#framefarme: ali express

If you’ve been around for awhile you know we purchased a lot of of our home stuff via Ali Express. Ali Express is a branch of Ali Baba which is basically a direct link to shop in China. They cut out the middle man and you buy right from them, saving a TON of money. I know people have fears and worries about factory conditions, quality etc. Ali Express is like Amazon in the sense that Ali represents thousands of smaller companies. Lots of which show you pictures of their factories right in their shop home page. There are reviews and write-ups on products which helps me decide how to shop as well. I love Ali for the price, but also they are ahead of trends here in the states. For instance my chandelier in the living room, I had favorited 2+ years ago. I JUST saw something similar at Lumens this Spring (for $3000.)Ali Express Home Finds - save $6000!

The number one issue with Ali is that everything takes 2-3 weeks to arrive. Even years later I still get anxiety about things arriving, but they always have and they’re very good about covering themselves. If you need to send things back often times they’ll just refund you and you keep the product because shipping is so tricky for them. Ali is VERY strict about their sellers and shuts down any funny business so keep your eye on sellers and products that have been around for awhile, and products that have lots of reviews!

I get asked weekly how these China purchases are holding up and here’s my honest review!


We bought 4 light fixtures from Ali and that was first and foremost because I couldn’t find anything I liked better. I worked with Lamps Plus on the rest of our light fixtures and got them donated, but couldn’t shake these! They are LED lights which might bother some, but I don’t mind it at all! This fixture over our tub was $180 the next size up has 20 ($320) lights and the largest has 32 ($475). I haven’t seen anything similar to compare it to, just products with similar amounts of material for about ($400) but it felt like a great deal. This light works for a pitched (slanted ceiling) roof as well which is harder to come by at times. We’ll say I SAVED $220Ali Express Chandelier - $120

These two sconces next to our master bed. I love the round opaque glass and the arms. The base is very small so make sure whoever is wiring it knows! Like 4″ diameter small. $50 each, $260+ elsewhere. SAVED $400Ali Express Sconce - $50

Our living room chandelier took my actual breath away when I spotted it at the beginning of our planning stage. Our ceilings are pretty tall so we’ve been waiting on the same exact wire to arrive so we can extend it down about 6 more feet. I haven’t shown it yet for that reason. But it looks the least well made, to me. I am fine with it because it’s not in anyone’s close range to look at but it still makes a huge statement! Similar option via Lumens $3000. SAVED $2200Ali Express Chandelier

CABINET HARDWARE: I knew I wanted finger pulls and my cabinet guy swore he could find them for the best price. He came back to me toward the end and said, “Order yours. I couldn’t beat them!” So I did! These are 5 inch pulls at $2.84 a piece and you can buy them online between $8-$13. I needed 100 of them so I SAVED $684$2.84 Black Matte Finger Pulls


We used this faucet for all our sinks. Our double vanity, bathtub, 3 bathrooms and our laundry room sink. $90 each and amazing quality! Russ says you’d pay $400+ for this same set with the same quality. So happy with them and they were exactly what I wanted! SAVED $2170

Ali Express Faucet - $90$90 faucet Ali Express

We used this set – $223 for our basement bathroom tub/showers and this one for the master – $268.  It has the extra sprayer which we thought we might want since the shower head is hung so high but it’s so powerful we don’t need the sprayer! It’s honestly the best shower head I’ve ever had, and it’s just as good as the Grand’s or any 5 star hotel I’ve stayed at. It’s like a rainfall. You could find these for $450+ retail so SAVED $400.

This is our pot filler for the kitchen – $75. Same quality as the faucets, we haven’t installed it yet because our quartz guy has a death wish and hasn’t come to do our backsplash piece yet, but if there’s any issues with it after installation, I’ll update this! $260 for the same one here. SAVED $185. 



I’m glad you guys are enjoying the house posts lately because I feel like it’s taking up ALL my brain space. Can’t seem to think about much else currently, so my apologies if you are over it!! But, I wanted to put together a post of all the house links you guys have asked about as I’ve shared peeks here and there! So how about a FRYday meets FAQs for you today!#framefarme FAQ links

I did a quick series about ways I’m trying to simplify some of the everyday processes with my kids. This one got a lot of questions after the fact… ALL one color plates, cups and bowls. My kids fought about what color plate they got, really just caring because they can, not necessarily because they actually do? You know? Re-Play to the rescue!

