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kid cleanse

get kid's eating healthy with a kid cleanse

We weren’t sure it could be done, but Jenna found a way! She held a kid-friendly cleanse at her house after Christmas to detox some of that unavoidable Holiday sugar intake. Here’s what she did: “After Christmas I remember looking at my husband and saying ‘What is wrong with our kids!?!’ They weren’t sleeping well and they were EXTRA whiny and irritable. I was so frustrated with their behavior and kept racking my brain to think what it could be. Was it the presents, the traveling, the endless activity? Perhaps, but those factors had died down and the whining continued … Read more

small fry obstacle course

Being active seems to come so naturally with warm temperatures, doesn’t it? This winter we’ve brainstormed ideas for a little indoor exertion! We’ve quickly found as mothers of boys that all you need are four walls, a few balls, and a little room to be destructive. If you have a garage, church gym, or in our special case a Crossfit Hyperion, you have a day of fun ahead! We focused on using household items for our obstacle course, to ensure an easy time replicating it at home. You’re going to want to try this with your little ones, it was an … Read more

activewear + a link up

For today’s Wellness Week post we wanted to first readily admit that we have so much to learn in this area! Part of the reason we chose this series was because we wanted to be more knowledgable and have more healthfullricks up our sleeves when illness, boredom, and hunger strikes! We have found so many great resources to share! Here are a few links from our favorite online resources regarding wellness as a family. We love Jillee’s 16 Simple Ways To Be Happier, such a great place to start! She also has an amazing list of all natural ways to … Read more

juicing 101

Welcome to wellness week! With a fresh new year ahead of us, we wanted to focus on creating healthy habits and best practices for ourselves and our kids! A huge thank you to Jylare Smith Photography for these beautiful images, she shoots in Utah, Idaho and California and is a real artist! Emily’s two-year old, Hayes, is a pretty picky eater. If you have one of these at your house, you know how frustrating it can been to get them to try new foods, let alone feeding them a well-balanced diet. A little over a year ago, she started juicing … Read more