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House update #2 (find the first one here!) as promised! Since we last posted SO much has gotten accomplished. It felt like we were underground for an eternity – with the footings, foundation, underground plumbing, getting the septic and propane in order. And then once we had that done it felt like things have really sped up. It’s so fun to see progress everyday and to see our sketches, our dreams, our heart on the line, take shape. Russ (gratefully) hired a team of 4 or so guys to work on the framing with him and that makes all the difference. As much as I love the three teenagers he employed this Summer. The basement is all framed, but I took video footage and it’s terrible so I’ll catch you up on that later!

Okay, let’s do this!


So this is the living room which leads to the cantilevered spot (left) for the dining area, kitchen, mudroom + bathroom as well. The loft extends just over the kitchen island making the kitchen have 10 foot ceilings, but the living room ceilings are 22. Please send all tips and prayers for the acoustics situation.Wallsburg Update #2Back behind the kitchen goes off to the garage and you can see a little better view of the loft situation on the right. They have the ricketiest ladder up there right now and I didn’t dare. Maybe next time we’ll get a good look!Wallsburg Update #2And this shows the dining nook (and also Russ’ handmade cement window wells which I am obsessed with. And then the stair well to the loft and basement.This is hard to illustrate but I’ll try: left is the mudroom bathroom, which has a door leading to the yard. Hopefully to make it easier for outdoor entertaining. We’ll have an outdoor shower right off this entrance, too! Then right is an entrance to the house from the garage as well as a small room that is disconnected to the house.The right image above is the view from the garage inside. The right door goes to the mudroom and the disconnected left door will be to a boot/dog wash. And maybe goats. Do goats get baths? #rookie. It won’t be anything too crazy, just a showering system with the faucet waist-height to rinse boots and dogs, and maybe goats upon confirmation. I.E.:Frame Build Update


In order of openings, left to right: front door opening, window in the office, transom in the master, transom in the master bath. AND! The start of a roof! Woot woot.Wallsburg Update #2This was taken from the backyard…that long middle opening is the door to the yard, the slightly higher set of windows to the right are behind the stair case, the top level windows are the loft and the left side windows are the hall to the master.Hall way + OfficeWallsburg Update #2One of the many reasons I loved our architect Spencer was his dedication to views. He spent a lot of time up at the lot figuring out how to position the house, where to put the windows and how many should go where. He shares my love of odd numbers of things so they’re ALL in sets of 3, bless him. In turn we have a whole heap, but man these views take my breath away.


Living Room view:Master View:Wallsburg Update #2The view above our tub:Even the closet has a nice one. Spencer for president.

And a few new FAQ’s:

Do we have neighbors? We do! We are in a traditional cul-de-sac and our nearest neighbors are about 400 and then 700 feet from the house. Our house backs up onto federal preserve which helps us keep that spacious feel.

How did you decide on Wallsburg over somewhere else? Wallsburg wasn’t the first (or second or third) place we looked but our friends from Heber told us to check it out. We both fell in love and from that point refused to look elsewhere. This was already touched on in our first post but I’ll go into a bit more detail! —Within Wallsburg we looked at 4 different lots until this one! They were all varying sizes, the first was 18 acres which we planned to split with my sister, but the owners had a really unrealistic list of things we had to comply with, like they told us which trees we could and couldn’t cut down, etc. The second was 8, but we found out unsuitable to build. The third was a GORGEOUS 5 acre lot (owned by Bronco Mendenhall for you locals) and the day we sold our house we found out someone had paid cash for it. I was heartbroken but it was all for the best. For the record and in hindsight we DO NOT need 5, 8 or 18 acres. #rookie. For what we want to do with our land 1.3 is PAH-LEN-TY. And I hope this isn’t in poor taste, but the lot was $160k. Which for where we live now is the biggest deal of all time. Trade-offs, right? Move to the country, get land for cheap.

How did you find your lot? The more we learn about Wallsburg the more we realize what a unicorn lot this is. The whole town is under covenants that you can’t build unless you have 5 or more acres. But then there are a few random spots within it that have exceptions. We happened to find one, which happened to already have a well on it (saved us $40k) and since we bought it we haven’t seen another one like it since. I am Wallsburg’s biggest advocate though so if you want to be my in-townie neighbor I will keep my eyes open!