I did all black because I’m just on a kick lately, but red, orange and either of the yellows looked right up my alley, too! There is also the prettiest lilac purple, too! White is so pretty, but I was worried it would show spaghetti sauce after the fact of I probably would’ve done that!

I also bought all new plates and bowls for the house. All ours were Ikea and scratched to hell so I got rid of them and got this set. I am so happy with them! They feel so expensive and hardly show scratches. I love the lip around the plates, everything stacks great in the dishwasher and the style is perfect.

These were the cups in that same story with the kids dish drawer. I wish they were all the same color but oh well. They’re great for everyday use and I keep the glass ones on a shelf they can’t reach.

This is my faucet and this is my hand soap dispenser from this kitchen photo. The button turns on the sprayer and stoked about it for the price! Very high pressure and looks great!Frame Home Tour


We have chickens so we needed a re-usable egg tray. This one is great! Love how it looks in the fridge too!

I showed a peek of Hayes’ room on stories here are the sources! This is the macrame hanging planter. // His bedside table // Minky Couture blanket (I have 45% off with “EMILY45” // Lamp is old Target and this is his bed $64! // His rug $99 // He picked this sloth bedding and this stuffed sloth and I love it so much! Basically I showed them Urban Outfitters duvet cover options and let them pick. Still fun for a kid room, but not cheesy. Cal picked this solar system pattern which I am obsesed with. He also asked for black curtains, so he might be having his goth phase early. JK.#framefarme FAQ links

I bought three of these liter bottles for every bathroom! I swapped out all our shampoo, conditioners and soaps using a funnel. When you have glass shower, it can feel really cluttered fast so I thought this would help things look tidy! I love it!! It’s annoying to funnel it in but I figure I’ll do it basically once a month so I can deal with it to be happy every time I look into my showers each day!

Our chicken coop. Fits 4 chickens just fine!

The spray bottle I swear by that I am going to use for the bathroom glass (blue dawn + vinegar.) I use it on my boys hair and it’s the best.

The hooded towels in the boys’ bathroom. Obsessed with them and love how they look on the wall! Using these over towels for their bathroom and I think it will be so much easier!

The pancake whisk bottle I shared a while back. It’s amazing. You mix the batter right in the dispenser, shake it up, pop the lid off, pour the pancake batter right on the pan, close the lid put the leftovers in the fridge. It stands by itself and makes pancakes SO much less messy.

AND JUST in case you’re over home stuff, here are some clothing links I have my eye on!!

This jumper is back in stock! You can use SMALLFRY10 for 10% off! So comfy. //  Love this star necklace for laying or on its own! $10 // Drew Barrymore’s line for Amazon is actually really good. These safety pin earrings are such an easy staple with a hint of edge. $50 // Silver boots $30 down from $120! // You know how much I wore mine last year! // These military boots are rad. With skinny jeans, a skirt or dress, love them! $47 // These kitten heel pointed boots come in silver as well. $30 and surprisingly super wearable. They go with everything and are comfortable all day! //  Love the gold + tortoise detailing! $10 //This pretty bag is 60$ off and // I’ve been eying this bag for a year. 60% off might be my time!! // Pretty resin hoops. They have every color! $10 //

white coffee table books

I pitched this question the other day on Instagram because I was on the hunt for coffee table books with white spines for my entry.

Runner // Light custom order from Echo Neon (Ten-Twenty is our anniversary! 10/20/2005) // Credenza – Besta via Ikea! (high gloss Selsviken fronts) // Custom Door via CBW Doors // String of Bananas plant (locally for $30 at Cook’s!)

You’d think it wouldn’t be that hard, but since you can’t usually see the spine in any online images, and so many of the books I have or saw in stores had white covers, but a different color spine I didn’t want to risk mis-ordering. Of course going to a book store is the easiest route, but I can almost always find books cheaper, or in very good used condition online! I started asking around to make things faster and h ere are the results!white coffee table books

On my shelf:

Modern White Entry Way

Coveteur – a peek into celebrities and other interesting people’s homes and lives!

