at the rate I’m going lately it wasn’t gonna happen.

Feeling: Ready to party! My husband and I rang in our 10 year anniversary this week and I’ll fill you in on all the fun next time, but we’re not taking this accomplishment lightly. The other night when the kids were just impossible to put down for the night I walked in swearing under my breath and Russ said “All because two people fell in love.” His humor has been a staple in my happiness since for nearly half my life. Grateful for him!!

FRYday: NYC edition

In tandem with our NYC party post we wanted to dedicate today’s Fryday to our trip! Give you an inside look at each of favorite our notable moments. We are so grateful to Munchkin and June + January for believing in us and helping us throw such a fun party! Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 2.20.41 PM


Wearing: Here’s the run down of some of the outfits from the trip! Maybe cheesy to wear an NYC Tee in NYC but loved this sporty crop with my high-waisted jeans and high-tops! Worn with last years Zara anorak and orange Ray-Bans. // All black one day with these SuperRetrofuture sunnies, black wrap top, destroyed (high-waisted) denim – these fit so awesome! – and crazy discounted booties I wore all over the city without any discomfort. I love traveling with this State backpack, its still very polished looking but holds everything! //  At Matilda – same jeans, those T-strap clogs I raved about, and this top that was choking me all night but is sure pretty! Lip is Diva by Mac.IMG_1063Eating: So much good food in NYC. As Jenna said the Niccolis were the MVP, but my next favorite was this Asian Fusion restaurant in Brooklyn called Talde. Recommended by resident Brooklynite and fellow food obsessor slash friend, Kelsey (check out her Instagram @kelseyeats for more amazing city recs!). Talde and the truffle ravioli at Giovana Rana in Chelsea Market. Where we saw Geoffrey Zakarian and Scott Conant. In suits. They were so handsome. Jacqui was brave and got pics with them! IMG_0938

Seeing: I thought I’d be sad to be in Brooklyn away from the energy of the city but I wasn’t at all. Brooklyn is incredible!! Such a different pace with all the city charm. Dumbo (Down under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) was so beautiful. I could’ve stayed there all day.

Listening: Whenever we’re all together the stank music comes out. Stank-face as debuted by JLo. Basically we dance around while we get ready or ride in cabs and make stank-face. Hotline Bling by Drake really brought it home for me. Losers, right? But we always have a good time.

Watching: While in NYC we saw Matilda on Broadway and I couldn’t have been happier. I have never seen anything like it set-wise, and the choreography and how they interacted with the set was so ground-breaking to me. I was worried it would be old news since I’ve read the book a million times and love the movie just as much, but they had so many new elements that made it so exciting. The Trunchbull alone would’ve had Roald Dahl singing, I’m sure of it. Wish my boys could’ve seen it!!IMG_0971

Feeling: The sisterhood. People love to question if we work well together, if we’re really friends. Yes and yes. They’re my best friends and no one is perfect when it comes to business, but I love being able to share this weird job with them! If you still love each other after throwing a party on the other side of the country, not sure anything else is gonna touch us!



I was all about comfort for NYC. Traveling with a baby is just NO easy task! You gotta be ready to sweat from bouncing, change a diaper on demand and try to look like not too much of a run down mom. My number one thing I wore in NYC was definitely, the baby in my ergo. I wouldn’t even recommend taking a stroller to the city. Yeah it was a ton more work for me, but it was SO much easier just carrying her and having both my hands free. I wore this tote but wished I had worn a backpack like this one. Would have been even MORE convenient! Also these fun sunglasses!

For travel, I of course wore my Lululemon bottoms, Black Nike’s and this sweater. All three of those pieces get worn 3-4 times a week around here so they’re worth the investment for sure.

For walking (schlepping) around NYC I always go for comfort over fashion. I try to find basic pieces that maybe won’t WOW you but I”m comfortable in them and they can transition from all sorts of places and being a mom. I wore this denim mostly and a lot of white tees. Also, of course, white converse. Nothing crazy, but this is my momiform and it works!Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 8.44.08 AM

For our party with Munchkin and June & January I wore this dress which I am OBSESSED with. I bought it in Tall just to be sure it was long enough. It was perfect for nursing, cool enough for a hot summer night and also perfect for nursing!! GET IT. I got a lot of questions about the lip color I was wearing and you can get it on Amazon here.

