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It’s back! One of my favorite posts to work on all year! Each year since the beginning of Small Fry we’ve made printable Valentine’s and here are 5 more to add to the archives!

I got these toys either at Dollar Tree or Walmart and my main purpose with the style of the printable is that you don’t need colored ink, you can easily swap out whatever color paper you choose, and the dimensions are flexible so if you find a toy or treat that you like more you can typically make it work with the way these will print off!

  1. DIBS! Was this just a thing at my high school? If you’re with your group of friends and you saw a cute guy or girl you could say “Dibs!” to get a first shot at love before your vulture friends started in as well. You might strike out either way, but the head start was always appreciated! These little candies are actually markers from Walmart! // SIMILAR ONLINE: EtsyDibs! Valentine || No Candy Valentines Printables
  2. AWFULLY FOND OF YOU! Saw these darling rubber duckies and couldn’t stray too far from the classic Sesame Street song! Ducks via Walmart. ONLINE SIMILAR: Yellow Set // Tons of Options here via Oriental Trading!RUBBER DUCKIE valentine || No Candy Valentines Printables
  3. TKO – You voted here’s what won! These are Dollar Tree “Finger Fighters” and I didn’t want to unpackaged them because it helps illustrate what they actually do, so I opted for a tag. You could staple, tape, or glue dot these right on! Hayes chose this toy to give out to his school friends! // Buy them by the case here or individually in store!Total Knock Out Valentine || No Candy Valentine Printables
  4. OUT OF THIS WORLD! This one was Cal’s pick! Dollar Tree has the by the buckets full! Buy online in packs here!Alien Valentine || No Candy Valentine Printables
  5. COLOR MY WORLD! These colored pencils come in 5 packs at Walmart and each heart pulls off to reveal a new color!  BUY SIMILAR ONLINE: Heart Shaped // Crayon Balls Style // Standard Stacker // ErasersColorable Valentine || No Candy Valentines Printables

DOWNLOAD THE PRINTABLES BELOW! If you use these I’d love to see! We have our #smallfryDIY hash tag that I live for!


Valentine’s Day Around the Web 2018

So much good content coming out in time for this year’s Valentine’s partying! I wanted to share a few I’ve spotted and also toot my own horn and share some from this archive. Forgive me.

This mini Banana Split made with runts via Handmade Charlotte:Banana Split Valentine

This Paintbrush printable from House that Lars Built is amazing. Maybe more time consuming than others but darling nonetheless!

Splatter Paint Valentine + Printable from Super Make It. Super Make It

Got a kid into origami? Set them up with this DIY from Oh Happy Day!

House Lars Built slam dunk with these Cherry Valentine’s printables!Cherry Valentines

These Scandinavian vibe free printables from Wee Society

Wee Society Printables

David Bowie printables via House that Lars BuiltDavid Bowie Valentine

This printable has been accessed more than any other in Small Fry history! I’m obsessed still. Printable

And this Feed Me, Valentine box is my fave merely because so many people have done it and shared it online. It’s a rarity to get people excited enough about something they created to share it and this is one of those! Such a rewarding post!!Feed Me, Valentine Box

And the printable set from my 2018 Valentine post is here!Small Fry No Candy Valentines

5 No Candy Valentine Printables

Wal-mart for the win today. I don’t say those words often, but their collection of Valentine’s Day toys are so cute! Nice and simple and in bright fun colors. They are all in store and I am not finding them online, but I’ll link to other options! I created a few printables you can pair with them and as in years’ past, they’re minimal and black and white so you don’t even need color ink to make these happen! I’ll be adding more printables to this post each week so keep checking back!

Click and Catcher :5 No Candy Valentine's + Printables

Mini Paddle Ball5 Printables for No Candy Valentines

Mini flutes5 No Candy Valentine's + PrintablesParachute Heart (in store at Walmart) or this is a good option!5 No Candy Valentine'sDownload the printables below! They have borders on them for reference but feel free to chop those off!5 No Candy Valentine's Printables






Pin The Kiss

Valentines Day celebrating is in full swing here at Small Fry! Today after school the kids came home to their own giant faces on the wall, and a bunch of kissy lips waiting. It was so easy and such a giggle fest for them all!

Here is what you need:

11 x 17 prints of close up kiddo faces // Lips printable below // Blindfolds


DSC_3499DSC_3518 DSC_3534 DSC_3470

Pin The Lips PRINTABLE here.

Rubys Ruffle Blouse can be found here. 


Modern Valentine Printable

By Emily.

Hayes has just now hit the age where he doesn’t want to appear to “like” girls. He has lots of darling little girl-friends, but for sure lets me know that is where it ends. So, we had to make him a Valentine this year that keeps things nice and professional. No funny business.  He’s not one to lead any babes on, which I can respect. Anyway, the printable download is below if you dig it an need something easy for your own Valentine celebrations!DSC_2959DSC_2980DSC_2968




Small Fry Picks: Valentines Cards + Walmart Protest

By Nicole:

Raise your hand if you are still running to Walmart the night before your kids Valentines Day exchange party at school? Im embarrassed to say that some years that has been me! But WHY?! Look at these gorgeous printable and DIYS we found across the web. There are dozens of darling ones, that wont leave your kids feeling embarrassed. Here are my personal favorites! PS you still have 14 days! Lets not find ourselves at Walmart this year. Deal?

One of mine, and Dashs, very favorite from this year is this Star Wars theme, naturally:


Here are eleven more that we are drooling for!


Smores // Deer Please Bee // Pop Up // My Everything //  Lets Cuddle // Cars // You Are A Gem // I Love Cactus // Sending You My Love // Minecraft // Candles //

Feed Me! Valentine’s Box

By Emily.