Andy Warhol Polaroids – this one is the biggest I have, tall and thick, and I got one used on Amazon! There is nudity in the book, so if that is of concern, skip this one!

Simplicity by Nancy Braithwaite — Super pretty interior book with an organic, minimal, moody feel that varies in style space to space. Love it!

Louis Vuitton / Marc Jacobs – there is some gold on this spine, but I like it!

The World of Art – got this secondhand and it must be old because there isn’t even a product photo online, ha!

Reader Submissions:

#1 – Turn books around to show the pages. (A little too boho for the space I was styling this for, but genius nonetheless!)

Kinfolk Books –  Table, Entrepreneur // Secret Lives of Color (has polka dots on the spine) // El Arroyo’s Big Book of Signs (hilarious!!) // Chanel 3 Set // A Field Guide to American Houses // Banksy Wall and Piece // Eames (skinnier!) // Bauhaus (lots of the books in this series seem to work, but this one for sure.) // Big Book of Chic // Photography by Tom Ang // Art House // Patrick Ahearn (white when you take the jacket off!) Mix in regular books instead of all coffee table for more options! Tipping Point or A Righteous Mind for example. //

wallsburg VI

Have you ever heard the saying “Write from your scars, not your wounds”? The last few weeks was all so fresh with the move I just found myself with nothing to say. Not that I have any wounds from this experience, but you get the idea. So, I have just taken my sweet time! To experience it all just for me, just with the fam, and let all the feelings move through me. You better believe I still RAN outside to get a pic of this sunset though.Frame Home Tour I am starting to feel things become more settled (school helped SO much!), which is high time because man am I behind on work!!  But not working means I unpacked the house in a week instead of months, which is time well spent, for sure. I wanted to tackle a few questions I’ve been getting about the move!

#1 – Why am I not doing a home tour?? I never considered myself a perfectionist. I have high standards, but it’s not gonna kill me to have things not be perfect in any sense. But! This house is just not done enough for me to show it all yet. We still have quite a list of things we’re finishing up in the next few weeks. Like a few shelving systems for the loft, our closet, the toy room, and the guest room. And waiting on other people, too. Still waiting on hardware (knobs, rods, pulls ALL the things), kitchen backsplash quartz, then we have a couple more wall tile projects (the boot wash, the kid’s laundry room and the fireplace) to do and once all that is done we’re fixing drywall holes and doing some paint touch-ups and a few other things. I am showing peeks here and there on insta stories, but it’s hard for me to post to the feed when I know even next week it will look more “done.” Am I crazy? As things wrap up you better believe I’ll be touring until you beg for mercy!Frame Home Tour

#2 How are the boys doing with the move? You guys are so sweet to ask!! I went with the public school option after the biggest inner wrestle of my life. But two things tipped the scales. First, I found out the bus only does our small town so it’s about 20 ish minutes to school instead of 40 or longer like I was anticipating. PHEW! Second, most of the kids that live in our town go to this public school. Since we’re already pretty isolated out here I felt like giving them the most access to the kids that are close by was the best choice. As I type this the boys are currently playing with two other boys from our town that they met because of the bus. That’s a win for sure. It is also the school where most of the kids at our church go as well. I went to a private school 2nd-6th grade and have a lot of memories of feeling left out at church or neighborhood birthday parties because I didn’t know them like they knew each other, or their friends from school.  I am not convinced it’s the better school choice, but I think it’s the best overall choice for us considering all the factors. Frame Home Tour#3 How are the boys doing in the basement? SHOCKINGLY, so good! I was prepared for the worst, but I am so happy to say that they’re sleeping better and falling asleep with zero drama and haven’t been to our room in the night once. Cal is a night owl and Hayes is an early bird and it caused a lot of issues. So now Cal can take some time with his light on and Hayes is out cold in seconds. Cal sleeps in while Hayes is up and at ’em early. So relieved! Raleigh is a little harder if he wakes us up in the night and it’s the farthest occupied room from our bed. Ha. Can’t win ’em all! For those of you debating it in your home — if sharing is effecting their sleep I’d say do it. If you’re worried about them being in the basement or far away from you, try it out and see! So glad we did!Frame Home Tour

