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happy valentine’s day! [2014]

We hope you all have a wonderful Love-filled weekend. We hope you get lots of cuddles and kisses from your little ones and a nice dinner with your love or loved ones. We love you all! If you need some last minute help, here’s some of our favorites: 3D Smooch Strand // Babushka free printable Valentine’s // Paper Bag Puppets // Hi-Chews Valentines Printable // Love Pennant Flags // Red Velvet Rice Krispie Arrows // Superhero Mask Printable Valentines // Tie-Dye Love leggings ••• So much business to discuss this week! Bear with us: We’ve been featured on Kristen Duke’s Decorating With … Read more

Heart-Shaped Pitas with Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

We have a gorgeous easy recipe just in time for Valentine’s Day! Our kids love hummus so we’re excited to see how to make it at home! Welcome, Oh So Delicioso! “Hi Small Fry readers! Aubrey here from Oh So Delicioso. We are a cooking lifestyle blog sharing recipes, cooking tips, holiday fun and generally foodie love. Yet somehow one of our love/hate relationships with holidays is the food…baked goods, sweet treats and sugary drink! So good right?! But oh my, so not healthy. We are all about having a happy medium with food. Enjoying a sweet treat here and … Read more

Red Velvet Valentine’s Krispies

red velvet valentine rice kris pies

We have a resident Red Velvet fiend by the name of Jenna, so when we spotted a recipe from Real Mom Kitchen for Red Velvet Rice Krispie treats, this DIY was born! Make a festive treat for your kids, write a little love note and attach for class Valentine’s, or eat it straight out of the pot, we don’t mind! Here’s how you’ll do it: 1. In a large sauce pan, melt the butter over medium low heat. 2. Add marshmallows. Stir until marshmallows are melted and combined well with the butter. Whisk in 3/4ths a cup of the cake mix. 3. Add … Read more

love day duds

valentine love duds

We think we found the sweet spot, close enough to the actual holiday that retailers have already started discounting, but far enough away to still get it shipped to your house in time. 5-7 Business days is usually safe, right? Here are 14 of our favorite Love Day Duds from around the web, and even better, most are general enough to wear all year ’round! 14 for the 14th, you might say. (1.) Love Wink T-shirt from Po.P $28 (2.) A light up Valentine’s Day card via Louis B $7.95. Literally, it lights up! 3. Mini Boden Striped jumper $34 4. I Love My Mommy tee $8.00 (5.) Neff Flava … Read more

cupid’s bow and arrow

We’ve been pacing ourselves on the Valentine’s Day ideas, but then we keep adding things we want to make with/for the boys so we’re going to get it all out of our systems this week! Brace yourself. Today is a super easy make-it-yourself bow and arrow. Made with sponge tips and zero elasticity, so also super safe, too! Here’s what you’ll need: Those terrible bargain bin sponges that don’t work for dishes? They work great for this! Then a set of long skewers or dowels, a kid’s size hula hoop, rope (or a thick elastic if you want the arrows … Read more

love day pennant flags

Love Pennants

While we try and make each post meaningful (or at the very least enjoyable) for our kids, sometimes things are just for cute’s sake. These pennant flags definitely fit that description and you can see it all over Dash’s face, he doesn’t get the hype. But, we’re digging them (anything in French usually wins us over) so maybe you will, too! Here’s what you’ll need to make them at home: Stiff felt (you can buy it in sheets at the craft store.) Wood dowels, soft felt for lettering, scissors, a hot glue gun and a printer if you want letter … Read more

babushka doll valentines

valentine babushka doll printables

Download not working for you? Access the file here! Here’s another early-bird Valentine’s Day idea and if you’re lucky, free printable. Just kidding, of course there’s a free printable! It starts out as a Valentine’s Day card, but then when you take it home you can make it into a garland, too! You all know how we feel about a garland. HOW TO MAKE THE CARD: All you need to do is print the download onto cardstock (in color) and cut out each babushka. Then take a separate piece of cardstock for the carrying envelope. We fold the bottom third up … Read more

smooch strand

valentine smooch strand: take your kids mug and give it a valentine's touch!

We’ve been prepping a year’s worth of projects for an upcoming collaboration (we’re so excited to share it with you, but it will be a few more weeks!) so we have been thinking way ahead about each holiday. With all of this pre-planning we’ve found ourselves inundated with Valentine’s Day inspiration, so we hope you don’t mind we’ll be sharing a few this month! Today’s combines are two favorite ways of decorating: family pictures and festive garlands! Smooch Strands! Portraits of your loved ones with an oversized kisser to adorn your wall. We’ve loved seeing this garland idea with party hats and bows, … Read more

happy valentine’s day!

Let’s be honest, what else could we possibly post today that would do a better job wishing you all a Happy Valentine’s day than a repost of this film? We are so blown away by its reception! It’s been on the news, and shown on websites from here to Timbuktu, and we’ve even heard it will be played at a few Valentine’s Parties across the world.  If there’s one thing we’ve learned from interviewing these kids, and subsequently sharing it with internet, it’s that love is the universal language. We hope you have endless opportunities to show and tell the … Read more

small fry valentines!

valentine, kids, printable, candy, february, love

Designs contributed by Jenna Robert, see her portfolio here, and shop here. Two of our big boys are in preschool now, and so they have the awesome opportunity of a real-deal Valentine’s swap at school! Not wanting to leave out Hayes (next year, buddy) we brainstormed with them on what kind of Valentine’s treat they’d like to hand out this year. They were all emphatic about their selections and we along with our flawless friend and graphic designer Jenna Robert took their ideas and created these darling Valentine’s we have for you today! Even better, she’s offering them to you … Read more