And the most frequent of all FAQs: When will it be done? Russ still claims Christmas. I still claim we’ll finish the school year and then head up. Who wants to move in Winter anyhow? Our townhouse contract is up in January but they will go month to month after that which is nice!

Is he REALLY building it himself? Yes, he really is. Everyday 9-7 typically. If you are reading this here blog you are the reason we can keep our heads above water, so when I say thank you for being here, I am dead serious. We know how incredibly blessed we are and I am trying to not feel guilty about that. I haven’t forgotten how much it stings to watch other people progress and fulfill their dreams while I had to keep waiting. Keep hustling. Keep trying. Who knew you could hear the word NO said in so many different contexts? We were in “No, not yet”-ville for a long, long time. I guess it just further bolstered my gratitude for this whole process. We are having the best time and I can’t imagine it ever getting old!

If I missed any questions or if there’s something you want to see covered in the next update, let me know!

xoxo, seriously.

The Frame family.



15 Modern Built-in Beds

Before we dive in, we’ve got our house-build update #2 post coming next week! (#1 right here.) Woot woot! You’ll be able to see what I’m talking about better then, but ALL the kids will be in the basement, and Russ and I are on the main level. (Yay/Oof!) Since we’re building for long-term, we had to factor what would work when they’re teens, when they’re adults and coming home to visit and basement bedrooms just made more long-term sense! Hayes and Cal talk a big game about wanting their own rooms, but I have a hunch they might end up wanting to share so we have three small bedrooms and one larger one that we’re doing built-in beds in! Even if they do want their own rooms, we’re thinking it will be a good space for house guests and sleepovers. SO! Here’s my inspiration +15 other ideas if you’re in the market!

We have them stacked long ways across the wall with a desk space in the middle! Hopefully to provide them with privacy and protect from unwanted lamp light in their face that causes fights most nights in our current situation.Frame BuildAmber Interiors space feels closest to what I am going for, minus ship lap. Which looks amazing here, PS.15 Modern Built-In Beds For KidsI also love this vibe. So cute for a boys room and masculine enough to last them until they move out:15 Modern Built-In Beds For KidsAND now! More seriously cool spaces for your own design inspiration needs:15 Modern Built-In Beds For Kids Via

I posted this to Instagram awhile back if you remember!15 Modern Built-In Beds For Kids


This one is crazy good. You need to see it from a couple angles… …and then you turn the corner:Love this one’s use of color to give each bed ownership and personality.15 Modern Built-In Beds For KidsVia

How crazy is this? When your beds are out of the way there is so much room to play! I don’t know if I could sleep in tight quarters like these but I am sure kids would DIG it! Via15 Modern Built-In Beds For KidsBeautiful space for girls, I’ve shared this home tour before you gotta check it out. This reno will blow your mind.15 Modern Built-In Beds For Kids This is from a ski resort but I am INTO it. Any of my Small Fry readers have family cabins? Take note. So much fun to be had in this room.15 Modern Built-In Beds For Kids Black and white dreams! Via15 Modern Built-In Beds For Kids Such a luxe use of color. I also love that this door folds in and out so you can clean up the look of the room in a hurry! Awesome use of space. Via15 Modern Built-In Beds For Kids 15 Modern Built-In Beds For Kids


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wallsburg, ho!

I know I teased our first home build vlog, but with Bijou last week and transitioning Small Fry everything has gotten a little out of whack the last month! I promised you’d get Russ on screen and I swear it’s still coming, I just need like 3 days on a desert island. So while we all wait for me to get my act together, I CAN give you the basics of our plans! And also answer some of the FAQs we get. I have shared updates on my personal Instagram because it didn’t feel right to do so in a partnership here on Small Fry. But, things change right? And so I am exploring what it means for me and this space. I hope it will be fun for you all to join in on the journey and although I haven’t decided how MUCH of me Small Fry really needs or maybe most importantly, you readers want, I am happy to share whatever you guys are interested in! So for those of you who are interested, let’s get into it! (Post edit: It turned out super long so catch the rest after the jump!)

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