#4 How do I like it? Truly loving it. If the house burned to the ground and we had to move I would feel like living here for three weeks was worth it. It has been so rewarding for me, for our family, truly a beautiful almost sacred experience. Maybe one day I’ll figure out how to say what it means to me! The women nearby have been so amazing and attentive. I found a High Fitness class across the street from my kids’ school (!!) So twice a week I can drive them to school and hit the class with Raleigh in tow. He gets to be around little kids and I get my favorite work out! It ended up being an old work friend of mine that teaches the class — so funny and I can’t deny how well it worked out. I am seeing these tiny miracles all over the place which makes me feel like we’re in the right place at the right time.Frame Home TourIf I feel lonely (which has happened for sure) I plan some errands and go down to Provo and even our old city a couple times a week and Russ is down everyday for work so that makes it great when I run out of something, but don’t want to leave! I can see how doing longer drives everyday would wear on me so I try to space them out! Also, so far I’m cooking 100% more than before and stoked about how much money we’re saving!

Definitely feeling so blessed to finally be here, in this house, and reunited with Russ. We hardly saw him for the last year and everything just feels right and like hard work is paying off.

Watch the kids use the house the way I had hoped they would is so rewarding for me! Reading in the loft, swiveling the chairs to watch TV (hahah!) running around in the Rowdy Room, daydreaming out a window or even watching them unload the dishwasher. It’s all real, tangible evidence of so much thought, effort and of course Russ’ work.

You all made this process infinitely more fun and carried both of us when it felt like we might lose it. I read him your amazing comments when he was down and I’ll never forget the kindness we’ve been shown. Thank you so much!!

If you have any questions or things you want to see specifically let me know! I’ll just keep showing things as they’re ready and once we get things photographed I’ll have a full tour soon!!


Carpet- We got it at Carpets America and it is Tuftex by Shaw. Apparently it is exclusive to certain stores but it’s blue with a soft light blue/grey plaid through it! // Chandelier 

Kitchen – Faucet // Stools // Black Chairs // Pendant Light

Boys’ Bathroom – Shower Head // Hooded Towels // Rug (Ikea!)

Master Bath – Tub // Chandelier // Faucet //

Living Room – Credenza (Besta via Ikea) // Coffee Table // Chairs // Fireplace shelves made by Russ

modern dining chairs under $100

Put a tiny house update on Insta Stories today, but not gonna lie I am feeling so panicked about finishing. Is this normal? I just see so much work left lots of which is solely on him.

Keeping this between us since (not like its hard he doesn’t read the blog and isn’t on social media. Ha!) I am preaching to the pastor putting that pressure on Russ, and he is still confident in his timelin, luckily! He really always pulls through so, just trying to find my zen and calm the frick down! Ha. You can go catch those on my Instagram – I swapped the Small Fry handle to my name @emilyframe, it just felt like time, but it will always be the feed for my posts here on Small Fry and then more of our lives as we move and start this new adventure. Apologies to any that were confused!

#framefarme updateFor today’s blog post I wanted to share some of our last purchases and some good budget options! We only have a few more furniture purchases left — a coffee table that I JUST missed a 20% off sale at Anthro for and now might be forced to buy full price (death!), dining chairs and bar stools. The rest is accessories, linens, organization, window treatments etc. Which I feel like I’ll have to do once everything else is in place!

SO! Here are a bunch of budget options that I looked at, or friends have that are great quality for the price! If you’re in the market, why not share the fruits of my incessant searching. 😉 Any good ones you’ve seen that I missed?

And a couple options I couldn’t put in the carousel, but are for sure contenders. These chairs from Industry West are so minimal and easy and a great price! I love the idea of having them match with the bar stools (and also our chairs in the loft) so we have a bunch of matching seating options for parties, hosting, and they all feel like they relate to each other. Some might (and have) said boring, but I LOVE the simplicity and timelessness. Modern Budget Dining Chairs

wallsburg v

We are officially in the flooring stage of things and everyday the house feels like so much progress! You can catch a video tour on Instagram Stories and today I wanted to share plans and inspiration and a few design dilemmas that we’ve run into!