Oh man, we’ve been laughing about this DIY since it was hatched. Hayes loves to be creative with me and plan out projects. We were talking about what kind of Valentine’s Box he’d want for his party at school and he worked this one out pretty much all on his own. It’s totally whacky maybe even a titch disturbing, but he and Cal are both so proud and can’t wait to show their friends, so really what more needs to be said? They can’t all be perfectly beautiful, sometimes they gotta be weird, too. So, with that, we give you: The Feed Me! Valentine’s Box:Feed Me! Valentine's Box

Here’s how you’ll do it:

First, take a high resolution picture of your kids in front of a pretty plain wall and tell them to open up those mouths nice and big. Then print them out at your local print shop on a 100 pound semi-glossy cardstock. They can recommend their best material, but for sure something photo quality! You’ll want their faces to be about a foot tall and just about the same wide, simply so their mouths are big enough to actually fit Valentine’s in them. I printed these onto 11×17.Feed Me! Valentine's BoxCut their faces out and carefully, their mouths as well. Leave their lips or they’ll look even more insane. 😉Feed Me! Valentine's BoxOnce their mouth’s are done you can sort of map out on their actual Valentine’s box where the mouth hole will match up. Using a knife or scissors mark a dotted line showing where the mouth will go. Then use a serrated knife to cut out the cardboard.Feed Me! Valentine's BoxCover with duct tape. We always go for the duct because it reinforces the cardboard and makes it that much sturdier for transport.Feed Me! Valentine's BoxNow affix the face. Lots of tape, hot glue, whatever you prefer. Feed Me! Valentine's BoxTo keep the face from bending and to allow it to stand on its own, back the picture with a BBQ skewer or paint stirrer. Tape it in place and stick the skewer down far enough that its sort of planted between cardboard and the picture.Feed Me! Valentine's BoxThere you have it! We’ve been storing ours in the garage and it actually scares the crap out of me every time I pull in!Feed Me! Valentine's Box

Valentine’s Printables

In a crunch? Here are some of our favorite printable cards, projects and easy DIYs for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine's Printables3D Smooch Strand // Babushka Valentine’s // Paper Bag Puppets // Hi-Chews Valentines Printable // Love Pennant Flags // Red Velvet Rice Krispie Arrows // Superhero Mask Printable Valentines // Tie-Dye Love leggings

See the whole archive here.

babushka doll valentines

Download not working for you? Access the file here!

Here’s another early-bird Valentine’s Day idea and if you’re lucky, free printable. Just kidding, of course there’s a free printable!
valentine babushka doll printables

It starts out as a Valentine’s Day card, but then when you take it home you can make it into a garland, too! You all know how we feel about a garland.

HOW TO MAKE THE CARD: All you need to do is print the download onto cardstock (in color) and cut out each babushka. Then take a separate piece of cardstock for the carrying envelope. We fold the bottom third up to create the front lip, then glue/tape/staple the sides to create your open envelope. Then cut out the included “I wish there were six of you” card and glue it onto the front lip.

babushka valentine's printables


You can either sew over the tops of their heads or we used mini clothespins to attach them to twine.

valentine babushka doll printables

And let’s finish this one of with a little brotherly love. Awww!


valentine's babushka printable

The print above the Babushkas is available at Skoope Home. We’re digging so many of their prints. So fresh and so clean (clean). They have a special Valentine’s Day line up right now that is awesome, too! Here’s some of our regular favorites:

Skoope Home

 This Much Print // Calendars // Rainy Days Print

smooch strand

We’ve been prepping a year’s worth of projects for an upcoming collaboration (we’re so excited to share it with you, but it will be a few more weeks!) so we have been thinking way ahead about each holiday. With all of this pre-planning we’ve found ourselves inundated with Valentine’s Day inspiration, so we hope you don’t mind we’ll be sharing a few this month! Today’s combines are two favorite ways of decorating: family pictures and festive garlands!

Smooch Strands! Portraits of your loved ones with an oversized kisser to adorn your wall.valentine smooch strand: take your kids mug and give it a valentine's touch! valentine smooch strand: take your kids mug and give it a valentine's touch!

We’ve loved seeing this garland idea with party hats and bows, but had to try it out with a little Valentine’s Twist. Here’s how you’ll do it:

valentine smooch strand: take your kids mug and give it a valentine's touch!

1. Start by collecting portraits of your loved ones, pets, celebrity crushes, whoever you’d like to see pucker up! Emily used iPhone photos and turned them black and white for a more clean look. You can go oversized or fit the whole strand, 8 to a page, like we’ve done here.

2. Using precision scissors, cut out the head shape.

3. Once you have all the cut out heads, you’ll need a thick material (we used craft foam), glue, shades of pink and red paper and a black ink pen or marker.

4. Hand draw the lip shapes, we went oversized, and then cut them out leaving the black lines. Then glue it to a smaller piece of craft foam. Then glue the foam and lips to the face portrait! We can think of a million things to do with these little portraits so instead of sewing them onto a garland, we just taped them to the twine so we can reuse later!

Tape up and you’re ready for a little lip action!

valentine smooch strand: take your kids mug and give it a valentine's touch!

Need more V-day? Check out these heart shaped tie-dye leggings DIY, or these love day lunch sack printables! Find all our Valentine’s Posts here. 

Printing Instructions:

We like to tease Emily for using Picasa, but it’s a really simple way to collage photos. For those of you who don’t have access to Adobe or other photo programs, here’s how you can do it in Google’s Picasa for an 8 image to 1 page garland like this!


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