Eating: Oh my gosh we ate SO MUCH good food. Above anything we ate in Brooklyn I was most impressed with our dinner the night of the Munchkin Party. Catered by Aubrey & Marco Niccoli it was truly out of this world. They were absolutely worth bringing out from Utah and we just love love love their work. If you’re looking for someone to cater your next dinner party or event, we love them.

Lolly loved eating (or rather chewing) on these chew beads which I adore. They’re wood and non toxic and a great alternative to trying to eat the Airplane seat belt (yuck!) She also was obsessed with this rattle from Bannor Toys which made us miss home a little.

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 8.26.46 AM

Worrying: I was super worried bout the whole logistics of being in NYC and working with a baby in tow. Of course Nicole and Emily were so awesome and so helpful with Lolly. I could NOT have done it with out them! It’s tough for babies because they have a natural rhythm and schedule where they need to slow down and rest and it’s not happening in the Big Apple. She slept a lot in her Ergo and I would cover her up with this blanket from Aden. The reason I love using Aden + Anais swaddles so much is because they double as a nursing cover. I’ve tried a lot of things on the market but for me a huge breathable swaddle is just the best way to cover up in public. Can’t recommend them enough.


Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 8.47.27 AM

Wearing: Here’s my NYC outfit rundown! For Matilda I paired these high-waisted pants, white pop over, trench coat and boots. // For breakfast at Hunter’s these loafers, with this cropped top, this leather jacket and these jeans. // At Chelsea Market these sunnies // For our flight outta there this jean jacket and these sunnies. // And I was hands free and loving it with this back pack all week!

Eating: Not nearly enough, but EMILY, a darling pizzeria in Brooklyn, blew my mind. Ironically with the most amazing burger. Yep! It actually won best burger by the Village Voice, GO and try!! I’ll come even.IMG_1102

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!! We hope you enjoyed a little peek into our trip. See you back here Monday.

munchkin city kid party

Huge thank you to Munchkin for making this party happen. We love you Munchkin! Find all our favorite products in this post here.

Finally! The reason for our NYC trip! June & January along with a bunch of other wonderfully talented shops gathered together in Brooklyn for the City Kid pop-up shop. Because so many flew in for the event, June & January along with Munchkin wanted to throw a thank you after-party for the vendors! This is where Small Fry came in. We were so stoked to host and put the evening together for these amazing artists. City Kid Pop-Up[Personalized napkins via Zurchers ($15 for 100, such a steal!)  // NYC Skyline Pop-out via Petite Collage]

Here is a peek at the loveliness of the night. We will say hosting out of our element in an unfamiliar city was no easy task, we won’t bore you with the tale, but we are so grateful to both June & January and Munchkin for working with us and their patience as we navigated this event far from home!City Kid Pop-UpLet’s set the scene. Do you remember the blood moon eclipse last month? That was our party night! We had the most beautiful roof top venue with the kind of weather dreams are made of. Those two elements alone made the night absolute magic. City Kid Pop-UpNext the food. You know how we feel about Executive Chef Marco and Private Chef Aubrey Niccoli, the husband and wife team we’ve worked with at this Munchkin event. City Kid Pop-UpThey are such imaginative talented chefs and they always blow us away! We did a take on our Munchkin at Heart party and had them reimagine kid favorites in a gourmet way. Of course this time we had a NYC twist.

Rootbeer Float shooters: City Kid Pop-Up  Pretzel pastrami sliders with homemade pickles and chips.City Kid Pop-UpMini Hand-breaded corndogs with garlic fries and aioli dip. Marco shared this recipe here if you’re interested!City Kid Pop-Up Lobster Roll Banh-Mi:City Kid Pop-upA deconstructed burrata and yeggie salad:City Kid Pop-upAnd of course swag galore from Munchkin, and a few more NYC themed gifts we’re sharing here!Munchkin SwagAnd last but for sure not least, the guests! One of our favorite things about running Small Fry is working with such amazing brands. Lots are parents just like us, working toward giving their families a better life. Coincidentally we met so many wonderful brands we had already worked with over the last few years here. Such a rewarding gift to put names, and amazing products that we love, to faces. Here are some, and you can catch all the guests in this Facebook album here.

