Who’s In Charge Here

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Nicole has an eye for all things beautiful and captures it all impeccably in every corner of her life, including her photography business. She is the world's most loyal friend and knows there is no better investment than in her relationships. Those who know Nicole flock to her for her contagious optimism and anytime you get a moment with her, you'll walk away feeling like a million bucks. She's happiest eating food (but not preparing it) with loved ones, shopping, and adventuring. Her perfect day would be filled with fresh air, new sites, and delicious tastes. She always thought she'd be a news anchor when she grew up, but traded a dream of reporting bad news for a life of beautiful storytelling through her photography.

Dash, 4, Sunny, 1


Emily is happiest when she's creating. Whether it's watercolor paints with her boys, words on paper, styling a photoshoot, or yet another craft project. She loves to push the envelope and is fearless in style and in life. She lives for good music and books and has a drawer full of concert ticket stubs and a wall full of well-loved literature to prove it. She's a tender heart and whatever you go through, peaks or pits, she goes right along with you. Her favorite days are spent laughing with her family near the water: the ocean, lake or a neighborhood pool, she's not picky. This could explain her childhood dream of being a Marine Biologist/Pop Star.

Hayes 3, Callum 2


Jenna is a self-taught graphic designer, health nut, gourmet chef and the best listener. She loves to travel the world, but is also content sitting down to some bad reality TV with a Diet Coke in hand. Her outdoors-loving thrill seeking family is always hunting for the next excitement but her favorite place to be is around her kitchen table. Her Italian heritage runs deep and is most apparent in her quick wit and unending desire to feed everyone. Ironically, her dream job for many years was to work at McDonald's. You are certain to never go hungry at Jenna's. Literally or figuratively.

Quinn 5 Jude 2