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monster puppets

You parents of school-kids, do you participate in their classrooms? We hear the PTA is no joke! We love being able to observe or join our boys anytime their being creative, so volunteering for their art time at school is right up our alley. This craft is a perfect project to bring for a big classroom. The supplies are super inexpensive and the kids love it! Here’s how you can recreate it at your own schools! You can purchase these Craft Foam Sheets at any craft store, then grab a bag of tongue depressors (popsicle sticks are a little too thin … Read more

Small Fry Films: Paper Toys

This film has been on our list since our Giant Paper Airplane post last year, so we’re thrilled to share it today! Made with our main guy Jenner of Lumineux Films and for any parent who’s ever needed to impress their kiddo with some skilled folding abilities. Small Fry Films presents – making the perfect paper airplane, boat and hat! Check out our other workshop posts: Water Color Cut-outs, Ocean Sounds Stick, Paper Bouquet, Pencil Pouch, Cereal Box Jet Packs and more! You can find all our DIY projects made by kids for kids right here!

Best Dad Award

We have an awesome DIY and printable for Father’s Day from the impeccably cool ladies at Paging Supermom! Welcome, ladies! Hello! It’s Aimée and Bettijo from PagingSupermom.com, and we are so happy to join you all today on Small Fry. We come bearing a super-fun craft idea for Father’s Day. We decided to make Dad an official-looking award, since you know he’s the Best Dad around. All you need to whip this project together are two mini paper plates, gold paint, scissors, glue and our free printable No. 1 Dad Award Template. Begin by painting gold the back sides of … Read more

DIY threading cards

Threading cards are such an awesome playtime activity to help sharpen hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills! We haven’t seen many around that we love – save maybe this MoMA Modern Shapes set or these Eric Carle illustrations. So, per usual, let’s just make our own shall we? Here’s how you’ll do it: Grab the Small Fry DIY MVP material of the year: craft foam sheets! And also, bright string and a 1/8 Inch Circle Punch. Then you simply cut out the shape you want out of the foam and use your hole punch to create the patterns. We suggest … Read more

Heart Dream Catcher

Remember when we hosted a book launch for twins Heather and Heidi’s Fairy Birds? They’re back today with a sweet project for your girls! Little DIY’ers can even add wishes and dreams to paint chip hearts and attach to help make their dreams and wishes come true. It makes for a perfect wall accessory above a bed, hung at the tip of a teepee, or anywhere else visible for little ones to see their inspiring dreams and remember to chase after them. Supplies Needed: Brass metal hanger Colorful yarn Scissors Hot glue gun Feathers Variety of paint chips And here’s what … Read more

homemade binoculars

home-made binoculars

Photos by Jylare. Now that the weather is warming up, we’ve been adventuring outdoors more often which is always wonderful news for the boys. Today we’ve got an easy home-made (which to us always means made from stuff found around the house) binoculars we can take along. These are great for the little boys who can’t quite figure out how to make the real thing work, but still want to be cool like their brothers! Here’s how you’ll do it: All you need is duct tape, a couple rolls of empty toilet paper, or one empty paper towel roll cut … Read more

monster clothespin puppets

Monster Clothespin Puppets

We’re to the point in the seasonal transition where there has been enough warm days that our kids know what they’re missing outdoors and are none too happy when the weather turns cold again. It seems to alternate cold to warm every other day the last couple weeks, so we’ve had to be ready with exciting and fresh things to do inside. On today’s blustery agenda: Monster Clothespin Puppets! Here’s what you’ll need: Take your favorite bright color scrap paper and cut circles (we use this 1-Inch Circle Punch like crazy!) Then cut the circles in half, gluing each half to … Read more

Paper Bouquet DIY

Cardboard Bouquet Kids Craft

By Emily. Spring Fever is real, and it has arrived at my house. Thank goodness for a couple high 50s/low 60 days that have gotten us out to the park and basking on the lawn. To celebrate Spring’s upcoming arrival, I had the boys make these cardboard tube bouquets! I saw the idea in a doctor’s waiting room magazine, and knew they would all love it. This is a true-blue kids craft, where they are in charge every step of the way, and they LOVED it! Here’s how you’ll do it: Start by saving up any empty paper towel or … Read more

paper bag puppets

home made paper bag puppets

Today’s post was made out of necessity. When your kid starts preschool they come home with all sorts of notions and experiences they want to recreate. This week it was paper bag puppets. Turns out paper bag puppets are a really cost-effective way to create imaginative playtime based on whatever favorite character or animal your kids are into that week. Whether it’s pirates and mermaids, superheroes and princesses, cats and dogs, these puppets don’t take too long and they cost you less than a couple dollars. We’d tell you how these were made but that’s the great thing about paper … Read more

giant airplanes

You’ve heard of the epic group texts amongst the three of us, literally the pages of texts could wrap the globe a few times, it’s astounding. One day in particular, Nicole asked who  of us knew how to fold an airplane, per Dash’s request. Jenna sent the “shrugging” emoticon, and as it turns out only one of us knew how. As mothers to boys, you see how this need could go on no longer. So, today, for any of you other mothers who haven’t needed to whip out a paper airplane: a quick tutorial! And might we suggest a little … Read more