Tile galore. We opted for tile throughout for its hardiness and wearability. Everything with the exception of the loft is tiled! The loft will have carpet, even though it is my mortal enemy. My plan for sore feet and backs is house slippers for all and area rugs. 😉

Black Marble

Frame Farme

Laundry Pan Floors // White Marble Closet

Frame Farme

Square floor tile and subway surrounds – Classentino Marble in Polished WhiteFrame Farme Frame Farme

#1 — I was pretty adamant about keeping the TV off the focal point wall. So the fireplace will have a mantle over it and then the TV will be on the left side wall. I really don’t want to cover the fireplace at all but also didn’t factor the size of the room so what the layout of the furniture will be is proving to be tricky! (Flooring is Chateau Reserve in Hickory Grove)My friend sent me this interior by Stephane Parmentier and I think it will solve my problems! Framing the space with a huge neutral rug. Adding a long – 9 foot? – sofa (not a sectional) putting it on the right side of the fireplace with an ottoman or coffee table. Then placing a set of chairs across from it (with their backs to the TV) seems to be the best answer. But, am I in for a lifetime of people turning the chairs around to watch the TV? Is the main seating TOO far away from the screen? We have the basement bonus room that I hope will be where we go to watch most TV but I definitely want it to be functional without blasting the TV volume. 

#2 We’re pouring the front and back porches next week and deciding what those will look like. Which launches us into landscaping (which I was not emotionally prepared for, ha!) You can see the back yard won’t be getting a ton of sun with the way the house is laid out. Which means potentially muddy/wet ground. We know we want a good size cement pad to entertain and hang out on. Since it’s all stucco back there (so hard to find a place to transition materials when it’s ALL ONE PIECE!) I’d like to break it up with little vignettes like this – where there’s other materials brought in in front of the stucco.Frame Farme Inspiration The pad will nearly match the shadow lines in this picture. My dilemma is how to transition from cement to lawn. Russ says we should do something with curves to it so it looks more custom, but I think it might be too different than the style of the house? Here are a few other options!Frame Farme

Steps down?Frame Farme Inspiration

Gradually transitioning to grass with pavers or cement blocks ?Images from Houzz.

wallsburg IV

Since our last update, Russ has started and nearly completed sheetrock for the house! It’s been a solid month of full days of hanging, but he’s really close to finishing. Frame BuildWe spent a lot of time up there on this particular day and it was the most peaceful, spiritual experience for me. It is so quiet up there the only thing I could hear was Russ’ music, the boys playing, the occasional screw driver and Raleigh playing with his truck down a ramp. I can’t describe how lucky I feel to be able to create this life with my family. Let’s move already, right?! (His shirt is from this cute shop Worthy Threads!)Frame BuildThere have been some pretty dark days and I know he is so grateful to be nearly done with this part of the build. I am too because my anxiety over his set-up and some of the sketchy stories he brings home have got to stop!Frame Build

The most common question is why the heck he’s doing this alone, so I thought I’d share a bit more about it. He’s had different teams there helping him for the insulation, framing and the structural beam work, which has been great and kept us on schedule. Otherwise he’s done the rest either alone or with 1-2 guys with him. And that is for a few reasons!Frame Build

  1. Finding skilled laborers is SO hard right now! It seems since the Fall things have gotten just insane. You used to be able to go to the parking lot of Home Depot and grab several laborers in the morning out of 100 guys and take them to a job, the last few times Russ went there have been only a handful total.
  2. The demand is so high for new builds that prices have either gone up 50% or doubled. Cost of materials has gone up, too! So for people in the middle of a build where our budget was already determined with the bank it’s been so tricky to try and make it all work. If the bids come in too high Russ basically refuses and does it himself. He had a guy working with him on the earlier stages of the house, but he said he was slowing him way down for the sheetrock part so he hasn’t had him come all month! Ha.
  3. On top of the demand being so high, Wallsburg is off the beaten path and if a sub contractor has the option to do our house or a house 2 minutes from the highway and an In-n-out what do you think they’ll choose? Our location isn’t anyone’s first choice and we totally get that. So that’s why Russ is alone most days!

Frame BuildOnce he finishes the hanging he does have a subcontractor team on tap to tape and mud the sheetrock so that will be amazing. Then Russ can go back in and paint with his sprayer and things will start to cruise again! To then come to a screeching halt when it’s time to lay the floor. Tile takes forever, no getting around that.