The Swensons from Dream Catcher BabyCity Kid Pop-Up Melanie of Mod By Mel, Dominique of Fly Tots, Jahje of Baby Jives, Whitney of Madly Wish.City Kid Pop-Up Us, looking a little worse for the wear. We were scrambling to get ready at 7:58 pm but so happy to be here!!City Kid Pop-Up Amy #2 of June & January, Eliza of Oat Mama, Stacey of Bannor Toys, Melanie, Kristy of Oat Mama, Stacie of Gingiber.City Kid Pop-UpSusan of Freshly Picked and Amy of June & January.  Snacking on Pies N’ Thighs dessert that blew all our minds. Sour cherry hand pies!!City Kid Pop-UpNicole and Ashley (guest of Briar Handmade)City Kid Pop-UpEmily and Anna of Goose GreaseCity Kid Pop-UpJenna and Dolly! In front of the only decor that made it in time for the party – the stuff we carried on our luggage. Oy vey!City Kid Pop-UpAnd in case you couldn’t see the pretzel balloons – we died over these! From Northstar Balloons! All other photography by Marisa Erin Photography!

Northstar Balloons


We made it! Recovering after a grueling work and play trip has proved to be no easy task so we’re clearing schedules and taking it as easy as possible this weekend! Here’s what we’re thinking about:



Wearing: I always cary a backpack when traveling, and we spent the last week in NY together as a team (more to come on that, next week!) This is the pack I carried. It’s a little smaller than my usual go-to’s (see here and here) which was perfect since I wasn’t traveling with my kids. I bought it from Shopbop but just noticed it’s 25% off right now at Nordstrom! Here is the link, go get it! // And also this mask, Emily and I both realized this weekend we have a new love for it. Its literally a magic worker! And its PITCH black on your face. It’s insane! // Lastly, I bought these at the new Kate Spade store in Chelsea, and I haven’t taken them off. The perfect little gems for my 1/2 black wardrobe.

I love a book that teaches + has pretty design. BINGO.
Anticipating: FALL HAYRIDE! I’ve thrown a hayride for all our friends a few different Autumns, but took a couple years off. BUT I’ve got the motivation back so hey, friends, HAY RIDE IS ON ITS WAY!
Watching: This weekend I’ve got set aside for General Conference. The LDS church holds a twice yearly conference where all our leaders share messages with members of the church through out the world. Best part is, you don’t have to be a member to watch! And it’s so incredible and uplifting for members of all faith! Need some light in your life? I DO! Watch with me!



Wearing: Self-proclaimed trend whore right here! I’ll try anything flattering once, and I have failed a thousand times I’m sure. If these thick socks with my high-top sneakers or my t-strap clogs is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.
Spraying: Every couple years I smell a perfume and become enamored. It all started a decade ago with Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue, and since then includes Miss Dior Cherie, YSL Cinema, Jo Malone Peony and Suede, and now Miu Miu’s brand new perfume release. It’s amazing and just released in the states.
Reading: After visiting my little brother he sent me with instructions to read Junky by William Burroughs. I had to laugh and remind him that I’ve loved Beat generation authors since before he could read.
Listening: Echoing Jenna’s rec from last month about Janet Lansbury. I’ve been listening to her super quick podcasts while on the go and I’m picking up phrases and diffusing melt-downs like a boss. Sometimes you just need new tools, right? Janet for Pres.
Watching: Sounding like a broken record but since we’re each three LDS, that’s to be expected. I find so much comfort in watching General Conference each Spring and Fall. You know when you read a really uplifting meme or Insta caption (winking so hard right now) and you feel like for a moment you can conquer the world. That is conference, but like 10 hours worth.



Wearing: Flying with a baby across the country isn’t easy so I’m not about to get gussied up for a flight. I wore these and this sweat shirt that made me a HIT with my little boys. Also Nikes, always. IT HAS POCKETS.

 Anticipating: Nothing. I have absolutely nothing planned for October and it feels so wonderful.
Decorating: I’ve been having fun sort of sprucing up my living room. I recently found a tiny mid-century coffee table which I’m obsessed with on Craigs List and so of course I needed a new rug. I’ve been on the hunt for SO LONG for the perfect one and I think this is it. It sheds but hopefully that fades….but it is SO COMFY! Also I’ve been speaking Halloween and going STRAIGHT to Thanksgiving decor. This doormat I’m obsessed with and makes me so happy every time I come home, this pumpkin and this one for my mantle and this killer wood vase. All of those are 10% off right now when you use code FALLHOME.
Watching: All.the.shows!!! Fall TV is back and I’m thrilled (and behind!) Scandal and Nashville are the ones I’m most thrilled bout!
Eating: I recently got a Trager Grill and so we’ve been smoking all the things. I hope to share some of our recipes with you guys soon!
Feeling: Tired. Wiped out really. Been running really hard and I’m excited to have this month to relax and recuperate with my family!