Side note: this is the most terrifying spot of the whole house. Russ somehow got out of doing temporary stair cases so there’s just a 30 foot drop. Have mercy!! You can also ee the structural beams in this shot, we debated leaving them out in the open, but eventually chose to cover them. The seams were not pretty and the metal was already so rusted, it made the whole space look too industrial. It was bittersweet for sure.For the exterior we have an amazing small team out there, so luckily we didn’t have to choose between one or the other, we can have both progressing!

Here’s the rendering so you can see the placement for the exterior elements.Frame Build We have the stone and stucco underway, but we haven’t been able to find the wood exterior we want yet, so fingers crossed on that! There’s cedar galore (too warm / knotty for the look we’re going for) but I hope to find something with that English Timber Cladding look. The difference being the cladding is typically a skinnier slat and lighter wood.

We saw this cladding everywhere taking the train from London to Southhampton, I fell in love with it!Frame Build Our stone is Sunset Glacier Limestone which is a whitewashed grey so the cladding of course needs to look good side by side, too!Frame Build

My next most pressing decision was for the front entry overhang. It’s not in the rendering but structurally it has a covered porch with two posts coming down:Directly to the left will be stucco the actual door is looking like it’s going be dark black wood or iron, (unless we can match it perfectly to the cladding since the door will be surrounded by it.) Then right next to the black office window is the master fireplace which will be stone. This area is has the most exterior transitions of the whole house so I am mindful of trying not to over do it. I know for certain the cladding will go up and extend to the ceiling underneath the overhang (like this Ezra Lee shot below) but we have to decide what is going on the posts and that that small triangular faceplate-thing. So here are my thoughts and I’d love to hear yours!

  1. Stone on the faceplate and on the posts. Of course we would fatten the posts up and make them more substantial. We could also take the left post out and just keep the right one so we could make it extra fat. Since the left post doesn’t have as much space with the stucco wall right up on it.
  2. Metal on the faceplate and wrapped on the posts. I know this will look amazing at first but I am worried about how it will weather. Russ loves the look of rusted and patina’d metal but I really don’t. I want things to look as clean as possible. Not sure how long they would keep in the drastic Utah weather.
  3. Cement posts and faceplate. Lots of treatments we could do for this but I like it because the office window to the right of the door will be a formed concrete bench and the landing and stairs are concrete, too.
  4. Totally new idea I haven’t thought of. I am open! Any suggestions?

Exterior Shot Sources: One Two Three




wallsburg III

I cannot believe the last house update was in September! So much has happened in that amount of time and also it feels like very little has. Ha! We started sheet rock yesterday and I’ve been told drywall means your halfway, so if that’s the case, we’ve got a-while. The thing that truly blows my mind is that the sketch we gave our architect who in turn rendered it and then Russ built it… looks exactly like the drawing. So crazy! We have had to make a few changes but I’ll tell you all about it!

So, since our last update (here) we’ve:

  1. Added the plywood roof + laid the roofing paper. Russ had only two things he wasn’t willing to budge on and that was the metal roof and a glass garage. He’s pretty cheap so I was surprised he was not only willing, but insistent about these expenses! He already had to drop one of those, but the metal is still a go. It delivers this week, but we won’t be putting it on until after the exterior walls are done. 
  2. We also have the garage door ordered – this is where Russ ended up backing off. You’ll see in the rendering we had always planned on a glass garage.Frame Build But you might also know the the street leading up and the cul-de-sac we will be living on aren’t paved. Getting it paved would not only be at the homeowners’ expense, but also probably $20,000. For sure not in a place to do that right now and also we don’t know our neighbors well enough to field that kind of talk either. (Hi we’re the Frames, got $5k lying around?) So instead of having dusty glass panes for the next however many years we swapped for this door from Vidor. We went with all black, but this gray is super pretty! I feel so much better about it (my boys would for sure bust at least one pane a Summer) but also, it’s half the price. Vidor Garage Door
  3. Electrical. Russ wired the entire house with the help of his dad. Loads of can lights and a few spots for chandelier/pendant fixtures. Also, it’s cool to design a house after you’ve been housekeeping for so many years because both Russ and I are very familiar with my “piles.” I sweep the floor and leave the pile. Not sure why? Is it because I know I’ll have to sweep another area of the floor in 3 minutes? Is in the bending over? Either way, we are doing Central Vac with the Kick Pan in the kitchen so my “piles” will hopefully be gone forever. The suction gets turned on and off by kicking over that lever and then you sweep it right into the system! The rest of the house is just a hose attachment for a hard floor vacuum. Central Vac Kickplate
  4. Plumbing. Russ got the well and the well pump hooked up so we’re officially on our own water system! Between the propane, solar panels, back-up generator and well water we are very nearly “off the grid” — which was a long shot dream that looks like it might actually come to be!
  5. Windows. We used Andersen Windows and Doors (we have a super exciting collaboration with them once we’re finished!) and the quality is so amazing. I’m still pinching myself that they wanted to work with us. The windows absolutely make this room and maybe the whole house.
    Andersen Windows
  6. 4-Way Inspection. This was the last inspection before the very final walk through so I know Russ was so nervous about it. They had a few random nit-picky things for him to fix but one of those things was to put small two-inch wedges of wood in EVERY SINGLE two-by-four where the walls meet the rooflines. Across the whole house. Needless to say it was a huge weight off his shoulders once that finally passed!
  7. Insulation. Right when we were ready to start we learned there was a Utah-wide shortage on insulation. What are the odds? Literally no one could get any and so for two weeks we were at a standstill. Super discouraging, but they wrapped blowing everything in last week so we’re back on track!                                                              
  8. Since Russ is doing the sheetrock he hired a guy to start on the exterior simultaneously so we don’t lose too much time. So that guy is finishing all the concrete window wells and doing the stone and stucco. Then Russ will install the cladding and roof.
  9. Appliances arrived (thank you Black Friday), installed fireplaces, a few interior doors are installed, too! This fireplace was always my inspiration, but we sort of modified it and have the firewood shelves on the wall with the TV (seen a few photos above.)Wallsburg III
  10. We won’t be using it for a bit, but ALL our tile is ready to go. I can’t fully explain how much I loathe carpet and we wanted something super durable so we went with wood look tile. EVERYWHERE. In the basement. In every room. This wood look tile has the perfect amount of texture so you don’t slide around at all! There is carpet in the loft and we have other tile options in the mudroom and bathrooms and then tile on our master fireplace and mudroom walls. Tile will be covering 5000 sq. feet of our house. We sourced every last item through Marazzi and we have so many exciting things to look forward to with them. It’s a huge partnership that I feel so grateful for! Russ might be dreading laying it all but I cannot wait to see it!! Here’s the sneakiest peek of our line-up. I’ll share more about what goes where once we get closer!Marazzi Tile

So much changes in the next few months, I hope you guys enjoy these updates because I there will be lots more coming soon!






20 places you need a plug

Last week I asked where you would put a plug or light switch in your house if you could go back in time. Hundreds of DMs later here are the top suggestions in order of popularity!

  1. Pantry
  2. Closets – all of them.
  3. Multiple on and around the kitchen island.
  4. Waist high next to each side of the master bed. Plugs and switches.
  5. Charging Station- basically wherever you plan on charging devices in the house prepare for several plugs. (I heard at least 8 for Laptops, candle warmer, Alexa, iPhones, diffusers.)
  6. Hidden charging station in closet with cleaning supplies. To recharge vacuum (Roomba or Dyson) or other electrical cleaning tools.
  7. Plugs on outdoor eaves for Christmas Lights.
  8. Switches in the house for Christmas Lights (by door) and Christmas Tree.
  9. Kitchen light switches at each entry point.
  10. Plugs along staircases for garlands, vacuuming.
  11. Inside a kitchen cupboard for toaster and other appliances.
  12. Inside office cabinet for printer, router.
  13. Inside vanity cabinet for hair dryer, electric razor, and other tools. (We are doing timed plugs for these so that even if you forget they’ll time themselves off.)
  14. BABY ROOM- Put plugs higher than they can reach so you can plug in diffusers, humidifiers, fans and lamps without them being able to pull it down on top of themselves.
  15. Higher plug height for wherever your iron will be going for the same reason as #9.
  16. Plugs in the floor layout for lamps or decor in the middle of a room.
  17. Plugs on top of mantle.
  18. Plugs underneath top cabinets in kitchen vs. in the wall so they’re hidden. Image below.
  19. Multiple plugs near TV for devices.
  20. Apparently their are now door hinge switches that turn your lights on automatically when the door opens and back off when it shuts. Genius. Here’s one on Amazon.
  21. Disposal button on sink. This is an easy addition if you can create the hole space on your sink! But I love this idea for the convenience and that disposal switch is always grubby. Upgrade for sure.

A couple extras I heard were to wire for CAT 5 (high speed internet) in every room and cable as well.

Here’s several images I put on my Houzz boards over the last few years in preparation for this very thing! All things we’ve worked into the house plans that I hope will help with the ease of organization and keeping things clean!

APPLIANCE CUPBOARD with rolling drawers. Install the plugs at the back or sides and you won’t even need to get them out on to your counter top! VIA

20 Places You Need a Plug or SwitchUNDERSIDE PLUGS! I love this. Have your plugs without breaking up your beautiful back splash. VIA20 Places You Need a Plug or SwitchAnother method to get your hidden plugs this way. Swoon. VIA20 Places You Need Plugs

JUNK CUPBOARD. Instead of a drawer how about this? Key hooks, mail filing, I’d probably add cups or something for pens and pencils, too! A perfect spot to hide some plugs, too! VIA20 Places You Need a Plug or SwitchThis is a cool hidden station for your router, passwords, important info and all that ugly stuff you would stash in a drawer. // VIA20 Places You Need a Plug or Switch






Holy smokes this week was nuts. There are so many wonderful things in the pipeline for Small Fry and that always means exhaustion and then waiting and then I get to share. So, step one is hopefully complete for while!

We have UEA this weekend so the kids are home and it is also mine and Russ’ 12 year anniversary today! We had plans to go to Vegas for a couple days but we had to cancel due to some needs at the house. So we’re sticking around here! We’d love to go somewhere special for dinner either in Utah County or SLC? Any recs?

A few weekend deals for you:

Madewell extra 30% off sale! My faves:

WATCHING: On my flights last week I finally started Poldark. I totally get the hype. In the back of my head I am constantly trying to plan out a time to watch another episode. Ha.

READING: I finished the three self-help books I talked about last time here’s my quickest review. If you are like me and don’t want things to be too serious, or more specifically self-important I’d say read You Are A Badass over The Universe Has Your Back. Jen Sincero is just more my speed. Super funny and easier to process. Also Love Warrior was beautiful. She says things that people (or maybe just me?) feel to ashamed to even think sometimes and the whole book is hard but also a relief. If you want something moving and real, read it! Also reading Salt to the Sea for my book club, so far so meh. Why am I not getting into it?! It’s incredibly well rated. We’ll see how it turns out!

LISTENING: I met Bev in Vermont and her playlists are legit! This one is particularly charming. If you just need something to turn on and forget she’s got a playlist for just about any need. Also Small Fry is on Spotify too if you want kid-friendly beats that won’t make you want to die. Looking at you Wiggles. Our Lullaby playlist is my fave.

DECORATING: Basically that’s all I think about but haven’t actually made any purchases.  Except for a small fortune on windows this week, but you know what I mean. How does one build a house and then afford to fill it with things to sit/lay on? Asking for a friend. But in effort to not make this section of the post totally pointless here are some inspiration images for what I hope to accomplish in the kitchen!

This is probably the closest I have found to what I am aiming for: two tone cabinets, waterfall island. So good! // Source#framefarme Inpso

Source#framefarme inspo Source#framefarme inspo The styling literally hurts my eyes but lots of you asked about the loft in Insta Stories, here’s a good representation for the feel of it. Glass railing across the top for super open feel. // Source#framefarme inspo One more … major inspiration for the laundry room in the basement! I figure I won’t get sick of it because I never do laundry. 😉 We’re sort of winging it but I hope it ends up this rad!#framefarme inspo

Happy Fryday, Fall Break, and anniversary everyone!!